A New Life For Naomi - Part 1


It was late Friday afternoon and had I checked into the hotel and come down to the pool for a swim. As I swum up and down I thought about why I was here in this luxury hotel for a weekend. Really I was running away, running away from a situation that I knew I had to make a decision about. I had been married 27 years – it had been OK as a marriage – but we hadn't had that spark together for such a long long time. Both our children were flown from the nest, and although there wasn't much to stay for now I had felt some loyalty to the man I had been with for solong. That was until the day before when I had found out that my darling husband was screwing one of my friends.

I swum a little faster as the anger spread through me again. Fuck it, why should it hurt so much?It wasn't as though we had been intimate and loving for ages. The last few years we barely ever made love, my vibrator was more of a partner than he was!

I got out of the pool and slipped into the jacuzzi and lay back in the hot bubbles – I shouldn'tlet myself get het up – I was here to relax and treat myself before I went back and faced him. I was determined to put the whole thing out of my mind and enjoy this glorious hotel and everything it had to offer.

God the bubbles felt good, I closed my eyes and stretched out , as I was the only one in the jacuzzi. I eased my position slightly so thatone of the stronger jets pushed up between my thighs – mmm. . . . that felt so gooood!

I opened my eyes as a shadow went across my eyes and saw that a man was waiting to get in to the little pool, I sat up quickly giving him room to get and and looked up to apologise to him for stretching out and found myself looking straight at his crotch, as he had stepped into the pool beside me, the outline of a good sized prick clearly showing through his trunks.

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  He turned and sat down across from me, and blushing slightly wondering if he had noticed me looking at his bulge. I said “Sorry for stretching out and taking all the room, I thought I was all on my own”

“Not a problem,” he said, his eyes twinkling at me naughtily, “It looked like you were enjoying yourself, and I enjoyed the view!”

I really did blush then, I knew my face must be fiery red as I wondered from his hints whether he meant he'd realised I was turned on by the bubbles, or whether he just meant he liked the look of my body stretched out!He was a good looking guy,a bit older than me, but with that rugged masculinity that some older guys have. He had strong wide shoulders and as he lay back against the side of the pool he put his arms up along the edge of the pool and they were well muscled, with very large hands. Large hands, large prick I though to myself – then mentally shaking myself - I really must stop that train of thought.

“Why thank you ” I replied, I'm glad you enjoyed the view”

“I loved it” he said slightly stressing the word loved. My eyes opened wide as I was surprised at how obviously taken with me he was. I am quite plump, with a well rounded tummy, a big bum and big boobs, but although a lot of men liked my breasts and I often found they looked at my cleavage rather than my face most men seemed to prefer the skinnier variety.

Another woman approached the jacuzzi, so I didn't have to think of a reply, and as she started down the steps the man slid along the seat closer to me to give her room to sit down.

I became terribly aware of how close he was to me, the bubbles caressed my skin, and it started to feel almost naughty sitting so close to a stranger – I closed my eyes imagining myself reaching out and stroking that lovely bulge in his trunks and my mind continued playing a lovely fantasy in my head of us making love in the warm bubbles, I got to the point where I was bending over the side of the pool with him fucking me from behind his large hands cupping my breasts, when I realised that I had slipped down in the water slightly and my foot kicked against the lady's leg opposite me.

“Oops, sorry” I said, opening my eyes pushing myself back more firmly against my side of the pool. I put my hand onto the seat to balance myself and accidentally leant on the man's hand beside me. I turned to look at him thinking I'm going to spend all my time in the jacuzzi apologising to people at this rate, but no words of apology came out as we looked into each others eyes and a strong sexual current passed between us. It was as though we were both imagining screwing each other. His eyes were dilated and a deep deep blue. I licked my lips, which suddenly seemed so dry and his eyes dropped down to my mouth, his own lips parting slightly – his eyes traveled on down to my breasts and then back up to face.

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“I should introduce myself” he said, in a deep slightly husky voice My name's Jack, Jack Hollingsworth

“How do you do Jack” I replied, “ I'm Naomi” it felt very surreal talking politely to each other in front of this other woman, after the look we had exchanged. “Are you here at the hotel for business or pleasure?”

