Closet Masturbators Story


I have been masturbating since I was in Jr high school. No one in my life has ever known that of me, not even my wife. I have been absolutely quit about it for around 40 some years now. When ever the conversation ever came up I would just shake my head and go along with what everyone was saying about it, because I did not want anyone to know I did it. Until one day at work I started to get along real good with this female co-worker. We worked close by each other every day. We would end up talking about anything and everything in our lives, even down to sex. We talked together just like two guys. She was a lesbian and I was straight, so nothing was ever going to go on between us. After a few mouths of working together so closely, the conversation got into, believe it or not, masturbation. She told me some stories about her experiences, which needless to say was making it hard on me (pun intended). I began to tell her about my “no experiences “and why I had none. About basically being a closet masturbator and no one in my life knew I did it, except her, now. She asked me if I had any fantasies about jackin-off. I told her plenty, but one that always got me was the mutual jack-off, with a guy. She asked me if I would ever do it.

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   I told her if the time and the guy were right I hoped I would have the hair to give it a try. I said “I don’t think it will ever happen because I would not know how to ever start looking for a person who would want to experiment with this”. I don’t want to suck and kiss, just handle mine and another cock for a while. I have read stories that have peaked my interest, should I say. She told me that she had another straight friend, Eddie, which she had known since high school that thought pretty much the same way I did. A closet masturbator, and interested in a mutual guy touchy feely thing. She has always kept in touch with him especially since he has been divorced. She asked me if she could arrange a meeting would I be willing to try to make a fantasy come true. He lives about 45 min from where we are now. He comes to see me once a month or so, we hang out talk and have a few drinks. I will call him to see if he would be interested in hooking up with you………. . Eddie told her he would like to meet in a bar, so we could see if things could happen. He also told her he was not sure if he had the guts to do it himself. She gave me his number to call if I wanted to go through with it.

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   My wife and daughter were leaving town for some five day spa treatment that she had won from a magazine, and I thought I will never get another chance if I don’t take this. I called Eddie and he agreed to meet at a bar and grill out toward his place, because if anything was going to happen we could use his place. We met and had a drink. We both seemed to be on the same page on this idea. The longer we talked the more comfortable got with each other, we did not want to drink to much alcohol, we agreed only enough to take the edge off, or calm the nerves. After two hours of discussion on masturbation, we were both feeling pretty stiff I our pants. We headed to his place, when we got there Eddie said he has had a hard on ever since we left the grill. I told him I was stroking mine all the way over here. We decided we did not need much stimulus to get hard again. We sat on opposite end of the sofa, we unzipped, pulled our cocks out of our pants. We had pretty much the same exact size penis. I said we can’t see our balls, we needed to strip off everything. We stood up and basically watched each others crotch while we undress. We looked at each others cock with are balls hanging and swinging with the movement of our strokes. We were standing and now stroking our cocks at the same speed, we came a little closer together.

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   While still jackin with my right hand, I reached with my left hand to softly knead his ball sack. I got so hard, it felt like the skin on my cock was going to split. Eddie did the same to me, he pushed my hand off my cock and started stroking both of us at the same time. I now had both of my hands rolling is balls around very softly in his sack. I started to stroke him, now we were both looking down and watching what each other was doing. It was all about our pleasuring each other that became the turn on for both of us. The feeling of his one hand around my cock and his other gently rubbing my balls was so crazy, I never thought it would feel this good. I thought I would do to his cock the same thing I have been doing to mine all these years, just long stroking, letting it slide through my fingers from the base to the head, I would let the head of his cock just slip through my fingers then slide it back again. He started to jack-me off very fast, he was so delicate handling my cock even though he was stroking twice as fast as I was. We worked on each other for a good while. Eddie said we should sit down because he was get a little week in the legs and he thought he was going to cum. I agreed. We sat down on the sofa and grabbed each other cock again, we were both ready to cum by now. I was beatin him off with my right hand and he was beatin me off with his left. I told him I was about to cum, at the time I said it, Eddie was squirting cum all over the both of us.

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   The sight of his cock gushing cum into the air and all over the two of us just made me cum like a horse. I have never shot like that in my life as far back as I can remember. When it was over we both sat there just holding each others cock for a minute of two. We were drained, energy zapped, the best masturbating session I have ever had” I told Eddie, he whole heartedly agreed……. . We met a couple of more times that week and decided that if we ever needed to do it again we would definitely go for the hook-up…… We are meeting up tomorrow night. The first time in two months. Should be good!!! …………. I love masturbating!.