When True Love Comes Calling Your Name


Susan was big, a huge woman, 6’4” 220 pounds, 44-D-34-42.   Black curls hung down her back and across her face hiding her deep brown eyes and high cheek bones.   She looked more like her Amazon heritage than any woman should.   What’s more is that she was 19.   She moved in next to me a few years ago and it was only when I was vulnerable that things began between us.
I had been married to Derrick for 12 years, since high school.   We were both turning 30 and no children and his career had always come first.   He was flying off on one of his bi-monthly sales calls and I was alone that early May morning.   Susan lived with her mom who believe it or not was a small woman my size.   She had been friends with us before things happened, but it was a warm morning that it all changed.  
I had gone out to work in my flower garden, my hobby, wearing my normal tank top and shorts.   It wasn’t quite 9:00 am and it was already seventy degrees.   By the time 11 rolled around I was covered in top soil, peat moss and sweat.   My red hair pinned back with an old bandanna and my reddening skin beginning to show along the normal tan lines when she walked over to the fence and said hello.   I stopped, well actually I quit for the morning as I was worn out and walked over taking my gloves off and started to chat normally as we had so many times before.
It was brief and nothing special until I said goodbye, and Susan replied, “Oh dear Tonya, you are burned.

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    Do you have Aloe for that, or it’s going to sting tonight. ”
I looked at my shoulder and sort shrugged it off and then said, “No but I have cold cream I can use. ”
“That won’t do,” she said as she sounded very concerned and then added, “Let me get one of our plants and come over.   I will be glad to show you what to do with it if you need help. ”
I agreed and went under the patio umbrella and sat down to rest.   A few minutes later Susan walked over carrying a very large pointed plant and she sat it on the table.   Smiling sweetly she broke off a piece and then squeezed it out on my left shoulder.  I looked up just as her large hand started to smear the syrup looking contents along my skin.   It felt cold and cool and very sensual and her touch was gentle not manly at all.  
“You know when I was growing up I used these every summer before I went outside.   Just because I have dark skin doesn’t mean I can’t get sunburned,” she said as she smoothed the thick substance down my arm as well.   Her attention felt wonderful and I could feel the burning now on my right side.   She moved to start working on my other side as I slid back in the metal chair and relaxed.   Her hands were soft and smooth and when she placed the extract on my right shoulder I sighed heavily in appreciation of her work.   She finished it without saying more than two words and then she said, “You know you neck is red as well, I better treat it as well.

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    Now standing directly behind me she applied the aloe to my neck with both hands and as she did it felt like a massage and it relaxed me oh so much that I almost felt sleepy from it.
“You have such a wonderful way about you Susan.   Thank you so much for caring,” I said in deep appreciation for her help.
“Now dear sweet Tonya, you have been a good friend and neighbor to us.   How could I not try to return the favor,” Susan said to me in such a calm and warm way.
I patted her hand and smiled at her after she finished and then stood to go inside to change.   My knees were almost black and my lower legs were.   My white top was splattered with stains and dirt and my nipples were hard, I suppose from her touch and pointing straight out.   As I stood there all 5’5” of me, I felt like the child looking up to her dark brown shadowed eyes.   My green eyes were tired and lazy and she said, “Tonya you need a nap, you look worn out.   Why don’t you go inside and rest for a while.   If need me to help around the house I would be glad to. ”
That was so odd, as I hated housework and would gladly do anything to get out of it.   It was so tempting I couldn’t resist and as the words popped out of my mouth I hated myself for it, “Heaven knows I could use some help today. ”
She gladly volunteered again and then walked me inside and drew me a hot bath.

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    Then she picked up the dirty mess in the bathroom as I picked out some fresh clothes.   I was embarrassed by my mess as with Derrick out of town I never picked up around the house until the day he was suppose to come home.   She went about the kitchen cleaning as I settled into the tub for a very warm long bath.   When I came to my senses and the water had cooled I pulled myself out and put my terry cloth robe on only to feel the sting of the material on my burn.   I quickly dropped it off my shoulders and onto the floor as I stood there naked examining myself.   I was looking at my red shinning shoulders and arms and trying to see if anything else was affected.   I had left the door open without even thinking about as Susan passed by and caught sight of me naked.   She stopped only briefly and recovering from the shock of my nudity stumbled past the door.   I happen to see her reflection in the mirrors on our bathroom walls and the look she expressed.  
Now I had never had a fully bi-sexual experience.   I had been naughty with my best friend once or twice when we had a slumber party my senior year in high school and once with a cousin when I was younger, but touching was all we ever did.   When I saw her face an old fantasy reoccurred, one that I hadn’t had since the magic in my marriage disappeared a few years before this.   I shrugged it off as being tired and then I picked up a big body towel and rapped it under my arms tightly and went into my bedroom.   I knew I couldn’t wear anything on my shoulders so I used it as a long thick dress.
Susan had already managed to wash a full load of clothes, do my sink full of dishes, take out my trash and pick up my nasty work clothes and load them in the machine as I appeared from the bedroom.