“It was for business, but now it is pleasure” he replied “Very much a pleasure” he added in an undertone, and then went on in a normal voice, “I had some meetings here this morning and decided to stay for a whole weekend to rest and unwind. How about you?”

He reminded me of why I was here and suddenly I felt like crying – god I must pull myself together, it was like being an emotional round-a-bout. “Just a weekend escape for me, Ineed a break” I tried to say in a normal cheerful tone of voice.

He frowned slightly, looking at me searchingly, as if he knew there was something troubling me, but then he talked to me lightly and normally about the hotel and the area, and I relaxed and chatted to him easily.

The lady across from us got up and left the pool, but Jack didn't move away from me, he laid his hand over mine in the pool and said “I'd love some company this weekend, and as you are on your own would you like to have dinner with me?”

The kind loving tone of his voice and the touch of his hand over mine seemed to throw a switch deep inside of me. I was tired of being a boring housewife – I knew what he was hinting at. What was sauce for the goose was sauce for gander – why shouldn't I enjoy myself with this handsome man?“I'd love to” I replied turning towards him slightly, looking into his eyes. “Shall we meet in the bar in about an hour?”

He smiled back at me, and said “I look forward to it”

I climbed out of the pool, a little bit self conscious of my big bottom on display but as I turned and said “see you later”I only saw appreciation in his eyes.

After a quick shower in the pool changing room I went back up to my room to change. I looked through my weekend bag to decide what to wear, and realised I didn't want to wear any of the clothes I had with me. Tonight I wanted to feel special and sexy, so I went down to the hotel shop and bought some sexy underwear and a lovely top and skirt set The top was very low cut at the front showing my cleavage and the top of the lacy bra with buttons all the way down the front - the skirt was a soft stretchy jersey material with lots of fabric that hung beautifully from hips and swished against my legs when I walked. I succumbed to some new shoes too – classy court shoes with a bit of a heel and some hold up stockings too.

I took my purchases up to my room and got undressed. I put on somedeodorant, massaged my favorite jasmine scented moisturiser all over my arms and legs, thinking to myself that someone else might be rubbing my body soon.

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  It seemed gorgeously naughty to be preparing for a night of seduction with someone I didn't even know. I was already damp at the thought, my clit tingling, and I almost succumbed to reaching for my vibrator in my wash bag, but decided that after all my shopping I really didn't have time. I spritzed my hair and cleavage with my perfume and put on my new clothes. Oh they felt so good, and I felt so wonderful, I didn't care about my husband and all my problems and I went down to the bar with my head held high and naughty smile on face thinking about the look on my husband's face if he knew how I was behaving!

Jack was already sat at a table in the corner of the bar and he waved to me. He stood up as I approached the table and without thinking I leant in towards him and kissed his cheek like I would a good friend. His hand came up to cup the side of my cheek turning my head to face him and he kissed me softly on the lips and said “hi gorgeous” softly

I sat down on the chair next to him and looked at him. He was dressed casually in slacks and a short sleeved shirt, with no tie. But even dressed this way he looked almost distinguished, he had an aura about him, as though he was used to being in control. It was terribly sexy and I wondered if he knew how strong his magnetism was. We started chatting easily, to my surprise, there seemed no constraint between us, in what could have been an awkward situation. We ordered our drinks when the waiter came over and sat drinking and chatting for a while about anything and everything.

We went through to the restaurant and both chose a delicious smoked salmon pate starter. He followed that with venison while I chose a chicken with a tarragon sauce. While we were eating these our conversation became more personal and he told me about himself. He was 55 - nine years older then me, a widower with three children all grown up and already a grandfather amazingly.

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  A director of an engineering company he traveled a lot, and rarely spent time in his home and was considering selling it as it was far too large for him now he was on his own.

I found myself telling him all about myself too, even explaining my current situation, it seemed so natural to be telling him and I felt better for it . I looked up at him “You know, I have made my decision - I am going to divorce him. I want so much more”

“What do you want?”he asked

“Oh I don't know, I know I want to see more of the world, I want to be my own person again; I want the chance to meet someone who comes to really love me – I want to feel cared for -I want to feel sexy and have good sex again”I stopped, realising what I said.

