Catherine and Michael


Catherine and Michael         Catherine was a guest lecturer at a small, southern, community college.   She had been in town for just under three weeks.   Her lecture that day had lasted a little longer than usual.    Then, the students asked many more questions than they normally asked.   Now, it, was getting late.   She hoped she hadn’t missed her ride.  To add insult to injury, Catherine’s friend, Sandy, who usually picked her up, had failed to arrive that evening.   It was Sandy who had arranged for the guest lecturing position at the college.   Since this temporary position was a good distance from her home in Chicago, Catherine had not brought her own car.   Sandy had faithfully, up until that evening, taken Catherine wherever she needed to go.   No one knew why Sandy had failed to arrive that evening?   Catherine had turned down several offers from students willing to give her a lift back to her motel.   After all, she assumed, her regular ride would soon be there to pick her up.    By the time she realized her friend wasn’t coming, it was getting dark and everyone else had left campus.   Now, she was stranded and alone outside the darkened lecture hall.   All Catherine knew was she was three miles from her motel, tired, and it was getting late.   She decided to walk to her motel.

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    The walk would do her good.   She could get some exercise and walk off her anger at not being picked up.       Catherine was a lovely young woman in her late twenties with dark brown, shoulder length, hair.   She exercised regularly and had a nice figure.   She had just enough body fat to give her some great curves.     When Catherine started walking toward her motel, she had failed to notice the darkening sky.   Unknown to Catherine, storm clouds had been gathering all afternoon.   Before she had gotten a half mile, it started raining.    In no time, Catherine looked like a soaked kitten.   Her make-up was running down her face.   Her well kept hair hung limply around her neck and shoulders.   Her thin knee-length dress was soaked and clinging to her body.   The wet dress closely followed every curve of Catherine’s body, especially her ample breasts.    Just as the clouds opened up, and the rain came down in buckets, Michael pulled up and offered Catherine a lift.   She had known Michael since she first arrived at the college.

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    Michael had been one of the first people she had met there, and she liked what she saw.    Michael worked in the maintenance department, and had initially helped her find her way around the small, but confusing, campus.   Maintaining the grounds had kept Michael in excellent condition.   He, too, was in his late twenties.   He was not overly muscled, but he had a solid build with no visible fat.    His blonde hair complimented a dark tan.   The tan obtained from many hours spent working in the sun.   His deep blue eyes had  fascinated Catherine from the time of their first meeting.   Since that first introduction, she had been hoping he would ask her out .  With little hesitation, Catherine accepted Michael’s offer and climbed in beside him.   Just as she seated herself and closed the door, the rain intensified.   It was falling in a torrent, and the wind was howling through the tree tops.    Michael could barely see the road ahead and had to drive very slowly.   Running off the road would not be a good way to impress Catherine, and he did indeed want to make a good impression on her.    He had admired her since their first meeting as well.

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    However, she was a professor, and he was just a maintenance man.   In the hierarchy of academia, a mere maintenance man didn’t ask a professor for a date.   Michael knew his place.   He certainly didn’t want to offend her by asking her out.      As he slowly drove toward Catherine’s motel, Michael couldn’t help but notice how her wet dress had clung to her body accentuating her breasts.   Her nipples were erect from the cool rain, and were plainly visible as they strained against the soaked fabric.   If she was wearing a bra, but it was a thin one.   Michael felt a twinge of excitement in his crotch.       Both Catherine and Michael seemed tense as they headed for her motel.    As Michael’s car crawled through the storm toward Catherine’s motel, they chatted and began to relax with each other.   By the time they got to the motel, they were telling jokes and laughing about the storm.   Michael finally worked up the courage to ask Catherine to go to dinner with him that evening.   She accepted the offer.   However, she needed to dry off and change clothes first.  The laughter stopped when they got to Catherine’s motel.

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    Due to the heavy rains and a blocked storm drain, the motel's lobby and entire first floor were flooded with nearly a foot of water.   Unfortunately, Catherine’s room was on the ground floor, and the authorities wouldn’t let her get near it.    As she returned to Michael’s car, Catherine was obviously distraught.   She told him about the flooded area, and her inability to get any of her things.   Nearly in tears, she said,  “Now what am I going to do?  They won’t even let me get some dry clothes!  I can not go out looking like this. ” “I have a suggestion.   You come with me to my place, take a shower, and dry off.   While you’re in the shower, I’ll find something for dinner, and dry your clothes.   Then, you can stay on my couch tonight. ”  Michael offered.  Catherine gazed at Michael’s smiling face, looked into his deep blue eyes, and softly said, “All right!  I don’t seem to have many options, and that sounds like fun.   But, my dress can only be dry cleaned.   A dryer will destroy it.   What can I wear?” “I have a robe you can borrow. ”  Michael said.

