The Good Samaritan


It was starting to rain, and the lightning was flashing as Angie drove home from her friend's house. She had just graduated college, and had gone to her friends house to talk with her father in hopes of landing a job in his law office. Unfortunately her father had been called out of town, and as a result her trip had been in vain. As it started to rain harder, Angie slowed and turned the wipers on high. Up ahead it looked like there was a car on the side of the road, and someone standing next to it holding an umbrella. Angie slowed to see if she could see who it was.

As she slowly eased up to where the woman was standing Angie could see the woman was very attractive. Their eyes locked as Angie thought about asking her if she needed help. Thinking she'd be a good Samaritan Angie stopped, and lowered her car window, offering to give the woman a ride to the nearest phone. Angie couldn't help noticing how beautiful she was, and what a beautiful figure she had as the woman said, "Yes. . thank you!"

Angie unlocked the door noticing how full the womans breasts were, and how beautiful they looked in her low cut dress. Angie felt her heart rate go up a little as the woman slid into the car next to her. The woman closed her umbrella saying, "Thank you. . .

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  I'm so glad you came along and stopped. "

"No problem, my name is Angie. "

"Well thank you Angie, and you may call me Rachael. "

Angie felt her nipples harden as Rachael took Angie's hand in hers, thanking her again. Angie felt so strange as they looked into one anothers eyes; there was definitely an attraction. . . something that puzzled Angie yet was undeniable. Rachael's eyes were so blue, and she was so beautiful. Rachael just smiled as she held Angie's hand when Angie said, "I guess we better get going before we get stuck. "

"Alright," Rachael replied.

Angie slowly moved her hand from Rachael's grasp, and started the car pulling back onto the road. She couldn't help noticing how Rachael's dress had hiked up, showing her beautiful thighs.

"So tell me about yourself Angie, what brings you out on a horrible night like this?"

Angie was a little apprehensive at first, but soon she as telling Rachael her life's story, and about her career hopes. Rachael made it easy for her to talk.

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  . . she felt so at ease talking to her. About twenty minutes later Rachael stopped Angie saying, "Pull in here. . . this is my driveway. "

Angie started up the long winding driveway when a beautiful house came into view. It was a huge house set back from the main road. Angie stopped, and was prepared to say good bye when Rachael asked, "Would you like to come in for a drink Angie?"

"Oh I don't know?"

"Please. . . it's the least I can do. Besides, it gets lonely up here sometimes. My husband is gone so often on business.

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   I'd love the company, and besides. . . it's raining pretty hard. "

"Alright, I'll come in for a little while. "

Rachael held the umbrella as Angie and she walked toward the house. As they approached the house a strong gust of wind blew the umbrella inside out, and both women got drenched in the heavy rain. Once inside they laughed as Rachael tossed the umbrella aside.

"Well, looks like we're soaked. What do you say we get out of these wet clothes before we have that drink. . . . follow me. "

Rachael led Angie up the stairs into the master suite, where she handed Angie a beautiful silk robe.

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   Rachael slipped off her wet dress, placing it on a hanger, and then turned and stood before Angie in her bra, and lace panties. Her legs were so long and shapely, and Angie loved how the lace top of her thigh highs matched her panties. Angie took a deep breath and slipped off her dress handing it to Rachael, who hung her dress as well.

Both women stared at one another for a moment, and then Rachael suggested they first dry their hair, and then have that drink. As she dried her hair, Angie couldn't believe that she had just taken off her dress in front of a stranger, and will soon be joining her for a drink. For some silly reason Angie felt safe. Once she finished drying her hair she found Rachael waiting for her, standing there in a short silk, robe that went just below her beautiful shapely ass. Angie noticed Rachael had removed her bra and panties, but had left her nylons,and heels on.

Angie turned and smiled as Rachael said, "My bra and panties were wet so I decided to remove them as well, I hope it doesn't offend you?"

Angie smiled. "No of course not. . . I'm just about done. . .

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  I'll join you downstairs in a minute for that drink. "

Rachael smiled and left Angie, and went downstairs. Angie's nipples were tingling, as well as her pussy. This woman was so damn alluring, and Angie was so aroused, and at the same time confused. She had never felt so attracted to a woman before. Taking a change Angie removed her bra and panties and put on the silk robe Rachael had given her. She looked at herself in the mirror, admiring her breasts wondering why she felt the way she did.

Her nipples were hard, and she could clearly see her nipples through the thin fabric of her robe, and the outline of her neatly trimmed bush. Angie took a deep breath as she decided to throw caution to the wind, and see how the evening would unfold. She had nowhere to be, so why not. Once down stairs she found Rachael standing at the wet bar sipping her drink. Rachael smiled as she walked toward her handing Angie a drink.

"I must say Angie, you look beautiful. "

"Thank you Rachael. .