He took my hand and holding it he said “How could you not feel sexy?What a stupid man your husband must be. . . ”

I interrupted, “You don't understand, I know I'm a bit fat, but he made me feel huge, he told me so enough – and he wasn't turned on by me, it made me feel ugly”

“Oh Naomi” he said, “That's just him, not you – “I love plump women. Do you know I had to stay on the Jacuzzi for ages after you left, before I could get out!”

I looked at him slightly puzzled “Why?”

“I was already turned on by seeing you floating so deliciously in the pool, flushed with arousal, and then sitting so close to you when all I wanted to do was to touch you was torture!Finally to cap it all watching your beautifulbig but chassė up those steps made my cock so hard I had to wait ages before I could calm down enough to get out of the pool!”

I giggled “You darling man, you make me feel sexy again” and before I knew it the words tumbled out of my mouth “I can't wait for you to make love to me”I blushed slightly at my naughtiness looking down at the table, worried what he might think of me.

He lifted my chin and leant close to me, looking straight into my eyes “Will you be my deliciousdessert and come with me now?”My heart beat faster and I felt a flush of desire run through my body and even my breathing quickened, I couldn't speak, so I nodded and he took me by the hand and led me to the elevators.

As we waited for the lift he put his arm round my waist and we stood with our sides touching - watching the lights descend downwards. Even that small contact make my desire build, his hand seemed so hot resting on hip, the heat radiated outwards and I imagined his hand slipping lower to caress my bottom. We stepped into the lift, still with his arm around me, but as three other guests got in with us I contented myself with leaning in to him and putting my head on his shoulder as the lift ascended. We got out first and it seemed we were walking on air as went to his room. He had a beautiful suite, but it barely registered as I only had eyes for him.

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  We stood just inside the door and he took me in his arms and kissed me deeply, his tongue dancing with mine. I felt like a schoolgirl again – his kiss turning my legs to jelly and every part of body seemed more alive. He groaned and took my head between his hands kissing me again and I put my hands up round his neck and ran my hands through his hair.

He stopped of a moment and drew away from me slightly, and chuckling lightly he echoed my thoughts saying “God you make me feel like a young man again, if you're not careful you'll be lying on the floor with me on top of you - and I'm too old for that!”

“Oh I don't know”I laughed back, “We could give it a try!”

“Temptress” he replied, taking me by the hand he led me through to his bedroom, and standing by the bed he started to unbutton my top. As he uncovered my new sexy bra he groaned and ran his hands over it, cupping my breasts and gently squeezing them.

“I bought it for you” I whispered, “I bought all of it for you”He kissed me again and pushed my top off my shoulders so that it fell to the floor and I started to unbutton his shirt. He helped me, and within moments he had shrugged it off, followed quickly by his trousers and briefs. He stood gloriously naked his prick jutting out proudly - it was very thick, with a large head and I stared at it, my juices flowing as I thought about it inside me. I reached out and stroked it gently and it jerked against my hand. “Do you want me to use a condom?” he asked, I've had a vasectomy. I slid my hand down cupping his balls and looked up at him quivering slightly with my need for him

“No, I want to feel all of you, somehow I know I can trust you”

“Good” he replied and then said with a mock pout “But you are definitely over dressed for this occasion woman!”. He knelt in front of me slipping my skirt down over my hips kissing my tummy lightly, and then peeled my briefs down - so all I was left wearing was my stockings and bra. He stood up and slipped the straps of my bra down off my shoulders. I took my arms out of them, and started to reach behind me to unclasp the back, but he stilled my hands stopping me and stroked my breasts through the material of the bra. He slipped his hand inside one cup and lifting my breast slightly with the other hand he folded the cup of the bra down, and let my breast lie on the ledge the bra now formed , he did the same on the other side so that the bra supported my breasts but they lay on top of it pointing outwards my nipples jutting forward

“you've done that before!”I laughed, and then gasped as he bent his head and sucked one nipple firmly into his mouth and with one hand hand gently rubbed and pinched the other one.

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It was like a an electric current was switched on running from my nipples to my cunt, I moaned and as the sensations built and I felt my cunt fill with moisture in readiness for his gorgeous prick. “Oh. Oh,” I moaned “ Fuck me, I need you inside me” He laid me back on the high four poster bed, my legs over the edge and spread my thighs dipping his fingers into my slit and slipping down to feel the opening of my vagina.

