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[00:02:31] [W To] [11:Marlynni]: You busy baby?
[00:03:10] [W From] [11:Marlynni]: *Looks over at the newcomer* "N-no, sir".
[00:03:49] [W To] [11:Marlynni]: You are looking extremely sexy. Would you like to go upstairs and ERP with me baby?
[00:04:40] [W From] [11:Marlynni]: *Remembering her masters words, Marly Nods* "Yes sir. . . Whatever you wish. "
[00:05:09] [W To] [11:Marlynni]: Follow me baby
[00:05:42] [W To] [11:Marlynni]: Suck on my hard cock baby. I am so horny *takes his boxers off. Exposing his hard cock*
[00:06:48] [P] [11:Marlynni]: Marly kneels down, wrapping her fingers around the base of the man’s shaft, before beginning to lick the head, tasting it*
[00:07:27] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: Oh yea. Like that baby. Do you like the taste of my pre cum?
[00:07:56] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: *Grabs the back of Marly's head and slowly pusher her down on his hard stiff cock*
[00:08:50] [P] [11:Marlynni]: *Looks up before returning to the organ in front of her* "Yes, Sir" *As her hands begin to slowly squeeze and Caress the man’s balls, barley envelops more and more of the cock into her mouth, licking and sucking as much as she can fit into her small mouth*
[00:10:08] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: Oh god. Suck on it baby. *Moans in pleasure at Marly as she works his cock with her mouth*
[00:11:21] [P] [11:Marlynni]: *Gagging slightly, Marly takes the full length into her mouth, before bobbing her head back and forth, making sure to continues the sucking and licking motions with her tounge as she continues to massage the balls with her small hands*
[00:12:29] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: Mmm baby. That feels so good. Ready to take my cock up that little pussy of yours baby? *Quivers in pleasure as Marly deep throats his cock*
[00:13:45] [P] [11:Marlynni]: *Marly stands up, giving the cock a final lick up the center of the shaft, She moves over to the bed, lying back and hanging her legs over the side*
[00:14:28] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: Would you like me to eat out your pussy first baby? Or just dive right in?
[00:15:35] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: *Stokes his cock as Marly spreads her legs. Waiting for an answer*
[00:15:38] [P] [11:Marlynni]: *Marly looks over at the larger man standing above her* "Eat my pussy, get me nice and wet for you"
[00:17:18] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: *Sits between Marly's spread lets.

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   Eager to eat out her pussy, gently he spreads Marly's pussy lips and lets hit long rough tongue slip in. Tasting her juices*
[00:18:46] [P] [11:Marlynni]: *Marly moans as she feels Bryyan's tongue against her, shuddering slightly as it brushes past her clit and enters her warm hole* "ohhhhhh, more. . Kee- Keep going baby"
[00:19:30] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: *starts sucking on Marly's clit and looks up* How does that feel baby? *Goes back to licking and sucking hard on it as he feels Marly quiver in pleasure*
[00:21:09] [P] [11:Marlynni]: *Marly squeals as the man begins sucking on her extremely sensitive clit, bucking her hips to press her pussy firmly against his face, her cunt flooding with moisture*
[00:23:21] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: *Feeling Marly about to cum he starts sucking and licking on her clit faster and harder. * Cum on my face baby *Slides a finger into Marly's sensitive pussy. Spreading her pussy even wider, giving his tongue more access. Deeper it probes into Marly's hole
[00:25:31] [P] [11:Marlynni]: *Marly moans incoherently as Bryyan continues to suck and lick at her clit, Pushing one of his large fingers into her sensitive holes, With a shudder Marly's already sopping pussy floods with more wetness as she orgasms*
[00:27:13] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: *Bryyan graciously laps up all of Marly pussy juices flowing out of her pussy* You taste so good baby. Is your pussy ready for my cock?
[00:28:22] [P] [11:Marlynni]: *Her pussy still spamming from her recent orgasm, Marly looks up at bryyan and manages to gasp* "Y-yes. . . Do it"
[00:30:28] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: *Stands up and waits for Marly to catch her breath. Slowly he picks up Marly's ass and guides his cock to her dripping wet awaiting pussy. He stops and lets the head of his cock tease Marly's pussy. Sliding the head back and forth between her pussy lips*
[00:32:29] [P] [11:Marlynni]: *Marly gasps as she feels the head enter her then retreat, using one hand she cups a breast, playing with her nipple* "Do it. .

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   Fill me up with you cock"
[00:33:41] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: Mmm baby. I need to cum May I cum in your wet pussy? *Slides his cock past Marly's pussy lips. Slowly he slides inch by inch deep into her aching pussy*
[00:35:19] [P] [11:Marlynni]: *Marly moans as she feels her inner walls wrap around the large invader, squeezing it* "Mmmnn, Fuck me hard. . . Fill my pussy with your hot cum"
[00:36:59] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: *Needs no more invitation. Bryyan starts pumping his cock in and out of Marly's tight wet pussy. HIs balls slapping her ass with every deep thrust of his raging hard cock*
[00:37:55] [P] [11:Marlynni]: *Moans louder and pushes herself against Bryyan's thrusts, Feeling another orgasm begin to build as her little body is fucked hard*
[00:39:35] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: I am about to cum baby *Starts fucking Marly harder and harder. Panting as he thrust into her. Deeper he works he cock. In dire need of cumming*
[00:41:38] [P] [11:Marlynni]: *Feeling the speed increase and the words, Marly speeds up to match Bryyan's thrusts, feeling her pussy begin to clamp and spasm wildly again "Ohhhhh, Do it. . . . Fill me Up"

[00:44:31] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: *Slams his cock deep in Marly's pussy.

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   On the verge of cumming deep in Marly’s wet tight dripping pussy* About to cum baby. How badly do you want it?
[00:45:34] [P] [11:Marlynni]: *In the middle of her Own Orgasm, Marly is unable to speak, Moaning and squealing as the large cock is pumped into her and she writhes around it*
[00:46:46] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: *Explodes deep in Marly's pussy. Filling it with hot sticky cum. Rope after rope shoots from his cock deep into Marly's womb*
[00:48:56] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: Oh god baby. That felt so good. *Slips his spent cock from Marly's still shivering pussy*
[00:49:11] [P] [11:Marlynni]: *Marly Continues to moan as she feels the hot sticky mess pool inside her, looking up at Bryyan she smiles "T-that was. . . wonderful"
[00:50:28] [PL] [1:Bryyan]: Thank you baby. It was fantastic for me as well.
[00:52:02] [P] [11:Marlynni]: *Standing up slowly, Marly feels the hot liquid run down her leg. . Winding at Bryyan she says "See ya' round" Before slowly walking out the door
[00:54:06] [PL] [1:Bryyan]:Bye baby *He waves as Marly walks out the door. * Hope we can do this again sometime