Gift From A God Pt 6

Mind Control

Against all odds, I was feeling damn good. I sat there and pondered what had just happened. I shivered slightly at the memory of what Coyote had done to me. I was awed and humbled by his power, and vowed to not get on his bad side, ever. As scared as I should have been though, I wasn’t. Whatever he had done to me before he left, it worked. All I wanted to do was have a good time.


I started thinking about Katie, about all the tenderness of her alabaster skin, and the pleasure I would take in her, and sat back with a smile. I wondered if I should introduce her to Kristel. That could have possibilities right there. Yeah, the two of them in a room maybe with–


“Steve!” I was snapped from my pleasant daydream and glanced up to see Carlos and Brandon walking towards me.


Carlos is Puerto Rican (although he looks at least half black), about 5’ 8” or 5’ 9”, with very short hair, kind of like a buzz cut, a goatee and a perpetual five o’clock shadow. He shaves before he goes to sleep at night so he has that day’s growth thing going for him. When I first met him, he was shooting for the Bob Marley look with long dreads, but he’s since cut it all off, going instead for a more professional appearance. He claims he doesn’t smoke, but he’s always got that half-lidded look of the constantly stoned. You know Jim Bruer of SNL fame (think Goat Boy) and the movie Half Baked? Like that, only Puerto Rican.

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Brandon is a bit taller and, as I said before, Navajo. He’s got the tanned skin and dark hair that he keeps fairly short (although it’s always kind of messed up), with eyes so slanted that until he told me, I thought he was Japanese. He always looks as if he’s preoccupied. Like his mind is wondering off to other places. Not the most dependable of guys, but we liked him anyway.


I met Carlos through some other friends of mine, but we never hung out until we ended up sharing some classes in school. Brandon I met in class as well. All of us had graduated and were seeking fulfillment in the real world without much success at that point. Carlos and Brandon were now roommates.


“Hey! Right on time. ” I said, “Have a seat. ”


“So what’s up Steve,” Carlos asked. “You look nice. Are you sure we aren’t celebrating something?”


“I just wanted to get together and have a good time. Ready for some fun?”


“What did you have in mind?” Brandon asked.

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I looked at him and Carlos, debating on how much to tell them. I didn’t want to lie to them, but I couldn’t really tell them what was going on either.


“Anything you want, you just say the word. ”


“I want the Fanta girls. ” Carlos exclaimed, him and Brandon sharing a laugh. “What are you smoking? Can I have some. ”


He and Brandon shared a laugh while I just looked at them smiling.


“You doubt my powers?”


“Whatever,” Carlos said. “Are you drunk this early in the afternoon?” He sniffed my empty glass of lemonade. “No liquor in here, is there? Are we going to have to do an intervention on you?”


“No, I’m straight. ” I sat and thought for a moment then decided. “I think I know a good way to start off. Come with me. ” I got up and started walking out of the atrium, when I glanced back to see if they were following. They were just sitting there.

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“Come on,” I insisted, and gestured them to stand up. They both slid out of the seat, giving me curious looks and followed me out into the main restaurant area.


The way Gameworks is set up, you can look down onto the arcade floor from the restaurant. It’s got a lot of open areas in the floor where you can stand and look down on all the people milling about. The object is probably to get you to see how much fun they’re having and go down and spend more money. I walked up to one of the railings and looked down, and Brandon and Carlos walked along either side of me and looked down also.


“You okay,” Carlos asked. “You’re acting kind of weird. ”


I didn’t answer, instead I said, “See anything you like?”


“Like what?” Brandon asked, not getting my meaning.


“Girls, women, poon-tang. ” I told him, nodding my head in the direction of all the people downstairs.


“Oh. . . well yeah, sure.

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   There’s some good looking girls down there,” he said. “We saw this one girl coming in, she was wearing this really tight short skirt and this tiny little halter. She was fucking hot!”


“Oh yeah,” Carlos chimed in.


“Do you see her? Point her out to me, then go and introduce yourself,” I told him.


