A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 13

Mind Control

"Fuck, I gotta take a piss, man," Evan notified everyone. "Stayright here girls. " Evan picked up the tops of Karen, Ruth and Hannahand took them into the bathroom with him. He stepped into thebathtub and placed those shirts on the floor of it and then urinatedall over them. Holding them gingerly by their collars, he broughtthe tops back into Aolani's room and made the miscreant trio put thesoiled garments on. "Okay you clowns, put the rest of your clotheson and go home. Then you will report to this house tomorrowafternoon at 4 p. m. "

Stinking of Evan's effluent, Karen, Ruth and Hannah were quietlyshown out the door by Aolani. Aolani returned to her bedroom. "Aolani, tomorrow you will find me the three nerdiest guys inschool. I'm not talking special needs kids, but full on honorsociety brains who are about as popular with girls as shit on aRitz. You will bring them with you to the marquee in front of yourschool and I will pick you all up. "Okay. " "Cool babe. Now come hereand love me up.

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  " They made out for a few minutes standing up beforehe chose to go back to his house.

Thursday, Evan told Yvonne and Ryoko they were going to have to walkhome from school  because he intended to have some fun with thethree girls he told them about the night before. He drove over toAolani's school and she told the nerds to get in. "Hey guys, what'sup?" Evan chirped. "Hey," they all repeated. "So hey babe, did yourfriends even come to school today?" "Yeah, they did. You really dida number on them, though. How did you do that?" "Just force ofpersonality, babe. " "Hey, you guys aren't setting us up for somelulz, are ya?" one of the boys asked. "Dude, you are not only NOT inthe cross hairs of some lulz, but you are going to arguably be thehappiest you have ever been in your lives!" "I don't know aboutthis," one of them whined. "Dude, relax. It's all good, man. " Evanreassured them.

"So what is your relationship with Aolani?" "I'm her boyfriend. ""Then why are you taking us to her house?" "Because there are someother girls I want you to meet.

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   But first, I need to clue you in ona few things before they come over. "

He parked the van in front of Aolani's house as usual. They got outand went into her bedroom. Evan pretty much interrogated the groupabout their backgrounds. One of them was Zack Donaldson, who was a5'8" compactly built math and chemistry nerd with reddish blondehair who wore black plastic rimmed glasses. Another one was BlakeJoffrey, a horse faced 6'3" rail of an honor student who also playedin the school marching band. The third was Jeff Karnakis, whoprobably would have been voted most likely to become a plumberbecause of his stocky 5'6" build, pencil thin and not very wellgroomed mustache and horn rimmed spectacles.

"Okay guys, just in case, sometimes chicks aren't on birth control. One of the girls you are about to meet probably isn't, but I haven'tasked her. So you need to learn to use them. " He demonstrated how toroll a rubber on by using his finger and stressed the importance offlushing it when they were done with it. Then he had them practiceon each other's fingers.

"Okay Aolani, take your clothes off," he ordered. The three nerd'sjaws went agape as Aolani faithfully and unabashedly obeyed Evan'sdirective. "Now give them a lecture on how you like to be kissed,touched, sucked and fucked and show them how to do it.


  " For the nexthour, she did exactly that, with them also asking questions. Too,they each got a chance to lick her clit a bit and feel around in herpussy so that they would know where the g spot is.

"Go ahead and put your clothes back on Aolani," he ordered. It wastime for the trio he was going to torture to come over and withinfive minutes of each other, they all turned up. When they saw KarenHwang, the nerds kinda shrank because she was known to be a majorbitch. "Okay Karen, tell them about yourself, including how manyguys you've slept with and when and to whom you lost your virginity. And you will be truthful. " As it turned out, Karen was a virginbecause she was looking to exploit the Korean fetish for virgins andcash it in to the highest tolerable bidder so that she could golddig her way into financial independence and a high maintencancelifestyle.

Ruth Soto had only slept with two of her boyfriends because she wasafraid of getting pregnant like a lot of other hispanic girls in herneighborhood had.

Hannah Rodgers wanted to be a Playboy model and then use that as aspringboard to becoming an actress as Jenny McCarthy did. She alsowanted to star in a reality series like those of her idol Kendra. She slept with a couple dozen guys, most of them older men, some intheir 30's, because guys her age didn't have much money and couldn'treally introduce her to people who would be useful to her in thefuture.

It was now dark. "Karen, see me in the hallway," Evan orchestrated. Both she and Evan exited Aolani's bedroom door and down the corridora bit before he lit her up.

