The Twins


The Twins


I met Karen and Leanne at one of my photo exhibit during my first year of college. I was showing some candid shots of people in odd circumstances. Their beauty took me aback, and like everyone else I thought they were identical twins. The only people that knew different, were the administration clerks or people trained in identification.


I made no effort at all to acknowledge their beauty though they were breath taking. Certainly not playboy models, or women one might see on vogue but quite beautiful in a down to earth way, and I was certain that they were tired of being told; how beautiful, or how cute, or how much they look-a-like, and didn’t care to here any of that from me. I later learned much to my astonishment that there were two years, two states, and two sets of parents between them.

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With their clothes on they looked exactly alike to the untrained eye, even when clad only in shorts, they maintained their mirror-image appearance. It wasn’t until you could look inside their panties that the differences became evident. I know what you are thinking, one had a penis well you are wrong.


To describe one is to describe the other, Karen was the older and the alpha mate; they both had outgrown pigtails yet they both wore their shoulder length blond hair in pigtails. Their eyebrows faint, thin and un-plucked still accented their deep blue eyes. Their thick red lips matched their plump cheeks natural reddish hue.


Even in the dead-of-winter they wore short sleeve cut-off t-shirts showing off their creamy skinned bellies with their wide and deep belly buttons, not a hair or stubble to be seen. Their skirts were always just above the knees, but a few times I caught one or the other bending over exposing their smooth shaved legs. Their clothes were always the same. I used to muse to myself that they would argue with each other about weather or not they would wear a bra over their pert thirty-two c. breasts and often wondered who wanted to do what and why. Did one of them want to cover up their thumb-tip sized nipples, which grew larger when they bristled?


They were both very athletic, yet they still had what I affectionately call ‘baby fat’ giving a soft roundish flavor to their appearance. They spent a lot of time in the gym and their bodies made that quite clear. Neither were ripped, but their muscles were built up.

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   They could out run with speed or in distance most of the jocks. They were instrumental for the volleyball team’s record breaking four year winning streak at the state championships, and one victory at the nationals. The team went three years in a row without a single lose, breaking the old record by one and a half seasons.


I often fantasized slipping my opened hand between their thighs, well… because they were so open and shapely, they were enticing with almost enough room. They sported my favorite kind of bottom I call it ‘the wide smiler. ’ They had a twenty-eight waist over a muscular thirty-six buttocks that sagged upward, if you will indulge me, with a wide valley between their cheeks. God I tried to steal a few pictures of them walking together with their sweet bottoms swaying, but they always-seemed ready for me. Like I had a neon sign brightly flashing look out your butt’s on candid lens. Stealing pictures of people being remarkable weather in looks or action is my favorite hobby, more accurately an addiction that has caused more than a little trouble.


However it was academia they excelled in; Leanne’s major was ‘English lit. ’ and Karen’s was ‘Computer Sci. ’ they both have had several essays on topics concerning their majors appear in many literature and computer publications. They are also paid tutors, not by the school, but by the students whom they help.


I always thought it was a little odd that I rarely ever saw them together at school or at school functions other than the volleyball games, the discussion group they attended, study hall, and going or coming from gym class. I shared a networking class with Karen, and a journalism class with Leanne. I did mind my Ps and Qs in class. I never once saw them being physically familiar.


It was my photo exposé on couples that locked us into an inevitability of becoming friends… close friends.

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   The kind you can tell anything to and just know that it would never be said again. I can tell this story now only because they told me to.


My part of the story began the last year of college right after my exposé. After a series of near misses and bumping intos I thought it best at least to offer up the social civilities. Which soon gave way to brief conversations about me; my majors, or how my classes were going, or just the plane how are you doing today. They did not ask me that question, like so many people do when they mean ‘Hi. ’ They stopped and waited for an answer. One week I saw them meandering through the gallery looking at the photos of couples on display over and over. Closing time neared and all the visitors were gone.


Karen walked up and asked, “Did you shoot all of the photos on display?”


I said, “Yes. The whole show is devoted to my work on couples being couples. I will be on display here for ten more days. ” I struggled to maintain some semblance of composure, though I am sure a drool escaped my lip as I talked.

“I see you’ve pretty much covered all the possible combinations of couples, and you’ve not shown any favoritism. ” Karen pleasantly observed.


