A Hot & Erotic Roleplay

Role Play

Hi All ISS Fans and Readers! It;s Playboy again with new gift for you. Today I am going to post a roleplay of fine happened with one of my sex friends. I hope all of you love it. please send your feedback at hotplayboybd@yahoo. com. I am Ovilash from Dhaka City, Bangladesh; age:26 now, doing my MBA and Job. few days ago, i had this roleplay with my friend Uzma( not real name). So, enjoy the roleplay and Have Fun!

Hotplayboybd: hi
Uzma: Hi
Hotplayboybd: wassup sexy?
Uzma: Nt much
Uzma: U tell
Hotplayboybd: chatting
Hotplayboybd: wht u wearing now?
Uzma: Im sooo horny right now
Uzma: In wearing a t shirt n shorts
Hotplayboybd: hmm cool
Uzma: Lets have a role play
Uzma: Teacher n student?
Hotplayboybd: ok
Hotplayboybd: wc
Hotplayboybd: u teacher or student role?
Uzma: Student
Uzma: So role play now

Hotplayboybd: ok. you are a college student and i m your teacher
Uzma: Im ure student, i come to u for an extra class in ure room n we do it
Hotplayboybd: u had a poor grade
Hotplayboybd: tell me whts your college dress?
Uzma: Im wearing a skirt n a tight white shirt, u can see my shocking pink bra
Uzma: Knock knock
Hotplayboybd: hmm
Hotplayboybd: yes come!
Uzma: Good afternoon sir
Hotplayboybd: hey Uzma
Hotplayboybd: now?
Hotplayboybd: how can i help you?
Uzma: Sir u called me for a class, i hate math n don't get a thing in it
Uzma: Its soooo hot outside
Hotplayboybd: u are poor in math
Uzma: Can i sit on ure sofa pls, right under the ad
Hotplayboybd: dont worry. lock the door and come near me.
Uzma: Ac
Hotplayboybd: sure dear. plz come
Uzma: I open my top two buttons coz its hot

Hotplayboybd: hmm
Hotplayboybd: i am staring there
Hotplayboybd: Uzma
Hotplayboybd: you look gorggeous. ( i touched your back head)
Uzma: Sir pls come sir next to me
Uzma: Awhh thank u sir
Hotplayboybd: hmm my pleasure
Uzma: I keep my book on my thigh n pull my skirt up
Hotplayboybd: having a student like you always gives me pleasure
Uzma: Can i have water pls
Hotplayboybd: sure
Hotplayboybd: go there . theres a water purifier there
Hotplayboybd: at the corner
Uzma: I drink n spill half if it on my self over the chest
Uzma: Oh shit
Uzma: Im soooo sorry
Hotplayboybd: omg
Uzma: My white shirt goes more transparent
Hotplayboybd: you spoilt your shirt
Hotplayboybd: open it dear. or u will get cold
Uzma: Are u sure u wont mind it sir
Hotplayboybd: no baby. its only you nd me here
Uzma: Then why dont u remove it fr me
Hotplayboybd: ok dear
Hotplayboybd: come and sit here
Uzma: Comes close

Hotplayboybd: i stand up and unbutton ur shirt
Hotplayboybd: hmm.

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   u got nice pairs Uzma
Uzma: Thanks sir
Uzma: We both sit
Uzma: N u start teaching me
Hotplayboybd: whats your size Uzma?
Uzma: U take my book n keep rbbing  your hands on my things
Hotplayboybd: hmm
Uzma: Its 32b
Hotplayboybd: m also touching your back
Hotplayboybd: hmm a 18 year girl should have 34 baby
Uzma: My boobs don't grow :(
Hotplayboybd: hmm
Hotplayboybd: i could help you out
Hotplayboybd: let me check
Hotplayboybd: saying this i am starting unbutton your bra
Uzma: I chuckle
Hotplayboybd: i smell your bra
Hotplayboybd: you smell good Uzma
Uzma: Its a new perfume
Hotplayboybd: i love your body smell
Uzma: You wanna smell me more
Hotplayboybd: sure