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  . . you look beautiful as well. "

Rachael stepped closer to Angie as Angie's heart started to race in her chest. She was mesmerized by Rachael's beauty, and the desire to know what it would be like to make love to another woman. She had no idea why she was thinking this way, but she knew Rachael was going to seduce her, and that was fine with Angie. She stood motionless as Rachael ran her tongue over her beautiful red lips, while staring into Angie's eyes.

Angie watched as Rachael raised her hand, and began slowly running her long red fingernail along the edge of the silk robe Angie was wearing. She gasped softly when Rachael's nail brush the edge of her breast. Rachael smiled asking, "Are you afraid?"

"No. . . not really. "

Rachael smiled and continued moving her fingernail down the other side of Angie's robe, also touching the edge of her left breast. Trying not to show how aroused she was, Angie closed her eyes as she felt Rachael's fingernail now moving onto her breast, inching ever closer to her nipple.

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   Angie's breathing became deeper as her arousal grew in its intensity. Angie mewed softly when she felt Rachael's fingernail touch her nipple, while Rachael began tracing her fingernail over Angie's nipple.

The feeling was so intense, something that Angie had never experienced before. As she stood there wondering what Rachael was going to do next, Rachael started doing the same thing to her other nipple. Now Angie's nipples were burning with desire as Rachael continued her passionate pleasures.

Suddenly the intense pleasure was gone, but only for a moment. Angie opened her eyes as Rachael tugged gently on the tie of Angie's robe. Then she moved her fingers along the edge of the robe, and slowly pushed it open exposing Angie's breasts. Rachael's eyes were fixed on Angie's breasts, a smile moving across her face as Angie's breasts came into full view. Rachael pushed the robe off Angie's shoulders as it fell to the floor. Then she took her drink, and dipped her finger into it. Then she placed a droplet of scotch on each of Angie's nipples.

Angie watched as Rachel started caressing her breasts with beautiful light, feathery touches while she lowered her head, and began running her tongue over Angie's aureole's, one at a time as Angie gasped with pleasure. Never had Angie experienced anything to erotic, or beautiful before.
Just when Angie thought it couldn't be any more erotic she found she was wrong.

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   Rachael began alternating between sucking, and flicking Angie's nipples with her tongue, while caressing her body as she moved her hands from Angie's breasts, down her torso to her ass where she began caressing her as she continued to tease Angie's nipples.

Angie was so aroused she was afraid she was going to pass out from the intense passion. Suddenly Angie's body tensed, and a wave of orgasms washed over her body. Rachael sucked her nipples harder as Angie's body rocked. Once Angie had finished cumming Rachael stepped back smiling, and taking another sip of her drink. Then she set her drink down asking, "Well dear. . . . was that enjoyable?"

Angie barely managed to mutter, "Oh Y-Yes. . . it was so wonderful. "

"Good, shall we continue?"

"Y-Yes. .

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  . please. "

Rachael smiled and lowered her hands, and gently pulled at the tie of her robe. Then she moved her fingers along the edge of her silk robe ever so slowly as Angie watched. Then she paused, and slowly began opening her robe exposing her perfect breasts to Angie. Her nipples were rock hard, as she let the robe slide down over her shoulders to the floor. Then Rachael raised her hands, and cupped her breasts in her hands as Angie watched. Rachael began strumming her own nipples as Angie found herself wishing it was her nipples Rachael was touching.

Then Rachael started rolling her nipples between her thumb, and forefinger as Angie looked on, her heart pounding again. Then Rachael stopped and stepped forward. Rachael cupped her breasts in her hands again, and stated brushing her nipples against Angie's. Angie gasped. . . .

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  it felt so good as Rachael's moved across hers.

As Angie closed her eyes to take in the feel of Rachael's nipples against hers she felt something new. She felt the warmth of Rachael's lips pressing lightly against hers. Angie was glad, never had she wanted to kiss someone so much as she had wanted to kiss Rachael. Angie raised her arms placing them around Rachael, pulling Rachael to her as their sweet soft kiss turned into a passionate, lustful kiss as their tongues entwined, caressing as they kissed.

After several minutes Rachael broke their kiss, and moved behind Angie sliding her hands beneath Angie's arms where she cupped Angie's breasts in her hands once again, squeezing, and caressing them, and tugging at her nipples as she kissed Angie's shoulders and neck.

Angie turned her head, and placed her hand on the back of Rachael's head as the two women started kissing passionately again. Angie instinctively parted her legs as Rachael moved her hand down Angie's stomach, cupping Angie's mound in her hand. Rachael began making circular motions as she rubbed Angie's mound while Angie broke their kiss, gasping and saying, "Yes. . . yes. . . .


  Oh Fuck yes. . . please don't stop!"

Rachael responded by sliding her middle finger into Angie's drenched pussy, working it around as Angie moaned loudly. Soon Rachael added a second finger as Angie humped her hand, squealing and moaning, speaking incoherently overcome with passion. Angie's body started to shudder again as. . . .

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