A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 15

Mind Control

The TSA agents didn't even give Evan's penlight a second glance. Heboarded the flight with the others relieved. However, the 12 hourflight and then the 90 minute ride on the limousine bus to theirhotel tuckered everybody out. They checked in, got their roomassignments, showered and went to bed. The unfortunate aspect ofthis trip was that summer in Japan is hot and humid with a lot ofrain. Ryoko was a big help in figuring how to negotiate the subwayand get to different places in Tokyo. She wasn't a Tokyo native andwent to America when she was still little anyway, so the city waspretty much as new to her as it was to the others. She did remindthe others, though, that if they ever get lost they could just haila taxi and ask to be taken to their hotel.

After the first three or four days, they were feeling comfortablewith the new surroundings. After dinner, Evan went pussy hunting. Now he couldn't just roll up on some schoolgirl and ask her to takehim to a love hotel because one has to be at least 20 (which is theage of adulthood in Japan) to go to one. So he looked for some early20's hottie to flag down. He had rehearsed and rehearsed hisJapanese sex vocabulary before landing in Tokyo. He eventually got aclear shot at a woman who was a little older than what he was aimingfor, but she was still cute at 5'3" 100 pounds with short black hairand small tits. He flashed her in the eyes and she stopped dead inher tracks. In Japanese, he told her to obey his orders and thenwaited for her to wake up.

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   When she did, he ordered her to take themto a love hotel and then they went up the elevator to their room.

It looked like a regular hotel room to Evan except with porn playingon the tv in the room. He switched it off and could hear the moansof other couples in the adjoining rooms. "Come here and kiss me," hecommanded and he opened his arms for her and embraced her diminutivebody. Their lips entangled and he ran his hands up and down feelingthe contours of her frame. He pulled his mouth off of hers andlooked into her pretty face and laid another smooch on her, thistime his tongue dive bombing her oral cavity and then twirlingaround hers as he began to undo her blouse. She put her handon his trying to stop him, but he told her to let him touch her andher hand went back on his neck as they continued to kiss. He got herblouse open and then unhooked her bra to reveal her breasts. "Take all your clothes off," he directed so that she wouldremove her socks, pants and panties. She was now completely nakedand he jumped into bed. "Come here," he demanded in Japanese and shejoined him in the sack. "Lay on your back. " When she did, he was ontop of her in an instant and kissing and groping her. She was makingsounds like she was getting pretty excited. Evan pulled his clothesoff and resumed using his mouth as a weapon of maximum pleasure,sucking on her little nipples while he explored her nether regionswith his middle and ring fingers

He scooted down toward the end of the bed and enveloped her vulvawith his mouth, licking her repeatedly up and down her black pubichair covered slit before going hog wild sucking and salivating onher clit, bringing blood to it and making it feel hot and stiff forher.

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   She moaned her approval over and over as he tasted and smelledher somewhat musky scent, adding to that the penetration of two ofhis fingers inside of her, her body rocking and twisting as thetwinges of pleasure attacked her. "Ikisou ("I'm going to cum!" shealerted and he stepped up his suckling of her little joy stick,sending her over the edge. 'Iku! Iku! Kimochi ii~~~ (I'm cumming!I'm cumming! It feels so good)!"

As he got up to retrieve a condom out of his pants, he saw how highshe looked from the body percolating orgasm he just gave her. Nowshe was going to feel his dick and he was going to enjoy her pinkvice. He slid into bed and crawled on top of her. He forced her legsover his shoulders, thrust his turgid prong into her and felt thefirst tendrils of sweet friction as he scraped her moist vaginalwalls. She whimpered about how good it felt and revealed that it hadbeen a while since she had last been fucked. "Oh oh ahhhh ahhhohhhh, kimochi ii! Ahhhhhh!" she squealed, her vaginal muscleslatching on to his pole for dear life as it juked in and out of her,her warm, soft hands subconsciously tightly gripping his biceps. Herbreathing accelerated and then morphed into a stream of pants. "Ikisou! Ahhh Ikuuuuuuuu!" she reported, the sensations of hervaginal walls sandwiching his love gun eventually becoming too muchfor him to endure any longer. He pulled out of her, stripped thecondom off and then shot his spunk on to her stomach.