“You are so wet, god all I want to do is plunge into you” he said huskily “ but I wanted to please you first”

“I want to feel you inside me,” I whispered, “really – I am ready for you , fuck me!”

With that he lifted my feet up onto his shoulders and I felt his cock starting to push into my opening. As the head pushed in I was stretched wider than I had ever been before, but there was no pain - only pleasure and my wetness let him push deeper into me filing me with his thick cock. As he thrust into me until his pubes met mine he slipped his fingers between my lips and started to rub my clitoris. An orgasm shot though me almost instantly and I panted and moaned in surprise, my cunt muscles rippling round his cock. He fucked me through it with deep long stokes keeping the orgasm going until it peaked sharply and I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me intensely. I could see on his face how much he enjoyed watching me and how much it turned him on and and wanting him to please him as much as he pleased me I put my hands to my breasts and rubbed them, pinching and gently pulling on my nipples to make them grow looking at him in a playful way to show him I was doing it for him. He started fucking me harder in response and watched my hands skillfully turn my nipples in little stalks of hardness. He started to slam into me and and I had to grip the bed to meet his thrusts, he grasped both my thighs to gain as much leverage as has he could hammering his cock faster and faster into me, little grunting noises escaping at every thrust another orgasm started to build deep in my womb growing with each thrust. He slipped his hands down to my hips raising me slightly and as his cock nudged against my G-spot my orgasm flowered within merapidly pulsing through my groin and flushing over my whole body and as I reached my peak he started to spurt inside me the little ripples of my cunt walls milking him. He pushed in and out of a few times more until every drop of him was spent and then stood still for a moment, still deep inside me.

We smiled at each other, still panting slightly, and he gently stoked my stomach and thighs. He withdrew from meand lifted my legs round onto the bed and I wriggled round so my head was on the pillows and patted the bed beside me.

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  He lay down next to me and we turned on our sides to face each other. “You do not know just how much I needed that, and how long it is since I was fucked” I said smiling at him.

“I'll let you into a secret” he replied “I needed it even more”I looked at him, wondering what he meant and he replied to the question my eyes” “You see I haven't made love to a woman for nearly two years”

“If we are telling each other secrets” I smiled shyly at him “I've never had an orgasm before just from a penetrative sex”

He kissed me on the tip of my nose “Hopefully it wont be long before you have another one” he quipped.

We stroked each other gently and lazily talking about sex and there were no barriers between us. I told him things I'd never told anyone else before, about how I'd lost my virginity, how often I had faked it for my husband and how I had resorted to using a vibrator – even admitting to my secret of reading porn on my PC and how I rubbed myself reading the stories until I came.

He toldme he had had a good, but not imaginative sex life with his wife, and opened up about how he'd had short affairs with a couple of different women since then, but neither of them had worked out. He admitted to fantasising about threesomes and naughty outdoor sex in public. That he loved porn movies and how much he loved big bottoms and breasts and in turn I admitted to having always wanted to make love on a beach at night under the stars and that I'd never had a man lick me as my husband had thought it was dirty and the idea of oral sex turned me on a lot.

He gently pushed me onto my back, his leg pushing mine slightly apart He slipped his fingers into my slit and started to softly rub my clit “I will definitely remedy that situation” he said leaning up on one arm nuzzling my breasts “I love giving oral, so it will be a treat for me”

He kissed me deeply, still rubbing my clit and then lifted his head he looked down at me, I stroked his chest gently teasing his nipples, loving the feel of his chest hair. His fingers slipped down to my vagina and I spread my legs wider for him and he slipped two of his thick fingers inside me feeling his wetness and mine. He brought some of it out and massaged it around my clit, going back in a scooping out a little more he went down further rubbing my perineum and around my anus, which felt wickedly naughty.

“I can't wait to taste you” he said and moved himself in the bed so that he was laying cross wise, his head between my legs, looking at my cunt. I was surprised I didn't feel embarrassed, my husband had never done that-but Jack so obviously enjoyed looking at my parted lips,andhe started to rub my clit again, every now and then dipping his fingers into my vagina to keep me well lubricated. “You've got a huge clit” he said, it's like a little penis” he pinched gently, pulling it slightly and I groaned with pleasure. He put his head right up to pussy and started to lick my clit, flicking it to and fro, and then lapping it with the full width of his tongue.

