Slippery when wet..


Layla stepped off the treadmill and made a grab for her towel. Wiping the perspiration from her face and neck, she looked around her to find the gym practically empty. Only a couple of bored looking attendants manned the reception desk. She had pushed herself hard that evening and was eager to hit the showers and freshen up.
The changing room was deserted when she entered. She thought to herself how unusually quiet it had been that evening. Layla took a long swig of water from her bottle then set about peeling her damp clothes off, glad to feel the cool air coming from the aircon vents as it breezed across her clammy skin. Rivlets of sweat ran down her neck and back and the desire to feel reviving jets of water on her body was strong.

As she was alone she had no qualms about stripping naked, standing for a moment appraising her reflection in a long mirror. She looked good; her body toned and lean. So it should have been too after countless hours put in at the gym over recent months. She remembered back to when she had first joined and how cliquey she'd found the gym. She had once felt more than abit intimidated by the lycra clad women and overtly muscular guys that nonchantly pranced around, making Layla feel frumpy and out of shape. But determination had made her stubborn and she had persevered; with excellent results.

Grabbing a fresh towel from the stack provided, shower gel in hand, she sauntered towards the showers. It was a communal wet room but there were seperate cubicles if privacy was required.

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   Taking advantage of having the place to herself, Layla turned on a shower in the communal space and smiled indulgently as the hot water rained down upon her. Not in any rush, she allowed herself a long moment to relish in the jets of water on her body, feeling their needles pummel her shoulders pleasantly, feeling the grime rinse off her skin. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensation, relaxing after a long day and an even harder workout. Taking her time she began massaging shampoo into her long hair, fingers circling her scalp as she did so. For some reason, whether it was the fact she was alone and feeling somewhat liberated, or the pleasure she felt from the steamy hot water, whatever it was she began feeling mildly aroused. She had always found water rather sexy and her mind wandered as she recalled a shower encounter with an ex, one where she was more than a little wet. . . .

Absorbed as she was, Layla didn't hear someone joining her in the wet room. It was only when she heard another shower being switched on that she became aware of having company. Feeling somewhat self-conscious, her eyes snapped open to rest upon the person who had interupted her. Annoyance rapidly evaporated as she cautiously cast a glance. A slim blond stood opposite, back to Layla, seemingly busy lathering soap over herself. Despite herself, Layla couldn't help but let her eyes travel over the other woman's body, the blond hair plastered to a tanned back that gave way to firm buttocks and long toned legs.

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   She looked away again, turning away from the woman. Normally she wouldn't have batted an eyelid. . . but after embarking on re-living her arousing memories she felt suddenly turned on by the sight of this woman. The wet room suddenly seemed alot smaller and she hurriedly began washing herself so she could finish up and leave.

Realising she needed to rinse the shampoo from her hair she reluctantly turned back around once more catching her breath as she did so. The blond had also turned and the two faced one another. What shocked Layla the most though was the fact that the other woman was openly appraising her, making no secret that she was gazing intently at Layla. Pretending she hadn't caught the woman starring at her, she shut her eyesand hastily began rinsing her hair, all the time her mind reeling. She wasn't the least bit interested in other women sexually but the way in which the blond had looked across at her had caused her body to respond involuntarily. Daring to take another peek she cautiously opened her eyes again. The other woman was stood under the jets of water, eyes half closed, languidly massaging soapy bubbles into her round breasts before moving lower til they reached her thighs. Layla could not help but watch as the other woman slowly ran splayed fingers over her body, totally unabashed by Layla's presence. Layla became rooted to the spot, half panic striken, half utterly mesmerised as she realised who the other woman was.

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   One of the gym's hottest instructors no less! An instructor that Layla had instantly disliked, believing her to be hauty and up herself as she sashayed around the gym in the skimpiest of outfits. Outfits that of course complimented her ridiculously hard washboard stomach and neat, firm arse and naturally caught everyones attention.

The instructor's hands seemed to increase their attention to her perfectly bronzed thighs and Layla could barely stop herself from gasping aloud as she observed the woman's fingers sinking between her neatly shaved pussy lips. The instructor opened her eyes fully and smiled; a smile that oozed confidence. A smile that made Layla's throat feel dry as stone but that made her own pussy anything but. With one hand on a breast, tweaking at it's nipple, the other buried firmly between her thighs, the woman held Layla's gaze. It was an outright challenge; daring Layla to watch a show that was being displayed for her eyes only. Layla watched on, helpless and compelled to maintain eye contact, facinated by this lean, confident woman infront of her. She gazed on as the instructor fingered her pussy, intermittently spreading it's dark and puffy lips to expose her most private parts for Layla to see.

The woman's long blond hair clung to her shoulders, her skin glistened with water droplets and no matter how hard she tried, Layla couldn't pull her eyes away. The blond leant back against the tiled wall, her legs spread, allowing her long fingers to thrust deep inside her wet opening, picking up speed as she fucked herself for Layla. Moments later she bit down on her bottom lip and Layla watched agast as the woman's legs began to tremble. . .

Layla's own pussy was aching, the sight of the blond plunging her fingers in and out of herself almost too much to bare.

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   The other woman began to cum hard on her fingers, letting out a small moan as she did so, hereyes fixed on Layla's the whole time. Before Layla could react, the instructor composed herself, grinned once more and promptly left the wet room, leaving Layla utterly flummoxed and overwhelmed. Had she really just been witness to the hottest female instructor in this place getting herself well and truly off. . . for her? Had it been for Layla's visual pleasure? Whatever it had ben the episode had left her flustered and immensely turned on. Finishing her shower, she timidly ventured back into the changing rooms, apprehensive as to what she would encounter. However she discovered she was once again alone.

Shaking her head, she took her clothes from her locker and began drying herself, painfully aware at how aroused she'd got by the throbbing ache between her legs. Once changed and ready to go home, she left the changing room, depositing her wet towels in the laundry skip by the reception desk on her way. Just as she reached for the door handle to leave, she saw the instructor out of the corner of her eye. Turning as she pushed the door open, her eyes met the instructor's for a fleeting moment. The freshly showered blond responded with a shy smile and a wink.
"See you again soon!" she called after Layla.
Layla managed a quick smile back, instantly blushing pink before ducking out the door to hurry home and satisfy the overpowering need she felt.

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   Replaying the instructor's show the whole time, she buried her fingers deep within her soaking slit and as she came hard and fast she allowed herself a smile, knowing that never again would she feel intimidated or irked by the blond instructor, but something else altogether more pleasurable indeed!. . . . .