Visitors At My Apartment Pt. 1


Hello everyone. I am going to write about something I usually do not write about and that is when friends come to my apartment that I now share with Darlene and Jana. They are usually not around in the daytime and since I do most of my "business" on weekends I hang around and take care of things at home. Well, I have had two very nice young ladies, teens, that come over sometimes and they are so wonderful. Both petite, just really developing and oh so adventurous. Marci and Jandi are their names and even though they do not have much to shave they have both begun with my help to learn how but that is another story. They live in the apartments and have seen me going to the pool of the exercise rooms and one day followed me to the pool and swam with me and asked questions and one thing led to another and we began a very nice intimate relationship. Anyway, Marci came up one morning and asked if I would be busy that afternoon and I told her no. She wanted to bring over a friend with Jandi and her and see how the afternoon would go. The new friend was really curious about me since she had been over and seen me from a distance. Ronni was her name and she had played with Marci and Jandi some but only as far as kissing and sucking nipples, which in all of their cases were barely buds but still very sweet. I told her to come over after lunch so that people would have gone back to work and then they would not be seen coming to visit.

Well, I showered and shaved myself and put on a sheer gown that snapped up the front and a thong. About 1 there was a knock and I opened the or and they all came in and so they did not stand on the step to be seen. Ronni was between Marci and Jandi and Jandi had her hand. The two gave me a hug and little kiss and said hello.

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   Ronni hugged me and kissed my cheek. They all sat on the couch and I asked if they wanted anything. Jandi came with me to the kitchen and got a little glass of wine for each of them and made sure to rub against me some teasing me. They sipped their wine and I did mine and sat on a love seat across from the couch. Marci asked how I was doing and I told her great now that I had such lovely company. Ronni blushed. "So Ronni," I said, "You have been admiring me from a distance?" and she looked at me, "Yeah, more like drooling over you I think. " and Jandi smiled and had her hand on Ronni's thigh. They all wore shorts and tank tops and to my delight no bras. "Well, what is it that you are curious about, what have you been drooling over?" I said as my legs moved apart and I carressed my breasts. "Well, Jandi and Marci have told me so much about what all of you do and I am so wanting to try it too. " she said sipping the wine down and Marci geting up to get us all another glass. I got up and turned on some gentle music and turned to her reaching out my hand, "Well, I always thing that some music and a little slow dance goes great with the wine dear. " she stood up and took my hand and I pulled her close so that my breasts were squeezed against her chest. She put her head on my shoulder and we moved slowly and Marci and Jandi were kissing some on the couch.


   Ronni looked at them and I met her eyes, "Well, first kiss dear?" and she said yes and closed her eyes. I took her face in my hands and licked her lips and they parted and then my mouth was on hers and our tongues found each other. Our hands had been on each others faces and hers dropped to my tits and she seemed shocked. "My god they are so big. " she said and I let my gown drop to the floor. Jandi and Marci were now watching us. I reached for her tank top and pulled it over her head and her little dark nipples got suddenly hard. "MMmm, I said, bet they are sweet. " and moved my head down and kissed each of her nipples and sucked them nice and slow. She moaned and got weak, "Oh that feels so good. " she moaned. I moved her head to my chest and ofered her my nipples, "Now try mine Dear. " and she took them in her hands and began sucking onethen the other. I was getting wetter by the moment. I looked at Marci and Jandi, now totally naked and pulled off Ronni's shorts and panties and my thong.

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   "Girls, time to go to bed. " I said and took Ronni's hand and walked to the bedroom. Marci and Jandi followed us.

I sat Ronni on the bed and moved her face to my tits, "Now suck them dear, remember to make sure that you give them equal treatment. " I said and she moaned and said she would. Marci and Jandi laid on the bed and began kissing each other all over and soon in a 69 gave each other nice orgasms and they laid there with faces wet smiling. "Lay down Hun. " I told Ronni and she did and I began sucking her nipples again and kissed my way down her tummy and then between her legs and my tongue found her clit which was swollen big for someone her size. I began sucking and kissing her pussy and my tongue sank into her as deep as I could get it and she was holding onto the headboard. She made little sounds like a doll squeeking and I kept eating her till sudenly her pussy sprayed all over my face and he bed. I licked all her juices and enjoyed her and she really did have a sweet taste. I moved back up to hugging and kissing her and she said, "I am sorry I wet the bed. " and I laughed quietly and said, "That was a nice orgasm Hun, now you give me one and I will show you what wetting the bed means. " She began kissing my nipples and I told her to suck abd bite them hard until she thought she was really hurting me but Marci said, "She likes that. " and Ronni kept doing it for me.

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   She worked her way to my pussy and I told her to finger it for me and Marci was showing her what to do. "Marci, show her how to get it all in Baby. " I said and she was showing Ronni how to get the fingers in and tease me and then how, finally her whole fist and wrist and how to really fist fuck me. Ronni caught on fast and she was drilling my pussy and licking my clit and lips really nice. She would tease me and take out her fist thenm play with the swollen clit then go back in making me suffer the way I love to. I was close to an orgasm and she began ramming my pussy hard and fast and my pussy gripped her wrist and sprayed all over her face and hair and down her chest and on the bed. MArci and Jandi had been sucking my nipples and biting them hard making one bleed some. I could not stop but moaned, Keep doing it, don't stop now, keep doing it. " and they did. Ronni was fisting my pussy harder and harder as I told her to really do it. Jandi was sucking my tit like a vampire and now Marci had the other bleeding too. I had a huge orgasm and again sprayed Ronni all over and then I collapsed.

We all laid there kissing and licking and hugging and trying to tease one of us again. "Had Ronni had a dildo yet?" I asked the girls and they said no. "Lay down.

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  " I told her and got out a small strap on and put it on. "Okay, now this is going to be fun too. " I said and licked her pussy some and Marci lubed the dildo. I laid between her legs and she began sucking my tits that hung down in her face. I slipped it in slowly and she was moaning louder and louder. "Oh please fuck me Brenda. " she said and I did just that driving it into her pussy and making her squeal. She did not stop though but began fucking against the dildo and sucking my tits at the same time. We drove it into her for a good half hour and she oad one orgasm after another. I got off her and it popped as it came out of her pussy. I laid down and then the girls all began kissing, sucking and licking me and I reahed out and did what I could with whoevers body I could find. We all laid there limp after a while and Darlene came in, "Damn place smels like hot pussy al into the living room. " and she sat down and took off her clotes and said, "I don't think I have met you before. " and began kissing Ronni all over and then ate her for a good 45 min. Finally, all worn out the girls got up and dressed and left.

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   They are coming back the weekend and staying with all three of us. Hope to have more to tell you guys Monday.