Uzma: I come n give u a hug n starrt to unbutton ure shirt
Hotplayboybd: i hope to enjoy your body smell
Hotplayboybd: u also rubbing my cock ovr the pants
Uzma: Sir ure erections have started :p
Hotplayboybd: yeah
Hotplayboybd: its so big. 8 inch
Uzma:  i open ure belt
Uzma: N remove ure pants
Hotplayboybd: i m removing your skirt and kissing you
Hotplayboybd: also rubbing your boobs
Hotplayboybd: u gave a moan. mmmmmmm
Uzma: Put ure hands owe my panty from under the skirt
Uzma: Over*
Hotplayboybd: i am sucking your one boob, pressing another one and rubbing your panty
Uzma: Im getting wer
Hotplayboybd: its so wet
Uzma: Wet*
Uzma: Ahhhh
Hotplayboybd: i increased my speed
Uzma: Ouch
Hotplayboybd: also biting your nipple
Uzma: Ahhhh i scream
Hotplayboybd: mmmmm
Hotplayboybd: i m pressing both boobs now
Hotplayboybd: and licking them
Hotplayboybd: mmm so sweet boobs baby
Uzma: Thank u sir

Hotplayboybd: wc honey
Hotplayboybd: now sat on the sofa
Hotplayboybd: i wanna take care of your pussy
Uzma: I take ure cock in my hand
Uzma: Not sooo fast sir
Hotplayboybd: u wanna give a blowjob now?
Uzma: Its huge n hard
Uzma: I press it
Hotplayboybd: ahhhhh
Uzma: Tease it with my fingers
Hotplayboybd: i press your hairs hard
Hotplayboybd: holding them
Uzma: Press ure balls
Uzma: I take it in my mouth
Hotplayboybd: ohhhh baby
Uzma: Lick it n tease u
Hotplayboybd: u r so good
Hotplayboybd: enjoying it
Uzma: Starrt sucking it
Uzma: Suck ure pee hole
Hotplayboybd: oh baby
Hotplayboybd: u r too good
Uzma: Give u small bites
Hotplayboybd: m holding your hair nd pressing your boobs
Uzma: Ahhh

Hotplayboybd: also scratching them
Uzma: I press ure balls harder
Hotplayboybd: oh baby o yeah
Hotplayboybd: suck them more
Uzma: Sucking the dick
Hotplayboybd: you fucking bitch
Hotplayboybd: how is the cock baby?
Uzma: Its tasty
Uzma: N amazing
Hotplayboybd: thank you
Hotplayboybd: every girl loves it
Uzma: Are u ready to release
Hotplayboybd: faster and speeder you are licking
Hotplayboybd: ohhhh
Uzma: But i love it the most
Hotplayboybd: m gonna cum in your mouth
Uzma: I start increasing the speed
Hotplayboybd: ahhhhhh
Hotplayboybd: u wanna drink my cum sweety?
Uzma: Rub my boobs on ure chest
Uzma: Yes i do
Hotplayboybd: ahhhhhh
Hotplayboybd: i hold your head tight and cum into your mouth
Uzma: Ahhhh
Uzma: Mmm
Hotplayboybd: how does it taste?
Uzma: This is soooo good
Uzma: I lock ure lips against mine so that u can even taste it
Hotplayboybd: now u stand up and we are kissing
Hotplayboybd: your boobs rub against my chest
Hotplayboybd: they are so soft
Uzma: Ure fingers over my wet pussy
Hotplayboybd: i am kissing your neck, cheeks, ear, below on your navels
Hotplayboybd: your panty gets so wet
Uzma: MWah