“Favoritism is not journalism, and all couples have many things in common. That is especially true of the ones trying to maintain a long term relationship. It doesn’t matter if they are same sex, or same race; co-ed or co-racial. ” I explained assuredly.


“Long term relationships?” she sounded pensive and added, “Relationships seem to be dropping like flies today! What do you or would you attribute that to?”


“In a nutshell; communication or the failure to do so, the inability to accept the differences and embrace them or the lack of motivation to do so. ” I answered with conviction and asked, “Do you have a favorite? I’ve seen you here with your friend slowly milling around the show the last couple of days. ”


“Yes the one over there by the window, the one of the two women. The one standing looks sad. Who are they and what are they doing?” Karen asked empathy ringing in her voice.


“Oh I don’t know who they are, and for me to tell you what they are doing would steal the value of the image from you,” I assured asking, “What does it mean to you?”


“I think the older woman is sad because, she wants to tell the younger one that she loves her and can’t. ” She related with a small tear gracing her left eye.


“I never saw that till now. You could be right, or she could be sad looking because she has told the one of her love. See how her hand is touching the hair, ear, and face at the same time. And look her other hand is on her shoulder. It looks like one has just spoken and the other heard. Here I’ve gone and broken a rule please forgive me. ”


“Oh yes I see it. Maybe we are both right, I mean it is funny how things, pictures, can change with the mood. Well any way your work is exquisite. Aren’t you afraid that they will sue you or something?”


“No not really they aren’t doing anything embarrassing and I really didn’t violate their right to privacy there is a shrub in the foreground and a setting sun in the background. Any way I would gladly give them this framed copy, I can make another. ”


“Are you allowed to take more pictures while you are on display. ” She giggled a little when she said ‘you are. ’


“I can take pictures any time any where and of anything or any willing body I want to!” I answered decisively.


“Would you be willing to take pictures of Leanne and I?” Karen asked in a near impish tone, but with a perfect poker face.


I almost lost my poise and felt my male immaturity slipping, but dropped my books and clipboard instead. As I stooped; I regained my composure, and I collected my thoughts as I scooped the mess into a pile, then calmly said, “I would be happy to. I don’t have my camera now, but I will be on campus tomorrow finishing a role and would be delighted to take a few pictures of the two of you. Where do you want to meet?”


“I don’t think you understand. ” Karen stopped mid sentence and called out, “Come here Leanne. We don’t want a couple of pictures to send home. ” Karen said, as Leanne joined her she added, “We want you to do an exposé of our life, and prepare it for web publishing for the whole world to see. ”


My professionalism overshadowed my boyish ideations and muted any insecurity that I was being plagued by at the time and smartly asserted, “I do not take my exposés lightly. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. ”


“We thought you might say something like that. What kinds of questions do you need answered?” Karen shot right back at me.


“For openers the theme.

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   What do you want to say and how do you want to say it? Who do you want to say it to?” I sincerely snapped back.


“I see we won’t be able to resolve this right here and now. ” Leanne remarked with a hint of coyness in her voice.


I saw my opportunity and moved; “I think we can address these questions best over dinner if you will forgive my abruptness. I know a perfect place! My treat. ”


“No! Our treat. ” Karen insisted. “Where did you have in mind?” She inquired with a hint of a smile.


“I have a pet spot; it is Mediterranean style cuisine if that is to your liking, and if you can get past the name, ‘The Boot’ the food is great, and there are separate dining rooms available for privacy. It is a little spendy but as I said it is very good, and exactly what we need. My offer to treat is still good. ” I warmly reminded.


“We can pay you for work and quite honestly we want to pay. ” Karen insisted.


“We have looked at all the work that you have displayed here on campus and in town.

Quite frankly we feel that you are the one to tell our story!” Leanne chimed in and asked, “When can you start?”


“We have talked briefly on and off over the last year. ” Karen kicked in.

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“I think it best to start at dinner time. It’s early enough today we might get a reservation for tomorrow, Wednesday say eight? I have found that when interviewing prospective clients if they prepare a list of some of their wants and bring it with them, it facilitates the discussions. Do you want me to make the reservation, or are you going to?”


“We will. So till tomorrow then. ” Leanne said warmly smiling. She put her arm under Karen’s and they walked out.


I watched them walk out, what a sight and me without my camera. Not once did they look back. I know that my mouth was gaping, in fact drool did slip pass my chin. I was stunned and awed if that is possible. I was being invited to a photo shoot that I would never be able to top.


