In my mind - Part 1

Mind Control

I woke up one day wondering what happened to me. As I opened my blue eyes and wonder around I saw a white room and I’m lying on a white bed. A white cloth was entangled with my body; this couldn’t be a hospital I thought. As I was trying to figure out what could’ve have happened to me and how did I ended up in a hospital. A blonde lady in a white uniform suddenly entered the room. She’s probably a nurse with her outfit. I started checking her out; she got a good butt and a wonderful pair of tits. I wanted to say (“nice tits!”) but I couldn’t utter the word. I started thinking that I may have been injected too much medicine that my tongue or throat got damage. Suddenly the lady nurse turned around, smiled at me and says “Why! Thank you. ” I was definite that I didn’t utter any word. And I know that I just wanted to say it but unable to do so. That is when I saw the angelic face of my nurse. She got blue eyes, a thin and kissable lip, blonde hair, and a wonderful body. She’s probably around 25 or something near that age. I didn’t take my eyes off of her tits until she spoke to me.

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   “You’re awake! I better tell the doctors, oh you’re sister will be really glad. ” The lady quickly moves toward the door and was about to open it. I wanted to stop her though I know I couldn’t talk I still tried to speak. (“Wait! Lady! Stop!”), the word did not escape my lips again but the lady suddenly stops. I thought she stop at will but I was wrong I made her stop and I realized it as soon as she began to wonder. Suddenly some weird sounds are getting into my brain. (What the. . what’s happening to me. Why couldn’t I move my body. ”). I am very sure that the voice that I am hearing is from the lady but as I look closely at her face, she is definitely not talking but is trying to move herself. “What’s happening to me?”, the lady was confused with the strange behavior of her body. At that time I started to realize what I am capable of doing. A devilish smile escaped my lips without the lady noticing it.

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   I really wanted to see a woman’s body so without hesitation I told the lady to lock the door and move closer to me. (“What! What am I doing? This is insane. ”). The lady felt more strange as she notice that she is not in control of her own body. (Damn it! What’s wrong with me today! Is it because I just broke up with my boyfriend. ) The lady is beginning to break down emotionally as she tries to analyze her actions. Now I told her body to unbutton her clothes. I am getting excited myself but tried to act as if surprised by her actions. Then I notice a name pinned on her uniform. It’s her name. She is Cathy. After a few more minutes she was completely naked in front of me. She is not even covering herself, I thought it’s because I told her not to do so. Cathy has perfect tits, better than those sluts I saw on amateur videos. Slowly, I move my hands as I told her to get closer.

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   She’s still thinking badly of herself, not knowing what is really happening to her. Of course if she do I’ll be in great danger. I didn’t contain myself much longer as I grope her beautiful breast. I pinched her nipples and caress her upper body. Cathy’s body is warm and I think this is arousing her. She is not thinking of getting-in-control of her body anymore. Her body is now moving on its own. I didn’t tried to stop her as she climb to my bed and undone my clothing. Not more second and I felt the coldness wrapping my dick as it sprung free. Then I felt the hand of Cathy wrapping my 10-inch cock. After a while I felt Cathy’s warm breath. Oh my goodness! She was sucking my cock hard. I almost shouted as I felt her tongue. (Damn! You’re the best!) I think I am running out of breath. She is now in control, her hand skillfully caressing my balls.

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   I quickly got what Cathy wants as she climb on top of me with her pussy right above my face. She wanted to do some 69. I started licking her clitoris as I slowly put my middle finger inside her. She is warm and quivering inside. The smell made my cock much harder, which pleases her, more. I didn’t know what took her as she sucks my cock like crazy. Her sweats are pouring like rain. The sound of her lips and tongue attacking my cock made me more excited, as I get closer to climax. I didn’t want to lose to her so I eat her pussy like a hungry bear while groping her ass. She is perspiring a lot. We are like animal eating each other. “Ahhh!”, she shouted. Her clitoris is getting bigger and more of her love juice is coming out. I put three of my fingers inside which make her wilder. She suck and hold my cock tight enough.

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   Her head is going up and down in an incredible speed. I can feel her teeth, tongue and throat getting hit by my cock. I am burning with pleasure as I lick her twice her speed. Ahhh! Ohhh! Her noises are music to my ears. Ahhh! Ohhh! We came hard at the same time. Her love juice covered my face while she drunk my entire load. She sucks me dry until she was satisfied. She was totally exhausted as much as I am. After drinking her share she slept beside me. She was hugging me tight that it awakes my sleeping cock. Not more minutes and my cock grew back to 10 inches. To be continued….