Let me give you a hand with that


I never should have been there, the sign said 18 and older, and here I was, 15 and getting in anyway.   I started growing facial hair young, and could pass for 18 or older with no real effort.   So here I was in an adult video store, going back to the video booths.   As I sat there watching this great girl on girl action, slowly stroking my half hard cock, just enjoying it all.   The booths were separated by as you would guess, walls, but there were no doors, just a curtain pulled closed behind you.   There were about 6 booths.   So, as I sat there watching my selection, I was not really jacking off, just stirring things up a bit.    The video got more and more intense, and as it did, my dick got harder and harder.   I could hear other video's playing and figured I was in similar company, guys looking for a place to unload.   So I'm there and getting closer to actually jacking off when I hear a voice behind me "Can I give you a hand with that?"     A little startled, I jumped, and looked behind me to see a woman standing there with a shy looking grin.   I just sat there cock in hand, just a little shocked.   I thought for a second of how it must have looked pants down around my knees.   She came in a but closer and asked again, looking at my exposed crotch, with my hand trying in vane to cover up what I had been doing, but that was silly.   I'm sitting here, like a kid that just got caught, well, you know, I just got caught beating off, so, now what.    Here's this girl, offering to help me, but what does that really mean.   I'm flustered about getting caught by a total stranger, who is offering to do something that nobody had ever offered to do in the past.

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    Nobody has ever touched me before, only in my dreams and fantasies.   This is the kind of thing that I think about when I take care of things myself. "Move your hand, I want to see it" she says, and with a little hesitation, I moved my hand.   I guess it was the shock of it all, I was getting softer. "I like it" she says as she reached down to touch me.   Her hand is warm and soft, as she took me and started to stroke me gently, softly.   She was talking to me, but I don't have a clue what she is saying.   I looked at her face, she was watching the video, smiling and pulling my hard-on.   I'm watching her, she's watching the video, and I am having a hard time believing this girl is actually doing this for me.   She hasn't asked for anything in return. Finally I relax and go with it.   She seems to be content just giving me a hand job, so I start to enjoy what is going on.   Her hand was working me well. I was really well.   Her hand was soft and warm, and the thrill of it was bringing me closer and closer to shooting my load.

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   "I'm going to cum"  I said, to which she had me stand up.   Standing beside me, she had one hand on my cock, and with her other hand she reached behind and through my legs to stroke my balls. That was all it took, I started to shoot.   I was shooting cum all over the wall and the video monitor, but I didn't care.   This was the best I had ever had.   Again, I had never had anyone ever do that for me before.   I didnt' want it to stop.    I looked at her, she was smiling, and slowly stroking me, watching as what ever was left in me dribbled out and down her hand.   She milked me for every drop. She took her hand and licked it clean, and went back for more. She left as quietly as she came in, leaving me there pants down and short of breath.   My knees were week, and I wasn't sure if I could walk out without everyone knowing what had happened, so I sat for a bit.   The video was still playing, but I couldn't be bothered with it.   I had just had my first assisted orgasm, and it was great.   After a few minutes, I got up and went straight to the door.

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    I didn't want to look around, I didn't want to see anyone there. So, finally out the door I started for home.   Once there, I went for the shower and remebered what all happened.   This, with the hot water, got me going again.   I came again, but it was nothing like what I got in the porn shop, nothing at all.

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