A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 10

Mind Control

After the big score Saturday, Evan decided it was time to lay back andfocus on his relationships with Yvonne and Ryoko. He took them and hisparents out to a well regarded Chinese restaurant for dinner and, afterthe two younger girls all showered, he massaged their feet. Then hecrawled between Ryoko's legs and tongued her to a pair of orgasms anddid the same for Yvonne. To reciprocate his kindness, Ryoko mounted hiscock and rode it to an orgasm. Once Evan came, she sucked him back tolife and then handed him over to Yvonne, who did a little giddy upaction of her own to a fulfilling climax. Relaxed and filled with cum,Ryoko and Yvonne snuggled up to Evan and they all nodded off to a sweetnight of slumber.

Monday, after school, Evan took Yvonne and Ryoko to a jewelry store. When the girls asked what they were doing there, Evan wasn't forthcomingwith an answer. After looking at at various rings, he selected whatwould be a promise ring for Ryoko not because he felt obligated to, butbecause he wanted to. He had her try it on as her heart beat rapidly. "So does it fit, babe? I can have it resized if not. " It was a littlebig, so he told the clerk he wanted it fit to her finger and waited awhile before one that matched finally came back. "Yvonne, give me yourlefthand," he said. She did. "Ryoko, the ring I bought you today is toshow that I'm dead serious about our relationship. And if we're stilltogether when you graduate, I'll give you something like what Yvonnehere has.

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  " This was basically a proposal without portfolio and Ryokounderstood that fact right from the one. She hugged him, cried brieflyand they walked back out to the van. "Boy, doing that in a supermarketshopping mall. Ain't I such a romantic?" he cracked on himself. "Ryoko, Ididn't want to give you something that you would have to hide from yourparents. So wear that for now and when  you turn 18 and they no longercontrol you we can really do it right. " "Thank you Evan. I love you. " "Ilove you, too, Ryoko. I hope the three of us are together for a hundredyears. "

When they got home,  he had them shed their clothes. "Hey you guys, Evansaid, "Can you please hug each other and give each other a littlekiss?" "Okay," they answered almost simultaneously. Then Yvonne embracedRyoko and they exchanged a short kiss. "Look, I want you two to do thatevery morning before we leave for school. I not only want you to shareme, but to share each other," he requested.

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   They giggled and hugged andkissed again. That gave him a hot little idea.

After school Tuesday, they went to the supermarket closest to theirhouse and Evan bought a can of whipped cream, some chocolate sauce and abox of strawberries. When they got home, he had them strip and wait forhim in his bedroom while he cleaned the strawberries and cut each onein half. He brought the lot up with him and lost his clothes and sat inbetween them. He sprayed a little whipped cream on half a strawberry andfed it to Yvonne. Then he did the same for Ryoko, who in turn did itfor Evan. They all fed each other a few times and then Evan suddenlysprayed a little whipped cream on Yvonne's nipple and sucked if off. Herepeated that with Ryoko. The whipped cream made them giggle because itwas cold. He had everyone sit up on their knees in the middle of the bedand dropped some whip cream on both of Yvonne's nipples. "Oh my God,that's cold!" she shivered. "Okay Ryoko, both of us this time," hedirected and Ryoko lapped the confection off of Yvonne's left milk ductwhile Evan dealt with the right. He turned to Ryoko and piled up a niceamount on her nipples and Yvonne and Evan cleaned them off. He dottedtheir noses and swallowed the dots off of them.

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   Ryoko took the can fromEvan and sprayed a line down his body and coquettishly licked it up,starting at his groin. She placed another line on his body and Yvonnewent after it.

Evan subsequently had Yvonne lay down. He grabbed the can of chocolatesauce and drizzled it down the middle of her body. He placed some of theremaining strawberry  halves on that line. He told Ryoko to get on itand she took her time consuming both the chocolate and the strawberries. Then Yvonne had to clear off Ryoko's body the same items. Everybody waslaughing as this play continued until Evan drank some of the last of hechocolate and orally shared it with Yvonne and drank some more and fedit to Ryoko with his tongue. Everybody was now full, turned on and in agiddy mood. They took a shower together and Evan had Yvonne and Ryokokiss and hug each other some more as the water flowed down their softyoung bodies.

As they were doing this, he slid his cock into Yvonne and gave her agood rutting while Ryoko looked on, pulling on his sister's moistnipples. He had Ryoko suck on Yvonne's erect milk ducts as the twin girlwas hotting up nicely. Yvonne reached down between Ryoko's legs andbullied her clit as she enjoyed the jolts of pleasure from the penisthat was being pistoned in and out of her. When the orgasm manifesteditself, Yvonne just about fell into Ryoko since it disoriented hersomewhat. Evan withdrew from Yvonne and had them reverse positions sothat the Japanese cutie's ass was in front of him.

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   He jammed his cockinto her slit and she let out a long sigh from already being prettyworked up. She pulled Yvonne's head to her left nipple and tilted herhead back to drink in the sensations from the drilling she was receivingand the pulling on her milk duds. Yvonne began twiddling Ryoko's clitagain, causing her passion to boil uncontrollably and she let out anaudible shudder as the rippling pleasure bored through her before Evanmachine gunned his spunk into her slice of heaven.

Sated and a little bit worn out, they piled out of the shower stall,dried each other off and got dressed. Less than half an hour later, itwas dinner time. "It sounded like you guys were having a pretty goodtime up there," Amanda smiled knowingly. "Mom!" Yvonne protested beforegiggling in embarrassment. Yvonne knew that her parents were told herand Evan were regularly having sex, but she still didn't want to hearabout it from them.