“No way, I need a few beers before I’ll do that. Shit, probably not even then. She was. . . wooo. ”


“What about you Carlos? You see any girl down there you want?”


“Yeah, but I’m not going to go up and just talk to them. ”


“Why?” I asked him.


“Because, man. I just. .

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  . wouldn’t. Why don’t you go up to a girl and talk to her. ”


“I did,” I said, thinking of Katie. “She’s out in the mall right now doing a bit of shopping, she’ll be back in awhile. Now it’s your turn. ”


“I’m not going to walk up to some random girl and talk to her. What would I say?”


“It doesn’t matter. You can say anything you want. Tell her the short-cut in Photoshop to create a new layer, it won’t make a bit of difference. I’ll bet you money that if you pick a girl and go up to her, she’ll be yours for the night. ” I looked across at him and then over at Brandon. “Same goes for you too Brandon. Any girl in here.


“Are you out of your damn mind?” Carlos said.

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“Really,” Brandon replied. “If it were that easy I’d have brought that hot chick up here with me. ”


“You’re right,” I agreed, ”it normally doesn’t work like that. But this time it will be different. ” I paused for a moment. “This time, I’m going to give her to you. ” I backed up from the railing so I could look at both of them at the same time. They turned around and gave me critical and somewhat concerned looks.


“You can’t give us a girl,” Carlos said, incredulously. “She’s. . . she’s not yours. ”


“Think of it more like borrowing,” I told him. “I’m borrowing her for the night and loaning her to you.

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   Try me. Pick a girl out from the restaurant, any girl it doesn’t matter. Point her out to me. ”


“What?” Carlos shared a look with Brandon. I could tell they were thinking me unwell at that point. I was getting a little frustrated. I was tired of explaining.


“Just do it. Pick someone. ”


“Okay Steve, calm down,” Carlos said. He looked around the restaurant and a girl caught his eye sitting in a table across the floor on the other side of the restaurant. “Her,” he said, pointing to a blonde girl hunched over the table flipping through a menu. “How about her? Happy now?”


I looked to where he pointed, giving her a quick once over. She was attractive from what I could tell. She’d work for this demonstration.

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“She’ll do. Now watch. ”


I stretched out my will and slipped it into her mind. There was no outward effect on me as I was doing this. As far as Carlos and Brandon were concerned, I was standing there staring at her. Her name was Ronee, she was 22 and here with her friend Ashley, who was currently in the restroom Funny, I thought girls always went to the restroom together.  


“Ronee. ”


She brought her head up and looked around. She thought she heard someone say her name.


“Over here, babe. I’m the one in the middle”


She looked across the room and caught sight of me standing between Carlos and Brandon. Her mind was beginning to fill with confusion and the slightest tremor of fear. Both Carlos and Brandon saw her start looking around and then looking right at me.


“What the hell. .

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  . ?” Carlos said.


Ignoring his comments, I continued. I filled her mind with calming and happy feelings. A rub here, a nuzzle there. I could try and explain to you how I did that, manipulating person’s emotions and thoughts (and I’ve tried in the past) but I’ve found it’s like trying to explain color to someone who has never seen. How would you explain red to a blind person?


“Come over here Ronee, just for a minute. ”


{O. . Okay}


She got up and began to walk across the restaurant towards us. I kept a lid on any feelings of panic or fear that might crop up because someone was inside her mind talking to her. Most people aren’t used to that.


“Is she. . .

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  is she coming over here?” Brandon looked from me to her and back at me again.


“Yep. Her name is Ronee. ” I told him, still focusing on her.


“This is a joke, right? You planned this out. ” There was a hint of desperation in Carlos’ voice.


“You picked her,” I said, matter-of-factly.


Ronee was walking across the walkway over the arcade, seconds from arriving. Her eyes were locked on mine. As she walked over, I took complete control of her body. If I asked her to throw herself off the walkway she would have done so without a second thought. Carlos and Brandon had both taken a step back from me, wide-eyed and apprehensive.


