Best Friends progession Part 1


Let me introduce myself, my name is Matt I’m 18 years old from England. I have mid length blonde hair and long legs making me 6’0. I am on the thin side but make up for it with brains. This is my first story.
Sitting on my bed on one Friday evening, phone in hand texting a girl called Holly. Let me tell you about Holly, she is like a sister to me, and I a brother to her. We are in no way related but we do however call each other Bro and Sis, as you would. Well Holly is a 15 year old girl about 5’7 in height and with golden blonde hair coming down to just below her shoulders. She has just started to blossom with her nice curvy thin body. She hasn’t yet begun to fully develop breasts and so she is just like a normal 15 year olds size.
Well back to the story… I was texting Holly the usual stuff when she replied to a text saying she was upset and needed to see someone. This came out of the blue so I called her. She answered the phone and instantly I could tell she had been, and still was, crying.
“What’s wrong lovely?”
“I have had a shit day, which has just been topped off by finding out that two family members died last week. I have to attend two funerals in 3 days!”
“I’m sorry lovely would you like me to come round?”
“I would much rather go to yours if that’s okay, want to be away from my family for a while. Hate being reminded of the funerals, you know what I mean?”
“Yeah I know what you mean and of course you can come round mine.

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   I am alone anyway so we can talk without getting disturbed. Want me to pick you up?”
“Yeah if you could that would be great, I will tell me mum I’m coming over. Can I say I’m staying the night?”
“Yeah you can stay the night. ”
“Okay thanks bro, see you in a minute”
“Bye sis love you”
Hanging up the phone I got my coat on, picked up my keys and began walking to Holly’s house. Luckily she lived only 5minutes walk away from me so I didn’t need to drive. Five minutes had past when I arrived at her door. Knocking I waited for an answer. The door opened and Dawn, Holly’s mum was there.
“Hey Matt you okay?” She asked quiet politely
“Yeah thanks Dawny. She getting her stuff together?”
“Yes she is, won’t be long”
“I hope” We both laughed as I saw her coming down the stairs.
“Hey Holz got everything?” Dawny asked.
“Yep, I will see you on Sunday afternoon call me when you get back from shopping.
“Okay Honey see you later, Bye Matt take care of her for me”
“I will try”
After the door was closed we began walking. I had offered to carry her things but she declined saying it was no trouble in her carrying them. I then picked her up and carried her in my arms.


“What you doing silly?”
“I said I would pick you up, I meant it literally!”
This seemed to cheer her up as she was giggling all the way home, her still in my arms. I had managed to carry her for about 10minutes. It took so long due to the slowness of my walk.
We got to my front door and I put her down to get my keys out of my jeans. Opening the door I carried her stuff inside through the house out into the garden and into the Log cabin out back. The cabin was big enough for six people to hang out in so with only two of us it was quite comfortable. We sat on the leather corner sofa in front of the TV and just chatted while a DVD was playing in the background. She had managed to go for a few hours without crying until she mentioned the funerals next week.
“Oh Matt I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to go to the funerals I won’t be able to take them. I never even met them anyway”
“Come here Klutz” I hugged her and held her tight as she cried on my shoulder.
“Thank you Matt I don’t know what I would do without you”
“You would probably have someone else like me…”
“Nobody is as nice as you though””Stop it you’re making me blush. Now let’s watch another DVD.
I put on one of those comedy chick flicks and we sat there watching it. About five minutes in she grabbed my hand and held it tight.

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   She then leaned her head on my shoulder and put her other hand on my leg. Not bothered by this I just kept watching. At times when I noticed her grip get tighter I stared at her beautiful face. That was when I discovered I loved her. All the months we had been talking and becoming close I didn’t realise that I felt this way about her. I was 18 and she was only 15, barely even legal. What would people think? Would they call me a paedophile? I just put those thoughts out of my mind and kept staring at her.
“Do I have something on me?” Holly had noticed me staring.
“No only your beautiful face” I laughed, she looked confused
“You think I’m beautiful?”
“The most beautiful girl I have ever met. I mean it. ”
“You said that differently than you usually compliment me. Have you forgotten that we are brother and sister?”
“No I haven’t”
“Wouldn’t that be Incest if you liked me like that?”
“Who says that would put me off? Nothing could stop me loving you Holly. You are too special for excuses like that”
“That’s so cute. I love you too” She then gave me the biggest hug she had ever given me before. Not wanting to push my luck I left it there and carried on watching the end of the film.

