Pulled Over By The Deputy


I was driving back from a client this weekend and stopped at a truck stop. I had worn a tube top that was for a woman that is 38 at most. It covered my breasts but just to the top over my nipples so that the nipples peaked over if I moved the right way. I did not care, I love the attention as you all know. I wore a silk wrap mini-skirt that was black like the tube top and was driving. I stopped and went in for a drink and snacks to eat while driving the rest of he way home. THere was a deputy car outside but I decided to go in anyway. There was a woman, brown hair cut short and about 5'9" or so tall. She was the deupty and she saw me right off. I could tell that she had lots more figure than her vest would show and in fact it was not fitted well. I was paying for my things and she came behind me, "Small tube top don't you think?" "Well, I like the way it fits. " I said to her and she was looking down at my clevage. Had a call on the radio that there was a well built lady flashing truckers, wearing a tube top and mini-skirt, that wasn't you was it?" she said as we walked out. "It might have been. " I said and she was looking down my clevage more than in my eyes. "You know that is illegal.

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  " she said and I said, "Yeah, but it is fun. " I said. "What if it was me, what would you do?" I asked her. "Well, I am off duty in 10 min. It would be someone else's problem. " she said. "damn," I said, "I was hoping you would arrest me. " I said and she smiled. "Well," looking at her watch, "I am off in 5 min now, so, realy, I would not even call it in. but I might have to take it into my own hands and take you into custody at my place. " she said. "Oh, I would love that. " I said and since we stood so that no one could really see us I moved just a little and my hard nipples popped out of my tube top. "Opps, they have a mind of their own it seems. " I said "And I think that they like you.

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"Follow me, I will have to investigate this a little more. " she said and got into her car. She caled in on the radio and there was lots of moving around in the car then she pulled out and I followed her about 5 miles or so. We pulled into a dark driveway and she got out with her uniform all on but her vest was off and her buttones were straining to stay closed over what I found out were 38DD breasts. "Out of the car and put you hands on the hood. " she said and I did. she got behind me and made me spread my legs and hands. I was bent over and she reached around and took my tits in her hands and they came out of the tube top. "Just making sure you have no weapons. " she said and then went under my skirt and up to my crotch. I had not panties on and her fingers slipped into my wet pussy. "Anything there that will hurt you?" I asked her. "Well, that depends on the definition of hurt. " she said and handcuffed me. "Come inside so we can look into this more privately.

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  " she said and I walked in front of her. She opened the door and turned on the light and we walked to her bedroom and she pushed me to the bed. Suddenly there was something hard in my pussy. I moaned and that began the night that I will write about next time.
By the way, the email means what it says. . . . Lesbian. . . take the hint guys. .