Ronee rounded the little corner and approached me, stopping a couple of feet away. She gave Carlos and Brandon a brief glance, then looked back at me.




  . okay, I’m here. Do I know you?” She cocked her head and studied my face.


“No, you don’t babe. I just need to settle a bet with my two buddies here. Do you mind?”


“Will it take long, I’m here with a friend so. . . ”


“Just few minutes, I promise. ” I assured her.


“Okay then, what do you need. ”


“Ronee, if I asked you to get on your knees right now, in front of Carlos,” I gestured to him, “And take out his dick and suck it, would you?”


“Sure. Do you want me to?” She began to walk towards Carlos, whose mouth had hit the floor.


“Not right now,” I told her. “Can Brandon feel your tits though?”



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  â€ She said with a smile and walked over to him, puffing out her chest. “Here ya go. ”


Brandon looked from her to me to back at her chest, his eyes wide. “For real?”


“Sure, go ahead. She wants you to,” I said. “Carlos, jump in too. She doesn’t mind, do you Ronee?”


“Nope, go ahead. ” She twisted a little bit, shaking her wares in Brandon’s face and flashing Carlos a little smile.


Brandon brought his hand up and ran it over her breast, his eyes like saucers. Getting no protest, he gave it a gentle squeeze. “Holy shit!” and he let out a laugh.   “Carlos man, you gotta feel this!”


I arched an eyebrow at Carlos, who had gone very still. He just shook his head at me then looked back at Brandon who was really starting to enjoy himself. He’d brought both hands up and had a breast in each one, massaging them and grinning like drunk circus clown.


“Suit yourself,” I told Carlos.

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   “Anyway, I think that’s enough for now. Ronee, you can go back to your table. ”


“Aww, it was just starting to get fun,” she pouted. Ronee backed away from Brandon who looked as if he just found out there was no Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny raped and killed his pet hamster.


“Thanks, babe. You did great. Off you go now. ” I gave her a little swat on the butt as she walked away. She was a cutie.  


“Okay, thanks. ” She smiled up at me and walked back to her table. By the time she sat back down she had forgotten the entire thing. I leaned back against the railing, crossing my arms, and gave both of them a big smile. “Believe me now?”


“What the fuck was that all about Stephen!” Carlos actually looked mad at me.


“Who cares, that was fucking awesome.

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  â€ Brandon had an eager look in his eye. “Can. . . can I have her?. ”


“Patience Brandon,” I told him, “There might be better ones here. Keep in mind, any woman you want. Explore a little first. ”


He obviously had no qualms about anything. Carlos on the other hand. . .


“How can you give me any woman I want? How in hell can you do that?” Carlos demanded.


“I was kind of wondering that,” Brandon said timidly. He cast an anxious glance between Carlos and me.

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So I went through the exhausting ordeal of telling them without actually telling them.

Yes, I could control them, no, I can’t tell you how. Yes it’s for real, anything you want, etc. etc. It was getting very frustrating trying to explain this every time. I made a mental note not to bother anymore. Anyone I wanted to include would just get a tune up, friend or no.


“So,” I asked Carlos, “what’s it going to be?”


“I. . . well. . . I don’t know. This is just crazy.

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   And is it right to just take women? Isn’t that rape?


“You can’t rape the willing. ”


“How will they be willing if you’re controlling them?”


“I’ll give them gentle pushes in that direction,” I told him. “Think of it as the ultimate pick-up line. Guaranteed to work. ”


“Yeah, but how? I just don’t get it. ” Carlos said. “How. . . ?”


“Carlos, if I could tell you, I would, but it’s forbidden. Just accept it. If you don’t want to take part, I’ll understand. But at least give it a try. Either way you’ve got to decide. ”


“Let me just watch for now.

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   Brandon is going to die if you don’t give him a woman soon. ”


He was right, Brandon was ready to jump out of his skin with excitement. Years of sexual frustration just screaming to be released.


“Yeah lets go, I’m ready now!” Brandon exclaimed.