The twins and Ryoko ascended the stairs back up to Evan's room andpeeled their clothes off again. The day was just too much fun and, asEvan looked to his left and saw his beloved Yvonne's cute nudity and hiseyes migrated to his right and peeped Ryoko's, let out a long sigh ofcontentedness. He had fucked two fabulous babes and was full on what hismom had prepared for the evening meal. In short, he felt like he wasking of his domain and was enjoying the spoils thereof.

Monday, though, it was back to the tedious grind of high school. AsYvonne sat in front of him in his classes, Evan occasionally gave hershoulders a two or three second massage, though he wanted to do a lotmore than that. At lunch, the pair as well as Ryoko went out to his vanand they laid there hugging and kissing one another for the duration.

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  Their only appetite during that time frame was only for each other. Whenthe bell rang telling students to get to class for fifth period, theywere all in such a mellow mood that they found it difficult to want toraise themselves off the comfy mattress and pillows they were recliningon or separate themselves from the equally cozy bodies they werecuddling.

After school, Evan wanted to go to the beach. The other two agreed,though traffic was already mounting even at 2:30 in the afternoon. Ittook them over an hour to get there and find a parking space. Theywalked around for a little while enjoying the sea air, especially sinceit was going to be not very long before it would be getting too cold tovisit it until the following spring. They opted for an early dinner at anot very busy beach side cafe and took their time eating, talking andteasing.

They went home in another relaxed mood and got naked in Evan's bedroomand didn't do much until bedtime other than just a lot of hugging andkissing in between kibitzing. Ryoko REALLY seemed to be enjoying kissingand flirting with Yvonne. He wondered if either she was bisexual or hehad given her a command that inadvertently imbued her with that impulse. As turned on as this development made him,  he believed that it wouldbe crass to disturb the easy, relaxed and lovey dovey mood the three ofthem were in with sex. The night ended with him having a furiouslyamorous kissing session with Ryoko before he cradled both of theirunclothed bodies in his arms and dozed off.

Yvonne woke up early, about 5 a. m. , and took a shower before coming backto bed.

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   Evan woke up when she pressed her weight into the mattress. "Good morning sweetheart. God, you smell good," he testified. "I justgot out of the shower," she revealed. Her scent was making him hard and,without saying another word,  he scrambled down between her open legsand began licking her pussy, forcing his tongue between her vaginalwalls and trying to taste as much as he could of them. "God, Yvonne,you're so yummy," he positively reviewed and shifted his attention toher clit. She grabbed his pillow and put it over her head so that shewouldn't wake Ryoko, moaning into it with each lash of Evan's tongueagainst it. Within ten minutes of this, she gasped long and loud intothe pillow before the wave of orgasmic power sped through every nook andcranny of her being. Maybe Ryoko's natural defenses sensed somethingwas happening, because her eyes suddenly popped open. She saw whatYvonne was doing with the pillow and her eyes gazed down her body andsaw Evan munching Yvonne's carpet.

Ryoko scooted over next to Yvonne and pulled the pillow away. "Goodmorning you guys. It looks like you started the morning without me, shesaid, feigning a pout. She wrapped her arms around Yvonne's body andthey kissed softly, Yvonne's pronounced, pacific moans now muffled byRyoko's mouth. Ryoko's delicate fingers bumped Yvonne's stiff nipples asshe alternately sucked them, too.

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   This severely altered the grade ofthe flight path Yvonne's ardor was on and she soon felt another souljarring and brain dulling orgasm course through her. Evan, noting thatRyoko was now up, slid over to his left since he was on his stomach andinto the open space between Ryoko's legs and slobbered all over clit. Yvonne laid her head on Ryoko's shoulder and gently played with hernipples. Ryoko was still a little sleepy, but her nether regions weretingling now and the end of her clit felt hot and oh so rigid. Evanrolled and tumbled his tongue over it and then initiated a campaign oflong and short sucks that culminated in an orgasmic eruption insideRyoko that caused her to see stars.

His work done, Evan went and had a shower while Yvonne's head remainedon Ryoko's shoulder to be stroked and held by her. "That was a pleasantway to wake up," Ryoko opined  "God Ryoko, all I want to do now is justlay in bed with you and Evan. " "Me too, Yvonne," she giggled. When Evancame back, Ryoko succeeded him into the shower and took her time digginghow the warm liquid spray washed over her birthday suit. When they gotto school, they spent all the time before the five minute warning bellin the van cuddling each other. Shortly into their first period lecture,the twins both put their heads down on their respective desks andnodded off. Evan woke up about 20 minutes later but didn't disturbYvonne until the class was over. "How come you didn't wake me up?"Yvonne wanted to know. "Because you looked so cute asleep. " "You're sucha dork!" she accused, playfully pushing him as they walked to theirsecond period.

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The entire day was a battle to remain awake for the twins, who jokinglyattributed it to senioritis. But it was more probably due to justincurring too much mellow plus the endorphins from sexual play thatsapped them of their energy. Ryoko also disclosed that she was fightingoff sleepiness until her gym class woke her up. When they were backhome, though, all three of them were quasi-comatose until dinner. Only acouple hours after eating, Evan, propounding that it was too nice adarkness to waste on watching tv or doing homework, switched the lightoff and, upon shedding their clothes, they all called it a night. .