Evan wiped his gooey emission off of her and then wrapped her up inhis arms and kissed her. He always liked to savor how the differentbodies of the women he cast his spell on felt against his skin. Hekissed her for another few minutes and then dressed and went back to his hotel. The tryst with a stranger didn't inhibit his ardor for Yvonne atall.

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   He soon had her naked and taking the full length of his teenageschvanz, the heat of their love for each other unquenchable. Shegladly accepted his cum inside of her and they spent the rest of thenight teasing and declaring the depth of their regard for eachother.

Meanwhile, Aolani was in the same room with her mother and Ryoko andneither younger girl paid the mom any mind, some very ardent kissingturning into a hot, heavy breathing cunt grinding festival ofpassion.

The next morning, Evan took Aolani aside and had everyone else go tobreakfast. He took his time admiring her tanned body and cute littlebreasts before he had his little monster visit her pink castle andrampage through it, holding her hips while she bent over his bedand bombarding her senses with the growing pleasure his reaming wasgiving her, ultimately making her scream into the bedsheets until he ejected his sperm into her comfort hole.

Out of energy now, they relaxed in bed together while exchangingoccasional kisses. When everyone else had finished their breakfast,he and Aolani dressed and they all headed out for another day ofexploring Tokyo.

Over the ensuing two days, they visited Nikko and Kamakurarespectively. The sticky heat, though, had sapped their energy andthey spent the two days after that enjoying the air conditioning of theirhotel rooms. That kind of weather also kills your sex drive and Evandidn't bang anymore Japanese girls until he and his friends hadmoved on to Osaka.

They took a day trip to Kyoto and were awestruck by the Kinkakuji(the Golden Pavilion). This woke Evan up and he went out afterdinner seeking poon. He saw a female desk clerk from another hotelstanding at the bus stop on the other side of the street. He walkedover to her and paralyzed her with his penlight, telling her to obeyhis orders. They got on the bus together and sat in the very backand in a corner of it, which largely obscured anyone's view of them.

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  "Sawarasete (let me touch you)" he whispered into her ear and hislefthand snaked under her skirt and found her panties. "Ashi wohiraite (spread your legs)," he commanded and rubbed her clitthrough them as well as her pantyhose. He had to stop, though, whenthe bus arrived at the train station. He told her to take him to alove hotel and she did. She was his height with long straight blackhair and bangs that hung over her forehead, a toothy smile and Ccups. Just a really sharp, simple look that was quintessentiallyJapanese. She was in her early 20's and probably just out ofcollege.

He had her remove her clothes and he looked her over. "Fuck, thisgirl is hot!" he thought to himself. She had nice womanly hips thatscreamed, "I was born to have children!" and a cute little trimmedbush. "Damn! I totally want her to have my kids!" he thought tohimself. However, he was already committed to three women andbringing in a fourth just would not be workable. He flopped into bedand summoned her to his side as he sat on the edge. They startedkissing and and the more he did so the more he felt himself fallingfor her.

He  broke away from the kiss and scooted to the head of the bed, puta pillow between his legs and had her lay her head on it.

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   "You're abeautiful woman," he burbled in English. "Thank you," sheacknowledged in his tongue. He gently stroked her cheek while hecontemplated what he was going to do. He wasn't going to throw Ryokoor Aolani overboard for her because that would just be wrong. Plusthe hurdles to enable her to stay with him would be formidable. Heleaned over her and kissed her softly. Her name was Kayo, she said,when he asked. He didn't know anyone he wanted to give her to,either. He was so conflicted about all this that it knocked out hishorniness. "Fuck, I can't do this," he muttered and called a halt tothe proceedings.

On the taxi ride back to his hotel, he experienced a combination offrustration and guilt. He went out for a bit of sport fucking andinstead encountered something that was more than he could handle. Itbothered him enough that upon his return, Yvonne asked him what waswrong. He told her. "It probably bound to happen sometime when youmeet enough people," she comforted.

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   "Yeah, but it was weird," was all hecould really conclude about it. He also silently wondered if this wouldhappen once he and Yvonne started college. Evan reached out and pulledYvonne toward him. "Whatever happens, Yvonne will always be here for meand I need to remember to keep honoring that," he told himself. "Anything else is just a bonus. "