The Powder

Mind Control

The PowderChapter 1My wife and I got married about 25 years ago. With her coming from a staunch religious background, she was both a virgin and a little inhibited. Our relationship started slowly, with very little physical contact at all.   When we first got married though, we were fucking almost everyday.   She seemed to enjoy it---then. One thing I have always loved are her large tits.    I love to tweak and touch her nipples and they get almost an inch long when erect. But as time went on she complained more and more saying she gets sore. And it got to the point, she wanted sex less and less. During sex, if I touched her cunt, it either tickled or hurt. . . no in between.   She got so she didn't even want to french kiss anymore. It seemed after a while that she was doing me a "favor" whenever we fucked. .

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  . which by now was only happening once a week.   I got so frustrated, I actually discussed it with my friend Bill.   He told me about this powder that a friend of his had told him about that could loosen her inhibitions.   In fact, he said, she would do whatever I wanted. I decided to try it and asked him to get me some.   I put some in her tea at dinnertime.   She didn't seem to be affected by it, but later while watching tv she seemed to get a little tired.   He told me that is when you start making suggestions.   I decided to take it a little slowly and suggested that it was a little hot and maybe she shouldshed her sweater.   She agreed and pulled it off.   She still had on a light cotton blouse that buttoned up the front.   She had it buttoned up all the way. Again I made the suggestion that she was hot and she would be a little cooler if she unbuttoned it.   She slowly began unbuttoning her top.

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    I got a little braver.   "Maybe you should just take it off and your bra too"  She looked up a little confused but went ahead and did it.   Her large breasts looked great in the light of the lamp.   Icouldn't believe she had done all that. Whenever I have asked her before, she had looked at me like I was being a little silly.   Here she was, sitting next to me with her tits exposed acting like it was a normal situation.   I could tell she was cold because her nipples were erect but she wasn't saying anything about it. "Why don't you take off your pants?"  I said, holding my breath. Linda didn't hesitate but stood up and slid her pants down and off. "Your panties too," I continued.   Again, no hesitation.   I decided to try something that I knew for sure she would not do in a normal situation. "Unzip my pants and suck my cock", I told her.   She dropped to her knees, unzipped my pants pulling out my hard cock and engulfed it in her hot mouth.   She began sliding her lips up and down the shaft while looking up at me.

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    Now I knew it had worked!  And the amazing thing was that Bill told me that once she was under my control, it would always work, I wouldn't need any more powder.   All I had to do was make the suggestion now and she would remain under my control. As she slurped on my rod, I suggested that she would always be under my control.   She nodded her head but never took her mouth off my cock.   As I lay back and watched her hungrily munching on my dick, I just smiled.   I knew we were going to have some fun!.