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    When I saw all she had done, I chimed out with, “Oh dear, you have worked harder than I ever did, I can’t let you do this without paying you for it.   Let me get my purse sweetie and I will gladly pay you $50 for all this. ’
Susan interrupted with, “Tonya I did it because I wanted to, and I don’t want to be paid for being a good friend and neighbor. ”
I wouldn’t hear of it and argued her down until she said, “Well I would prefer your friendship over money, and I don’t really have any good friends here anymore since I graduated.   They went off to college or got married.   I spend most every night watching the stars in the back yard and reading.   I just would like a friend to talk to once in a while. ”
I felt her pain, for I was like that after school and the first three years of our marriage I lived in an apartment prison.   I knew what she meant and the last few years I was the same way.   My best friend moved away three years ago, the closest friend had now of days was my pet cat, Spooky.   We sat down in the kitchen and she poured me a cup of tea and we talked for almost two hours.   I felt so sorry for her.   She was well aware that she was too big for most men to be attracted to and that she wasn’t well known.   She was trying to talk her mom into moving back to Brazil but she had been reluctant to leave America.   We sat there until she noticed I was getting red again and went outside and brought the plant in.

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    I sat there as she sensually applied it to my skin.   It was if her hands were petting me sexually and I felt something for her at that moment.   It was like a kindred spirit.   When she stopped her massage of my shoulders and moved to my neck I all but blurted out what I was feeling by saying, “Oh Susan that feels so wonderful.   It has been years since anyone made me more…more…well…alive. ”
She looked down at me and as she did her hands came around to rub under my neck and upper chest and without a word, I opened my towel willingly and let it fall down to the side of me.   Her hands slid around and coated the inner section of my chest and slowly outward until she briefly passed by each breast and then there they rested just barely a hair from them.   She looked into my eyes and I into hers as she leaned forward an inch from my lips and said, “Something wonderful is happening, isn’t it.   Please let me know I am not dreaming. ”
“Susan if it is then let me sleep on,” I replied and then we softly touched lips.   I let mine open slightly as she kissed me again.   Her hands seemed to be frozen until I moved them gently to my 36C boobs.   She gently glided over them and softly petting them encircled them and me with her touch that sent a tingling inside of me that resulted in a soft moan of love.   Her taught lips then opened and for the first time ever I kissed a woman the way I dreamed of.   It was a full lustful passionate kiss, yes, but it was also ever so romantic and sweet.

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    It was porno kissing it was real and it was heartfelt and as I rose to present myself to her, she swept me so gently by my lower back into her arms being ever so careful of my sunburn.   If we had stopped there I would have said it rated the heights that would rival anything Derrick and his eight inch missile ever did for me.   Thank goodness we retreated into my soft cool bedroom and continued our kissing and touching.  
Susan was so respectful and gentle with me that I cried later thinking of her sweetness.   She let me lead her hands and as they slowly petted my 36C-28-36 body parts, I began to undo her soft green blouse and then after unsnapping her bra, I unleashed her bosoms to my touch.   We fondled each other for another hour only kissing gently and would have gone further but the blasted phone rang and Derrick was on the line with an update on his latest adventure.   I hurriedly made him get off the phone but we both knew that the mood was interrupted.   In order to try again, I invited Susan to come back over that evening for dinner.   It was already 5 and I told her I would fix a real southern meal for us at eight.   Her sweet smile showed me she was glad to accept and would be there.   So as she left; I still naked began to flutter around and prepare us a simple enjoyable meal.   We ate the roasted chicken and salad I prepared and the cream cheese cake I made for our desert than we went into my den to talk not watch the tube.   I had managed to find a silk tank top and matching silk shirts in a lime green color.   My sunburn wasn’t nearly as sore after her care, but I could still feel the stiffness as we sat close holding hands and talking like friends more than lovers.   We kissed sensual several times but we exchanged caresses more than anything.