Over dinner they told me that the first and foremost theme was love. That I was going to do a series of shoots starting with a day in the life on the out side. The three of us would spend the day gadding about shopping, café hopping, and what ever came to mind.

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   I was going to do a series on them in school, following them from the dorm to class to study hall and back.


Then they turned solemn they, the two of them, looked at me and said that I was to announce to the world that they were going to be married. I was to expose every aspect of their life. I was to do another series on them making love, a reenactment of Karen’s proposal and Leanne’s acceptance and then the wedding ceremony.


I told them I was dazed and overwhelmed by the immensity of the task and assured them I was more than willing and able. I told them that they were talking about shooting two or three thousand pictures maybe more to come up with maybe two or three hundred or maybe less. That quite likely the whole shoot for the day or night might get dropped.

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   I was assured that they had considered that likelihood.


I posed to them that the type of intimate pictures that they wanted me to take would not happen easily, that it was best to rehearse them. I begged them to forgive my frankness then asked how many times they made love in front of the camera or more important having the camera man telling them to hold that pose. The two of them blushed and said never. I am sure that you want it to look real; that the two of you are at ease with one another, have a spontaneously active relationship and if you’ll forgive the inconsistency rehearsal is the best way.  


I asked them how they expected to look like they loved each other when their embraces might be tainted by my presents. They agreed to the rehearsals; I said that it is best to work up to the more intimate aspects slowly, and suggested that we finish the first two shoots, ‘A Day in their Life,’ and ‘Their School Day,’ and review them over dinner.

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   We could talk about the next steps over dessert. It was at the first rehearsal I learned of their difference, and how it was that they discovered their love for each other.


The first two days worth of shoots went especially well. I used my digital Nikons; changing between the thirty-five and seventy millimeter lenses, for the more revealing close ups and some of the passing shot. In two days we shot close to two thousand pictures. As the first day stretched on they began to relax in front of the camera and stop worrying about their pose. During the breaks I had an opportunity to talk with each of them one on one and get some insight on their life. I hesitate to say what caused them to adopt a gay life style, as I think for as many stars in the sky that’s how many answers to any questions regarding motives.


For instance both Leanne and Karen come from closed minded right winger families; that were homophobic, and whose Dad was never home either, on a long distance truck route or always away on some sporting junket. Leanne’s Mom was both supportive and understanding, and promised to keep from ‘Dad!’  Her secrete ‘the decision’ to be an avowed lesbian, after being saved from rape at fourteen.


The boys thought it sporting fun to drag her into the boys’ locker room, but got carried away while pulling her pants down. Fate was on her side; the athletic director came and interrupted them, he actually had to defend himself till the group scattered. Leanne had confessed her attraction towards girls long before the episode at school. I am ashamed to admit a certain tingle of arousal as she related her temptations to as she said, “touch the privates,” of her friends that attended her slumber parties but didn’t because she knew that trouble would follow.


Karen on the other hand shared a similar family life but was always trying to seduce any boy that would sit still long enough. She went from one disappointment to another with each new fling. One day she was attacked at school but managed to fend off her attacker, and swore off relationships even the one-night-stand. So until she met Leanne, Karen was celibate, and completely self-reliant. Karen confessed to being a lot like her dad, “a very domineering person. She actually started to cry briefly as she said that she had trouble controlling it and at being eternally grateful that Leanne was and wanted to be submissive. She told me that she had never wanted to have sex with another woman, until she met Leanne. She was both ashamed, and intrigued by her feelings and very confused at first.


Leanne asked me to dinner at ‘The Boot’ again, and asked if it were possible to scan the two days of shoots while we ate, and suggested that we take an early dinner. I assured that I can show them on a DVD-player and that I would bring a portable player and monitor. I was still tying to digest all these little bits of vitally important information, just to have a vague idea of the dynamics of these two people.

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   After all that is all they really are, just two people.


Dinner was early, seven PM. I got there just after six to setup. The girls were already there so we just started. The waiter popped the wine and set it out to breathe. As I set up the video show, all of us ordered ‘before’ dinner drinks. I handed out note pads and remotes to the girls, so they could stop or go back whenever they wanted, and started the slid show program. I set it to run in sequence with a ten second delay and show title mode. We made it through our drinks, the salad and bread, to the main course, then to the desert and on to the sweet port. Slowly we coursed through our dinner. We laughed at many of the shots and they grimaced at all of them jokingly.