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I began to notice Holly yawning more and more so suggested she go to bed. She agreed and went to get into her PJ’s. She came out again in little miss giggle pyjamas which looked so cute.
“I was going to wear me Hot pants and t-shirt but with you in the bed too didn’t want to seem like a slut”
“The same bed? I was going to sleep here. Are you sure you want me in bed with you?”
“Of course why would I mind?”
Still surprised at this I gave in and told her I needed to get a t-shirt and shorts. I normally only wear boxers to bed but wanted to be polite and wear something like pyjamas. I left the log cabin and went to my room. I took my boxers off and grabbed a pair of loose shorts and a t-shirt and threw the on. I then headed back to the Log Cabin and locked the door behind me.
Holly was already in bed as I heard her shout for me to hurry up. Not wanting to annoy I ran to the bedroom and jumped in. She was already nice and comfortable under the covers so I jumped over her and lay next to her on the wall side.
“Hey bro”
“Hey sis…”
“This is nice isn’t it?”
“Yeah nice and comfortable feels nice to have someone to fall asleep next to… wait that sounds bad” We laughed
“Well let’s cuddle up and make it even better”
I sensed a slight sign of flirting in her voice as she spoke to me. Her asking to cuddle up was what made my hormones go crazy. As she put her arms around me, and mine around hers, my cock slightly twitched.

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   Well would you blame me? Lying in bed hugging a beautiful and hot girl with the perfect body. Who cares if she was only 15 and that we felt like brother and sister.
“I love you Matt, I always have more than I could control. You have always been there for me when nobody else was. I would have killed myself tonight if you hadn’t cheered me up. I would like to thank you in the best way I know how. ”
With that she leaned in and kissed my tenderly on the lips. I responded by kissing back. She gently tried to push her tongue into my mouth; I took the hint and opened. Her tongue swirled around my tongue and min around hers.
I was in heaven. My cock was throbbing as I lay there holding her while passionately kissing. I gently moved my hand down her body towards her ass. Reaching it I caressed her. With my other hand I move it up under her shirt and grabbed her small breast.


   I gently squeezed it while my two first fingers pinched her nipples. Her hand had moved down to my cock and had a hold on it. She began to move her hand up and down tossing me off.
“Stop one minute let me make you feel special first. ”
“Okay take me wherever you want”
I let go of her and removed the annoying covers from the bed. Taking off her Pj’s to reveal her amazingly smooth and beautiful body. Her breast had light brown small nipples. Her pussy had a few hairs just above it and I could tell she hadn’t even started shaving yet.
“You are even more beautiful with no clothes on” I said as I began to kiss down her body. Slowly I kissed down her neck, to her shoulders down to her breasts. I made sure to kiss all around her nipples before licking them. When I first placed my mouth over her nipples she moaned and shifted her body slightly.
“Do you like that?”
“Mmm yes” She moaned as I sucked on her right nipple.
My hand was now running up and down her leg teasing her. Each time I got close to her pussy I stopped and went down again.

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   One final time I went up but this time I touched it. It was soft and smooth I slowly slid a finger down her slit causing her to moan more. Not wanting to tease a moment longer I pushed the finger slowly inside her gorgeous pussy. With my thumb I rubbed her now exposed clit. As her pussy got wetter and wetter around my finger I stopped in order to push another inside her. I now had two fingers inside her fingering her frantically.
I could tell she was close as she was breathing hard and moaning constantly. Her body then began to shake as she hit her first orgasm, soaking my fingers.
“Oh my god that was the best, much better than when I do it myself…”
“You finger yourself? Didn’t think you did”
“Yea and I have always thought of you while doing it. I love you” We then kissed before I took my fingers out of her pussy and tasted her juices.
“Let me taste” I soaked two fingers in her cum and she took them into her mouth. Her tongue ran all around them as she sucked her own cum off my fingers.
“I taste good. Bet you taste better though…”
“You will have to wait I’m afraid missy. You have a lot more treatment from me yet”
“Can’t wait”
“You don’t have to”
Lowering my body so my head was level with her soaking pussy, I proceeded to lick her.

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   She reacted with a loud moan. This caused me to give her another longer lick. I licked so much her cum was all in my mouth. I then began to literally eat her pussy causing her to give me more cum of hers to eat. Wave after wave of orgasm hit her and wave after wave of cum was fed to me.
“I think that will suffice”
“That was the best feeling ever. Hope you got enough cum I think I exploded five times in your face. ”
“Yea and it was delicious” I said as I licked my lips.
“Your turn lovely, I have never done this before but I will try my best to please you”
“Just having you here pleases me honey”
“Well then this will please you even more then”
I watched as her small blonde head lowered itself down towards my cock. Before I was expecting it she licked the head of my 7inch long cock. I couldn’t watch due to the pleasure I was experiencing. I just lay back and stared up at the ceiling while Holly Licked and sucked my cock. It didn’t take long of her amazing treatment of me to feel the build up of cum in my balls. I warned her that I was about to cum but her just carried on sucking. I gave one last gasp as I exploded in her mouth.

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“I’m sorry” I said. She then took my cock out of her mouth and swallowed all my cum.
“Why say sorry? I wanted you to do that. I have been waiting to taste your cum since I was 13years old, when we first met. ”
“Really? You are full of shocks tonight. I don’t know about you but I’m tired I think we should sleep. ”
“Sure we have all weekend to do more”
With that we both fell asleep in each others arms. That night I dreamt that I had finally fucked Holly. I wouldn’t have to wait long for it to become more than a dream…
To be continued. . .
This is my first story so comments both positive and negative welcome.
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