Drugged by My Cum Chapter 8

Mind Control

As the summer wore on and I was fucking my slaves all the time, as manyas four of them in a day, I noticed that I was becoming much moreconcerned for them and was feeling something akin to love toward a fewof them. I mulled over why that might be the case and realized that theones I felt the most connected to were those with which I didn't have touse a condom on to prevent pregnancy. This made me wonder if there wassomething in their vaginal secretions that was causing this since I wasinside those girls so much.

I researched this topic on the web and ran across something calledcopulins. The research on them was still controversial, but it seemsthat there was a hormone in the fatty acids of the vagina that would beabsorbed by the penis during coitus that did something in men akin towhat the hormones in semen did for women, promote a feeling of bondingand well being. In large doses, though, copulins could, according tosome anecdotal studies, allow the female to control the male in the sameway my semen allowed me to manipulate women.

To test  this out, one night in late August, I pulled my mom aside andinstructed her that she was going to have sex that night with my dad andthat, after he ejaculates, she was to get him hard again and thenreinsert his penis into her while she was on top and have him stayinside of her for the next 35 minutes, doing only what was necessary tokeep him stiff. She was not to let him cum again. When she sees that heseems to be in a silent stupor, she was to whisper the command into hisleft ear that he would always obey her. After she uttered thesuggestion, she was to get off of him, cuddle him and go to sleep.

I didn't sleep much that night because I was so giddy with not just howhot the whole scenario was, but its deviousness. I must have masturbatedfour times thinking about what I could do with this if it panned outthe way I wanted it to. When my mom woke up to begin preparingbreakfast, I told her that she would advise my dad that I would nolonger have a curfew and would be allowed to stay out as late as Iwished with whomever I wanted. While we ate, she told my dad this and hemeekly acquiesced. Score! The fatigue due to not getting much sleepthen hit me and I went back to bed, though not before having mom give mea 20 to eat on for the day, and didn't get back up until a few minutesafter one.

I went over to Marisa's since her parents weren't home.

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   I fucked her andthen we went for a late lunch. When we returned to her place, her momwas already home and crying because she had just gotten laid off fromher work. Marisa and I lent a sympathetic ear for a while and then Ioffered her a piece of my dosed Kit Kat bar. She, without thinking, tookit. She was off in happyland now. I had Marisa stay downstairs while Iled her mom, Toni, up to her bedroom. I undressed her. Her body was alittle thick, but in a very hot way that mature women have, with heavyteardrop shaped breasts  topped by light brown nipples. I whispered intoher ear that she would obey every command I gave her and feel a rush ofpleasure when she did. She would also have a huge orgasm when I calledher a "good girl. " I had her get into bed and told her that she was tosleep through the next morning and, if her husband tried to wake her,she would tell him that she would talk about it with him when she gotup.

I ordered Marisa to make sure that her dad understood that Toni didn'twant to talk to anyone after losing her job and to just wait until shewas up to discuss it. I also had Marisa give me her mom's cellphonenumber and then left. The circumstance under which I enslaved Toni was abummer, but I couldn't help exploiting the opportunity.   I headed forTerry's since I intended to fuck Melanie.

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   On the way, though, I thoughtover how I could help Toni and maybe reward myself in the bargain.

Melanie opened the door and was naked, as I had directed her to be whenshe was in the house. We went upstairs and I had a nice chowdown on herpussy before I shoved my dick into it and reamed her into next week. Ishot her cunt up with a 12 hour dose of cum and she drifted off into thestate of euphoria.

About an hour later, Terry came home. Once she disrobed, I sat her downand asked her about her relationship with her boss. It was "prettysolid," she believed. He was married, but I didn't give a shit aboutthat. I commanded her to begin flirting with her superior and get himinto bed, whereupon she was to have sex with him. After she had drainedhis balls, she was to get him erect again and then mount him and remainsitting on top of him with his pole buried inside of her. She was tomove only enough to keep him at attention. When he drifted off into hisown private Idaho, she was to whisper in his ear that he would obeywhatever she told him to do. She had to keep him inside of her for 35minutes. She was supposed to call me after she got home with her missionaccomplished. She said she would to all that.

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   "Good girl, Terry," Ipraised and she immediately had a soul wrenching climax.

Talking about this made me hard as a rock and I spread Terry's legs openon the couch and lanced her gash like I was possessed. She orgasmed afew times before I pulled out and offloaded my burden on to her stomach. She cleaned herself up and fixed the two of us dinner after I hadinformed her that Melanie was not to be disturbed for the rest of thenight. When we finished eating, Terry and I watched tv together and thenwe went to bed.

The following morning, I went home to raid the refrigerator and set thecontrols for Marisa's, where I stated to Toni that she was to get herdaughter on birth control. I also slipped her the same order on how shewas to come to control her husband that I did to my mom and Toni was todo it that night. I supplemented that with the order about wearingskirts and no panties at all times and that she was to give her husbandhead and sex whenever he wanted it. When she indicated she would comply,I told her she was a "good girl," which provoked a major orgasm withinher.

Saturday, I was on the way to Colleen's house and ran into Krista andAbbey, who were returning from a run to the supermarket for their mom. Their dad was apparently on a corporate retreat and would be gone allweekend. I helped them carry what they had bought into their house,where I was confronted by their mom. As always, I was armed with a dosedKit Kat bat, but I had put my cum only on the last two pieces of it. During the inquisition, I pulled the bar out of my shirt pocket and gaveone unadulterated piece each to Abbey and Krista. I offered one totheir mother, who took it and bit into it.


   Instant pie eyes. I smiledwickedly. I ordered Abbey and Krista to go up to their rooms. "You'regoing to obey every order I give you and you will feel a rush ofpleasure everytime you do," I intoned to the mom, Mary Anne. "When I saythe phrase, "good girl" to you you will experience an amazingly strongand liberating orgasm. " "Okay," she agreed in a tone of voice thatbetrayed just how high she was.

I took her upstairs to her bedroom and told her to go to sleep. I sether alarm clock for 5:30, which was the approximate time I expected herto come out of her compromised condition.