I had been seeing her for a long while now.   She and I had had a wonderful time getting to know one another.   We had always talked about the future and how things might be for us.   It wasn’t until that weekend at the cabin that I knew for sure she would be the one for me.  

I am not the kind of guy that thinks sex is everything in a relationship. Not by a long shot.   I do feel it is one of the more expressive forms couples have to show one another how they feel.   This of course might only be a male’s side of things.   But then I am the only one writing, aren’t I?  To be with a woman in so many ways at once is bliss.   To touch her hands while you walk down the water front or to hold her shoulder in a movie.   Every touch and every graze of the skin shows her how you feel.  

How can I tell you about her?  She has a wonderful personality and smile.   Two things I adore more then most.   Her body may not make it in the magazines, but then I don’t read them for the pictures anyway.   Her skin is soft and silky like how your hands feel in a bubble bath.   Kissing her lips and feeling the heat of her tongue on mine sends shivers down my back even now.

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    And her mind may be a little in the dark at times but she makes up for it with interest and wonder.   She is the best I have.

We, in my eyes, had a fantastic sex life.   We can share our fantasies and desires with each other freely and talk about most anything we want.   She is just as horny as I am sometimes and it drives me wild when she lets her lust take charge.   Sometimes it gets so bad; I have to play with myself before I can sleep at night.   Just thinking about how sexy she can be makes my member swell with desire.   Her light touch caressing my body gives me goose bumps and the way she kisses over my lips and nibbles at my ears drives me wild.   Just holding her close and engaging in a long passionate kiss will make my loins yearn for her body to surround me.   Let me tell you how great it is.   She has the softest kisses and the most loving licks you could imagine.   Watching her run her tongue over my hard shaft makes every hair on my body gasp.   It’s the most erotic thing I could imagine.

We had always talked about taking a trip to a cabin together just the two of us together and have some nice relaxation time by ourselves.   She told me that a mountain get away would be perfect.

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     The cabin I picked out was pretty simple.   It had a fire place and a few tables and chairs.   A sofa and a bed in the corner.   It looked more like a one room house from the prairie then a cabin.   But it was cold and crisp like a cabin should be.   We put our things away and started a fire.   The warm flames made out stiff bodies a bit more limber as the heat let us strip out of our heavy winter clothes.   I made us some hot chocolate and we sat down together in front of the warm fire.   It had been a long drive and we were both a little tired.   We decided to get into our pjs and call it a night.

As I unpacked my flannels my focus was attracted to the fire place.   It was her and she was over next to the fire taking her clothes off right in front of the fire.   I could not help but watch as she slowly lifted her sweater over her head and dropped it on the floor next to her.   Her large luscious breasts shined in the fired light and made me forget about my bags.   She then turned away from me and slowly undid her pants.

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    She bent over slowly as I watcher her push the jeans down over her smooth ass and down to her ankles, where she stepped out.   As she stood up she looked over her shoulder at me and nodded for me to come closer.   I dropped what was in my hands and slowly walked over to her.   She was still looking over her shoulder at me as reached around her and let my hands meet on her belly the same time as my lips connected with hers.   They were moist and warm as we began to kiss deeply.

I could feel her eager tongue darting and dancing with mine as I held her in a tight embrace.   She turned in my arms to face me and our kiss grew hotter.   I could feel the warmth of the fire on one side of my face and the cool shadow on the other.   My hands were now running up and down her naked back.   I slowly found her bra clasp and undid it.   Her straps went limp and she let her garment fall over her arms and to the floor between us.   With her arms at my waist I could feel her reaching for my pants button.   Knowing she wanted my pants off gave my already growing hard on a boost and forced my head into the confining fabric.   She got my button and zipper taken care of and was now letting her fingers run around the lose waist band of my jeans.   Feeling her fingers graze my skin sent shivers up my spin and made me pull her into me more.