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   Ohing, ahing, and saying that one is nice or that one was silly and how funny that one was.


I was truly touched by how much they both acted like women, at times impossible to tell them apart. We did not see the full show when Leanne hit pause, and looked at me saying in a warm voice, “We are not afraid of you or embarrassed by you. Are you afraid of us, or just shy?”


“No, not at all. I feel privileged that you have let me into so much of your life. I just don’t want to make you uncomfortable. ” I assured sincerely, “I’ve come to know the two of you a little and like you both!”


“We can’t decide on what to keep and what to delete. ” Karen remarked whimsically then asked, “May we keep this disc, and if it isn’t too much trouble could you put a couple of photo arrays together? We will look at them in a few days. ”


“I burned that CD-RW for the two of you, so you can change the order and delete the ones that you do not want, or just vote by pressing the asterisk key for however many stars you want it to have. I have the shoots on my hard drive and backed up on another disc, so don’t worry about loosing anything. ” I said confidently and assured, “I can go through them and put together a couple of photo arrays for your perusal. ”


Then Leanne sat next to me and put her hand right on my thigh looked at me smiling saying warmly, “I think it is time for our first rehearsal. ” Then she giggled softly. I think she surprised herself.


My heart pounded in my throat as I struggled to speak; here I am trying to put them at ease when I’m the one that is a little tense. I cleared my throat then took a drink of my port and affirmed, “If you want we could do a shoot, I have all my equipment in the car. ” I think it was the wine that kept me from having a heart attack. In the back of my mind I knew we were getting close to the ‘intimate’ shoot, that is why I was packed and ready; spontaneity is so important in the art world.


I was being put in charge of two of the best-kept secrets on campus and soon it would be I the one telling the story. It was then I knew Karen was the oldest and the alpha mate, it was also then I learned that it was Leanne that put the drive into their sex. Karen walked behind me and started massaging my shoulders while Leanne just let her hand rest on my thigh and put her other hand on mine.


I couldn’t help but muse for a moment here we have two people in a same sex relationship; Karen the masculine influence the decision maker, the driver, the business person, she actually ordered for Leanne after asking her what she wanted, and then we have Leanne the feminine influence submissive in every way she was keeping the human warmth alive, and when it was time for sex she knew how to make Karen think it was her idea. It was quite clearly Leanne who kept their sex thriving.


We sat there for a few minutes when Karen whispered, “don’t worry we won’t be too hard on you.

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Leanne asked Karen to settle up I sensed a little urgency in her voice. Karen rang for the waiter, and in a few minutes we were on our way. We arrived in separate cars and left in separate cars. I was about to learn what went on behind ‘their’ closed doors.


I remember thinking how the levity in Karen’s assurance that they weren’t going to be ‘too hard’ on me made me laugh a bit and relaxed me. I remember the drive how I thought that at any second now a rock is going to fall from the sky and crush me. My heart even started beating faster from the fear, rather than the expectation of a night never to be forgotten; I even found myself looking up into the sky.

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   I followed them, as I had no idea where we were going.


The speed limit was fifty but we were going between thirty-five and forty. The slower speed helped me to relax and even start rehearsing in my mind a possible train of events. The drive was no more than twenty minutes, yet we were out of town. We pulled into the driveway of a small house. I grabbed my two briefcases and pulled my light trees and panels out of the trunk. I remember thinking how glad I was that I had planed to record the dinner, as part of the exposé but didn’t, so I was ready.


They offered to help carry so Karen toted the light trees and panels. Leanne got the laptop and box of tripods and I had the two cases with my four camcorders and two Nikons. I had to go back the car for the box of interfacing cables. It only took an hour to set up and network the camcorders to the laptop. When we were ready I remember starting to shake and stutter a little. Then I just stopped and closed my eyes and in a few seconds I was able to become, ‘the cameraman. ’ It was the only way that this was going to come out good.


“Karen? Who initiated the physical relationship?” I asked frankly.


“Leanne was the first to touch me and kiss me. ” She recounted calmly, and smiling pleasantly.


“How long have the two of you been in love Leanne?” I pressed.


“For me when I first saw Karen, my whole body turned warm. I knew then that I was glad I was sharing the room and wanted much more. ” Leanne warmly explained.




