The Mind Spray

Mind Control

The Mind Spray
Tom Was Walking Down The Street To School, Minding His Buisness As He Looked Into Stores, Houses, And Other Places In His Town. As He Was Walking, He Found An Aresaul Can. It Was Black, And Had No Label. So, Being The 'Good Student' He Was, He Took The Can. As He Was Passing By Some Girls, About His Age, He Accidentally Hit The Nozle On The Can. The Mist Floated For A While, And One Of The Girls Inhaled It. She Caughed, And Eyes Went Super-Wide. She Stared Blankly At Tom. Tom Couldn't Figure Out What To Do. Just Like He Saw In The Movies, He Snapped His Fingers. Her Eyes, Blinked, And Went Back To A Normal Look. As She Left, Tom Thought 'This Stuff Controls Minds!' He Decided To Use It On Some People Like The Little Pervert He Was.
Tom Was A Kid, About 15 Years Old. He Never Had A Girlfriend, And Was Jealous About The Jocs Who Could Get Girls Just By Breathing. Now That He Found The Spray, Wich He Decided To Call 'Mind Spray', He Was Gonna Do What He Wanted Most, Fuck ALL The Girls Who Rejected Him. He Went To Sleep, Planning Out His Sinister Plot.

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When He Woke Up, He Got Ready For School And Left, Nearly Forgetting The Spray. He Ran Up To School, And Waited In The Cafeteria As Boys And Girls Started Entering The Building. The First People He Went For Were The Teachers. He Told Them All To Simply Go Home. He Had The Security Guard Leave, And Then Lock The School. Students Were Panicing. They Couldn't Even Use The Cell Phones Because Of The School's Signal Barrier. He Then Went After The Jocs. They Tried To Fight Back, But They Were Told To Go To The Track, And Play Football. Finally, He Had All The Other Guys And Girls Go To The Library.
The Library Was A Simple One. The School Sold All Their Old Books, So There Were No Shelves. Just 3 Tables. Tom Had The Kids Move All The Chairs And Junk Out Of The Way, And Put The 3 Tables Together. This Created A Stage For Tom.

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   He Told A Girl To Come Up. Her Name Was Jessica, About 14 Years Old.  He Then Had Her Take Off Her Shoes, And They Stood On The Stage For A Couple Of Secconds. Tome Started Moving Towards Her. She Just Smiled From Her Trance. Tom Told Her How Much He'd Been Fantisizing About Her Petit Body. How He Wanted Her To Loose Her Virginity To Him. No One But Him. They Were Now Standing Toe-To-Toe. Tom Was Suprised At Her Response. "Oh Tom Please. I Want You Sooo Bad!" They Kissed A Long Good 30 Secconds. Then Tom Ripped All Her Clothes Off. She Laughed, And Pulled Down Tom's Pants. She Sucked His Rock Hard Cock.

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   Somehow She Could Tell He Was Gonna Cum. She Spun Around, And Inserted His Member Into Her Hole. He Took Her Virginity Just Like That. A Mix Of Cum And Blood Came Out, And They Fell, Catching Each Other. By Now The Guys And Girls In The Audiance Were Fucking, Sucking, Licking, And Moaning ALL DAY.
The End