Our doorstep.


Not a normal type of sex I know.
I liked sitting on our door entrance with my legs placed over the step that was in a small front garden having a gate stood about 5 feet away from the step. This steel gate was easy to see out thro' or for that matter allowed people to glance in thro' when passing. It originally started with me and a family girl sitting in the warm evening sunshine. As the gloom gathered,we'd sit and talk about nothing in particular,just watching the urban life drift gradually into darkness while the people became less and less until only me and her were left.

This particular evening all that changed. She was stopping over and while still light she was called into the house,I knew not why. I stayed out enjoying the feeling of cool evening air wafting over my naked legs, - I had only shorts on with nothing under. - I sensed my scrotum tightening with this coolness and didn't think anymore of it other than it crossed my mind if any girls or for that matter anyone at all in passing had noticed my cock or bollocks hidden only by my shorts.

Minutes later the girl relation snuk back out with a finger to her lips to stop me saying anything. With an utmost whisper, "They think I'm gone to bed,that's what they wanted, me to change for bed" In the street lamps I could see she had on shorty PJs and a loose top. Trying not to giggle, she said,having nudged my arm, "This is all I've got on my top part,nothing under it" - Now I'm only human,the thought of her tits being naked under that thin top tweaked my cock a bit. - "It feels all cold on these" -she pointed at her tities and quietly giggling pushed her chest out and giggling again. - "See! see how hard they've gone?" - I saw alright,her nipples were not only hard but the circle of pimples around stood out through the cloth.

I felt my cock stiffening and it being bent now nearly double felt most uncomfortable. Not content with showing me her hardened nipples,she whispered again, - "look an my legs,see,they're going all goosey" I naturally looked but not at the goosey part,I realised that with her legs slopping upwards,I could see right up the loose legs of the PJs and there was the creases of her bum cheeks.


   I suppose if it had been a swimming costume I wouldn't have taken any notice but her short PJs was making my cock ache like mad. Realising what I was staring at she offered, - "You can't see anything,I've got knickers on under my bottoms"

I felt guilty and it showed. - "I bet you have under yours as well,bet ya!" Before I could say anything a hand went up my leg and touched my sac. . . Looking at me straight, - "That was your balls I felt,its naked under your shorts" - She giggled. - "That you out there Janis? thought you were in bed,still I suppose it is a bit warm for sleeping,only a short while mind, That you still out with her Roger?" - "Yeah,its me" - "Well that's alright,we're going out for a bit,if you come in make sure you drop that latch,we're going out through the garage in the backway" - We shortly heard the door close and that was it. - Talking normally now she was back at it, - "That was your balls I felt,lets have another feel" - "Don't be stupid,we're family" - "So what! I bet you wouldn't say that if I let you have a feel" - I'm thinking,this girls ahead of the game. "Anyway,you looked at my tits just now!" - Defensively, - "I did not,you just showed me how hard the cold air made your tits go. That's all" - In an instant she'd upped with her top, - "See,they still are,now let me feel them balls"

Without waiting her hand was at my balls again,what little solace my hardon had had was lost as the strain of my doubled up hardness pressed for relief. As I started to stand up she jerked her fingers off my sac. - "What? I didn't hurt them did I, I've never played with any before" she lied - No!No! Its not you its. . " By now I was upright and you didn't need a surgeon to tell her my problem - "Fuck! You've got a hardon, did my tits do that?" - "No,not just your tits" - "The thought that my cunt wasn't covered??" - I gave her a knowing look, - "It was! It was,you were thinking and trying to look at my pussy" - "SSSH! What if someone heard" - "Well its a nice pussy cat,you are aren't you" - She made out, - "See,they'd just think were talking to a cat" - I chuckled,this girl certainly thinks on her feet.

"You said about my balls just now,remember! playing with my balls" - "Of course,cats like playing with balls,yours or anybodies.

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   The other type I mean" - I gave up,she had an answer for everything. Now sat with my cock chasing up my belly she again put her hand up my leg and felt my balls,being still stiff she whispered - "Shall I,I want to feel it hard" - "You can as well,nobody will know you're having a feel" Reluctantly (Fucking Liar) I submitted and gently felt up her PJ leg until I touched the gusset of her knickers. She was looking intently at my face as I felt the dampness along her slit. - "Its wet along the slit and its coming thro' the material of your knickers" - "Don't be a nerd,course I'm wet,I've been playing with your balls haven't I?" - Her hand was back at me. she wrestled and eventually pulled my cock back down to nearly where it started,but straight now. - "See if it had been hard like that when it was light those girls that went up by would have seen its end sticking out your shorts. I bet you knew that and all"

She promply pulled one leg of my shorts up my thigh which allowed about two inches of my cock to peep out. - I countered, "If it wasn't for you having your panty's on,they'd have seen your slit as well" - "No,I only changed after it was dark" - "So why did you keep your panty's on then?" - "God,don't you know anything,my pussy was getting wet thinking about trying to hold those balls of yours, I would have become smelly if I took them off stupid" I'll prove it. She promply done some contorsionist trick where by, her panty leg went down and over one foot,back up and thro' over and down and finished up on the floor. - "How the fuck did you do that?" - "Do What? What you on about,they're off arn't they?"

"It would have been less dramatic if you'd dropped your PJs took 'em off and put your PJs back on" - "What and let all and sundry see my bum!" - Almost lost for words, - "But we're the only one's out here" - "You don't know that,there may be someone watching me" - "Hold on. You've taken your pants off to prove to me,your pussy's wet and for me to know that you're obviously going to let me feel it" - "Ah,well that's different,if you don't feel me you won't know" Now sitting back down,she pushed my knees closed to allow her to open hers wider. - "Go on then,feel me,get your fingers wet,hurry up,feeeel meee!!"

I understood by this insistance that she had a need other than proving she was wet and as soom as I crept my finger towards her vagina she slouched back on the hallway and thrust her quim up at my fingers, - "No,touch that part" - Her hand was guiding my finger on to her clitoris and in no time she was humping herself agaist my fingers until she collapsed back on the carpet with a laughy giggly sound of satifaction. - Minutes later, "I'll do you now if you want" - "Okay,but well have to be careful not to leave any sperm for them to see" - "I can sort that,shall I get it out or are you going too?" - Without waiting for an answer she had my shorts open,down and off, - I in panic went to rise, - "No you can't do it with me naked,well get caught" - "Oh don't be such a pussy cat,I'll watch out well be okay" Now with her legs straddling my chest and her ass towards my face meaning my arms were pinned under her calves she went to town with her hand.

I forgot my panic as my touching her pussy with my nose confirmed she had become slightly pongy. - "Release one of my hands" - "OH! Just use your tongue can't you I'm busy down here" - In a second I realised how busy as her mouth enveloped my cocks head and started sucking.

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  I'd never ever had a sucking and in minutes my cum started up my cocks tube. While I tried licking at her wet pussy. I was having problems concentrating on the licking as my cock was about to blow. All of a sudden the mouth was gone and a frantic hand wanked me to a most satifying orgasm. She bent my cock up my belly and I could feel my cum on something other than my bellies skin. Bringing her back up and glancing towards my face, "All done and no spill, I made you shoot off into my knickers I don't like cum spitting into my throat it makes me keck"

"You've sucked before?" - "A bit - But I rather wank them" - Lifting her carcase off my torso,- "come on lets go in before they return or it will be you shouldn't this and you should have done that! Moaning fuckers" - I done an impersonation, "I'll wash your mouth out if I hear you say that again!" Fuck did we shit as the car shot past the end of the road on their way to our garage. Its amazing how quick two people can get to sleep in panic!!!.