The Maverick: Prologue

Mind Control

Terry Fischer, a young male of 16 who is an embodiment of the term 'maverick'. That's who I was a few mere a days ago, a time prior to the incident that took the limits off of my life, and brought me to true rapture. This is where my story begins. I looked into the mirror, and staring back at me was a purely average guy: black hair, brown eyes, and 5'7, just average. I sighed to my image and reluctantly pulled myself away from the bathroom mirror so I could get to school on time. It was damned cold outside in Michigan around these times, and as soon as I jumped into my car I felt the wrath of the temperature beating against my skin. I adjusted my rearview mirror and glanced at myself again, and then with a sigh I decided it was time to begin another torturous day at school. I strolled into class a few minutes before the first bell rang. I quickly took my seat near the middle and proceeded to unintentionally blend into my surroundings, a trait I picked up from isolation over the years. I casually scanned the room around me, and easily found my source of entertainment for the next hour just as the class began. Miki Trotter, a half-Japanese half-American amazing beauty with unrivaled legs and holds an award for 'the sexiest ass in the tightest pants'. Her breasts being mere handfuls each are one of the only complaints about her physique, but to me that was more an advantage than a disadvantage. Her long black hair that spanned half of her back, and her innocent personality were a few of the catalysts to make the math class faster. A girl that was way out of my league I can't help but agonize over, a complex equation with a simple answer. To sum up my school life, I have a schedule of women that I see planned out in my head. I always choose the best seats to see but not be seen, and I never learned anything from my lessons as I am too busy longing for things I could never have.

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   After math class came English class, and with English class came Kate and Marissa, the sexiest pair of sisters to grace my vocabulary. Kate is what I had dubbed as 'chubby cute', a charm that is a welcome addition to an already amazing body. Kate also featured the most perfectly tanned skin ever to grace my eyes, beautiful brown hair that danced down her shoulders, and a surprisingly short 5'2 with a large B cup to make everything come together wonderfully. But Kate is the most preppy, stuck up, rude, and obnoxious girl ever to grace the halls of the school. Luckily for me, she doesn't even realize I exist, allowing me to savor her beauty without suffering the consequences. Marissa was similar to Kate, but the slight differences bring a world of difference. Marissa was not graced with the 'chubby cute' features, nor was she graced with the height of the family, as she was 5'2 as well. Marissa's skin however was a strange type of white; it looked just like the normal skin of a Caucasian, but for some reason it seemed as if she was born to have it. Her blond hair was always tied in a pony tail, and her face had amazing symmetry, a rare trait indeed. But her most extreme difference is her bulging C cup. With a frame as small as hers and breasts as big as those, one couldn't help but thank the gods for their sense of irony. But I wasn't as lucky as I could have been; my schedule only included three classes worth going to: Math and English in the morning, and Chemistry as my last class. And with the first two classes out of the way, the day rolled on slowly. I blended in wherever I went, never attracting attention or even acknowledgement of my existence. I was abandoned left only with the anticipation of my final class.

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  As bored as I was with the talk of reactions and molecules, I couldn't help but love every second I sat in Chemistry class. My only lifeline in a class that was seemingly designed to set me to sleep was Melanie. Melanie was the girl I had imagined as the perfect woman my entire life. She was the embodiment of perfection. She was about as tall as me, standing at 5'6, her blond hair was a little past her shoulders, and her breast size was a C. But there was something about her that attracted me to her like no other woman possible has ever done. Melanie can only be described of an orchestra consisting of the best in all traits. Not only was her body a combination of features that no beauty should be without but she was smart, kind, and innocent. In reflection, I think that the two things that made her the subject of my fantasies is that she was young, 14 years old, leaving more room for incredible growth, and she has the personality of a tomboy, a trait I adored since my hormones starting kicking in. Maybe it was Melanie's fault that the 'incident' occurred, since it was her I was fantasizing about when I my car hit the curb and flipped onto its top. But I like to believe it was the workings of the guy upstairs, since I don't think I can blame Melanie for being completely unharmed, despite the fact that I was found unconscious with shards of glass in my hair where my head broke the window. But it was after I was taken home by the police that I discovered where the path to happiness truly was. It was when I was laying in bed that night trying to forget everything that happened, when I discovered what a human's mind is truly capable of. To Be Cont. Please, feel free to make comments and suggestions; please tell me if this caught your attention towards the story at all and if you are looking forward to the continuation of the series.

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   Please do not complain for the lack of sex scenes because as the series goes on and Terry learns more and more about his newfound the sex scenes will be become more frequent. What an author needs is a reason to continue writing, not a reason to think that nobody seems to read their comments before/after the story, so please bear with me!This story was written and submitted on 9/10/04, hopefully the next installment will be finished/submitted by tomorrow!.