The Nubile Nymph


"Hello, Mrs. Reynolds, it's so nice to meet you, won't you please come in and have a seat,"Miranda said graciously while shaking Virna's hand! "Alicia's told me so much about the place," Virna offered, "that I decided to see it for myself so to speak!!!" "Well, I very happy that you did," Miranda replied smoothly, "I hope your time here will be more than enjoyable!!!" After both of them had taken a seat in Miranda's sumptuously appointed, office she asked casually, "Have you given any thought as to what sort of, shall we say, entertainment you had in mind!?!" "Well," Virna said slowly, "I-I'm not exactly sure, what have you got?!?" "Just about anything you could ask for," Miranda replied, "but may I make a suggestion!?!" Glad that she didn't have to go into any details herself, Virna replied gratefully, "Please, I'm open to any suggestions!!!" "Well," Miranda continued on, "it's been my experience, that with our more mature female clients, such as yourself, have a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience, if they start out with a young female, now that may sound strange, but two women together always seems to generate much less pressure than if you were to begin with a man!!!" "From what I've seen," she added, "is that even though the woman is the customer, if she's with a man, she still feels that it's her responsibility to satisfy his needs, when in reality, he is there to take care of hers!!!" "Am I making sense to you," she asked!?! "Uh, yes," Virna answered, "so we go with a woman then, right!?!" "I believe that's the best way to proceed," Mirnada replied, as she picked up the phone and spoke into the receiver, "Sharri, please send in Mona!!!"The two women had a drink of wine and made small talk while they were waiting for Mona! "I think you're going to be especially please with her," Miranda stated, "she just turned eighteen and looks like a living doll!!!" "She sounds very intriguing," Virna said, and then was interrupted by a soft knocking on the door! "Come on in, Mona," Miranda called out, as the large heavy door slowly opened up to reveal an incredibly lovely young woman standing there wrapped in a bright pink towel!!! "This is Mrs. Reynolds, dear," Miranda said in a way of introduction, "would you please remove your towel so that she can see your pretty body!?!" Without so much as a word, the tiny nymph dropped her cover, and stood casually in front of the two older women, while letting them drink in her beauty!!! "What do you think," Miranda asked softly, "isn't she everything I described!?!" "S-she's perfection," Virna stammered, "are you sure she's eighteen, she looks so young!?!" "Eighteen guaranteed," Miranda replied solemnly, "we keep a copy of all birth certificates on file just in case!!!" "So," Miranda asked, "are you ready to make a decision!?!" "She'll be fine," Virna replied softly, "just fine!!!"Not even bothering to put on her towel, Mona led Virna by the hand down a long corridor to a door that opened up into a suite of rooms that contained a hot tub, an entertainment center, and of course twin king size beds!!! "This is my favorite room," Mona said softly once they closed the door and were alone inside, "does it meet with your approval, Mrs. Reynolds?!?" "Very much so, Mona," she replied, "but please, call me Virna, okay?!?" A soft smile crept across the young girl's face and she answered, "Well, Virna, let me help you out of those clothes so we can make you a little more comfortable, okay?!?"As Mona began to unbutton the front of Virna's blouse, the older woman pushed her hand away and said, "I'm a little nervous about this, over the years I've put on a little weight, and well, I'm just embarrassed about how I look!!!" Not taking no for and answer, Mona giggled and replied, "Don't be embarrassed, Virna, you have huge boobs, and I just love big tits!!!" Hearing the cute little thing talking about her breasts in such a light hearted manner caused her cunt contract just enough to make her panties dampen!!! "Oh, dear," Mona whispered when Virna's bra encased breasts came into view, "little Mona is gonna love sucking on those, hurry up and get naked so we can get in the tub together!!!" When she finally slithered out of her panty hose and stood there naked, Mona pressed her face into bosom and kissed the heavy hangers all over, taking special are to nip on her now hard nipples!!!" "Y-you do that so well," Virna panted, "it's been so long for me!!!" "Most of the women want me to nurse on their nipples," Mona replied softly, "they like to pretend I'm really a little girl who needs to be breast fed, does that sound good to you, I mean, would you like to nurse me like I was a baby!?!" "Oh, yes," Virna hissed, "you have such a pretty body, and your pussy, do you always keep it shaved so smoothly!?!" "Mmmmm, of course," she replied, "after I'm done nursing, I think that you'll be ready to suck my little