Drugged by My Cum Chapter 7

Mind Control

Sunday morning, I went over to Colleen's place at 10 a. m. I wentupstairs to hang out with Lauren and Sherry and await Hailey and herfriends. Two hours later, Hailey knocked on the door. Colleenanswered it and her and her party entered The two girls she had withher were Ashley Haywood, a 5'4" 115 pound redhead with A cup breastsand a tight body, and Mackenzie Murphy, a 5'8" skinny brunette withB cups, long legs and a nice heart shaped ass. Lauren and Sherrydescended the stairs to welcome them. They started gabbing and thenLauren offered everyone a piece of her Kit Kat bar and theyaccepted. As ordered, Sherry ate one, too and Lauren came up toretrieve me. We scurried into the living room to find four girlsunder the influence. I fed pieces to both Colleen and Lauren and nowthey were all goners.

I sidled up to Hailey's friends and reported to them that they wouldnow follow all my commands and feel a rush of pleasure every timethey obeyed. They would also orgasm when I tell them, "good girl. " Itook Hailey upstairs to one of the sister's rooms and made hernaked. I walked around in back of her and gently manipulated herample breasts while I kissed and nibbled her neck. "Mmmmmm," shehummed pacifically. Feeling her hot naked body up was making mehorny, so I stripped, my seven inches showing up in all of itsengorged glory.

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   I toppled Hailey on to the bed and leaped in myself. I pulled her so that her head reclined on a pillow next to theheadboard and I dropped myself in on top of her. I kissed her whileI enjoyed exploring her pillowy boobs with my lefthand. She wasdefinitely loving that, moaning quietly into my mouth. I moved mymouth over to her thick nipples and spent a few minutes testing howmuch suction on them she could bear. Her moans were louder now andher pussy was sopping and hot to the touch. I scooted down to get ataste of her freshly shaven snatch and eagerly absorbed her juiceswith my tongue before heading for her clit. She moaned with thefirst pass of my tongue on it and her passion ascended from there. Every time I sucked on it brought long, agonized and high pitchedmoans. I slid two fingers into her and now I had her both inside andoutside. She involuntarily began to grind her pussy against my faceand on my digits. Her sighing and moaning was now allied with increasingly erratic and erotic breathing while my tongue blastedher clit with as much sensation as I could exert on it. My fingerstwiddled her g spot faster and faster and it all overwhelmed her,causing her to squeal as the orgasm dominated her nervous system andmade her submit to it.

I maintained my assault for as long as I could, her most primalinstincts taking over the brain that was disengaged from the abilityto think  by my cum. She had seven or eight orgasms before my jawfatigued.

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   "Are you a virgin, Hailey?" I inquired. "No," she informedme. "Coolness!" I muttered to myself and spun a condom on to mydick. I lined it up with the opening of her vagina and shoved it allthe way into her. She didn't exhibit any pain, so she apparently hadsex at least a few times before. I thrusted my pole in and out ofher and once again was digging on that special caress only a woman'svaginal walls could exert on a penis. She arched her back as thepleasure commenced registering in her mind and she reached up toforce me down into a little skin on skin action. "You enjoying thisbabe?" I asked. "Ohhh Goodddddd," she responded breathily, both ofus rasping with the accumulating heat inside of us. She panted in amachine gun fashion, which spurred me to hammer my prong into herwith all the energy I could and she came like a freight train, fastheavy and all you can do is watch and stay out of its way. Becausethe hormones in my semen seemed to speed up a girl's orgasm cycle,it wasn't long before she was cumming down the track again. Fuck,it's so amazing hearing a hot girl lose it and that put me on theverge of cutting loose myself. A few more thrusts and I left mycream in the tip of my rubber while I held her with my cock stillpacked into her.

After both Hailey and I had a chance to rest, I carefully withdrewmy schlong from inside of her and went to flush the condom. When I fell intobed with her again, she had a euphoric expression on her face.

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   Iheld her and her righthand covered mine. I was glad to be able tomake her feel the euphoria she was experiencing at that moment, butit came at a cost for her, enslavement.
We laid there for around half an hour before I decided to get up. Ihelped Hailey back into her clothes and then led her downstairs. Theothers remained where I had left them. I waited around for them tocome to. Finally, at a little past six, they did so. I gave them theorder about wearing only skirts and panties being banned when theyweren't in gym class or at home as well as the one about keepingtheir twats free of pubic hair. After obtaining their cellphonenumbers, I sent them home. I ordered Colleen to put Lauren andSherry on the pill and then headed back to my place to eat with myfolks. I spent the rest of the evening with Marisa.

I now had so many girls under my control that I felt a need to stepback and kind of get my head around on not just how I would usethem, but ponder ways to keep things manageable. So until schoolended for the summer, I mainly stuck to plowing Marisa's mouth andpussy. I was sad only in that I wasn't able to bring Miss Shell intomy stable.

Because the school schedule concluded on a Wednesday, Thursday, Iwas alone at home for most of the day.

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   Marisa came over and Iinformed her of a new rule: when she was in my house: she was to benaked at all times except on weekends, since my parents were aroundthen, or after six on weekdays. Of course, as soon as she droppedher clothes on the floor, I would get hard and bury my condomsheathed cock in her. After a couple of hours hanging out with her,I had her get dressed and go home, whereupon I called Melanie, whowas now on birth control. A little while later, she was at my door. When she entered, I had her eat a Kit Kat with a six hour hit of mysemen on it. She mentally floated off into outer space and I removedher clothes. I gave her the addenda about orgasming when I said shewas a "good girl" and about being naked in both my house that I gaveMarisa, only adding that she would be nude at all times at home,too, except when her mom's friends or strangers were over.

I sat next to her and had a very pleasant kissing session with her,fondling her breasts and rubbing her clit to get her nice and wet. Ithen led her up to my bedroom, where I told her to get on all foursnear the edge of my bed, before I pushed my naked dick into her andgave it to her hard and deep. In that state, like the other girls,she climaxed easily and often, which hotted me up, too, and Isprayed my cum all over her back when I had attained my endurancelimit. I rubbed my juice into her skin and subsequently pulled herinto my arms to hold her while I rested myself in the bed. We kissedfor a bit while I flicked her nipples with my fingers, which heatedher up again. I was becoming firmer in the man zone as well anddesired to fuck her again. I slipped out from behind her and scooteddown to the middle of the bed, where I put her legs over myshoulders, slid my sperm nozzle into her love channel and skeweredit time and again, causing her to orgasm many more times before Ipulled out on the edge of detonation, squatted over her head andspooged her face. I rubbed that mess into her skin, too.

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   Iskullfucked her a couple hours later, my jizz blazing a trail acrossher face yet again, and rubbed those blobs into her skin, too.

I helped her get dressed at just after five and only minutes beforemy parents would return from work, I led her out of the house andwalked around with her until she was fully lucid and truly able tosplit for her house. I called her half an hour later to ensure thatshe had made it. When I hung up, I called Terry and informed her ofher new house rule, that both her and her daughter were to be nude24/7 at their residence except under the heretofore stipulatedcircumstances. .