Perfectly Out of Control

Mind Control

The single guard in the main hall was what Karemi could only assume to be one of the clones. Genetically enhanced, he was the perfect being- huge, built, and incredibly strong. Even more perfect than she was. She had her orders- she had to eliminate any illegals, and the one standing in front of her qualified. She threw the first blow. The clone simply grabbed her hand as she punched at his chest. Her heart almost jumped at contact with him- she knew she needed to kill him… but she wanted him so bad. Instead of punching her back, he let her fist go. She stood in front of him, panting, her chest heaving up and down as she waited. “You can’t do it, can you?” he asked, smiling. “You’re fucking crazy,” she snapped. “You want nothing more than to beat me within an inch of my life, but you can’t,” he smirked. She scanned his huge chest, his rippling biceps… his bulging package. Karemi shook her head, fluffing her blond hair. “No…” she said. “Don’t avoid it,” he said.

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   “You can’t. ” He slapped her, full-force, across the face with a huge hand, knocking her backwards. She grimaced, but instead of pain, she felt gratefulness for the touch. She had to bite her lip to keep from asking him to do it again. He grabbed her by the neck, his huge bicep flexing as he threw her to the floor a few feet away. She felt another wave of excitement wash over her as he touched her, a fire starting below her waist. He walked over as she writhed on the ground, and straddled her. She could feel his muscular thighs tightening around her waist, and her animal instincts started to take over.
Never before had Karemi been out of control, yet all she wanted was to feel him rape her. He kissed her forcefully his tongue reaching the back of her throat, and moved a hand down between her legs. She exploded in orgasmic exhilaration, juices flowing from her like a river. “No,” she weakly moaned as he stretched the leather jumpsuit back, his huge muscles rippling, veins bulging as he tore the material down her chest. She continued to beg, but inside, it was all she wanted. Why, she thought. Why do I need him so much? He gestured to his spandex.

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   “Take it off,” he commanded. “No,” she moaned, as her hands involuntarily rolled the fabric down. Her noises increased as she uncovered his massive, throbbing member- it touched her face, and she felt another orgasmic wave come over her.
The tattered remains of her jumpsuit lay on the ground as the clone wrapped his huge hands around her waist and lifted her up to his pelvis. He slid his penis inside her, and she screamed. Wildfire spread up through her as he penetrated deep into her body, and orgasm after orgasm rocked her. He pounded her, over and over again, slapping her face as he fucked her, grunting in her face. Her juices flowed down his thighs as she continued to scream in pleasure. For some thirty minutes he continued, railing her smaller body with his pure male force. All of a sudden, he pulled her off and threw her to the ground. Kasumi lay on the ground, panting in exhaustion and orgasmic pleasure, juices still dribbling from between her legs.
The clone knelt down, grabbed her waist again, and forced her up to all fours. As he slammed his huge member into her from behind, she screamed in a state of utter nirvana. Over and over again, he drove himself deeper and deeper into her body. Her buttocks rippled as his pelvis slapped into them, and her breasts flopped forwards and backwards with each thrust, snapping the black lace bra with their furious motion.

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   Karemi moaned again and again, wanting it to stop but loving it too much. Finally, after what seemed like hours, he pulled himself out, and flipped her over on the ground. She lay there, writhing in orgasmic bliss, wondering if he was going to go inside her again, when she saw him begin to cum. As she opened her mouth to object, he squirted out a huge gob of milky white semen that splattered on her bulbous breasts and pointed nipples, sloshing up onto her neck.
It feels so good, so warm, she thought, feeling herself come to an orgasm yet again. The clone continued to let his semen flow out, squirting splotches all over her stomach and face. As she moaned, a huge load splattered in her mouth, and she felt the warm, thick substance coat her tongue. Another gob landed on her forehead, streaming down her blond hair. After a minute or two, the shower ended, and she lay on the floor under him, cum dripping off of her body onto the floor, mixing with her sweat. She lay at his feet, for the first time, out of control.