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   "You will think that Blake Joffrey isthe handsomest man you have ever seen, you will see and feel hiscock as being ten inches long and thick, you will sexually servicehim anytime he wants it and his cum will taste like candy to you. "He flashed her a second time with the light beam: "you will alwaysbe head over heels in love with him, you won't give a shit whatothers say about him and you will keep yourself in shape for him andsleep naked every night with him after you get married. You willalso orgasm every five minutes when he is inside you and then havemultiples after 15 minutes. Finally, you will be nice to everyonewho isn't dishonest or a physical threat to you and your family. "

Evan walked Karen back into Aolani's room and then called for Ruth,who was to be hitched to Zack with the same suggestions that he hadrelayed to Karen. That left Hannah for Jeff, except that added toher suggestions was to study hard in college and make something ofherself while she also adhered to the suggestions that Evan hadgiven the other two girls.

"Zack, can I see you?" Evan requested. Zack went to Evan and was putinto a trance by his penlight. "You wil love Ruth with all yourheart and give her the physical and emotional support she needs plusyou will be able to relax during sex while your penis remains hardand hold off cumming for 25 mnutes. You will not be afraid to demandblowjobs from her or to initiate sex. You will tell nobody aboutwhat transpired here tonight. "

Similar suggestions were uttered to the other two gentlemen abouttheir designated loves.

"Okay girls, time to kiss your new boyfriends," Evan announced witha sarcastic grin, "and tell them how much you love them. " Once hevoiced that command, Evan grabbed Aolani and was all over her like abad suit. Karen was on her knees sucking Blake within about fiveminutes and Zack was feeling Ruth's pudgy but small breasts andHannah and Jeff toppled on to the bed and tongue wrestled likecrazy.

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Once Blake had spooged into Karen's dirty little mouth, Evan calleda halt to the proceedings and posited that it would be better ifthey pursued their passion in another arena. Oh, and the girls wouldhave to take their boyfriends home.

"You're probably not going to be seeing a lot of your friends fromhere on in, Aolani. But that will give you more time for me, Ryokoand Yvonne," he averred. She clapped her hands and emitted a "yay!. "He embraced her and they fell into bed, he passionately kissing herand slipping  a hand up under her skirt. He rubbed her clit throughher panties and could feel that they were wet. He sucked and bit onher neck, giving her small hickeys, but she enjoyed the sensation ofhaving that done to her enormously. He released her and crawled upto the head of the bed and pulled her over to him. They resumedtheir oral communication while his righthand snaked up her top andunhooked her bra. He lifted both the top and bra off of her. Hertanned tits and lithe body were just awesome to behold and Evan'scock twitched in anticipation. He looked back into her opalescentbrown eyes and couldn't resist the urge to heatedly kiss her againwhile gingerly pinching her nipples. He unzipped her skirt andyanked it off of her, leaving her in a cute pair of black bikinipanties, and then shed his own clothes.

Evan guided her back down to the bed and he snaked his handunderneath her panties while he had a good old time suckling on hersweet little tits.

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   Her skin tone lent it the appearance of it beingsofter than most women's and when he got to vigorously rubbing herclit and making her moan and writhe, the vision of that opened hisprecum faucet that much more. Finally,  he just couldn't stand itanymore and took the last remaining condom from the box and wrappedhis rascal before his flesh spade dug into her garden. He held hertightly against him as his hips undulated with all the force hecould muster, her moans into his ear making this experience all themore aesthetically special to him. Again and again he slammed hismanhood into her tender twat and her legs sealed even more snuglyaround him as she approached climax. "God, this has to be whatfucking a goddess is like," he thought to himself. Her body jerkedand she panted her way into euphoria, her nails leaving littlescratches on his back, before his cum surged spasmodically out ofhis cockhead and into the rubber.

He stood up and went to dispose of the condom and then drew her intohis arms when he returned to her bed. They kissed for the next halfan hour until he decided to go home before his resurgent horninessresulted in him inseminating her.

For Evan, he had done some damage to the "popular" clique at anotherhigh school, which seemed weird to him but also imbued him with akind of perverse sense of satisfaction.

The only thing was that even as he now had taken permission to haveAolani over for a night or a weekend, he really couldn't becausethere wasn't enough room in his bed for four people. He certainlywasn't going to kick Ryoko or Yvonne out to accommodate Aolani. Ryoko, though, did continue to snuggle up to Aolani when they werein the van together and those two groped each other and kissed underthe blanket while Evan drove down the road.

Evan and Yvonne could also have a hug and a kiss in the van whenthey couldn't in public. Being able to do that during lunch was bigfor both of them since, even though Evan had this power to havepeople do whatever he wanted, he and Yvonne still had the usualteenage insecurities and needed regular validation from each other.

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