“For me too; but my upbringing caused me some trouble so I spent a little time in denial. I think I may have even been rude a few times. ” Karen joined in.


“You were but I knew where you were coming from, so it didn’t bother me. ” Leanne interjected and pried, “And you what about you, why haven’t we seen you with a girl friend or two? Are you gay?”


“I guess that is a reasonable question. I am not gay or bi, and I am not closed-minded either.

    I have enjoyed sex with quite a few women. And as for not having a girlfriend now well my proclivity towards stealing pictures of people in embarrassing situations, or perfectly candid moments has cost me the last two relationships. I’m surprised that someone hasn’t said something to you. How long have the two of you been sharing your love?” I asked trying to look at them both.


    The two of them looked at each other then looked at me and said in unison, “More than three years for the two of us. We will graduate this June, our meeting for the first time anniversary is in September and November eleventh or twelfth is the anniversary of the two of us having sex for the first time and affirming our love for one another. ”


    “Yes we slept in each others arms the whole night. ” Karen purred with a blissfully reminiscent smile on her face.


    Just then Leanne giggled mischievously and whispered loud enough for me to hear, “Can I tell him please?”


    “Noowa…!” Karen said insistently her face glowing a deep red.


    Back and forth they went a few times, sending my curiosity over the top till Karen relented, “Okay it isn’t that bad I guess, any way we kind of laugh about now anyway. ”


    So Leanne struggled with her giggling to gain some composure began between the slowing giggles, “That night after we went to the bathroom and settled in and went to sleep it was towards dawn the sky was starting to light Karen turned over onto her other side and I snuggled to her back and reached around to hold her to me, and my hand went right to her clitoris. It was a subconscious act, but when I touched it again I wanted to hold it. ”


    “I knew she was sleeping and thought that I would go right back to sleep myself. Any way I contentedly started to massage it as I waited to fall to sleep.

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       After only a few minutes I guess, it sprang to life, and Karen started moaning in her sleep. I am very mischievous by nature so I found Karen’s sleeping arousal intriguing and so I kept going, careful not to wake her. Her legs started to kick in a twitchy way and she clawed the air with her hands, she started to sweat and call out in a garbled way then gasped. Karen’s body went limp except her clitoris it had become very hard. She let out a long sigh, and that is when it happened a torrential gusher of urine…” They both burst into uncontrollable laughter, with tears streaming from her eyes Leanne continued between roaring laughs “My god…! I thought; what… pressure… and again she gushed and it flooded…


    Then Karen burst in laughing with, “I guess I taught you a lesson. ”


    The two of them sighing and laughing obviously their stomachs hurt from laughter. Then Leanne snickered, “I have never to this date seen or heard anyone pee that hard.

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       It flooded past my knees,” sighing she added, “Yea Karen just kept sleeping like nothing happened. ”


    The three of us mused several minutes on that hilarious story sipping wine and giggling to our selves. Then I started in with the questions again,  “And to the both of you. Do your parents know yet?”

    “My mom has always known, but Dad still hasn’t a clue. He would explode!” Leanne answered then mockingly added “No daughter of mine is queer and then look at mom growling, this must be your fault. ”


    “My patents know that Leanne is my friend, they just don’t know what kind of friend. ” Karen explained and added, “They are old fashioned and not very open minded. I doubt that they would adjust to it very well to be polite.  


    “Leanne. What did you do first?” I pried.


    “I gave her a massage. ”


    “Was Karen sitting or standing?” I pressed farther. I knew that soon they would start reliving that time. So the more interest I showed to details the better for stirring memories.


    “She was sitting in front of the PC. She had been typing some sort of program that was being difficult. ” Leanne said in a rueful tone as she remembered how sore Karen’s neck was.


    I remember I was just finishing…” Karen paused smiled and ran her fingers through Leanne’s hair, looked at her warmly then started again I closed my eyes and could see it as Leanne started recounting their first time making love, and learning that they loved each other.


    “It was late, and Karen was working on a computer project, the fifth in a long series of programs for her ‘Artificial Intelligence’ class. With a sigh, she ran the initializing program right before midnight, and worried that there was still a bug somewhere because the screen prompt didn’t come back on.


    “Oh well,” Karen sighed, “I aced the first four. .

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      . ” She groaned as she straightened up in her chair, stretching, trying to work out the pain that had built up in her neck over the past three hours sitting at the computer.


