Tutor Gets a Delightful Experience 4


Tutor Gets a Delightful Experience 4 Authors' note: This story is dedicated to Alanna, one of my fans. After my session with Beth and her mom, I went home exhausted. I went home to find my mom in a sad mood. Let me describe my mom. She is my height with dark hair. Her breasts are proportionately larger than mine although thats my opinion! She wears 34D cups and therefore one could say that she is endowed. She has a bit of a lower tummy which I find quite attractive and gives her a mommy look. Otherwise, we would be mistaken for sisters. She is 38 years old but looks more like in her 20's. My dad met her in high school and they are happily married for almost 20 years now. I sat down next to her and asked her why she is feeling glum. "Oh, baby its just my book. I can't seem to find a publisher who wants to give me a chance," she said. My mom is a freelance writer and this was her first attempt at writing a novel. I did the proof reading for her and thought her story was quite interesting. But she tried so many publishers and none of them gave her a chance.

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   "Oh, mom, I am so sorry that they turned it down," I said giving her a hug. I was concious of my boobs rubbing against her back as I held her. She turned to me and hugged me hard sobbing uncontrollably on my shoulder. I held her tight feeling sad about her rejection. I held her for some time and then I realised that I was getting the same warm feeling I got when Beth's mom held me. Before I could react, I felt my pussy getting wet and my heart starting to beat faster. "Oh god, what is happening to me?" I wondered as I held my mom. How could I feel this way about my mom. I wanted to disengage myself but I couldn't because she was holding me so tight. For what seemed like eternity, I held on to her hoping that my heart beat was audible. She must have felt me squirming and she looked up lovingly at me. "Oh baby, thanks for that. It really made me feel better. " She looked at my face. I am sure my face was flushed and my breathing was faster than normal.

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   "Sweetie, whats wrong?" she asked, looking at my face. "Don't be upset," she said and kissed me on the cheek quite close to my lips. I got goose bumps all over. She smiled and looked at me. "Are you cold baby?" she said as she noticed the goosebumps and her eyes strayed to my hard nipples poking through the tshirt. She seemed a little embarrased and pulled away a little. I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. She hugged me again rubbing my hands and back and that almost drove me crazy because I could feel her breasts rubbing against mine. I must have gone even redder. "Sweety whats wrong?" she asked, worried. "Er. . mom. . what you are doing is kind of getting me feel.

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  . . . " I stopped. She looked at me and asked. "Tell me sweety, what does it make you feel?" "Oh, mom, if I told you, you would get mad at me. " "No, I won't. I never get mad at you. " "Well, this is kinda personal. " "Cmon, baby, tell me," she said coming closer. I shuddered as her breasts bumped into mine. She noticed it immediately and pulled back. Now she went red in the face. "Am I making you feel uncomfortable baby?" she asked, suddenly feeling self concious. I nodded.

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   "From the moment you hugged me, I felt funny. " "Oh baby, I am so sorry. I had no idea," she said stepping back, embarrassed. "Well to be honest, I felt it too," she said with a nervous smile. "I thought it was just being close to you and because you are my daughter. But, it somehow felt different. " I broke down then and sat her down and told her all about my exploits with Beth, her mom and my teacher. She listened to me wide eyed. For a minute or two she didn't say a thing. "Oh my god. I had no idea," she said. Then I saw her squirming in her chair, her hands wrining each other looking at me. "So girls excite you, more than guys, is it?" she said. "Even your own mom?" she asked, her face going red against. "I am sorry mom, I couldn't help it.

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   Its something I don't have control over. " She stood up and came close to me. She made me stand up. She hugged me harder this time. "I still love you baby. Thank you for telling me about this. I will help you sort things out. " Then she kissed me on the mouth. Just like that. I was stunned. She didn't open her mouth but it was the most gentle kiss I have experienced. More so because she was my mom. I held her tight returning the kiss. she pulled back a little. I stood there staring at her.