“Alright, lets go for a walk,” I told them and turned to head downstairs. This was going to be a lot of fun, I could tell already. It was fun exploring my newfound abilities.


We got downstairs, Brandon and Carlos talking amongst themselves, checking girls out and rating them. Brandon would point someone out and ask what Carlos thought and discuss whether she was the one he wanted or if they should keep looking. I let my eye wonder also, but I had Katie out there, and I was content with her for tonight.


“Hey Steve, are there any rules, like no one with a boyfriend or anything like that?” Brandon asked.


“Um. . . no a boyfriend is fine, I can deal with that.

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   Try to stay around your own age though, I’d rather not give you a thirteen year old or anything like that,” I told him.


“Oh, no problem,” Brandon assured me and continued to glance all over. He looked like he was trying to see every girl at once. Carlos was being helpful but still looked like he was having reservations. I think he was waiting to see what happened with Brandon before he made a decision. Can’t say I blamed him really.


“Hey! Steve, there she is, that’s the girl we saw coming in! I want her. ” Brandon called out excitedly. He was drawing a few looks from some people around us.


“Brandon, I need you to calm down a little bit. No need to shout. Now which one are you talking about?” I followed his gaze and saw an absolute knockout standing in a group of people by the skee-ball machines.


Her back was to me, but her back was plenty enough to catch my eye. If I hadn’t promised her to Brandon, I might have taken her for myself. She was short, maybe 5’ 2”, and very petite.

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   Long hair like strands of black silk shimmered luxuriously down her back, ending about where her red tank top stopped. Her skin had a golden hue and she didn't have much of an ass to speak of, but her legs were nice. On first glance, I was thinking Asian, sometimes you can just tell. It wouldn’t surprise me; Brandon always did have a thing for Asians. Yellow fever in the worst way.


“You’re right, she looks pretty hot. That’s the girl you want, then?” I asked.


“Yes! Her, I want her. So, can I go now?”


“Hang on a second, let me prepare things for you” I told him. She turned and with her friends, started walking towards the back of the arcade. Yep, Asian. She was in a group of 3 other people, 2 girls and a guy. They were inconsequential. Ignoring them and focusing on this Asian beauty, I worked my magic.


I dove into her consciousness and explored a bit.

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   Angela was her name. She was 18 and a senior in high school. She was a little bit freaky in the sex department. She hadn’t fucked many guys (three if you don’t count the occasional blow-job or hand-job at the end of a date) but she’d been with one other girl and made out with two others, one of her friends with her today as it happens. What’s this? 18 and already into bondage? It seems our precious Angela had a burning desire to be tied up and was even toying with the idea of a little pain mixed with her pleasure. She’d been eyeing some nipple clamps and some paddles on some online sex shop recently.   She was quite the sexual creature. Personally, I think she was miles out of Brandon’s league, but a promise was a promise.


“Angela, someone named Brandon is going to come up and introduce himself, and he’s going to be the most attractive man you’ve ever seen. You’re only concerns will be to please him. ”


All of this took less then a minute. I lost sight of her as she turned a corner and walked to the back room.   “Alright Brandon, you’re all set. All you have to do is go up to her and introduce yourself. ” I grinned at him.

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   “Brace yourself though, she may be more then you can handle. ”


“So I just walk up to her?”


“Just say ‘Hi, I’m Brandon’ and she’ll be yours,” I assured him.


“Okay. . . here I go. ” And off he went. Carlos and I trailed behind to watch the action. Carlos hadn’t said a whole lot since we were upstairs, but I knew the curiosity was killing him.


Brandon was approaching Angela off in the back corner near some Silent Scope video games. Carlos and I hung out by a driving game near the entrance to this section, just watching. I could hear every word that was being said by their little group, even despite the noise of the place, but I figured Carlos couldn’t hear a thing. I wanted him to be able to hear as well, to ease his fears some.


“Here Carlos, listen. ” And I grabbed his arm.


