So Much Better Pt 2


Well, the first thing I posted was stopped for an age problem but I do not know how to edit it so I will do part two and hope that the folks here will fix the problem. Let us say that I was under age for the first part of my life story.

I was raped by men and they all eventually went to jail and one reason is that they recored the whole thing so that took care of them in the end. The other problem is that everyone at my school knew what happened and so after a couple monts Mom and Dad let me change schools. I did not date even after I got to be 16 because of the pain of the other experience and I was afraid of sex in general. I did play with myself in my forming years and snuck a few adult movies into the house and so I imagined a lot of things and used some inprovised toys to help my growing needs but it never did really totally take care of them. Because of my growing body and especially my chest, the guys were always bumping into me a lot and some would grab me quickly in a crowd if they thought they would get away with it.

Now after a while I noticed that there were always certain places at school that were very dificult to pas through without someone feeling me in the crowd and the crowd was unavoidable. I tried but could not find another way around to go to my next class. One day I was very sensative, that is my nipples were set off by any stimulation. My breasts were now 40DDD and I had huge nipples that got very hard and big when I was turned on and the fact that I had played with myself the night before and not been able to satisify my needs did not help what was going to happen. There was a girl that I noticed and she was always looking at me when I did see her. She was very cute and had thick lips and her dark brown hair and eyes were really the kind to make anyone melt. She was about 36C and very athletic and so wore clothes that were more tom-boyish than feminine. Jackie was really a knock out but I never saw her with anyone, either male or female. Well, one day I was passing the place that was crowded and I looked thinking that maybe I would wait and try to get thru later but then I would be late for class.

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I decided to dive into the crowd and take my chances. I was walking thru and suddenly someone had my breasts in their hands, both of them from behind me. I looked down and they were definitly female hands. I tried to turn around and was held onto tight, te grip now pinchin my nipples that were getting very hard. "I didn't think I would get my feel today Glad you decided to go thru. " and the female voice was her. I tried to turn around again and she held me tight from behind and massaged my breasts. I was getting so hot and my pussy was soaked and she let me go. She slipped a note into my hand and was gone. Well, now I knew who it was that was so daring and I was not disapointed at all to my surprise. I got to class and the note read, "I want to get to know you much better. Please call me if you want to get to know me too. kisses, Jackie" Her number as under the kisses, Jackie. I kept the note and then that night I called her.

"Jackie, this is Brenda.

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  " I said and she came back nervous and excited, "Oh I am so glad you called. I was afraid I would scare you away. " she said. "No, you didn't scare me away. " I said, "What is it that you want to get to know better about me?" I said knowing what she meant. She hesitated and then blurted out, "I want to make love. " and she waitied. "Just you and I?" I asked. "Yes, just you and I.
    " she said and I blurted out, "Okay, when?" "You have gym last period, make like you are staying to shower and wait for me in the shower. " she said. "What about Ms. Wise?" I asked of the teacher. "She is leaving early tomorrow and I am locking up for her. " Jackie said.

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       "Okay. " I said and we hung up. I could not wait until last periond the next day and sure enough, after our final exercises and the others were gone, Ms. Wise came by my locker as I was getting ready to shower and smiled, "Tell Jackie that she owes me a favor. " and I looked at her and she knew, I was certain. I got my towel and bath soap and shampoo and went to the shower and got under the flow of the steaming hot water. It felt so good and I was soaping and waiting and my eyes were closed. Suddenly familiar hands were on my breasts and I let mine drop to my sides. I opend my eyes and Jackie stood in front of me totally naked and smiling. "MS. Wise says that you owe her a favor. " I said. "Oh she does, well she owes me a few so we will have to talk about that. " Jackie said and then she moed her face closer to mine and her thick lips and brown eyes made me melt and we kissed.

    I was lost in the fragerence of her body that came from the steam of the shower and her hands on my body.

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       I just stood there and moved my legs apart as she moved over my body. "Oh my god, this is wonderful. " I sighed as she was sucking my nipples and her fingers slipped into my pussy. Then she looked at me, "Let's go to the office. " she said and we let the showers and dried each other of, something that took a long time with all the playing and kissing. We walked to the office and the door was open and she led me to the couch and sat me down and then moved me to lay down. Then she was on top of me and kissing me all over up and down my body. "Am I the first girl?" she asked me. "You are the only girl. " I moaned. "Good. " she said and kissed her way down my tummy to my hips and licked all around my pubes and then her tongue slipped into the slit of my soaking wet pussy. I know it took her an hour to eat me all that she did through more orgasms than I counted and then she said, "Now you do me. " and I did as she had done for me. We laid together on the couch kissing and had the scent of each other on our faces and all over.

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       "would you mind Ms. Wise joining us tomorrow?" Jackie said. "Not at all, that would make two women I have made love to then. " We kissed as we dressed and finally left the gym with the sun going down. I was so satisified that I did not know how I was going to ever do without I found out later that I would never have o do without it. So much better than men that I would have later in my life, JAckie has always been near me to help me thru things.

    Talk to ya later.
    Brenda. .

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