My introduction to masturbation and beyond.


The first time I masturbated was when a friend showed me how. My cock had got hard a lot and I had played with it but had never had an orgasm. He showed me how to do it and he actually felt me and showed me how to hold it and stroke it up and down. I really liked the feel of him doing it. He let me feel his cock and stroke it as well and it felt really good doing it to him and my cock got real hard as I did it to him.
Then the two of us did it together he sat facing me and I was opposite him doing it too. He was telling me all about how he wanks himself and has orgasms and I was curious to see what it was like. It was really good wanking and watching him and having good feelings myself as I stroked it. He hadn’t been going long and he said I am cumming and I watched as he stroked it really fast and I could see him go all funny and his arm was really going hard on his cock and he was bending over and making a sort of grunt sounds and then he laid back opened his legs wide and his legs went all stiff while he was pulling on his cock hard, and he then he went all sort of weak and shook a bit. Then he stopped and he lay back on the bed all out of breath and his cock shrank down and went all soft.
I kept going slowly and watched him and after a minute he sat up and said that was fantastic, I really had a great spasm then. I asked him why he went like that and he said that’s what happens when you cum. Here he said lay back and I will do it for you and he stood up and held my cock and worked it up and down for me. I said that’s feels wonderful and he said I like the feel of it too and I can’t wait for you to cum. He kept pulling the skin up and down and as it went over the edge of the top of my cock it felt really good. He varied the speed of his wanking and I really was enjoying it and then I began to feel all funny in my tummy and my balls started to feel strange, he knew I was cumming and he went harder and faster and said this is fantastic, as he watched me start to squirm about as I tried to get the feeing of it happening and I couldn’t, he had complete control of me as he pulled me off.

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   Then this great feeling started to go right through me and I everything was happening in my cock and I could see why he went like he did when he came, I was almost doing the same and the feeling kept getting stronger and stronger and finally it burst and I had this amazing sensation go right through me. I couldn’t believe how powerful it was ands how good it felt. I too went all limp and out of breath, my legs went all weak and I don’t think I could have stood up on my own it felt sooooooo good.
He stopped as I went soft and he said there how was that and I said that is the best feeling I have ever had. He said it always feels good but its better when somebody else does it to you. I said has anybody done it to you and he said yes my cousin did it for me the first time and then he made me suck him off. I said what? And he said I had to suck his cock until he came but he is older than me and when he cums he shoots cum or spunk out of it. It’s the stuff that makes a baby when you fuck a girl. I said wow how does he do that. He said it happens when we reach puberty and start growing hair and stuff.   I said what was it like and he said it tasted weird and I didn’t know he was going to do it and I got a shock when it all went into my mouth and tasted pretty strange. I didn’t like it at first and tried to spit it out, but he made me swallow it. Then he made me do it a couple of times to him until I got used to the taste of his cum. I didn’t really like it but it was all right I suppose. He said it can’t harm you and all the girls swallow it when they suck him off.

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   He said if you will do it for me I will show you what it’s like and because you cant cum in my mouth, it will be all right. I said all right and he got down and sucked me. He put his mouth over my cock and closed his lips on it and slid them up and down and rubbed his tongue over and around it. It felt absolutely wonderful and I said this is even better than getting pulled off and he said he thought so too. Then he said ok now we will do it together and he told me to take all my clothes off as he did and then he told me to lie on the bed and he got on top of me the other way around. The way we were we both had our cocks near each other mouth. Then he said ok here we go and he took my cock in his mouth and I put his in mine. It felt strange at first; the skin sort of is different and has a bit of a taste. I followed what he was doing to me and pretty soon we were both sucking like mad on each other. I was concentrating on doing it right on him and I wasn’t feeling him sucking on me as strongly as I did earlier.
He told me he liked the feeling of my cock in his mouth and said I wasn’t as big as his cousin but it still felt good. I sucked on him for about 4 or 5 minutes before he came and it was a fantastic feeling, feeling him cumming. He went harder as he came and he jerked about a bit and he said afterwards it was really touchy on the head as I ran my tongue around the rim like he had done to me. He had a bit of a rest then he did it to me and it was only a minute or so and I came too. Again it felt different cumming in his mouth as it was warm and wet and his tongue was rubbing it.

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   I jerked about too as it was a lot more sensitive on the top.
After that we both sat there and talked about how it felt and how good our orgasm was. I said I am curious now to see what cum tastes like because I wouldn’t mind sucking him again any time as I really liked it. He said great I loved having done like that.
He said the other thing his cousin did to him was poofter him by shoving his cock up his bum. I said wow what was that like and he said at first it hurt but it got better but he said when he came and put cum in him he didn’t like it and it took ages to all come out again. He said come on I will show you and I wasn’t real sure about it and he said it will be ok, get some oil or face cream from your mother’s room and that will make it better. I came back with a bottle of hand cream and he said that will be fine. Now bend over the bed and pull your cheeks back and I will put it on your bum hole and then I can poofter you. I wasn’t real sure about it but I did and he put this cream all around my hole and some on his cock and he put it into me. At first it was hard to get in because I kept tightening up my arse hole but he finally forced it in and once it was in it was ok. Then he fucked me like he said you do to a girl and as he did my cock got hard and it felt really strange with him pushing up and down in my bum. Then after a while he came and he said it felt great. When he pulled it out my bum hole was all sore like without being painful. I really felt like I needed a shit and when I went to the bathroom all that came out was air.

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   It was ok but I knew something had been shoved up my bum for ages afterwards. Then he said ok you can poofter me and we did the same to him as he did to me and I poofter’d him. It felt strange having my cock in his bum but fucking him felt nice and the hand cream made it all wet and slippery and I liked the feel. After about 4 or 5 minutes I came and it felt different again. I had had three orgasms and each one felt different the three different ways. After that he went to the bathroom and tried to shit as like me he really felt like he had to and nothing but air came out in huge farts like me. We also washed each others bums to get the hand cream off. Another thing we noticed there was no shit on our cocks after we pulled them out.
After that we got dressed and said how great it was, from not knowing how to masturbate we had done three things to have an orgasm and each one was great. He said not to tell anybody what we had done because they would say we are poofters and we aren’t. I said I wouldn’t admit that to anybody but are we going to do it again and he said any time you ask I am willing to wank and suck but I don’t know about doing poofters. He said I will see if I feel like it then.
I didn’t tell him but I would have been quite willing for him to poofter me any time. I rather liked all three.
From then on we did it together for a few months before I started to spurt spunk, and about a month after me he started too.

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   We both got to drink loads of cum between us as we sucked each other off three or four times a week and I masturbated myself every day twice and  often three or four times. After he started to cum I stopped him pooftering me as it was really yucky having his cum in my bum. Even though a lot came out when I had tried to shit it out, it still took hours for it to all come out. I had to stuff a tissue into my bum to stop it staining my pants. Some days I had to wash them in case my mother saw it. He didn’t mind and he got me to fuck his bum quite often.
When I had my first fuck I stopped wanking with him and from then on we never wanked or sucked each other. Girls were better to fuck and it didn’t take much to get them to suck and be sucked. He was about the same as me and a couple of times when we had girls together we would swap girls and take turns in fucking both of them, and let them see how it looked being fucked. Once they watched us fucking another girl they went wild and wanted to show off themselves and it almost became a competition to put on the best show. As well they all wanted to try it in the different ways and we had heaps of fun working out the different ways to fuck each other. They introduced us to more girls and a couple more guys and we all had orgies together, it was wild.