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Topic: My friend Amanda.  
 It was a hot summer day - probably the hottest of year, to be honest. My friend Amanda and I decided we'd spend the majority of the day outside, soaking up the sun, gossiping, and just doing what most teenage girls do on a hot day. We were both sitting out in our bikinis, and I couldn't help but notice how well it showed off Amanda's body. Amanda was about 5'8", with naturally tanned skin, brown eyes, and long, straight black hair. She had thin lips, with a beautiful white smile. She was very thin, but toned. She had an amazing body, and no one could deny it - not even me.   Me, on the other hand - I'm about 5'5", with blue eyes and blonde hair, with very fair skin. I'm a little chubbier than Amanda, but I still manage to keep my body looking good, and toned.
 I looked over to Amanda and smiled, "Wow, it's really warm out, today. "
She shrugged, "Yeah, but it'll do a good number on our tanning. "
I nodded, "True - I am kind of tired of looking like casper. "
We both laughed and then quickly went back to silence. I noticed that she began to pull at the straps of her bikini, and slipped it off slowly. I sat up quickly, pulling my glasses from my face a bit.

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   I couldn't believe it! Her boobs looked amazing. Perky and firm, not to big, and not to small - definitely enough to grab onto, though. I tried to pull my eyes away, but couldn't help but stare.
"Amanda! What are you doing?" I asked, trying not to sound anxious and surprised.
She giggled, "Well, I don't want to have weird tan lines. It looks weird having lines on your chest, when you're wearing a tube-top, right?"
I nodded in agreement, "That's true. " I slowly sat back in my chair, and tried not to focus on her breasts. This was crazy, I couldn't help myself - they're so perfect, just like her. I finally started to relax again, then quickly noticed Amanda poking and prodding at her boobs. I rose an eyebrow, and watched her.
". . . What are you doing, now?" I asked.
"Mmm, my boobs look weird.

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  " She giggled.
I couldn't take this anymore, I had to get away from her before I ended up jumping my best friend! I tried to think of an excuse to leave, then finally decided I needed a "drink".  
"Hey, I'm going to go get a glass of water, I'll be back in a minute!" I ran quickly to the door, slid it open, slipped inside, and quickly slid it shut. I took a moment to regain my breathing, and then sat at the table quietly, thinking of ways to get her out of my head! I heard the door from the deck into the house close with a light thud, and Amanda walked into the kitchen. She smiled, and gave me a strange look.
"Lydia, I know you're attracted to me. Don't worry about it - I'm attracted to you too, and have to try and keep my mind off of you. " She smiled, her perky boobs still visible for the world to see.
 I didn't say anything, I was awe struck. I got up, and walked slowly towards her. I pulled her in slowly, kissing her lips tenderly, and caressing her body. I felt her tongue slip into my mouth, and let my tongue dance the tango with hers. "Mmm. . " I could hear her moan lightly.

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   I slipped my hand down her hip, across her leg, and let it sit on the inner part of her thigh.   We stood there for a moment, holding each other as our kiss came to an end.
 I grabbed her wrist, and guided her out onto the deck where we were previously. I felt her warm hands on my back, and they began to undo my bikini top. She turned me around as she slid it off, and caressed my breasts lightly. Squeezing them, and rubbing her fingers lightly over them. I shivered at the feeling of her touch, and reached for her bikini bottoms, and slid them off - tossing them to the side. She did the same to me.
 We both stood there, naked. Staring one another down, waiting for the next move. She walked up to me, and guided me to lay down on the lawn chair. I did so, and she climbed on top of me, straddling me. She began to kiss my neck, and nibbling on my ear. I moaned ever so slightly, and let my hand slide from her hip, to the opening of her vagina. I moved my hand up slightly, and began rubbing her clit gently.

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   She moaned, and quivered a bit, overwhelmed by my touch. She began to kiss me, letting her tongue slip into my mouth once again, as I continued to rub her clit. She moaned, and moaned - her vagina was now dripping wet.
 She stood up, and sat down on the deck, proceeding to take me with her. She lay down on the deck, and I climbed on top of her, and began sucking and pinching her nipples, making them extremely hard. She moaned, and sighed as I did so. I flipped myself around so we were in the 69 position, and I began licking her clit, and probing her vagina slightly with my finger. I let half of my index finger slide into her vagina, and then pull it out again - almost teasing her. She moaned, and began sucking on my clit. We moaned together, as we both began to get more into it.
 I continued to lick her clit, now sliding my whole index finger into her vagina, curving it slightly, pushing gently on what is known as a G spot. She moaned louder this time, and bucked her hips gently. She slid a finger inside of me, and began picking up speed with each thrust. I moaned loudly, loving each moment of this. I nibbled on her clit, and circled it with my tongue, continuing to finger her - I felt her vagina tighten around it, and she began to moan uncontrollably, "Mmmm, ohhhh, yeahhh.

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  . . "  she moaned, and was almost at climax.
  She was now pounding away at my vagina, shoving a second finger in, curving her fingers as she did so, I felt that I was ready to orgasm. I could feel my muscles tighten, and a jolt of pleasure filled my entire body, right to the tip of my toes. We both began to cum together, and it felt so good. I collapsed beside her, panting, heart beating uncontrollably.   We just lay there, staring into each others eyes. . . .
Could possibly be continued. . . .

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