Pulled Over By The Deputy Pt. 2


Well, hey, anyway, I had followed the deputy to a house that was basically in the middle of nowhere. She got out and told me to put my hands on the hood and she put her foot between mine and spread the legs further. As I moved my tits came out of the tube top but she grabed them anyway to make sure they were real I guess. She went up my legs under my mini skirt and found I was weraing no panties and was soaking wet and her fingers explored into my pussy suddenly. I leaned acorss the hood and waited for her to really get things going but instead she hand cufed me and pushed me inside he house. The lights were out and she turned some on. A young woman came out of a bedroom in only a thong and stopped at the doorway. "You not to sleep yet sweetheart?" the deputy said. "No Mom, can't sleep it seems. " the girl said. "Oh, we will take care of that Hun, come watch her so I can change. " she said. "The deupty had taken off her vest so that her chest was set free. She had to be at least 38DDD and the vest held them in. She was tall and slinder and had really no hips to speak of but was still very nice. Her daughter (I found that she really was her daughter) had typical hips and waist and tits like her Mom.

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   Zoe was the daughter's name and she came to behind me and held the handcuffs so I could not move. "I don't want to escape you now. " I said and Zoe smiled, "Good for you. " and pulled the handcuffs a little higher behind my back making them hurt my wrists some.

THe deputy came out wearing a thong and she was toally naked like her daughter. "Call me Sam" she said and stepped in front of me. She looked at my tits and then took a knife and cut the tube top from my body and the material dropped to the floor. She kneeled and undid the mini skirt that fell to the floor and stood there looking at me. Her daughter was close to my neck smelling my perfume and making the "mmmmm" sound a lot. Sam stod in front of me and reached out massagging my tits making me moan. "You like that?" she said and I said "oh yes, a lot. " She smiled and began twisting my nipples, "You like that too?" she said and I said "Yes. " and then she twisted harder, pulling them at the same time. I moaned and moaned and the pain went thru my body to my hips to my pussy making me wetter. "You like it a little rough?" she said.

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   "No. . " I said, "A lot rough. " I said and she smiled. They moved me back to a pole that was in the middle of the living room and I heard a snap of something and then my cuffs were secured to something connected to the pole. "Get the seat. " Sam told Zoe. She came back with a kind of chair or short bench that had padding on it and put it where I could sit on it. After I sat down they secured something under it and Zoe plugged something into the wall. She was under me and told Sam I was wet. Then she slipped something into my pussy just a litle. "Turn it on?" Zoe said and Sam said, "Yes, on slow, 10 inch penetration. " and I felt a wonderful dildo moving in and out of me. Zoe and Sam laid on the rug in front of me and began making love. I could do nothing but watch and feel the dildo bring me to orgasms and no other part of my body was touch for two hours, then they sat there watching me have yet another orgasm and Zoe turned it off.

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   "Come with me. " she said and I got up. I was taken to a room that was totally dark. Then suddenly I passed out.