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  “God you taste to so good”, he said raising his head for a moment looking at me loving the look of sheer pleasure on my face. He went back down on me sucking on the clit itself and slipping his two fingers back into my cunt, massaging the g-spot up inside. The pleasure was so intense I started to toss my head from side to side a small part of me laughing at myself for behaving like a girl in a porn movie, I moaned loudly as he brought me to another orgasm, my toes curling and my fingers gripping the bed – he carried on licking me gently and my clit felt so sensitive it was bordering on painful, he seemed to sense that as I tensed in response and his licks carried on even more gently and unbelievably I felt another orgasm was not fay away

“Oh you're a magician” I said huskily conjuring orgasms with your tongue” and as the next one peaked “Oh god, Oh god I'm coming again” I was panting now, moaning as he started to lick harder again sucking and flicking my clit and pulsing his fingers hard against my g-spot. A series of small orgasms went though me one after another and my moans grew louder. Eventually they gradually faded away, and he came and lay back down beside me, kissing me so that I could taste myself on his tongue. I couldn't speak for a while and just lay there exhausted, still panting slightly. After a few moments he got up and went to the en suite, I heard him use the toilet and and realised I needed to go too. I heard the shower turn on so I dragged myself off the bed and went into the bathroom. I could see him behind the screen standing under the spray of water cascading over him. I sat on the loo waiting for my bladder to let me wee admiring his firm body. Eventually my puffy lips let me wee and wiping myself, I slipped off my bra and stockings and said “ Can I join you?”

“That's the reason I'm in here – so that you can join me” he said, laughing, opening the shower screen and I stepped in and under the water. We washed each other with soapy hands enjoying the feel of each others bodies, our slippery hands exploring, stroking and massaging each other. His prick started to harden again and I rubbed my hands up and down his shaft and down and under his balls until he was fully engorged and then used the shower head to rinse us both off. I pushed the jet of water to one side, knelt down and started to lick his prick, and then rubbing the base with my hand I took the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it flicking the little nub at the top with the tip of my tongue and then sucking him gently. His hands went to the back of head, urging me to take more of him in mouth and I relaxed my jaw breathing deeply through my nose sucked him deeper.

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   He groaned saying “That feels soooo good. ” With my other hand I cupped his balls and gently rubbed his perineum and he groaned again, starting to fuck my mouth gently, I kept my hand on the base of his shaft so that I didn't gag and carried on rubbing him to increase his enjoyment, it felt so great pleasuring him after he had given so much joy to me and I slipped my hand further under him so that I could rub around his anus teasing the little ring. As he responded with even louder groans I slipped my finger a little way inside and rubbed him - his prick swelled even more in response and I thought if he gets any bigger I wont be able to suck him!And then the shower intervened as the water suddenly started to go from hot to cold and he gasped swearing as the cold jet was more of him than me. I got up and we both dashed out of the shower, laughing. He took me in his arms and kissed me his prick hard against my belly.

He took my face in his hands and said “I want to fuck you, you sexy wonderful woman” I looked into his eyes “In fact I want to fuck you all weekend long”

“ I may need the occasional break” I said cheekily “I'm afraid – and union rules do insist on those!”

“minx!” he said slapping my bottom lightly, and taking me by the hand he grabbed a towel and led me back to the bed

He spread a towel out and I lay on top of it spreading my legs in welcome and he got up onto the bed his prick touching the opening to my vagina he bent his head and sucked on my nipple, nibbling it gently, he pushed a tiny way inside me and took the other nipple into his mouth he suckling it . I raised my hips slightly to bring him further into me but he teased me withdrawing slightly flicking my nipple with his tongue“Tease!” I said

“Say please” he said lifting his head looking at me wickedly

I paused before saying it teasing him back waiting for a few seconds before I said “Please”

He wasn't having it – he smiled even more cheekily with a wicked glint in his eye “Pretty please” his pricking nudging me slightly

“Pretty please, Pretty Pretty please” I said huskily and then as he pushed his prick hard and fast right up inside me I squealed, and he laughed at the look of surprise on my face.

