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I got onto the bus with the full intention of finding a young teen girl to expose myself to. This was the third bus I had gotten onto with no luck on the first two. There were very few people on this bus and I immediately spotted a young teen girl sitting by herself in the back section. She was one row forward of the very back row of seats so I headed for the seat directly across the aisle from her. I really love exposing myself to young teen girls, especially ones as hot as this one was. They are so curious at that age and are not afraid to look. I smiled at her as I approached the seat and, even though I am an older man, she returned my smile. As I turned and sat down I made sure that about half my already hard 8 inch cock was sticking out of the loose leg band of my very short shorts. It was sticking up from between my legs in plain sight as I sat down looking straight ahead. Then from the cover of my dark sunglasses, out of the corner of my eyes, I could see by the wide eyed jaw dropped look on her face that my cock had caught her attention. I love that surprised look young girls get on their faces when they first see my cock. She glanced around a couple of times to see if anyone else was looking and satisfied that she was the only one she locked her gaze on my cock. Had she looked away I would have covered myself and got off the bus.

Well! I figured since I had her full attention I should go ahead and give her a good show.

I pulled the leg band of my shorts all the way up so my entire cock and balls were in full view of her young eyes. There was already a large amount of pre-cum leaking from my very swollen cockhead, for lube, so I wrapped my hand around my 7 inch girth and started slowly stroking it.

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   I noticed her quietly slip into the aisle seat to get a closer look at what I was doing to myself. I could then see her very hard nipples through her thin white school uniform shirt sticking out like little headlights on her gorgeous young tits. I knew she was a turned on as I was. With this mid-teen beauty getting her eyes full of what I was doing to myself I knew I would only last a very short couple of minutes.

Her gaze was so locked in on me jacking my swollen cock off she had not noticed that I was now looking directly at her and watching her facial expressions as she was completely engrossed in what she could not believe she was seeing. Then I felt that all too familiar very intense tickling starting in my cockhead and I knew a big load of cum was on the way. The sensation rushed down my cock, into my balls and my entire groan area. Then I felt my ass muscles almost painfully strain to start pumping my man juice out for this young beauty. Her eyes got as big as saucers and her mouth dropped open in surprise as she watched four white hot ropes of cum explode out of my very swollen cockhead and splatter all over the seat backs in front of me.

She could not take her eyes off my cock as I continued stroking it as it was now just oozing more cum down onto the floor of the bus between my feet.  

When I finally stropped cuming and stroking my cock the young girl gathered herself up and looked up at me and realized that I had been looking at her watching me jacking off for almost the entire time. She blushed bright red, quickly turned away, scooted over to the window seat, and stared out the window. I pulled the leg band of my shorts back down over my still semi-hard cum soaked cock and balls, got up, and got off the bus. As the bus pulled away I saw the young girl move over to the seat that I had just cummed all over for her. I guess she wanted to get a closer look at all the cum I had left for her and possible even take a small taste.

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   Exposing myself to young girls like this has given me the best orgasms of my life and this one was right at the top.

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