Lisa realizes her dream, chapter 2

Mind Control

“Ok, Ben, you can go first. Remember it is until you cum or she is bleeding. Can’t have her ruined now, she is making me way too much money. ” “Hey, Derick, can I fuck her sweet pussy? Or this an anal slut only?” She heard one the guys say, not sure which one, but now at least she had a name to give to The Man. “Yes, Pete, any of her holes are yours, but remember the rules. ” Derick said matter of factly. “D, if I pay u double can I fuck until I cum twice?” this was another guy, him and one other guy to get names from. The other did not speak until they were all down in front of her. She could feel her pussy getting wet but could understand how, even remotely, she could be getting aroused by the thought of three or maybe four guys she did not know fucking her. Her ass was absolutely on fire, it felt as thought her first few layers of skin had been rubbed off, and they might have been. Then they were standing in front of her and soft lights came on, bathing the room in an erotic glow. She saw that was a sexual play room, dildos on machines, huge dildos, ones that a horse would be jealous of. Four tables each with straps located differently across them. Toys of all shapes and sizes hung on the wall. A strange frame stood in the center of the room. It had leather straps hanging down from the top and the whole of it looked like an A that had been connected at the bottom instead of in the middle.

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  “Hey Derick, your right she is absolutely so very cute, almost sad to see her tied up and not walking around in a school girl uniform with pig tails”. This was a new voice, she had heard it on the stairs but no name came with it. “Ben, your up. Need any help getting ready?”“Yeah can u get the bitch to suck me?”“Lisa baby, open your mouth real big and suck his cock for him. ”Lisa knew she could do nothing but what was told to her. Ben walked in front her and when he removed his pants the most beautiful cock stood semi erect for her. It was nearly 8 inches long and not even hard yet! And it had to at least as big around as a shampoo bottle. Her little pussy was working over time to catch up her thoughts, she was actually dripping right there on the floor. Lisa took that cock in her mouth as Ben pressed it against her lips. She inhaled it, massaging it with her tongue and making swallowing motions. She pulled back to lick just the head and survey the length. She was amazed that his cock was now almost as big as a pop can and almost twice as long. She had never tasted a black mans cum before, but her friend had told her that there was huge difference from white cum. She sucked as hard and as long as she could, wanting to taste him. Just as he came, she realized her mistake.

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   She would not be able to fuck this man sized horse, Derick had said until you cum and no more. His cum was sweet yet bitter as she sucked him through a joint orgasm. Lisa had never had an orgasm just from sucking a man off before, she also had never had her little mouth so full of cum, as he pumped his cock in and out, spilling his man juice down her throat. To her credit, she did not lose one single drop of the sweet cum. “Ok Ben your out” Derick said “Awww fuck man let me give you more money so I can fuck her. ”“After the others have their chance I will let you fuck her. ”“Cool”“Raymond, I believe your next. ”“Yeah man, this bitch is about to get fucked up. ”“Be easy on her ok?”“Yeah dude, I promise only small scratches, maybe a slight tear or two. “You know the rules, I will enforce them. ”Raymond came in front of her, dropping his pants as he did. He looked to her and ran his cock softly into her mouth. The velvet lining of her mouth had him cumming before he was all the way into her mouth. She giggled as his cum shot in against her eye. Raymond was very upset.


   He had spent a lot of money to fuck this whore and she had just stole that from him. Derick promised Raymond the same deal as he had Ben. “Pete, your on, The Pussy is Hot! Lets play hide the salami!"Pete was a very small man, just a head taller than she was. And his cock almost made her laugh, it was so small and cute. She found a new item of great value, as Pete rotated the chair so that her pussy was at the perfect angle and height for his little pee pee to slap her pussy. Pete started fucking her like it was his last piece of ass he would ever get. She felt her body shutter though a mind blowing orgasm. She was thinking about how great of a fuck this would be if things were different, just as his load hit her back wall. These assholes were torturing her, she longed for a good hard fuck but the idiots could not hold their shots long enough for her to get a good orgasm going. “Hector, I hope you last longer than these limp dicked asses could. ” Apparently Derick was thinking along the same lines as Lisa by this point. Hector stepped up and dropped his pants. He savagely cock whipped her pretty face with his long, thick cock. Just as her hopes were soaring, hector stepped back and pissed right in her left eye. His yellow piss rolled down her face and into her gaping mouth.

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   She tried to spit it out as he stepped back to her pissed right into her mouth. “You swallow like a good little bitch or I will beat you into submission with my little friend here. ”Derick obviously liked that site, as he was laughing his ass off across the room. Hector slapped her across the face once more, with his cock, to get his point across, a small bruise was forming under her right eye where is first cock slap had caught her. She swallowed as instructed, gagging all the way down. Hector stepped up her still raised pussy and shoved all ten inches of his coffee mug thick cock into her tender young pussy. She cried out in mixed pain and pleasure, begging for him to fuck her hard but wanting it all to end. She screamed through several orgasms over the next two hours as hector and his amazing staying power burned her little cunt up. She slipped in and out of consciousness, until finally she could not handle it anymore. She feel into an old familiar dream, one where she was rich and famous, one where she was the object of all the young boys dreams. .