I Awoke with a Gift.

Mind Control

I arrived at work, awed at what had happened to me. Coincidence? Perhaps. . . but what if it wasn't? As I was contemplating this, I walked towards the elevator. The familar rumble of its motors barely caught my ear, I had been working in this factory for so long. After waiting for a few minutes, the silver doors opened, and out stepped the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was about average height for a white woman, with glistening black hair and thin, petite lips. Her hips were curved, but not to the point where it became disgusting. No, she was perfect. She smiled at me, and I smiled at her. I took a quick glimpse at her ID tag (conveniently cushioned on her breast. . . not too big, but not exactly miniscule). "Hi, I'm Janet.

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  ""Hi. John's the name, nice to meet you. " She seemed amiable enough. . . maybe a new secretary or something. I didn't know why she was here, all I knew was that I was feeling a little tingle in my penis. After a little small talk with her, I entered the elevator, and found myself thinking of the day's events. Right before the two doors closed, I thought you are going to enter the elevator with me. What hurt could it cause?. . . she turned around and stood beside me. There was a certain fear in her eyes. .

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  . obvoiusly she hadn't meant to walk in here with me. I noticed a tiny bead of sweat on her forehead. My cock-head swelled with the thoughts of what I could do to her. . . You are going to push the stop button. Janet walked over to the panel, and pushed the stop button. The elevator was now suspended. I couldn't believe it, she was actually doing everything I wanted her to! I decided to go for the gold right then and there. . . can you blame me?Take off your clothes. . .

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   slowly. . . erotically. . . She started with her brown blouse. . . wiggling out from under it. . . showing her soft and delicate white flesh. Her bra was silk, without an underwire. The flesh of her breasts seemed so tender, unlike the unnatural things I had seen in porn movies.

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   She proceded to take off her skirt. She tucked her fingers into the waist and turned around. She bent over, her cute onion-shaped butt-cheeks at groin level to me. The skirt slid down, revealing black satin underwear. They glistened under the flourescent lights of the elevator. She had thrown both articles of clothing into the corner, and now stood facing me. I looked into her soft brown eyes. They had a mixture of fear and confusion in them. She didn't realize the power that I held. . . the power over her. I walked forward and pulled down my zipper. Almost immediately, my head popped out. I started rubbing it against the smooth silk between her legs.

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   Stand with your legs open a little more. Her tight calves and thighs obeyed my command. I brushed underneath the panties with the head of my cock, moaning slightly at how it felt. I noticed her nipples from beneath her bra. They were erect. Take off your bra, and rub it against my face. She obeyed, taking off the red bra. She took it in her right palm, and started slowly rubbing it against my forehead, my cheeks, my lips. Unable to stand the pleasure, I backed a way and took a deep breath. I then threw off all my clothes, my shaft pounding with blood and desire. Take off your underwear, and lay down. She removed the panties, which were now moist with her and my pre-coital juices. There she stood, with perfect little nipples, and a delicate little pussy. She was shaved. I liked that.

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  She lay down on her back, and at the base of her legs I lay down on my stomach. I put her two legs on my shoulders. . . oh how those thighs were soft yet firm. . . and began to slowly lick away. I traced her outer lips with the tip of my tounge slowly. I could feel the warmth eminating from her core, wanting me to enter her. After five minutes of teasing her (and myself), I made for her clit, which was poking out from under its hood. I felt her body stiffen, and immediately thought express how you're feeling. Immediately, she began to moan. Her soft-white belly was heaving up and down, she couldn't seem to catch her breath. I spread apart her out lips and licked the inside of the inner lips, my tounge giving short, precise flicks.

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   I then formed a seal with my lips, and sucked on her hole. That seemed to be enough, and she screamed out in ecstacy. I felt her pussy contract on my lips, the juice slowly trickling out. Get up and suck me off. When she stood, I could see her legs quivering. That must have had been a damn good orgasm she had. I wanted one just like it. She got down on her knees and slowly kissed the tip of my head, which was moist with pre-cum juice. She began to lick around the edge of the head, and I was spun into a world of pleasure. Her small, tender lips continued kissing down to my balls, where she took on in her mouth and began to lick it. My dick was as hard as it had ever been. She released my ball, and moved back to my head. She took just the tip in, and began swishing it with her tounge. I couldn't hold it in anymore, and I orgasmed. .


  . hard. Swallow it. . . swallow it all. I watched as it slowly trickled down her throat. She licked and sucked my dick clean, then sat there awaiting my orders. Suddenly, there was a loud jolt, and a blinding flash of light. . . . . . I awoke to find myself in bed, at my house.

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   It had all been a dream. . . . . . darn. I immediately felt a rumble in my belly, and wished my wife would, for once in her life, get up and cook a decent breakfast. It wasn't long until I heard the sizzle of bacon on a frying pan. . . .