Hypnotised at a Party, Makes Him My ex.

Mind Control

My husband, the one I had before Steve and I got together, and I were at a party, just casual wear and a little flirting. Well, he knew I was always horney but never did not just how until tonight. THere was a clinical hypnotist there and he was doing the usual party things, making people act like dogs and stuff. Well, Diane, my soon to be lover, was friends with, Gene, I think was his name. She brought me over and said, "Gene, do Teresa, make her my slave. " Everyone laughed and I did too. I had known that she liked me but we had never done anything. Gene said he could try but I amy not be the right person. If I did not want to then he may not be able to do it. We had all had a few drinks and I had a nice buzz going so I laughed and said, "Oh hell, go ahead. " I sat in front of him and he began speaking to me, softer and softer till I drifted off. Suddenly I was there again and I said, "Well go ahead, do me. " Everyone laughed and said that he had me under for 10 min. I found later that he had made Diane my master and all she had to do was say the trigger phrase and I would do anything she said.
I sat down next to my husband and talked a while. Diane came over and put out her hand and said, "Come dance wih me Teresa.

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  " I took her hand and went with her to the center of the living room floor. She put her arms around me and her body against mine and her face on my neck and we began dancing slow. I felt warmth spread over my body. "Do you know what Gene commanded you to do?" she said. "What" I asked her. "He said you will do absolute,y everything I tell you too and you will remember all of it and you will not stop till I say so. " "Yeh right. " I said laughing not knowing everyone was watching and that the first command had already happened. "Okay, I will show you" she said, "Take of your clothes and keep dancing with me and then undress me and we will make love her in the middle of the floor. " I saw myself step back and drop my dress and bra and thong to the floor and then move to her and undress her. We began kissing passionately there and soon were in the middle of the floor eating, sucking and licking each other all over. I saw everyone watching and some undressing and knew I was doing it but did not care.
Diane and I laid there after a  few orgasms and I began to suck her tits again and she stopped me, "Now dear, everyone in the room that wants you to give them oral pleasure, male of female, you will do. You will swallow every man's cum and eat every woman's orgasm that wants you to do them. Do it now.

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  " She kissed me and I got up and went to the first man I saw, "Can I suck you off?" I said and dropped to my knees in front of him and pulled his cock out not waiting for an answer. I became frantic, sucking him fast and soon he filled my throat. I got up and moved to the next guy, he was already waiting with his cock out. On my knees again I sucked him off and kept going around the room. 5 men and 3 women later my husband came over and took my arm, "Let's go slut. " he said. "No, I can't, I have too many left to take care of. " "Great, see my laywer when your finish. " he said and left. I did not even care but kept on doing the men and women near me. I sucked so many that my jaws were getting sore but I had to keep going. Diane came o me and said, "Okay Teresa, that will be enough. " and suddenly I stopped. I stood there waiting to be told what to do next and Diane said to the room, "Any ideas? What does Teresa do now. " A girl whispered to Diane and she laughed.

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"Okay Teresa, you are going on a scavenger hunt. You will go with some of us and we will find as many different people from different ethnic groups as we can. You will have sex with as many as we can find until we reach, 15 different ones. All out sex, understood?" "Yes" I said and started for the door. "Who is going with me?" I said. Diane and 4 more got in a van and I was totally naked and we drove to the store. There was a Pakastanie inside and I got out and went in and went behind the counter and unzipped his pants and sucked him as if we were in private. He filled my throat and I said thanks and went to the van. Two black guys drove up and I went to them and got in the back seat and they fucked the hell out of me and I sucked them off. We moved to the edge of the lot and I was waiting and soon a girl from Mexico came up in her car alone. I got out, still naked and went to her. "Can I eat your pussy?" I said and she just looked at me. I was on my knees and moved her against the car and lifted her skirt and pulled her panties aside and began eating her. She moaned and soon I had eaten her orgasm. I stood and walked to the van.

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   I was out all night with the friends and Diane kept count. Number 15 was the most difficult but about sunrise I found a girl that was Chinese and she pulled me into her car and attacked me as much as I did her. When I finished they took me home and I walked in naked. Diane told me that the command was finished until she asked me to dance again. My husband had my bags packed and he threw me the keys to my car. "Get the fuck out" he told me and I took them, still naked and left and drove to Steve's house.   That was the best night that I had.