   I was working on instinct on this one. I just thought about wanting to accomplish something and I seemed to know how to do it. Carlos could suddenly hear everything I could hear, which was a lot. I had gotten used to tuning out all the crap that wasn’t important, but Carlos had no idea how to filter it out. He made a face of pain as his ears were assaulted with all the noise. I toned it down some to let him get used to it and then focused my attention on the goings on of Brandon and his new love interest.


“Holy shit. . . do you hear this all the time?” Carlos’s eyes were wide with wonder.


“Shhh. Listen. ”


“. . .

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  . mom is such a bitch!   She told me that–   Eww, . Angela, I think this guy is coming over here to talk to you. God, could he stare any harder?”


Angela looked around, as well as the rest of her friends, all of them eying Brandon as he approached.


“Oh great. ” Angela groaned. She turned to face Brandon, who was oblivious to their scornful stares. He only had eyes for his Asian goddess. All of them were waiting in quiet anticipation to see how Angela would shoot him down.


Under other circumstances, it would have been painful to watch. Getting turned down is embarrassing enough, but getting humiliated is just that: Humiliating. You could see from her stance that she didn’t even intend to be nice about it. Her face was set with a frown and her arms were crossed in a defensive posture.   A bitch if ever there was one. Still, I knew what would happen, and I knew that as soon as she heard his name, she’s be much more receptive.

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Brandon approached her.


“Uhh. . . hi. What’s your name?” he stammered out. Idiot! He wasn’t following instructions.


“Like I’m gonna fucking tell you. What are you even doing here? Do I look like I would ever even talk to you? Seriously, look at me, and then look at you. Are you blind or just retarded?” She scowled at him and waited for him to respond. Daring him even. Her friends snickered in the background.


“God damn,” Carlos said wincing. “That was harsh. I thought you said she would do whatever he wanted.

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“She will,” I said, angrily. “He’s not doing what I told him too. He was supposed to introduce himself. ”


Meanwhile, Brandon had visibly recoiled at the fierceness of her verbal assault. He looked back at me nervously.


“Tell her your name, Brandon. Say “My name is Brandon”“


He jerked slightly at hearing my voice in his head, but turned around and, taking a deep breath, he tried again.


“My. . uh. . My name is Brandon. ”


The effect was instant. Her entire body softened up and her eyes sort of glazed over with lust. She dropped her arms and took a step towards Brandon, who stepped back a bit, thinking she was going to smack him.

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“Hi Brandon. ” She smiled warmly. “My name is Angela, it’s nice to meet you. I’m sorry if I was a bitch, but I get a lot of guys that try to hit on me and sometimes I have to be tough with them. Will you forgive me?” She pouted and hugged herself to Brandon’s body, running one hand over his back and another over his chest.


“Uh. . yeah, sure. No problem. ”


“Goody,” she squealed. “Brandon. . . do you want to get out of here?”


“Angela, what are you doing!” Her friend yelled. “He’s nasty, what’s wrong with you.

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Angela cast an evil look back at her. “Shut up, skank. Why don’t you take your bulimic ass and get a milk shake or something?”


Her friend’s mouth dropped in shock. ” What?” Her mouth dropped. “What the hell?”


“Just leave us alone,” she spat back.


“Ugh! Lets get out of here. ” She began to walk away, but the two friends were standing there silently, not sure who to side with. “. Are you forgetting we all came in my car? “Hello!? Unless you want to fucking walk home, you better come with me. ”


“Sorry Angela, Jessica’s our ride. ” Chris muttered. Beth made small noise of agreement.


“Whatever, I don’t care. ” Angela said, venomously. “I don’t need a ride in that ho-bags car.

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“God, you’re such a bitch!” Jessica screamed. “Good luck with your new boyfriend. ” She stalked off, Beth and Chris following slowly behind.


“Finally,” Angela gushed. “So, you want to go back to your place? My parents are home, so we can’t go there. ”


Damn, she was really taking charge.


“Uh. . . I. . . ” But that’s all he got out. I think he was too shocked to speak.