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   Catherine leaned over toward Michael and brushed his cheek with a soft kiss.   Michael felt a thrill run through him from the kiss.   She told him, “You’re so sweet.   Thank you for rescuing me. ”  A wide smile had spread across her still dripping face, as she said, “Let’s go, Sir Gallihad!” The rain was still pouring down when they pulled into the drive at Michael’s home.   Laughing loudly, they ran from the car to the small covered porch.   As he got his door open and they stepped in, Michael pointed down the hallway, and said, “The shower’s through the bedroom and on the right.   You’ll find my robe behind the door. ” Catherine turned to Michael and firmly hugged him.   He could feel her breasts pressed to his chest.   In his ear she softly said, “Thank you for helping a girl in distress. ”  With another light kiss on his cheek, she turned and headed to the shower.  Michael laid out a spread of reheated left overs.   There was Chinese food, fried chicken, and half a pizza.   Dinner was topped off with a chilled bottle of wine.

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    He had just finished setting the table when Catherine came into the kitchen.    He couldn’t help but notice how she filled out his robe.   She made it look so much better than he ever had.   As she sat down, the robe gaped slightly open giving Michael a glimpse of her ample breasts.    When Catherine noticed Michael’s gaze, she smiled and slowly pulled the robe together.    Through dinner, they chatted about their lives.   They seemed to have so much in common when it came to their personal life.   Catherine and Michael were both somewhat shy and insecure socially.   Both had dated before, but neither had a steady partner.   Because they each had high standards, both had only had a few intimate experiences.   Niether had found that special someone, yet.     As they ate the leftovers and drank the wine, the storm continued to rage outside.   The tree limbs scraping the roof overhead and slapping the side of the house sounded like they were trying to tear the place apart.   Every time the lightning flashed and the thunder rolled, Catherine practically jumped out or her chair.   Michael moved to sit beside her, took her hand, and did his best to soothe her nerves.

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     After dinner, Michael led Catherine by the hand to his living room.   He suggested they watch a movie and have another glass of wine.   Catherine said, “That sounds like a wonderful way to spend such a nasty night. ” Just as Michael popped a tape into his VCR, an extremely bright flash of lightning hit somewhere very close outside.   It was immediately followed by a tremendous crash of thunder.   Even Michael jumped.   Catherine was still screaming as the lights dimmed, then went completely out.  Michael said, “It’s ok, I’ve got storm lamps in every room.   Just hold on a minute. ”  He then began lighting his kerosene lamps.   Michael's entire home was soon bathed in the soft flickering light of the oil lamps.      He returned to the living room carrying the wine and glasses.   Michael said, “It looks like the movie is out, but we can still have that glass of wine and talk. ” Catherine, who had curled up on one end of the couch, patted the cushion next to her and said, “Come sit next to me.   I’m so afraid of thunderstorms, and I’d like to have you close if you don’t mind.

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  ”  “Mind?  As beautiful as you are, I’d love to sit close to you. ”  As he sat, Michael told her, “I’ve been wanting to ask you out since we first met, but I didn’t have the nerve. ” “I wish you had.   I’ve wanted to go out with you, too. ”  Catherine replied.   About that time, another crash of thunder shook the house as lightning again hit nearby.     Catherine leaped toward Michael.     He took her in his strong arms and held her tightly.   As she relaxed, Catherine turned so her back was to Michael’s chest and leaned against him.   He wrapped his arms around her stomach and held her close.   Seated in that position, they continued talking and sipping wine for quite some time.    Catherine laid her head on his shoulder which exposed her neck to Michael.     Michael took the opportunity to lightly kiss Catherine’s neck and earlobe.   "Ummmmm. "  Catherine cooed, laid her head to one side, and exposed more of her neck for Michael to nibble and kiss.