Hotplayboybd: now m pressing your both boobs
Hotplayboybd: and smelling your panty
Uzma: U push me on the sofa
Uzma: I open my Legs for u
Hotplayboybd: i rmv ur panty and buried my face on your pussy
Hotplayboybd: started suck and tickle it
Uzma: My other lips want u
Uzma: Ohh
Hotplayboybd: and touch your clitris
Uzma: Ahhhhhh
Hotplayboybd: i m giving you a tongue fuck now
Uzma: Ure soooo good
Hotplayboybd: with more speed m licking your pussy juice
Uzma: I move a lil to give u a perfect grip
Hotplayboybd: also fingering your pussy
Uzma: Ahhhh
Hotplayboybd: you want my finger in your asshole too baby?
Uzma: Be slow sir,  Its my first
Hotplayboybd: sure honey
Uzma: No it will hurrt me i whine
Hotplayboybd: now i m sucking your pussy at the fullest speed
Uzma: Ahhhh
Hotplayboybd: juices are flowing from it
Uzma: Ouch
Hotplayboybd: also fingering it speeder and faster
Uzma: Im gonna cum
Uzma: Ouch
Hotplayboybd: you got a pink asshole also.

its musky smell also arouse me
Uzma: Pls dont go there it wick hurrt
Uzma: I cry

Hotplayboybd: i push a finger into it. its so tight
Uzma: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Hotplayboybd: i dnt care. i keep fingering your pussy and asshole and sucking both them
Hotplayboybd: mmm baby u are so tasty
Uzma: U cum in ure mouth
Hotplayboybd: i inserted my tongue in your asshole  ahhh what a smell
Uzma: I0
Uzma: I*
Hotplayboybd: i m drinking your pussy juice
Hotplayboybd: and keep fingering very deeper now
Uzma: Ohh  how is it u greedy dog
Uzma: I moan
Uzma: Louder n louder
Hotplayboybd: now i take my position to fuck you
Uzma: Pls be slow
Uzma: Its my first
Uzma: I get scared
Hotplayboybd: i keep my cock on your pussy
Hotplayboybd: dont worry baby
Hotplayboybd: i give a push. it inserts half
Uzma: I try to move but u pin me down
Uzma: Ouch
Hotplayboybd: with full force i inserted the full cock.
Hotplayboybd: you gave huge moan and cry
Hotplayboybd: tears coming frm your eyes
Uzma: I scream v loudly

Hotplayboybd: i pressed you boobs and bite them at the same time
Uzma: N hold u tightly
Uzma: I ask u to remove it
Hotplayboybd: i am kissing you now
Hotplayboybd: and fucking you
Hotplayboybd: gradually increasing the sped
Uzma: Ah, i calm down a lil
Uzma: Enjoying it
Uzma: This is soooo good
Hotplayboybd: i took u on my lap and giving u a stand fuck
Hotplayboybd: also fingering your asshole
Hotplayboybd: and sucking your boobs lips
Uzma: I moan
Hotplayboybd: are you enjoying baby?
Uzma: A lot
Uzma: Take it Eeeeee
Uzma: Deeeper
Hotplayboybd: now i sat on the sofa. nd you are jumping on my cock
Uzma: R u liking it
Hotplayboybd: its fucking you so easily now
Hotplayboybd: o yeah baby
Hotplayboybd: i love tight pussy
Uzma: Ahhh
Uzma: I jump up n down
Hotplayboybd: i am pressing your boobs now and rubbing your back
Hotplayboybd: you bcum faster now
Uzma: My boobs in the air
Hotplayboybd: with great speed
Uzma: I keep moaning
Hotplayboybd: you bent down so i can lick and bite your boobs
Hotplayboybd: ahhhhhhh
Hotplayboybd: i am gonna cum again baby
Hotplayboybd: ow i m gonna fuck you in doggy style
Uzma: I take your dick
Hotplayboybd: you took position on the sofa
Uzma: Give u a handjob
Hotplayboybd: i stand behind you and started fuck you again
Uzma: Ahhhh
Uzma: I cry

