Masturbation fun.


I had been at home for an hour after work, when I got a call. It was my friend's ex-wife Jenni, who asked me if I was good at fixing a plumbing problem. Since I was pretty good at handyman things, I went over.
It being a warm day, Jenni greeted me wearing a very light summer dress, that made it clear she was not wearing anything underneath it. I set out the tools, and replaced the worn out washer. Jenni offered me a beer, which I accepted gratefully. We got to talking, and gradually got around to sex. Jenni admitted to me, that since her ex-husband and her had been divorced, she was somewhat frustrated. I asked her if she masturbated. She admitted that she had tried it, but always felt guilty afterwards.
I told her that I masturbated regularly when I was not in a steady relationship. Taking the plunge, I asked her if she would like to masturbate together! Taking her smile as a yes, I quickly pulled down my shorts, and let my rapidly growing cock spring free! Jenni's eyes widened, and it wasn't long before that blonde haired beauty's summer dress was on the floor, without her in it!
Sitting in the big armchair, Jenni draped her legs over the arms. Her light tuft of blonde pubic hair parted, and I got a peek at her lucious inner pinkness, all dewy and wet with desire. I put the coffee table in front of her chair, draped a towel over it, and knelt down just behind. I started to slowly stroke my cock, as Jenni reached down. She ran her fingers all over her glistening wet opening, letting out a low moan of pleasure, her eyes fixed on my cock stroking.


  As my hand stroked my throbbing cock, I could feel the need building! Her fingers found her excited clitioris, and she began a gentle rubbing motion. Soon, she slid two fingers up her pussy, and her movements picked up speed, as she fingered her clit wildly! I could feel my cock jerk and swell up tight, ready to blow! Suddenly Jenni's legs started to spasm.
Raggedly, she cried out, "I'm cumming, oh my god, yes, YES!"
She arched her back, practically sticking her lovely blonde box in my face, and I could she her pussy contracting wildly on the two fingers she had pushed up her love tunnel, her other finger polishing her clit wildly to a roaring climax!
I grunted, I could feel the cum surging up my shaft! My cock started pulsing wildly, and Jenni opened her eyes in time to see my cock explode! The cum flew out, gushing wildly, I squirted 6 hot ropes of spunk, splattering them in the towel on the coffee table, my body shaking from the force!
Jenni sagged back against the chair, and I sat back as my orgasm started to subside.
She smiled and said, "That was great! Maybe I can masturbate more now, that time, I did not feel guilty at all!"
I replied, "Exactly. We were not made for a life of frustration and deprivation, we were meant to enjoy life. So why not enjoy our sexuality. Just because we are not having sex with a partner, is no reason for celibacy. "
She gave me a kiss as I left, again thanking me for opening her eyes.
A few days late, I picked up my friend Jerry at the airport. He was in town for a few days on business, and was staying at my place. Just as we left the airport, I got a call on my cellphone. It was Jenni, she needed my help, her car wouldn't start. We drove over, and it was a relatvely simple matter to tighten up the battery cables, which had loosened up, and get her car back in working order. She invited us inside, and with a beer, we again got around to sex. James said that when he was out of town, and needed to masturbate, he had a help from his wife.

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   He took out a portfolio from his briefcase, and gave it to us. I opened the folder, and WOW! What a sight! Jerry's beautiful redheaded wife, Victoria, was all spread out, her pussy covered with a tuft of red pubic hair! She was presenting a large cucumber to the entrance to her pussy! In Large 10X12 inch full color prints, I could see his wife pushing, pushing that huge green dildo deeper and deeper. In the last picture, she had almost all of it shoved inside her, a look of orgasmic rapture on her face. Seeing her redheaded pussy split open with that huge green dildo made my prick stone hard! Jenni took the prints, and looked at them intently.
"Going through the pictures, I have to stop before the last picture, then start up again, and blow my load all over!", Jerry said.
After Jenni had run through the picture, her eyes were wide, her face was flushed and she was breathing harder than normal.
Jerry chuckled and said, "I bet you can't do that!"
Jenni got a horny gleam in her eyes. Rising, she told us to follow her. In the kitchen, she rummaged around in the fridge, and produced a cucumber that was at least a foot long! She ran it up some warm water to warm it up. As we watched, our cocks hardening up quickly, Jenni led up over to the table. Her shorts and panties hit the floor, she peeled off her thin halter top, and our blonde haired beauty was before us, in her nude, natural, beautiful state! She gave the cucumber a blow job, to get it lubed up with her saliva for her! She lay back on the table, and asked us to spread apart her pussy lips. She pressed it against her opening, and pushed a bit in. Slowly, slowly, with short pumping jabs, Jenni pushed the cucumber in and out, in and out!
Jerry and I placed ourselves next to the table, our shorts and underwear hit the floor! Our cocks were rock hard, and we stroked our throbbing pricks, Jerry's cock hovering just a foot from the left side of Jenni's face, and I was a foot from the right side our Jenni's face!
Jenni was grunting as she worked that green monster in and out! She had all but an inch inside her, fucking herself silly with that monster!
Jenni suddenly cried out, "Im cumming, oh fuck, yes, yes YES!!"
Letting out a shreik of pleasure, her body bucked and thrashed wildly about,as her orgasm crashed into her! That did it for Jerry, and his prick exploded! He shot 3 thick ropes of cum all over Jenni's cute face, and 3 thick ropes splattered over my cock and balls! The feel of his hot load splattering all over my cock was wild, and I could feel my balls draw up tight! Jenni's tongue was licking at my knob, just as my cock lurched, and swelled up tight, Jenni clamped her mouth around my cock, and her tight lips slid down my prick! The sight of Jenni's face, splattered with thick spunk, and the feel of her tight lips milking my shaft took me over the edge, and the cum surged up my shaft, my cock erupting, spewing thick ropes of spunk all over Jenni's tongue, filling up her mouth! She sucked every drop out of me, and swallowed it all with a smile!
Jerry's cock had firmed up again, and he went down to the end of the table. Pulling the cucumber out, Jenni urged him on! I took his cock, and rubbed it up and down Jenni's hot, steamy entrance, lubing up his cock head! Positioning himself, he pushed slowly into Jenni's hot pussy, spreading open the tight rosebud lips of her pussy. He slid in and out, in and out, his cock throbbing! His cock started to bounce up and down, and he let out a satisfied grunt as his cum flowed into Jenni's eager pussy!
Jenni smiled at me and said, "Your turn now honey, fill me up!"
As Jerry withdrew, I quickly took his place! Placing my cock against her, I slid in effortlessy! I grunted with pleasure at the feel of the hot, tight fiery wrap of her pussy around my shaft! She was full of Jerry's cum, and the feel of my cock fucking her cunt with another man's load in it just drove me wild! I slid in and out, power fucking her until she let out a howl of pleasure as she came! I quickly joined her, and my satisfied cry joined hers, as I shot a thick volley of hot cum deep inside her eager pussy!

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