    Boy, am I glad I had nagged mother into buying me a laptop computer. At least the distractions from other students are minimized. She could relax here she thought, pitying the poor suckers who had to sit in a lab all night; listening to the air-conditioning ducts rattling, other students talking, or the college PCs crashing in the middle of their projects. As she sat there, pleased with herself.


    I drifted back as she went quiet then suggested, “Let’s get a chair in here and Kara…”


    Leanne interrupted asking, “Why are you asking so many questions?”


    “Do you want me to record this session?” I asked.


    “Yes. It is our life, our show, and we have asked you to be part of it just by asking you to record it. ” Leanne affirmed and suggested, “Karen’s and Leanne’s gay film.


      â€ She laughed.


    “Or Karen and Leanne coming out!” Karen said laughing and added, “Or even Leanne’s and Karen’s film ‘deebutt. ’”


    “Boy you are slippery. I asked you a question and you just slinked by!” Leanne sneered


    “This is your exposé. I need you to relive the day. ” I assured and added, “All usable titles, I am sure that the two of will think of something. But still it would be helpful to have some background especially the time you two first learned of your love. ” I pressed.


    With that Karen sat in the chair, and Leanne stood behind her with her hands massaging her shoulders and started telling their story of discovery. They talked so gayly; that it was obvious to me they were in love with one another, and not running away from a relationship like so many people do. I remember them sounding so happy as they giggled through their story I just slipped into a dream. The little cabin turned into the dorm and I watched the story unfold.


    Leanne; her roommate, walked in voice ringing with cheer, “Hi. Done with your project?”


    “Finally, for tonight anyway,” replied Karen her voice crackling with soreness as she stretched, groaning, “My back is so sore!”


    “Well… if your nice to me, I’ll give you a back rub. ” Leanne seductively said casting mousy glances at her roommate, and remarked, “You know everywhere I went today people called me by your name. ”


    “Yea I know ever since we got here people would ask me where I was, thinking I am or was you or… It is starting to get confusing!” Karen agreed adding, “My back and neck are too sore to really think about it. ” And suggested, “How’s this? I’ll let you sleep on the top bunk tonight and I’ll be the one to ask my Dad for some extra money for our dinners out this week. ”


    “Well. . . Ok, as long as I get to pick the place and you don’t snore,” laughed Leanne.


    “I don’t snore!” grunted Karen, throwing a pencil at her, and then laughing.


    “Hee-hee. . . oh sure, you don’t. ” Leanne teased and walked over behind Karen’s chair adding, “Nothing like my Dad… but you do snore,” and began to give the promised back rub.


    “Well so we’re twins, according to everyone on campus so I’ll bet you do too,” Karen hissed then smiled and added “You know we think a lot a like, almost like we know what the other is thinking. We like the same clothes, music and food; we wake up at the same time. Hell we even have our periods at the same time. ”


    “Yea, we even get hungry at the same time. We are a lot alike. ” Leanne agreed adding, “We even have to go to the bathroom at the same time… sometimes. ”


    “You don’t think, they think… that we are…sleeping together do you?” Karen asked a little ring of concern in her voice.

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    “No! And would it be so bad if they did? Really does it matter what ‘they’ with their simple minds think about?” Leanne sarcastically remarked as she squeezed Karen’s sore muscles.


    “After so many hours of typing, my back, neck, and sides were quite sore, and the back massage feels wonderful. ” Karen admitted.


    “Oh that feels wonderful,” Karen sighed dreamily and queried, “What or how or should we do about the way we are being addressed? I mean they are calling me you and you me all the time.


    “Karen you are a ball of tight muscles,” Leanne whispered then rambled on, “I think you are letting this get to you, though I must admit that sometimes your classmates will just start rattling off a mile-a-minute in computer jargon, then they get this look on their face, like what is the matter with you. It is frustrating and…” 


    “Hang on,” Karen groaned as she undid her bra and slipped the straps off her shoulders, and remarked, “You have started to ramble that doesn’t look good for an English literature student. ” 


    Leanne continued massaging, the unhindered shoulders, she rubbed Karen’s sore neck muscles, back, until she felt them begin to relax, and Karen started breathing easier.


    “Ooh, that feels wonderful Leanne. You are a wonderful roommate,” Karen cooed. Glancing at the clock, she realized Leanne had been massaging her for more than thirty minutes. “It’s time for bed,” Karen sighed.



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