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Dina was listening to everything Landry was saying, and even though she didn't agree with all of it, she was powerless to remove her mouth from the throbbing clit that was insistently pushing against her tongue!!! "Ohhhhhhh, yes," the young girl hissed, "I'm cumming so hard, eat my pussy, lick me slut, make my clitty happy!!!" It was a torrential gusher that filled her mouth, the lanky bitch lurched her cunt forward hard into Dina's mouth as her orgasm raced through her bucking crotch!!!When it was over, Dina, now totally embarrassed, stood up and started to put on her night gown, but a hand stopped her, and a soft voice commanded, "Come here, Mrs. C, we're not finished yet!!!" She was about to protest, but instead, she gasped as Landry took the handle of a hair brush and jammed it hard into her drooling cunt!!! "Oh," Dina gasped, "d-d-d-on't do that, it's wrong," but Landry just giggled and continued sliding the thick handle in and out of the dark haired cunt until she was hanging onto the sink to keep from falling over!!!" A low guttural groan built up in Dina's throat, and much to her shame, she began timing the thrusts of the brush so she could get the maximum effect from each stroke!!! At this point Landry asked sweetly, "Do you want me to stop?!?" "N-no," Dina gasped, "almost there, please don't stop, harder, harder!!!" "Mmmmmm, Mrs. C," Landry whispered, "you have the hottest pussy, just like Lori's!!!" "Oh shit," Dina thought, there she did it again, dragging Lori into it, but she was too far gone to care, what she really needed was an orgasm, and in the worst way possible!!!Landry's hand was now a blur, plunging the brush handle in and out of the older woman's steaming cunt, driving her closer and closer to the brink of sexual ecstasy!!! "Are you ready," Landry whispered, "is your pussy ready to give it up!?!" "Oh yes," Dina moaned through clenched teeth, "very ready, just a little more, a little harder, oh, oh, oh, here it cumssssssssssss!!!" "Oh, yes," Landry whispered, "cum for me, show me how well you can do it, show Lori how well you can do it, show her that you can cum as hard as she does!!!" She did it again, just as Dina was about to cum she brought here daughter into it, why, why would she do that?!? Then it hit her, the orgasm, like an on rushing train, unstoppable, and out of the corner of her eye, catching a glimpse of Lori standing there, watching her mother being masturbated to orgasm by her best friend!!!The shell shocked Dina slid to the floor in a heap in front of Landry, unable to speak. Landry, however, had a lot to say, "I have to tell you Lori, now I know where you get it from, your mom is a total cum slut, just like you!!! Lori reached down and helped her mother to her feet and said, "It's okay mom, she has this power, and there's nothing we can do about it!!!"THE END
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