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i am a 43 yo fellow, divorced,  with a very active sexual life. i live alone in my flat, and quite often i have a female company to spend the night with. . . . today i had no plans for sex so i had been a very doggy day at work. so i headed home in the mind of taking a washer and going to bed early. but  today on my way home from work i noticed a taxi cap driving so "ramdomly". . . . i decided to stay no so close so my country is quite full of jack drivers. on a traffic light the red spot stopped us and i had to stop in behind the taxi cap. at that moment i noticed a man on the back seat resting his head backwards with a so exstacied expression on his face and in the moment the car start its way again a woman showed up on the window. . .

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   she was naked!! giving him a head!!! it started all.
as soon as i got home i was kind hard under my underwear in need of a warmth slit to step inside. as i was alone i tried to cool my head, turuned on the TV and preparing to take a shower. as i same close to the bathroom window y noticed that my next door neighbourgh, a 18 yo gal well shaped body, ( i had ran into her once about a week or so  when her father asked me to use my parking lot because a party at their place. . . . she acted quite on a seductive way, but i took no interest then)  tanned skin, brown eyes about 1. 70 mts high was in her bedroom combing her hair with only a towel around her body. i could not help it so i stared. se was so beautiful, she closed her bedroom´s door (i guess her parents were at home) and with no notice of me she tossed the towel to the bed revealing her well shaped body right to my eyes. . . . i stood still hidden in the darkness of my restroom, staring at her shaved pubic mount.

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  . . . rock hard already!!! i started touching my wand dick. . . . with a rithmical fashion und down. . . . . she stared at her body´s reflecyion on the mirror as she started fingering her clit. . .

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she sat on the edge of her bed spreading her legs while inserting one at a time finger in her pusy hole. . . oh! boy how lovwly she looked arching her back on her bed demanding for more. . . . she suddenly stop at a noice at her door. . . . (i guess). . .

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   after a minute or so she started touching her body again. this time after locking the door, she opened a drawer to take a deodorant stick and then again to lay on back on her bed. . . . to insert in while playing hard!! so hard!!! while fingering her rounded ass hole. she suddenly stop (i guess in the urge for something bigger or harder) to search for her celular phone. . . . to insert it right there in her slit again and again and again and again. . . . .

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   completely spreaded arching her body on her bed. . . . . what a view. . . . she suddenly clsoed her legs keeping the cel phone deep inside her wet crotch. . . . . holding it tightly in her depths.

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  . . . i was rock hard and could not stop jerking off. . . . on the shower wall. after two or three minutes my phone rang¡¡¡¡ it was her on the phone!!! asking me if i had enjoyed the show!!!! i was shocked. . . more to come, yes, more to come. so short but it happened to me and i felt i had to write it down to share. . .

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  . good view.