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My fingers too, where starting to wonder lower.   I could feel her soft cotton panties cupping her ass.   My hands ran over her back and down her hips and the front of her thighs…she would gasp only slightly in my mouth as my gentle fingers explored her nearly nude body.   With my pants lose she now started to work on my shirt.   With one button at a time she worked them free.   From top to bottom she worked until my shirt became open.   With the last button off she slipped her hands inside my shirt tales and placed them on my bare chest.    Feeling her soft hands on me was very sexy.   Her open palms caressing my skin and rubbing my nipples made me want her in the worst way.   I pulled her close to me and kissed her neck just below her jaw line.   She tilted her head so I could get a better reach and my lips and tongue worked up and down her neck as she fondled my chest.  

Both she and I were breathing a bit faster now.   Her hands then rose up and helped my shirt over my shoulders and I let it fall to the floor behind me.   With both of us topless I puller her close once more so she could feel my hot chest on her bare breasts.   I could feel them press into me as I held her tight in my arms.

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    She looked up at me with big blue eyes and told me she wanted me.   Right here.   Right now.   She had never talked like that before and I was instantly turned on and could not help but rush into a hot passionate kiss with her.   As I kisser her, our hands went wild.   Hers started to pull at my jeans in a downward motion and mine caressing her back and ass.   I kissed down her neck and over to her ear.   With her lobe in my lips I sucked and licked a little.   She breathed hotly on my neck and held me tight.   As I let go of her soft lobe I whispered in her ear…
”I want to eat your beautiful pussy till you cum in my mouth. ”  

I could tell she liked what I had said for she then took a deep slow breath.   I kissed her lips once more and then started to kiss slowly down her body.   Down over her neck and shoulders.   Slowly dropping, not missing any hot spots.   Slowly down.

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    Kissing right down the center of her chest so not to excite her breasts.   Down over her belly and navel.   My hands slowly helping her underwear down as I went.   Her hands just brushing my hair and holding my head as I kissed lower and lower.   Her mound was exposed as her panties warmed the tops of her feet for a moment before she stepped out of them.   She had just shaved that morning as was totally bald and smooth.   Feeling her silky smooth skin on my lips and face as I kissed down her body sent rushes of blood to other parts of my body.   Just as I reached the very top of her slit I moved away and kissed over to her thigh.   Licking and suckling her soft inner thigh as she stood there naked in front of the glowing ambers made me see how great we were together.  

Her legs seemed to be getting weak as they started to shake a bit.   I looked up at her and then over to the sofa just behind us.   She looked over and then back at me.   With small slow steps she went and sat down on the very edge of the sofa.   I looked at her and stood up with her light skin shinning in the fire light.   As I stepping into the light infront of her she could feel the coolness of the shadow I was casting on her cover her hot body.


    But it didn’t matter for I was giving her a little tease myself.   All she could see was a dark salute of my body as I slowly pushed my jeans over my hips and legs.   I stood facing the fire and let her watch as I took both my pants and boxers off at once.   I tossed them aside and turned around for her.   While staying in the shadow of my own body I leaned forward and kissed her again softly on her lips and then once on her chest and then her legs.   I sat down in front of her on the floor and looked up into her watchful eyes.   She had a wide smile and look of contentment on her face.   I then kissed her inner thighs from her knees all the way up to the top of her legs.   When I drew close enough my cheeks rubbed her lips a little.   With my hands I lightly run my fingers up the back of her legs softly pushing them apart.   With her butt right at the edge of the sofa she was slouching pretty badly and when I looked up I could see her beautiful face right between her breasts looking down at me in wonder.  

As she let her legs open for me I went back to kissing her inner thighs.   My lips and hot breath just grazed her lips as I went from one side to the other.   My hands were holding her legs open as she wanted to squeeze them from time to time.   Just as she was enjoying her thighs being kissed I move to the center and let my tongue run from the very bottom of her moist slit to the very top of her clit.

