So Perfect, I Hate You.


    Her name was Ella, She was the vision of perfect, hair red as flame danced before her emerald eyes, as she walked down the hall. The uniform they gave us worked well for her thight body, you could see her perfectly shaped ass peeking out at the bottom of her skirt. Holding her books close to her chest  making it hard to notice her full C-cup breast. It was as if God allowed an angel to walk among us, thats why I hate her. I was a nothing special brunette with small breast and no ass to speak of. I hated how everyone's eyes went to her when she walked into the room, I hated how everything came easy to her, and I hated the fact she was my best friend.
    We grew up together, we lived next door to each other as long as I remember. I probably spend most of my time at her house, sitting in her bedroom watching her change her clothes. I despised her, the way she flaunted her  flawless body in front of me, teasing me. That why she has to pay.
    It was before school I was hanging out with my a few of my friends as she walked by, she gave us one of her typical smiles as strolled into the school. That's when Jane let out a sigh, " I hate how 'Little Miss Perfect' walks around as if she was owns this school. " Jane was a beautiful girl pretty face, long legs, and perky little tits, she just moved here and she's  probably the only one who hates her more than me. " I know some one needs to bring her down to earth. " Angelica replied. Angelica is a nice looking girl, she reminds me of  Marilyn Monroe, cute as a button and sexy as hell.

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   Those were just the words I needed to hear, as a smurk grew across my face I said " I have the perfect idea. "
    We skipped our first few classes to go and gather the supplies we needed, to the sex shop. Image the look on the sales associate face as three high school girls ask him about bondage. We walked out the store with the few things we needed some special tape, a couple masks, and a few toys we thought would be fun. We were ready, we just needed the subject, we deicide to wait til cheerleading practice. We were all on the team we just had to tell everyone else that there was no practice, and we'll have the whole gym to ourselves.
    When we got back to school the wait was unbearable, class after class watching her, if she only knew what we had in mind. Finally the bell rings, it took everything in me to keep me from jumping out my chair. We made sure we were the first one to the gym, it was empty just a few mats on the floor. The school was like a ghost town after 3:15, only us and the janitor were left. We hurried and changed into our uniform, making sure we left our bras and panties behinnd, they'll just get in the way. Masks in hand we waited.
     It wasn't long before she came skipping into the gym, with a puzzled look on her face. "Where is everyone else?" We put on our mask and ran and tackled her. "What the fuck is going on?!" she cried.

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   "Enough Talk!" Jane yelled as she cover her mouth, "It's time to play. "
    We were like wild beast, ripping off her clothes, Angelica drove right in sucking and caressing her breast. While she had her fun Jane and I tied her arms and legs up with the tape we bought just for the occasion. Finally we could join the party, Jane took her skirt off exposing shaved pussy, she began to rud her clit as she bent over Ella face. "Lick me, you stupid cunt!" She said shoving her pussy into her mouth. Right then Angelica finally came up for air and grabed Ella's mouth, forcing her tongue out. I would've helped but  I was focused on her pussy, I seen it before a few times when she was changing, but never like this. It was spread open, wet, glistening in the light,  I couldn't help myself, I needed to taste her sweet juices. She tasted so good, my tongue drove deep into her, my nose pressing hard against her clit.
I could hear hear let out a soft moan, it drove me crazy, I closed my eyes slipped my hand under my skirt and began to rub my pussy. I could hear Jane moaning  like a porn star calling Ella a good little cunt, it seems our prisoner was becoming a willing participator. I felt a sudden warmth between my fingers, I open my eye and turned my head to see that Angelica was licking pussy. I never felt sensations like that before, I couldn't help but moan, my clit was throbbing like crazy, I was close to going over the edge. Then I felt  Jane's hand near my mouth, I lifted my head from Ella wet pussy to see Jane wearing nothing but the strap-on we brought. I knew she wanted to fuck Ella's pussy, I'll let her have her turn, I really wanted to play with Angelica now.

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I squirmed my way under Angelica and became eating her out. As the two of us played Jane was getting ready to have fun. Ella's eyes opened wide as Jane slide it into her, I could her them moan as Jane slamed into her harder and harder. Just then I felt that I was came, licked Angelica's clit even hard because I knew she was their too. We both let out a loud moan as we cum in each other faces. Tried we crawled over to Ella and Jane, she was still groaning as she fucked Ella's pussy, we decided to help her. I sucked Jane's tits and Jane played with Ella's nipples until the two of them came too.
     We all laid there for a moment trying to catch our breath, when I felt like their were eyes on me. I sat up to see the janitor by the beacher's with his cock out. Had he been watching the whole time. " Oh My God!" Jane and Angelica sat and saw him just glazing at us. "How long has he been there?" Angelica whispered. "Who Cares!" Jane said "Grab your clothes. " we quickly put and followed Jane to the door, leaving Ella tied up in the middle of the gym. As we passed by the janitor
 Jane turned to him and said "Do what you like to her.

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  " He grinded and started walking to a scaried Ella, walked out the gym and didn't look back.
    he next day at we seen Ella at school, and to my surprise she wasn't mad. I don't remember everything she said but the a but remember when she that the strangely fun, and she wanted to help next time. . . . . . . .
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