“Careful what you ask for – you may get more than you bargain for!” he growled as he demonstrated his mastery of me by fucking me hard making my naked breasts bounce up and down and I reveled in his prick filling me and the feeling of him bouncing against my clit at every thrust“Second time round now for my prick, so I'm going to fuck you rigid” he said as he lifted my my legs over his shoulders, tilting me up “And I've already a few more positions in mind!”

I didn't have the breath to reply as now he was fucking me with long slow deep strokes, almost coming out of me before thrusting back in, the change of angle letting him push deeper into me. He closed his eyes, obviously concentrating on the pleasure of feeling me, this position tightened me so that the walls of my cunt gripped him as pulled out and he squeezed hardhim as he pushed deep inside me, but the leverage meant it seemed almost effortless for him. I closed my eyes too - His prick was so hard and thick that it wasn't long before all I could feel was him plunging in and out and the long slow strokes were stoking me like a furnace that grew hotter and hotter, my orgasm building until release came, the warmth spreading through me, as it left me he withdrew and pulled me round and over to the edge of the bed, he stood between my legs and said “I think I must get one of these nice high beds for my new home – it's the perfect height!” instead of raising my feet to his shoulder like our first fuck he pushed my feet back until my heels were just on the bed on each side of me making me feel quite exposed and vulnerable as my cunt lips gaped widely and he could see right into me “What a sexy site” he said reassuring me, noticing the look on my face, and traced my slit with his fingers stopping when he got to my vagina he circled it “and this lovely hole needs me to fill it!”I loved his cheeky sense of humor and as he thrust back into me I felt so lucky that I had met such a wonderful sexy man. He started so knead my breasts, even his large hands not able to fully encompass them, he played with them pushing them together, and then squeezing them slightly harder, rubbing them all over. My nipples grew hard again, the little nubs standing proud and he pinched and pulled on them as I had earlier making them lengthen. He rubbed the sensitive tips and rolled them between his fingers driving me wild as by now they were wired directly to my clit and little jolts of pleasure were running through me. I

“A man could never get bored of these beauties” he said

“I like playing with them too” I said naughtily taking one of breasts I pushed it upwards and sticking out my tongue flicked it across my nipple, he groaned and started to fuck me harder Ipulled up the other breast and did the same on that side, and he picked up my feet and put them on his shoulders like before and grabbed by thighs fucking me hard and fast he groaned “You little witch”I played with my nipples enjoying the long stalks he had made, rubbing them and pulling on my nipples closing my eyes and letting the feelings of his pricking slamming out in and out of me and tingle of my nipples fill me.

I opened my eyes as he stopped and came out of me, releaved when he said “turn over I Want to fuck you from behind so I can see your glorious but”I knelt up on the bed and knelt behind me, stoking my but cheeks, he pulled them apart slightly and entered me “God I love this position” he said “Now I can bounce on beautiful backside”And he demonstrated what he meant immediately pumping in and out of me “Now I can fuck you into oblivion with this lovely cushion of flesh to pound against” he growled making my breasts swing to and fro beneath me with every thrust, my nipples dragging across the sheets.

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  His prick was going deep deep inside, butting against my cervix and as he pounded harder and harder against me I was being pushed away from him so I lay my shoulders down laying my head sideways, groaning as this meant he slipped in even deeper. I put my hands above my head against the wall to give myself leverage. Now I could meet his thrusts with my own and he groaned in pleasure as I made my rhythm match his so that we were grinding against each other at every thrust. Another orgasmbuilt and built, until I was quivering all over It lasted and lasted until I thought I couldn't bear it much longer but finally it peaked and I moaned loudly into the bed Jack said “Oh god I'm coming too!” and his come started to spurt into me, He gave a final hard thrust pushing through my cervix and spraying his hot come deeper than I'd ever felt before and an aftershock from my orgasm rippled though me making me gasp.

“Bloody hell” said Jack “That was bloody brilliant!”He pushed in and out of a few more times as if reluctant to come out, but then withdrew and we both flopped down onto the bed, still spooned together. He put his arm around me pulling my back into his chest and caressing my breast lazily “I could get used to this he murmured nuzzling my neck.

To my surprise I could feel myself drifting off to sleep, Every part of me was so deeply relaxed I was finding it impossible to stay awake. As my breathing deepened I heard him say “I thought it was men who fell asleep straight after sex!”but I heard nothing more as I feel deeply asleep in his arms. .
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