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My wife gets news her mom wont live another 3 months…crushed
She tells me what a tragedy it is , since her dad cheated the last 20 years on her mom.
Her mom complains that 20 years with no sex and the first time she is single …she’ll
never get to enjoy the company of another man with her sudden death sentence.

Her mom is in need of 24 hour care …. Even needs help the restroom and shower.
My wife turns me out to fuck her mother

My wife and sister- in- law joke that they are going to hire a stud to bath their poor
mother nude a give her a last fling on pleasure before she goes. Their mother jokes she’d
wear some stud out or die trying if given the chance.

My wife jokes that I am hung like a horse and could probably
get her mom off just by putting my love tool in her hand to play with such a prize …. curious… her mom bugs her over the next few weeks to get a picture of my tool for her fantasy…. .

My wife then ask me if I would help bath her mom with her since her sister and aunt are no longer around …….

We giggle and joke about me seeing her poor drugged out mom naked with the three of us in the shower together

My wife then tells me she would give me anything I want if I would help her with this
horrible task…. after weeks of bugging me …I help .

She tells me the whole sob story about her mom getting a raw deal from her cheating dad and now when he’s finally gone …she gets sick and told she has 3 months to live.

We put on our bathing suits and carry her mom to her chair in the shower …. after taking her cloths of . .

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  my wife baths her and covers her for me to come help her mom back to bed …. After a few drinks I return to help complete this weird task and delete it from my memory forever.

I enter the bath room and find my wife and her mother a bit tipsy from a few glasses of wine and pain killers . They begin to as me if I could give her dying mom a last wish and perform a lap dance ….

I laugh and tell them there taking to many pain killers…. her mom laughs and say” so what…I’m never going to live long enough to become a junkie” …. She continues to bager me for a lap dance …she even offers to pay me for a dance $5,000 to perform nude.

A several days I’m once a gained asked to help bath her mom . …. we all have a few stiff drinks and my wife tells me her mom put morphine in my drink to help me relax a bit while helping her to the bathroom task…great . . now they want me high …My wife and mother in law ask me to stay this timeto hold her mom in her weaken state …. I close my eyes and agree….

My wife told me she would be ok with me giving her mom a lap dance and promised to by me a new car with her inheritance if I’dgive her mom a little thrill……
My wife soaps her mom up …. .

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  and then all of a sudden pulls my swim trunks down around my ankles and grabs my cock

Surprised I blush and ask what the hell those two dirty ladies where plotting!

My wife bends down and starts to suck my cock hard …. . pulling my ass over to rub against her moms soapy breast…her mom shrills in delightand asked if she could touch my hard tool . .

My wife takes my cock out of her month and tells me to place it in her mothers mouth …. . Her mom grabs my hard cock immediately and pops it in her mouth with all her strength…holding my balls she begins to rub my ass as she sucks my cock better than anyone before her…. .

She orders my wife to go in the next room and turn up the music…. my wife leaves and her mother grabs my hand and shoves my hand on her wet pussy and moans for me to finger her ……. my cock pumps a small load of cumdown hervelvet throat before my wife can return. Her mom giggles and ask if she could fuck my meaty tool as her dying wish …
My wife tells her she is to weak and jokes about it killer her …Instantly she pulls my cock out of her mouth and directs me to shove it in her soaking wet pussy……Pulling
at it with all her might she shifts her pussy over to the edge of the chair and stuff her wet box with my hard tool……Screaming from pleasure… she pauses and then…… calls out for her daughter to go get her meds at the store ……and leave her alone with me ……my shocked wife see how hard my cock is and cheers me on to fuck her mom like a porn star …. . shocked I follow orders and push my way in her moms super
tight boxand squirt another small load as she moans with joy and ecstasy.

All of a sudden……
I feel a huge rush of hot fluid against my dick as it gets pushed out of her pussy with a massive flood of orgasm ….

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  She screams with joy and ecstasy . . I hear my wife whisper for me to be careful she weak and old …Startled …I look behind me and see my wife fingering her own pussy …. . smiling from pleasure watching me…. I see cum dripping down her leg in a splash of her approval …she pushes my ass toward her mother and tells me to fuck her hard with my fantastic dick …. . as a second flow of cum splashes around my cock and balls …. . her mom shakes with pleasure…. . Moaning she tells my wife how much she loves my cock and boast that it is triple the size of her late husbands …. she proceeds totell her daughter that she should worship my cock and treat me like a fucking God…. . all while cumming from thepleasure, crying in joy ,and moaning in mild pain as my hard cock tears her open to plunge deeper inside her…….

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  my wife kisses me …. . assuring me of her approval as she squirts with pleasure everywhere …. .

My mother-in law notices my excited wife……. sheinvites her to move back in the room for better viewing pleasure . They are both squirting cum everywhere as I pound deeper inside my mother –in- laws recently smooth shaven pussy with explosions of slippery
Cum seeping out every opening between her legs

After hours of ecstasy and cumming …. I’m asked to give a old women a rest and told that My wife and I that will be rewarded handsomely for our efforts in giving her mother “ the greatest pleasure and memory of her 75 year life”

My wife later thanks over and over again for me being such a great sport in giving her mom the greatest sexual pleasure she has ever felt …. along with multiple promises of financial reward in the near future…. . To tell the truth …I feel guilty , because I feel I’ve gotten more pleasure then the ladies…. . You thought my dumb wife would have noticed that my dick has never been so hardand swollen with pleasure……or how often her mom sends her away from the house on daily errands. Only so she can sneek a quick fuck or suck a load from my balls every chance she gets with me alone. She even beggs me to sneek down to her room in the middle of the night for a quick fuck

I have begun to really enjoy fucking her more than my hot wife !!

Should I feelbad forgetting so much sexual pleasure fucking my wives mom several times a day ….

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  I have never had it so good?

I can only say” I never looked so forward to bath time as I do now “