Jacking and Driving


OK to start of to say, I'm a guy, 17, and I've read some amazing stories on this site, and I'm going to tell you all a story about yesterday when I was driving home from a friends house.

It was 4:40 and I walked out the door to my car. Once I unlocked the door, I swung in my backpack on the passenger seat, turn the key, shut the door, did a quick U-turn ready for home. Now my house is 15-20 minutes away and with traffic it could still be 20-25 minutes. So I came to the end of the road and had to wait for my turn. As soon as I was stopped I immediately had the idea to start jacking off, since I hadn't jacked off in maybe a day and a half (and i love to jack off at least 2-3 times a day). So as I sat to wait my turn I undid my shorts, zipped down and pulled it out through my boxers, and started stroking.

So I finally got my turn and went left, decided it would be better to take the country roads home, so I had to stop in traffic again, so I just squeezed my dick over and over (didn't want to attract attention, but then again I wish someone saw me). I got to my full 6 1/2, slightly stroking. Light turned green and took a right. Yes I was the only one and the road, in the middle of 3 lanes, perfect. I jacked off more and more as I went 40mph. Going fast and jacking fast felt so good I wanted to go faster, but I didn't want to get caught (I liked this way to much to get caught). Another red light. . .

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  ugh I was waiting for those country roads. I kept squeezing my dick to keep my hard. Once the light turned green I speeded up so I can merge into the left lane, so I can be in front. I ended up getting too excited and went too fast so I had to slow down. But I was pumping my cock hard, so fast,I was imaging my friends little sister sucking it fast and licking it with her tongue. I want to fuck that girl so bad. So after a while I was in the country,pounding harder and harder. I then thought well I can't go home with my dick hard, it might not go away.

Once I was near my house I pulled off 2 roads away on a canal and parked. I got out with my dick sticking out from me as I grabbed my iPhone. I took off my shorts and had myself exposed. I went online on my iPhone and found myself a good porno. I skipped to a part where the girl was moaning. I put it in an almond tree and turned it up. I imagined my friends little sister getting fucked from behind.

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  Ah gosh it felt good hearing that moan. Stroking harder and harder. Thinking of her little soft tits bouncing around and fucking her little pussy as hard as I could, making her scream, moaning, wanting to cum on her cute sweet face. I felt the rush and I was ready to cum. I shot a load, spurted, shot, spurted, shot (like 6 times) and I shaked my dick to get it all out, took a quick piss and got my shorts and boxers on, got back in the car. As soon as I started the engine, I said to myself "Wow. . . I have to do this again"I also had to think of a good reason I was ten minutes late to tell my mom!

OK I'm sure this was pretty half-ass, but this is how it went, but comments please, this was my first story (I plan to write fiction in the incest and teen sections) and hope you enjoyed it. Bye :].

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