The All Girl party - after the party.


After the party, Jill invited Tina and Carly back to her house. Her parents were gone for the weekend, and Jill said she wanted some time with just them!
"And don't forget to bring your dildos, I want you to use them lots!" Jill giggled. "And maybe we can do a different kind of Jill sandwich, if you'd like to claim my last vestige of virginity!"
At Jill's house, they followed her upstairs. In Jill's bathroom, they quickly stripped, and soon all 3 were under the warm spray of water. Tina and Carly took the soap, and ran it along Jill's ass cheeks, enjoying her soft growls of pleasure. With the hands full of suds, each of them ran their slippery fingers along the tight crack of Jill's ass, sliding around and around her tightly puckered rim!
Jill was almost delirious, the pleasure of having her virgin asshole being rimmed like that was almost too good! She wondered what their hot tongues and fingers would feel like!Jill and Tina then did the same to Carly, she couldn't believe the intense pleasure she felt! Tina's tight little ass was next, and the feel of those soft fingers rimming her was like nothing she had felt before! A jolt of erotic pleasure went through Tina and Carly, since their assholes were being washed and readied, this could be the night that they too lost their asshole virginity!
Out of the shower, they toweled each other dry, and headed for Jill's queen sized bed. Jill piled up two pillows, and quickly lay down on them, face down. Her ass was lifted up, ready for action.
"Oh yeah, please, lick and finger my asshole, then I want you to strap on your dildos, and fuck my pussy and ass at the same time!"
Carly was eager, and she started to run her tongue over Jill's sexy globes, running her tongue closer and closer to Jill's tight hole. She ran her tongue along the sexy crack, and Jill was just about in orbit! The lapping of her soft tongue, around and around the tight, twitchy rim of her asshole was almost painfully intense, and Jill could only let out continual moans of pleasure. Carly brought her fingers into play, and she gently pushed a finger up Jill's tight ass. She started to very gently finger fuck Jill, urged on by her cries of pleasure. Carly gave way, so her sister could get in on the action, and Tina's tongue eagerly rimmed Jill's tight twitchy ass, sliding a finger up her tight back door, feeling the clamp of her asshole on her finger.
Jill was so ready, she got up, and pulled the pillow out of the way.
"Carly, lie down, I want to mount your dildo, then Tina, you get behind me, and plug my asshole. It's a virgin, and I want you to bust my cherry asshole open!"
Carly quickly got into position, Jill squatted over her, and with a smile of desire, she impaled her tight cunt, sliding down Carly's hard dildo, right to the hilt.

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   She paused, and leaned forward, her lips making contact with Carly's, their lips meshing together in hot, passionate kisses.
Tina coated her dildo with baby oil, and quickly got behind Jill. Carly reached down, and pulled apart Jill's cheeks, exposing the bulls-eye of Jill's tight asshole. Placing the dildo head against her opening, Tina slowly pushed forward. The head of the dildo slipped in, and Jill broke the kiss, and let out a hiss.
Worried, Tina said, "Are you okay baby, do you want me to pull out?"
Jill said, "No, no, it's just my first time, and it might take a bit for my ass to adjust, just take it slow. "
Tina waited until Jill nodded her head, and she started to push, slowly, ever so slowly. Jill grunted, her ass felt a mixture of pain, but also pleasure, and she felt that she could handle it. Her lovers were very considerate, and her ass was getting its first reaming at a slow pace, she could feel the tight walls of her ass parting to admit the well lubed dildo. Her ass started to pulse with a more pleasurable sensation.
"Yeah, oh yeah, that's starting to feel so good!" she whispered.
Encouraged, Tina continued to de-virginize her ass, and with a final push, the dildo was buried to the hilt! Jill was ecstatic, her last cherry had been plucked, and her throbbing bunghole was filled up tight!
"Yeah, yeah, fuck me, double fuck me, and make me cum!" she growled.
Tina and Carly were more than eager, and they gave Jill her first double penetration fuck, Carly giving it to Jill's fiery cunt from below, while Tina slid in and out of Jill's tight, throbbing bunghole! Jill was almost delirious with pleasure, she could feel the stiff hard dildos rubbing against each other through the membrane separating her ass and cunt, and the feeling was out of this world! She could feel her orgasm take shape, and start to climb quickly!
Just before she exploded, she howled, "Oh fuck, it's too good, I'm gonna cum, yes, cumming, yes yes, YES!!!"
Her cunt and ass tightened down on the stiff dildos fucking her, and she let out a scream of pleasure as she came! It was like her orgasm was a pinball bouncing back and forth between her throbbing asshole and her twitching clitoris, and she came again and again, her cunt and ass spasming crazily! She felt 4 orgasms slam through her, making her breathless, sweaty and oh so satisfied, until her orgasmic force had been spent!
They flopped down in a sweaty heap for a few minutes, until Jill grinned at them. She pulled the pillows back to the center of the bed.
"That takes care of me, who's next to get their asshole cherry busted?", she said with a grin.