“We can’t leave yet, see if she’s hungry or something, go upstairs and get something to eat.

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   Put it on my tab. Or play some games, but Carlos still needs a woman, and I’m waiting for someone. ”


He looked at me and nodded. “Umm. . I can’t leave right now, but are you hungry? We can get some food or something. ”


“Sure, whatever you want Brandon. Let’s go. ” She grabbed his arm and led him up the back steps to the restaurant, Brandon followed dumbly behind. Yeah, definitely too much woman for him. He looked down at Carlos and me with a huge grin and mouthed a ‘Hell Yeah’ to us and gave a thumbs up sign with his free hand as he rounded the corner and went out of sight. I released Carlos’ arm.



. .

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  what did you think?” I asked Carlos.


“That was. . . I mean. . . she really. . . damn. ” I don’t think he knew what to think really. I can’t say I blamed him, he’d just witnessed and experienced something that was completely out of the norm. “I need to sit down for a minute. ”


He took a seat on the steps that led up to the drivers seat of the video game and put his head in his hands.

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   “All that noise I heard, is that what you’re hearing right now?” he glanced up at me.


“Sort of. I tune most of it out. It’s just like background noise to me. Like when an air conditioner kicks on: You hear it at first, but then it just sort of disappears and you only hear it if you focus on it. I can hear everything everyone is saying, every click and beep of every video game and everything in between. Unless I focus on a particular conversation or noise though, it’s no more intrusive then the air conditioner. It took some getting used to, but once you get it down, you do it without thinking about it. ”


“Are you reading my mind?”


“No. Do you want me to?”


“Hell no, stay out of my head man. Could I keep you out?”


“I. . . I don’t know. Maybe.

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   I haven’t had anyone try and resist me yet. Nine times out of ten, the person isn’t even aware of what I’m doing.   Angela has no clue why she’s suddenly so hot for Brandon, and she doesn’t care. The question will never even come up, she’ll be too intent on satisfying him. ”


“How long will she be like that?” He asked. He had leaned back and was giving me questioning looks.


“Probably until I tell her to stop. ” I said. “I don’t want to make her his slave, just a quick night of fun. Trust me, she is far from innocent. If you knew the crap that goes in her head, you would be more worried about what she might do to Brandon then the other way around. He’ll be smiling for a week straight after tonight. ” Then, thinking of her bondage tendencies I added, “Probably walking funny too. ”


“So,” I said, “what’s it going to be? Going home and watching The Jamie Kennedy Experience reruns, or getting laid?


“You swear no one will get hurt and it won’t be rape?”


“I swear. I’m not getting you a girlfriend, I’m just getting you some pussy.




“Alright then. ” He took a deep breath. “I want her. ”


Damn that was quick. He’d apparently already picked her out while Brandon had been looking around. And to think I doubted him. He pointed over to the air hockey tables, where there was a black girl leaned over playing air hockey with a rather imposing looking black guy. I looked her up and down and she wasn’t bad as far as black girls go. I’m not normally attracted to them. Just not my thing. Carlos liked them though.


She was kind of tall for a girl, a little taller than Carlos, with large tits. You couldn’t help but notice them because she was wearing a tight shirt with a low neckline. Her hair was done up very nicely with braids that were pulled back in a ponytail and swayed with her movements. Her skin wasn’t really dark, more a mocha color I guess.

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   Her face was smooth and she had a big smile. Not bad at all.


“Nice,” I told him. “I guess you don’t mind that that guy is her boyfriend. Her very large boyfriend. ”


“You said that wouldn’t be a problem. ”


“Oh it’s not, just wanted to make sure you were okay with it. ”


“Fuck him,” was all he said.


“Yeah, fuck him. ” I replied with a small laugh. “Your wish is my command. ”


“Darrell, go home. ”


And just like that Darrell dropped his air hockey thing, turned and walked out the door, leaving the girl, Tasha, standing there in confused silence.


“You’re better off without him Tasha. Come over here and say hi.