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      It wasn’t long before the robe had again fallen open.   This time, most of Catherine's breasts were exposed.   This time, she didn’t pull the robe closed.   She left it open inviting Michael's gaze and hands.       Michael brought his hands up, cupped each breast, and squeezed.   Her nipples hardened as Michael gently pinched them.    Catherine turned slightly and Michael cradled her in his lap and left arm.    Over the next hour or so, Michael and Catherine kissed and petted.   He paid extended and particular attention to her  breasts.   Then, as she was steadily cooing, he very slowly rubbed his way down her belly to the dark triangle of pubic hair.      As the storm began to subside, they finished the wine.    Michael knew he needed to get away from Catherine before they both got carried away.   He kissed her fully and firmly on her luscious lips, and told her he would get her some bedding.   He stood and left to get her a blanket and pillow.    Michael soon returned with the bedding.

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    He then told her he was going to take a quick shower before the hot water was gone.   Without power, his water heater was useless.   After showering he would be going to bed.    When Catherine stood, the robe fell off her shoulders and draped itself over her bent arms.   She stood before Michael with her beautiful, smooth, soft, body fully exposed to him.    She was the most beautiful woman Michael had ever seen.   Her C cup breasts stood firmly out from her chest.   Her belly, though not flat like a teenager's, was only slightly rounded.   Her hips and butt were nicely rounded and supported by a pair of very shapely legs.  Michael slowly took her into his arms, firmly held her to his chest, and passionately kissed her.   She eagerly returned the kiss.   Their tongues did a sort of dance with each other.    He then headed for his shower, closing the bedroom door behind him.   When he came out of the shower, because his bedroom door was still closed, and Catherine had his robe, Michael remained nude.   With only the dim light of an oil lamp to light his room, he climbed into bed.


    As he settled in for the night, the sound of thunder could still be heard in the distance.    Just as he was about to doze off, Michael heard his bedroom door slowly open.   He thought Catherine was going to the restroom.   He was very pleasantly surprised when she gently pulled back the covers and quietly slipped into bed next to him.     “I’m still a little frightened.   May I sleep here tonight?”  She said in a soft voice.     Without a word, he took her in his arms and pulled her firmly to him.   He found she too was totally nude.   Michael liked the way her soft warm body felt against his bare skin.   She had just enough fat to make her soft, smooth, and cuddly in all the right places.    Whether it was the wine, the storm, or something deep inside her, as Michael held Catherine tightly to him, she whispered, “Please, make love to me. ” Gently rolling Catherine onto her back, Michael cradled her in his left arm.   He stroked, petted, licked, probed, and poked nearly every inch of her beautiful body.    Catherine’s breasts were a little bigger than softballs.   They were topped by hard nipples that stood out nearly half an inch and begged to be sucked.

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    They were just made for squeezing and nibbling, which Michael was only too happy to do.   Her belly and ass were soft and smooth, and Catherine began cooing as Michael tended to her luscious body.   Sometimes gently and sometimes firmly, Michael explored Catherine.    “Oh, honey. ” she moaned.   She spread her legs widely as he cupped his hand over her love nest.      Over the next two hours, they took turns exploring each others bodies.   They made passionate love to each other in many new and different ways.   They even tried some positions they had only read about.   Nothing was taboo.   Catherine was fingered and screwed in her pussy, asshole, and mouth.   Michael even screwed her tits as Catherine pushed them tightly together.       Catherine was just as fascinated with Michael’s body, as he was with hers.   Many long hours of hard work were evidenced by his body.   He was solidly built.

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    His chest and belly were flat and hard.   His shoulders broad.   Catherine liked the way he felt against her naked body.   She would frequently roll on top of him just to feel him under her.   She loved the way her nipples were pushed into her tits, and her tits crushed nearly flat, by his chest.    Catherine also took great delight in lovingly examining Michael’s body.   Though she was not a virgin, this was the first time she had slowly and carefully inspected her lover’s cock.   She lavished kisses and tentative licks on it.   She eagerly complied when Michael asked her to take his cock into her mouth and suck.   A short time later, she got her first taste of cum.            They both reveled in each other, and their passion carried them to heights they hadn’t known before.   Finally, with them both exhausted, they snuggled in each others arms and fell asleep.  They awoke the next morning still holding each other.    It was a bright sunny day.   Michael called the college to see how badly they had been hit by the storm the previous night.

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     The switchboard operator told him the school had been missed by the storm, but they were closed for the day, anyway.   Due to many of the roads leading to the campus being blocked by fallen trees, all classes had been canceled.  As Michael told Catherine of the schools closing, they were both beaming with joy.   They decided to spend the day together.   Getting dressed, was an option for much later in the day.   For now, they returned to bed and made love again.    It was becoming apparent to both of them.   Michael and Catherine would soon become nearly inseparable.   They had found their special someone.                     . has a huge list of cuties and escort services in Mykonos!

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