vagina, don't you!?!" "Oh, my," Virna moaned, "you have me literally dripping, let's get into the tub so I can hold your mouth to my chest!!!"Once in the warm soothing waters of the spa, Virna's breasts fairly floated on the surface, making her nipples and easy target for the orally fixated little wench!!! Holding her in her arms like a baby, Virna let the water relax every muscle in her body, that is except for the muscles in her pussy that seemed to tighten and relax with every suck a nibble by Mona's insistent mouth!!! "Mona, dear," Virna asked softly, "do you like being sucked off?!?" "Oh, yes," she replied quickly, "I have a very exaggerated clit that requires constant attention, would you like me to show it to you?!?" Please," the older woman begged, "s-show it to me!!!" Mona let go of the large boob she had been nursing on, and while floating on her back, she spread he legs and glided cunt first towards Virna's face!!! "Jesus," Virna moaned when she got her first good look at the bulging organ, "I can see you clit sticking out of your pussy, and its all hard and erect!!!" "Of course it is silly," Mona said softly, "do you like it, or is it gross?!?" "It's beautiful," Virna replied, as the ripe cunt floated to within inches of her hungry mouth!!!" "Can you do my little pussy for me," she asked, "I really need to have an orgasm, and it would be divine if I had it in your warm mouth!?!" Virna had never in her life sucked a pussy, but it seemed like the most natural thing in the world as she let her tongue gently probe the flushed folds of the excited young girl!!! Now it was Mona's turn to offer praise, as she gasped, "Oh, you suck me so well, I-I'm gonna cum really hard and fast, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm cumminnggggggggggggg!!!" Virna sent her mouth into overdrive upon hearing the climactic moaning of the sweet young thing stuck on the tip of her tongue!!! When it was over, Mona just floated away, still stunned by the fury of the explosion that had just devastated her not so innocent cunt!!!"Was it good for you," Virna asked seriously as Mona's blood pressure returned to normal!?! "Are you nuts," she replied slyly, "I've never had and orgasm like that in my life, I thought I was gonna pass out!!!" "Oh, good," Virna replied in a relieved voice, I wanted it to be good for you!!!" "Now that I've been taken care of," Mona whispered, "what can we do for you!?!" "Surprise me," Virna replied, "I'm sure anything you do will be just incredible!!!" With that, Mona paddled over to the edge of the tub and opened a box about the size of a bread box, she reached inside and pulled out a huge black dildo that had a harness attached to it!!! Mona turned around, held up her prize, and announced, "I'm gonna put this pecker on and fuck you with it until you beg me to stop!!!"Virna couldn't believe what was happening to her, as the nubile young thing slid between her legs until the thick black cudgel was pressing insistently against the crack in her pussy!!! "Tell me how bad you want it," Mona ordered, "tell me that you wanna get fucked like a whore!!!" "Oh, god," Virna panted, "oh, god, please give it to me, I'm begging you, give it to me hard!!!" "Tell me you're a whore," she teased, "let me hear you say it!!!" "Okay," Virna begged, I'm a whore, now please, give it to me!!!" "Oh, no," Mona retorted, "I said a fucking whore, say it, call yourself a fucking whore!!!" "I'm a fucking whore, damn you," Virna gasped, "now give it to me you little slut, or else!!!" "Oh, my," Mona said softly, " such language from such a nice lady, ya know what, I don't think you're a lady at all, you're just a fucking cunt lapping whore, aren't you!?!"By now Virna was delirious with lust, and the constant pressure against her cunt lips was driving her absolutely up the wall!!! "I didn't hear what you said," Mona demanded, "tell me you're a cunt lapping whore!!!" "Yes, yes," she hissed through clenched teeth, "I'm a cunt lapping whore, now please, shove it into me!!!" Mona relaxed for a second, and then asked sweetly, "You mean like this," and while grabbing Virna by the shoulders for leverage, drove the two inch thick black spike all the way to the hilt inside of Virna's steaming pussy!?! "Owwwwwwwweeeeeeeee," Virna screamed at the top of her voice, "i-it hurts so badly, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, god it hurts so badly!!!" "I can take it out if you want me to," Mona said innocently! "Fuck, noooooooo," Virna begged, "leave it in me, I feel so fucking full, it's going to make me cummmmmmmmm, oh, god I'm fucking cumming so fucking hard, I'm full of black cock and I'm cumming!!!Afterwards, they just lay in each others arms as the warm water wafted over them and Virna said softly, "I didn't know what I was missing!!!" Mona snuggled up against a giant boob and replied, "Me either, me either!!!"THE END
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