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She abandoned the game and walked over to us, a puzzled expression on her face. I gave her pretty much the same commands I had given Angela. Her face lit up with a wide grin at seeing Carlos.


“Hey, baby,” She said softly.


“Tasha, Carlos; Carlos, Tasha. Carlos, Tasha likes to be kissed on her shoulders and down her back. Also she goes wild for foot massages and. . . bring some whipped cream. ”


“How do you know that?” Tasha said, with surprise. I just grinned at her.


“Carlos, I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous time filling her in on all you’re little quirks and desires. I think you’ll find her a most willing partner. ”


“I can’t believe this,” Carlos exclaimed.

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“Believe it man, it doesn’t get more real. Now, as soon as my date gets back, we’ll get out of here and let the fun continue. Go upstairs and find Brandon, I’ll be along as soon as Katie shows up. Have some food if you’re hungry. ”


“Okay,” Carlos said. “You hungry Tasha?”


“Sure, I could eat. Will we be leaving soon because I want to get you alone. ” She hugged him tight to herself, grabbing his ass with both hands and nibbling on his neck.


“Whoa!” Carlos laughed. Am I good or what.


He headed off upstairs and I wondered around waiting for Katie. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long, because I was getting impatient. I had been keeping an eye on the mall entrance so I could see her when she came in, and see her I did. She looked fabulous. She had ditched the pants for a black skirt that billowed enticingly around her thighs.

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   It was cut so that it didn’t really come to rest against her skin, but sort of hovered over it. If she were to turn suddenly or bend over, you’d get a great view of her upper thighs and maybe a flash of her ass. It seemed designed for letting guys run their hands up girls legs. No complaints here.


That was just the first thing I noticed, she had fantastic legs. They weren’t as well muscled as Kristel’s were. Katie was curvier, where as Kristel was a little more trim but with curves in all the good places. I don’t care for really skinny girls, a man needs a little something to grab on too.


The blouse she chose was a simple one. A red shimmering silk deal with black buttons that accented her hair nicely. The hair itself she had pulled back into a ponytail and gave me a wonderful view of her neck. Yum. Even after all this time I still get that tingly feeling when I think about her. I wasn’t the only one who noticed, several guys were checking her out.


She didn’t see me standing there, she was headed up stairs.

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   She smiled and waved at a couple of her coworkers, who were eyeing her curiously and began to step lightly up the steps.


“Down here sweetness”


The shock of my voice in her head made her stumble and she had to grab the railing with both hands to steady herself. Once she was back on her feet she turned to look down at the crowd of people searching for me.


“Hello” And I waved to get her attention. When she saw me she broke into a big smile and bounded down the few steps to the ground and sauntered towards me.


“You scared me. ” She looked up sweetly at me. That heavy lavender sent washed over me again. It made me want to curl into her body and lie there forever.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. You look amazing. Really, I mean. . . wow!” I gave her a long look up and down while she stood there blushing at my attention.

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“Do you like it?” She made a little twirl. “I hope I didn’t take to long, but I wanted to look nice. ”


“I like it very much. ” I placed my hand on her neck and pulled her to me firmly tilting her head up. Her eyes widened in anticipation and she licked her lips quickly as I brought my face down to hers to kiss her. She came up on her tip toes a little and leaned into me as I sucked her tongue gently into my mouth, my other hand going around her waist. As first kisses go, it was a good one.


After holding it just long enough to garner some stares from the people around us. I pulled my head back and Katie came down off her toes and rested her body against mine. Her eyes were still closed and she gave her lips a slow caress with her tongue as she inhaled deeply. Her eyelids fluttered open like she’d been sleeping and when she met my gaze her pupils were large with arousal.


“Was that more magic?”


I chuckled. “Nope, that was just me. ”


“Wow,” She took a deep breath. “Jason never kisses me like that.

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   His are always kind of sloppy and, like. . . I dunno, like he’s trying to lick my teeth or something. Not like that. ”


“Well I do what I can,” I said, and I leaned in to give her another kiss, this one less passionate, but no less warm.