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   Then I moved forward and kissed her again. It must have been the way I angled my mouth and maybe it was a spur of the moment thing. But I slowly felt her mouth open and I lost control. I opened my mouth slowly and I felt her tongue gently come into my mouth. Here I was french kissing my mom and it felt so good. We moved into the kiss moving deeper and deeper as I duelled with her tongue. I felt so hot and wet. We kept up the kiss and then we pulled apart. My mom was breathing hard not wanting to meet my eyes. I turned her face towards me looking into my eyes. "I am sorry, baby. I don't know what came over me," she said. "Its ok mom. You are a good kisser," I said, pulling her to me again and kissing her harder this time. She moaned into my mouth.

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   Getting bolder, I managed to lift my skirt up a bit so that my pussy and panty was almost visible. Then I took her reluctant hand and placed it on my crotch. I felt her gasp and try to pull the hand away. But I held it in place urging her to rub me. After a few tries she started to rub my pussy over the panty. We kept kissing and I started to rock against her hand moaning into her mouth. Then, I came so hard that I shuddered and shuddered and shuddered losing total control of my legs. She realised it and held me tight as she continued to rub me. Then after a few minutes passed, I was able to stand without support. Without a word, I reached into her shorts, which were lose and elastic and slipped my hand into them searching for her pussy.
    I caressed her mound which was lightly covered with hair. I cupped it with my hand squeezed it feeling her shuddering at the sensation. She dropped her shorts and leaned against the table, letting my cup her pussy. She pushed one chair and put her leg on one giving me more access to her pussy. I wanted to tease her a little.

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       So I took my hand out and started to lick my palm. Then I knelt by her and started to lick her thigh of the leg that was on the chair. She held me by the head pulling me towards her pussy. I resisted making it harder for her. She moaned my name pleading me to lick her pussy. I moved ever so slowly to her panty licking it lightly, teasingly. I got hold of the waistband and pulled it tight across her pussy while making it wet with my saliva. She kept pushing her pussy against my tongue moaning and screaming my name. I felt the slit underneath the wet material and started probing it. The response was almost instantaneous. She humped my mouth harder. Not wanting to make her too impatient, I slipped the panty off and gave her the best french kiss I could muster sucking the whole pussy lips into my mouth in one motion. She gasped as I started to probe her pussy lips tasting her for the first time. She tasted so nice on my tongue. I slipped lower and lower moving under her.

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       I then made her sit on the chair, slouched and her legs spread so that I could enjoy her more. I started licking her pussy again while I pressed my middle finger into her opening. My finger slid in easily and I was able to squeeze one more finger. I started to move my fingers slowly as I licked her clit. I wanted to finger her ass too but was too scared to try it now. So I kept fingering has and I felt her getting closer to her climax. I moved my fingers faster and felt her body meeting my thrusting fingers in a perfect rythm. Then she came really hard and for the first time in my life I realised that mom squirted when she came. She showered my face with a warm liquid which felt like pee but I knew about this ability of some women through some of the articles I read. I was soaked with mom's cum as I stopped all movement and rose up to kiss her mouth making her taste her pussy on my lips and tongue. She lay there dazed for a few seconds and looked up at me. "Oh baby, what have we done? I never meant it to be like this. " she said. "Its Ok mom. I really enjoyed doing this and I really wanted to.

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       You made me wet when you hugged me. " She smiled when she realised how she made me horny. "We should get cleaned up," she said getting up putting her clothes back on and just then there was a knock on the kitchen door. It was our neighbor Alanna. We barely managed to get dressed and as I opened the door she stood there grinning. "I hope I am not interrupting anything. " she said with a smirk on her face. Alanna, was a cute blonde with blue eyes with a mischievous face and full lips. She was around 5' 9" with C cup breasts. Her butt was rather small but her legs compensated for it. There she stood on the kitchen step in a hot red tshirt and shorts accentuating her long legs. To be continued . . . Thanks for all the positive feedback.


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