Hotplayboybd: pressing your boobs from below and holding your hairs very tight
Uzma: I can feel ure abt to burst
Hotplayboybd: you fucking whore
Hotplayboybd: i will fuck you bitch
Uzma: Fuck me more
Hotplayboybd: you nasty cheap whore
Hotplayboybd: ahhhhh
Hotplayboybd: saying i increase my speed
Hotplayboybd: oh yeah you daughter of fucking bitch
Uzma: More
Hotplayboybd: ahhhhh
Uzma: U can do better
Uzma: Ah
Hotplayboybd: m also fingering your asshole
Uzma: Release in me
Uzma: Ahhhh
Uzma: Wow ure good
Hotplayboybd: o yeah you fucking bith
Hotplayboybd: bitch
Hotplayboybd: want more
Hotplayboybd: ?

Uzma: A lot more
Hotplayboybd: i will make you the whole college bitch
Hotplayboybd: oh yeah i m fucking you at a great speed
Uzma: But i wanna be ure bitch
Hotplayboybd: o hhhhhhh
Hotplayboybd: ahhhhhhhh baby
Hotplayboybd: i m gonna cum now
Uzma: Do it in me
Uzma: Go deeper
Uzma: Um stroking ure dick
Uzma: Ahhhh
Hotplayboybd: oh yeah
Hotplayboybd: ahhhhhhhhhh
Hotplayboybd: i amd releasing my cum noe you bitch
Hotplayboybd: oh yeah
Uzma: I pull u closee
Uzma: Ohh
Hotplayboybd: i pressed your boobs so hard now and released my cum
Uzma: Yor warmth in me feels soooo good
Hotplayboybd: hmm
Hotplayboybd: thanks
Hotplayboybd: i love your pussy too
Uzma: Ahhh
Hotplayboybd: did you enjoy it honey?
Uzma:  a lot
Hotplayboybd: you are very good in it
Uzma: Im shit wet
Uzma: Thanks!
Hotplayboybd: how many times did you cum?
Hotplayboybd: welcome. thank you too
Uzma:  gonna cum the third time
Uzma:  you?
Hotplayboybd: 2 times
Uzma: Fuck this was good

Hotplayboybd: had role play ever before?
Uzma: Yeah
Uzma: You?
Hotplayboybd: me too
Uzma: I wish u were my teacher in reality ;)
Hotplayboybd: i know no one ever did better with you than me.

Uzma: V right
Hotplayboybd: i m experienced
Uzma: V experienced ;)
Uzma:  wont u clean me n dress me up now ;)
Hotplayboybd: o yes baby
Hotplayboybd: i laid you on my table now
Uzma: Iss! I love it
Hotplayboybd: you put your feet on my shoulders
Hotplayboybd: now i am licking your feet toe
Hotplayboybd: and going upward
Uzma: Sooo Sorry for the mess in here sir
Hotplayboybd: your juices ar all over your legs
Hotplayboybd: now i am licking your pussy area
Hotplayboybd: and enjoying the aroma of our cum there
Uzma: Its all over me
Hotplayboybd: your ass cheeks also look red bcj of my slap in doggy style
Hotplayboybd: now i cleaned all the juices and kissing your lips
Hotplayboybd: also hug you tightly
Uzma:  im still breathing heavily
Uzma: I kiss u on the cheek
Hotplayboybd: i can feel your pionted nipples on my chest
Uzma: Whispering Thanks in ure ears
Hotplayboybd: me too
Hotplayboybd: having a studen like you alwayz good
Hotplayboybd: and give fun
Uzma: :)*
Hotplayboybd: ok babe
Uzma: Thank u once again
Hotplayboybd: my pleasure
Uzma: Had a lot of fun
Hotplayboybd: me too
Hotplayboybd: muah
Uzma: Wish i had u in reality
Uzma: Mwah
Uzma: Bye:)
Hotplayboybd: bye baby

I hope you all enjoy this roleplay. Girls/Ladies who love to enjoy themselves in real like Uzma are welcome to email me. All of you are also requested to send your feedback at hotplayboybd@yahoo. com. thank you all! have a nice night!


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