After we were done, she took a step back, smiled big and said, “I’ve got something for you. ” She held up a little read bag that said Saks Fifth Avenue on the front.


“Oh, and what’s in here?”


“Take a look. ”


I took the bag from her and when I opened it, I caught that satiny smell of sex as it came floating from within. I looked in and saw two pairs of panties. One, a pink pair with little flowers on it, crumpled a little, with a fading damp spot still visible on the crotch. The other, a black, finely knit lace pair with several shear parts that looked like it came from the Victoria’s Secret Fuck Me page. The kind that aren’t meant to be worn, but removed. The tag was still on it.

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“So if you’re not wearing these. . . ?” I gave her an inquiring glance.


“I have to go upstairs and get my purse,” she said with a wicked smile. She turned with her hands clasped behind her back and took off up the stairs, casting a flirting glance back at me. I think I had underestimated my precious Katie. My cock gave a lurch.




I went into the atrium to find Carlos and Brandon while I waited for Katie. They were sitting in the booth with their new friends finishing off a big order of nachos and groping each other. Angela was actually straddling Brandon’s lap while she fed him chips. While he would chew, she let her hands roam over his body, sometimes dipping down to where they were joined, making Brandon jump and laugh.


Carlos was sitting on the outer edge of the booth, Tasha on the inside leaning against the wall. She had her legs over his lap and was sipping on a drink while Carlos ran his hands over her exposed flesh. It was almost like he was daring himself to go higher up her thighs with each pass.

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   Everyone was smiling big and having a good time.


Brandon caught site of me. “Steve! Man! You are my god. This is awesome. This is the best day of my life. ” Angela didn’t seem to care about me, she put her arms around Brandon’s shoulders and started kissing his neck and his ear. Her hips were grinding slightly and suddenly Brandon forgot about me too and started kissing her back.


“I don’t know how   you did it, and you know what, I don’t care. ” Carlos said, his hands never stopping and a Cheshire cat smile on his face.


“I’m glad you guys are having fun. You ready for your next surprise?”


“If it’s anything like this one, bring it on,” Brandon said, looking up from Angela. She too had turned to look at me. “Who is this,” she asked Brandon. I think she was mad that I was interrupting.


“This is my friend Steve.

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   He’s the one that gave you to–”


“No!, Don’t tell her!” I was beginning to think I might not be able to trust Brandon with this kind of information. He stuttered and tried to make a recovery.


“I mean, uh, he’s the one who, uh–”


“Whose paying for the food,” I interjected.


“Oh,” said Angela. “Thanks then. ” And she turned her attention back to Brandon.


“So Steve, what’s the next surprise. ” Carlos asked.


I reached into my pocket and dug out the deliveries that David had brought to me. “This, and this,” In my hand I held two sets of keys, the black and red leather key rings emblazoned with a Toyota logo. Both of their eyes had gone wide. “Carlos, do you like red, or black,” I asked him.


“No way. . .




“Come, come,” I jingled the keys. “Time is of the essence, and I don’t think the manager can shrug off the complaints he’s getting about what’s going on in here much longer. ” Even the girls had started to pay attention to me. “So will it be red, or black?”


“Uh. . . uh. . . red. No! Black, I want black. ” Carlos exclaimed.


“Brandon, that means this one’s for you. ” And I tossed him the red key chain while tossing Carlos the black one. “And if you take these tickets to the valet, he’ll bring it up for you.

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  â€ I set the corresponding tickets down on the table.


“Are you serious,” Brandon asked, eyeing the key chain with amazement. “We get cars? What kind?”


“Two Toyota Celicas. It’s got an excellent system, rims, the whole nine yards. It was a rush job, but I’m sure they look good. ”


“Oh my god!” Brandon said.


“He got you a new car, baby?” Tasha asked Carlos.


“Looks that way. ” he told her.


“Kick ass,” Angela said, looking at the keys in Brandon’s hand.


“But wait, there’s more,” I told them.


“Christ Steve,” said Carlos, “this i.