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    Then just before eleven her mom called to see if I was alright and to check on her, we talked and I invited her over as well, but she was sleeping and was heading to bed, she said she would leave the door unlocked unless I needed Susan to stay with me in case I got sick from my burn in the night.   It was an opportunity that I dare not refuse and accepted as I said, “Well Ramona I am in pain and have been known to get ill from a bad burn.   If Susan agrees that would be great, she is such a wonderful young woman. ”
To which her mom said, “Yes she is and if she were to find a truly good friend like you, maybe she would feel the part of her missing.   Thank you Tonya for letting her help you. ”
Susan agreed and told her mom goodnight and just before she hung up the phone, I heard her plainly say, “Yes momma I know, but I have to try. ”
I smiled at her and said, “Well I think Ramona knows our little secret.
Susan smiled coyly at me and then said, “What secret?”
I stood up and looked into her eyes and removed my top and bottom and said, “This secret. ”
With that I lifted her by her and led her to my bed.   We climbed in and began to kiss immediately and then as I looked in her eyes I said, “That we have found what we need in each other. ”
We made love so easily to one another after that.   I allowed her to touch me in every way and with every thing she desired and then I returned the favor and I must say that her taste was so erotic and exotic that I lost myself in her.   I latterly fell in love with all o her body, mind and soul that night as she did me.
We feel asleep after two, and snuggled closely together until the sun rose.   I woke last and found myself being pampered by her as I had slept face down off my shoulders.

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    She was massaging her aloe plant on me and the sting all but gone and when she coated my entire back and bottom with it, I was tingling as wild as I had the night before.   I had been so silly to shy away from my feelings all my life and Susan showed me how much I had missed.   Her fingers sent pulses thorough my body that no amount of manly pleasure would.   The sensation of her mouth between my legs licking me overwhelmed me and the shaven bare silky smooth inner folds of her young pussy made me pant for her taste more and more.  
We had gotten out of bed and lounged around nude and chatted.   Then after breakfast I knelt between her legs and begged to devour her more.   She allowed me that pleasure and as I gave her all the love and attention possible she cried with happiness.
She dressed me in my silky outfit from the night before and then herself and we went to the den to continue talking.   Before I knew it or she did either the afternoon had come and gone and the sun was beginning to sit.   Her mom realized and allowed us our time alone and was ever so respectful being that what we were doing was to a point wrong.
Wrong in that I was married, but right as it wasn’t lust but true love.
We discussed what was going to happen from this point on, and then Susan showed me how much she truly loved me with, “Tonya you are so incredible and wonderful and I would love to say that I could be this happy every day.   If I had you to myself always I know that would be my heaven.   But if in my greed I hurt you or others than I have harmed the one I love most and would lose what I have found.   I would be satisfied with your friendship only, for you have given me back my hope and joy.

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    I know now that I have felt real love and to never know it is far worse than to have had it briefly. ”
I sat there holding her hand as we watched the sun set low in the sky and we melded in spirit at that point.   I knew I had to try and tell her the truth about me, so I gently spoke, “Susan my love until you came into my life, and I lived in shadows like you hide the pain in your eyes with your locks.   I held my pain inside me and in my gardens and my possessions for they were all I had.   Derrick hasn’t truly loved me since high school.   He had been unfaithful then and in the past with other women.   Two wrongs don’t make it right, but the real wrong would be in denying your love and your feelings and that I will not do.   I know that if I ask him for a divorce he will grant it and without question for his past could haunt him greatly.   If I do this would I feel love for him anymore, I can’t lie to you and say no.   I can say that if we were together that pain would be far less than it would be alone.   That is the only reason I stay now, I had nothing else, not another person but a reason to be alone again. ””Then you intend to ask him for a divorce”, sadly she said back.
“Yes and right now,” I replied and then I walked in to my kitchen picked up my phone and did it in the blink of an eye.
When I returned she looked frightened and a bit scared to say anything, but as I pulled her blouse open and wide and knelt between her thighs, I said, “Now you will be the only one I need.   Which by the way dear, would be now if you have a mind to?”
She looked down at me smiling and said, “Here in the yard now.

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    What of someone sees you, they would think badly of you. ”
I pushed off my tank top and shorts and stood up and shouted loudly, “I love Susan and I will always love her world. ”
She quickly pulled me to her bosom and began kissing my bare breast madly as her fingers fluttered along my bare backside.   I removed her bra and shorts and on the cool grass as the stars appeared overhead we made love openly that night.   She took me in her massive strong arms and held me as softly as she devoured my inner folds while I devoured hers as well.   When morning came we were cuddled up on the cool grass naked and fully soaked from the dew and the love we had made.   We went inside to bathe and clean up and then afterwards we sat talking and caressing each other for the remainder of the day.   By the time the messenger arrived to deliver the divorce papers the next week, Derrick had sent for his clothes and belongings and was out of my life already.   I moved Susan in with me and after eighteen wonderful months we have yet to speak a harsh word.
We sit in starlit night counting stars and holding each other, we hold sunrise sessions on hilltops in the nude, we go shopping like kids and we most of all talk always.   Love was never more perfect nor rewarding.
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