Topic: ONE MAGICAL MORNINGSaturday, November 17, 2007


The morning of Saturday, November 17, 2007 will be stuck in my head for a very long time, and I just had to write about it. It was around 8:00am and my boyfriend and I had just woken up from an extremely wild night of mutual masturbation and role playing. As if that were not enough, I was still horny as hell. As we sat having coffee all I could think about was how wet my pussy was and how bad I wanted to fuck myself. I quickly excused myself from the table and headed for the shower.
 The only thing hotter than the water was my steaming hot pussy. As I lathered my body up, my hands quickly found there way between my legs. I started to rub my pussy with one hand and place two fingers of my other hand up my tight ass. As I looked out of the glass shower doors I could see my boyfriend standing in the doorway watching me. I slid the door open and waved for him to come in. But he said no. He said that this was going to be strictly about me but he would be standing by if I needed his assistance.
 I finished up my shower and headed out to the living room couch. As I lay on the couch fucking my pussy and my ass all I could think about was him going down on me. Joey walked into the living room and put a girl on girl DVD in. He told me to sit on the floor and watch the movie while I fucked myself and that he had some things to take care of around the house but would check on me from time to time.

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   I got up and went to the bedroom to get my lubricant and every toy I could get my hands on. After that I went downstairs and grabbed his long hammer and a couple of fat screwdrivers. My pussy was so wet and I was so horny I could barely walk, but I made it back to the living room just in time for the opening scene of the movie.
 I plugged my back massager in (which I have never used to massage my back) and sat on the floor. I took the 5” round vibrating ball and started to rub it slowly down my soaking wet cunt while pressing it hard on my rock hard clit. I took the fattest screwdriver I could find and lubed it up and slowly slid it up my tight ass. I was so turned on by the movie that I rammed the massager all the way in my cunt. All the while I was ramming the screwdriver as far up my ass as it would go. I was so turned on that I was screaming out for more. I wedged the screwdriver in my ass so I could free up my hand to get my 10” dildo and fuck my cunt as fast and as hard as I could. While the massager was pressed tightly against my clit.
 As I looked over I saw Joey walk into the room and sit on the love seat. He slid his sweatpants down and began stroking his cock. Between the movie and watching him I could not take anymore. My pussy exploded and I squirted cum all over the place.

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   Little did I know that that was just the beginning of my morning. Joey got up and walked out of the room. He came back seconds later with the digital camera and my string of 2” vibrating balls. He instructed me to sit on the couch and fuck myself with everything and anything that I could, while he takes pictures of me.
 If I were brave enough I would submit the pictures along with the story. But I’m not. I sat all the way back and started to push the six 2” balls up my wet cunt. After all the balls were deep inside of me, I took my massager and started to grind it vigorously against my clit. Then I reached for my dildo and rammed it in my cunt, pushing the balls even deeper inside of me. As I fucked my pussy hard and rubbed my clit even harder the vibrating balls sent me into the most intense orgasms I have ever had. I was totally out of control and could not control myself. I kept Cumming over and over again. I could not catch my breath and my whole body was shaking uncontrollably. I have been masturbating twice a day, everyday since I was a teenager and I have never felt anything even close to that. It was shaping up to be one hell of a morning and it was not over yet.

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 As he sat on the couch with me at my feet so he could get the best pictures and see the balls get pulled out so slowly and snapped a picture with each one, it’s not only the pictures or the connection we have with each other when we fuck each other we are two very different people we both get so intense and we have learned that we just let go and go where ever it takes us. This morning the intensity was way over the normal range and let me tell you our sex life is anything but normal we do anything to each other and for each other no boundaries, nothing off limits.  
 The balls were slowly being pulled out of my dripping pussy and just his face when they were coming out just sent me into such a different place then I have ever felt before.   My hands were shaking my breathing was so labored, I could hardly even concentrate on anything until he laid down on the couch and put his tongue to my hard pulsing clit and he licked so slow so that I can watch his tongue sliding all over my clit then deep in my pussy and back up, when he came up and had his tongue out I could see my cum on his tongue and he just says mmmmm, your pussy tastes sooo good, his voice, his touch, his eyes locked so deeply in to mine his only worry is to pleasure me and take me to heights we never been at, yet every time we step it in a different direction or change something just to keep each other wanting one another.
 My cum was dripping off his tongue and he just starts talking telling me I’m his slut and he loves to fuck me loves to see my pussy and loves to know that in order to cum intensely it needs to be by his hand and his doing. The not being able to take myself there on my own is ok with me, I do need him to get me there he says it’s about me but to me it’s about turning him on while I touch myself but not completely it is about him too. To see him look at me in that I want to fuck you look, to tell me he loves my pussy and watching me fuck my pussy and ass with things you don’t normally see as sex objects but if it will please him I am game for anything. He slid next to me close to my face told me to calm down lay back and just let it happen what ever that is just let yourself go. His eyes so intense his mouth open and watching his tongue as he talks so soft he starts slow just caressing my pussy, his hands so strong and warm he then slips two fingers slowly way inside me flicking my g spot and then in his own way he takes over tells me not to touch his fucking hand and don’t pull his fingers out:
Open your fucking legs now slut be a good slut and show me how sluts like it. I am no slut but to me making love is boring, with Joey we just fuck and fuck good. I love to be told what to do I love to be punished when he doesn’t get it, he smacks my ass, my tits, and knows just how to slap me in a way that it never hurts but it gives you a burst of anger on top of the intense unbelievable pleasure. I want to be his slut I want him to take what he wants don’t ask, don’t tell me just go for it whatever it is, if I know he wants it he gets it he always gives me what I want always. To cum 5 to 10 times is nothing for me when he touches me I can’t get enough of him and pleasing him. I couldn’t really explain what made things different this morning but as he leaned to my face told me to just give him everything I got I never knew it would be so many times, I kept Cuming and exploding, it was squirting all over up him arm that I can see his veins were protruding out and that fucking really drives me crazy.
 I know he is giving me all he has to make me cum and feel the only way he can make me feel.

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   As I would cum he would count 1, 5, 10, and at this point I am just flipping out asking him to stop and go slow I’m so sensitive and looks at me and says I’ll go slower but keep going almost there let’s break the record. Being so into the feelings of oh fuck don’t stop, and the oh fuck I can’t take anymore I had no idea what he was talking about but once he puts his fingers up to “that spot” and locks his eyes to mine I am so intent on being anything and everything he wants and needs I can calm down enough for a whole 10 seconds long enough for him to send me into another in mind blowing intense orgasms. As it’s flowing out of my pussy past his hand down my ass he counts 15, seconds later 16, and he says give me one more just let everything go scream if you want to just hold on, one more and we have broken all records. I had already felt it coming and it was going to be the most intense one of them all. After we were done he slowly leaned over me and gently kissed my lips, told me he loved me and assured me that our record would not stand long. I can only imagine what tomorrow morning holds in store for me.



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