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Carly and Tina felt their cunts start to heat up. Each of them realized that not only Jill, but their sister would be rimming them, and then fucking them with a dildo! It sounded so incestuous, and it sounded so fucking hot!
Carly said, "How about me?"
"Then take your place on the pillows, and let us get you ready!" Jill smiled.
Draping herself over the pillows, Carly could could feel the tight pucker of her asshole, she hoped it wouldn't be too painful to get her asshole virginity ended!
Jill was right there, licking at her ass cheeks, then running her tongue up the cleft to the rose shaped pucker of her tight hole! Jill ran her tongue around and around the tight, twitchy rim, and Carly was speechless! She had not felt nothing as sensuously exquisite as what Jill's hot tongue was doing! She felt a finger pressing against her, then worming it's way up her tight back passage. It felt strange, but it also felt very good! She worked on relaxing her muscles. The finger and tongue withdrew, and Carly felt her sister's hot tongue take over, and her arousal jumped up, as she felt her sister's hot tongue and probing finger continue the exquisite pleasure!
Jill whispered in her ear, "Are you ready to get your sweet ass deflowered, and your first double fuck?"
Carly whispered, "Oh yes, I am so ready!"
Jill said, "OK baby, I'll lie back, you mount me, I think your sister should have the pleasure of breaking open your tight asshole virginity!"
Jill lay back, and had Carly mount her stiff dildo. Carly sighed with pleasure as she sank down the full length. Lubing up her dildo with baby oil, Tina climbedon to the bed. Jill clutched Carly's ass cheeks and pulled them gently apart. Tina could see the tight hole, so ready for fucking! She placed the head of the dildo against her, and start to push slowly, slowly in.
Carly gasped as the head slipped inside her tight ass. She had never felt such an amazing sensation, she knew that she wanted all of it deep inside her tight back door. As Tina paused, Carly urged her on!
"Fuck, oh fuck yes, it feels so damn good, fuck my ass, bust open my tight asshole, I love it!" she cried.
Encouraged, Tina did exactly that, sliding the dildo deep, burying every bit of that 7. 5 inches of pleasure up her sister's eager asshole! With Jill and Tina buried deep, they began to move, building up a fucking rhythm. Tina was hot, her pussy soaked, she had deflowered her own sister's tight ass! If this was incest, she wanted more of it! Carly was almost delirious with pleasure, feeling the two dildos rubbing against each other was like nothing she had ever felt before! She felt her orgasm racing at her, and as she experienced the massive pleasure burst, she howled with satisfaction! Her pussy and asshole were spasming wildly, clamping and releasing, clamping and releasing on the thick hard dildos that fucked her to a shattering climax!
They flopped down for a brief rest, and Tina's pussy was burning, she knew that she was next!
Jill pulled the pillows to the middle of the bed, and fluffed them up.

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"Tina, it's your turn, and Carly, you will have the pleasure of deflowering your sister's tight hole!"
Jill lay back, and Tina mounted her, her pussy was positively gushing! She leaned forward over Jill, and their tongues came together, kissing each other passionately, as Carly lubed up her dildo. Jill reached down, and pulled Tina's cheeks apart. Carly could see the rose shaped pucker of her sister's tight ass, and a shot of pleasure coursed through her. She was going to fuck her sister, she was going to claim her sister's tight asshole virginity! Getting into position, she placed the head against that tight opening, and slid in slowly, slowly.
Tina grunted with pleasure as she felt the penetration of her asshole. She worked, on relaxing, relaxing, and her tight muscle ring gave way. She was ready to get it, and she let Carly know!
"Oh yes, fuck my tight ass, fuck it! Bust open my tight cherry, ream out my asshole, I'm gonna love it!! ", Tina cried.
Spurred on, Carly pushed slowly and steadily, and Tina felt her asshole accept every bit of dildo, as Tina slid in to the hilt! Jill and Carly started to move, and they built up a nice fucking rhythm, and Tina was loving her first double penetration fuck! She knew it wouldn't be her last, now that she knew she had two tight holes for fun and games, when she thought she only had one!
Carly and Jill rode Tina, reaming out her fiery fuck-hole and her throbbing bunghole, until Tina was seeing stars, and her orgasm slammed into her, pulling a shriek of raw sexual pleasure out of her, as her pussy and asshole pulsed wildly in time to the orgasmic pleasure!.