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    She moaned as I took one long strong lick and tasted her sweet juices.   Mmm her taste excited me like no other.   I let my tongue lick her clit and then drop down and dip inside her for a moment.   She was soaking wet and I couldn’t get enough.   My kisses and licks drove her wild as she breathed harder and faster.   My hands reached up and held hers as I caressed and sucked on her excited clit.   I could feel how hot she was on my lips and could taste her sweet dew.   As I pulled away for a moment small strings of juice would stick to her and to me.   It drove me wild to dive back in and suck her sweet honey from her.   Tasting her and swallowing all that she had made my cock grow with the strength of 4 men.   Just watching her body quake as I ate her was all the pleasure I needed at that moment.   Pleasing her was a pleasure for me and I wanted to give her all I could.

With her in my mouth and hands in mine, I looked up to watch her face.   Her eyes were closed and her head back.   She would open her mouth for a moment but say nothing.

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    I could see she was enjoying my flicks and licks.   When I hit a good spot she would tell me  “Right there!”
She would moan, as I licked her hard and fast and then slowed down and speeding up to send waves of pleasure over her excited body.   This was something I had always loved doing for her.   Wanting her to feel the best she could, I licked her faster and sucked on her pleasure button.   She then looked down at me and told me not to stop.  
“Don’t stop.   Don’t stop.   Oh you are wonderful. You know just what to do. ”
I had never planed on stopping.   I wanted her to have every ounce of pleasure she could.   My mouth worked on her and my hands held hers for something to squeeze.   I could see she was getting close.   As she started to push into me I focused my efforts on her clit.   I wanted her to fly over the edge and not know what hit her.

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    Flicking faster and licking harder she pushed and wiggled under my mouth.   I could taste her body wanting to cum.   I looked up and saw the she was in another place.   I licked her till I found that perfect spot that makes her stop moving all together.   I stayed there as she tensed up.   Her back arched as she is about to.  
“I’m going to cum!” she moans.  
Just then her body exploded with a massive climax that forced me away from her hot spot and set her hard into the sofa.   I watch in the fire light as her body quaked and flexed from the blood pumping through her body and the pleasure pumping through her mind.

As she settles down I craw up next to her and hold her close.   Kissing her forehead and lips as she catches her breath.   She can’t say anything so I tell her how wonderful it was for me to do that for her.   She looks up and smiles at me and kisses my lips.   After a moment or two she looks up at me and says,
“That was just amazing. ”
I tell her that it’s always amazing when it’s for her.


    She looks down and sees my half hard cock.   She looks back at me and starts kissing me like mad.   I feel her hands running down my body to find my shaft.   I am surprised she is being as forceful as she is not one to take charge.   I am loving it though.   Her hands soon have me at full mast again and she is stroking me ever so gently.   Her kisses sink up with her hands and she strokes my tongue in tune with stroking my now hard cock.   Feeling her hands on me is crazy.   Only I can know how great it is.   And only she knows just what to.  

She then starts to move.   I am sitting on the sofa just as she was a few moments ago.   But now she is the one getting down of the floor.   I can’t see her very well do to the fire light right behind her.   What I can see is that she is slowly licking the sides of my shaft.

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    Up and down.   Her hands are on my thighs getting me even more excited.   I feel her mouth start to take me inside her with her lips around my head and her tongue exploring my small hole.   She has a way with me that I can’t describe.   I watch her as she takes more of me in her mouth.   I too had shaved that morning and got a little wild and decided to go totally smooth myself.   Everything from the very base of my shaft down was bald.  

With my ass on the edge now I wasn’t sure what she would do.   She always seems to do something new every time she went down on me.   This time would be no different.   She was holding me in her mouth now.   All I could do is hold her hand tight as I felt her flicking and licking my flushed tool.   With her free hand she started to stroke my shaft while she sucked on me.   This put my pleasure in a new level as I could feel the softness of her lips and the pressure of her hand on my hard cock.   Just as I thought it couldn’t get any better she started to fondle my balls with her gentle fingers.

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    Softly rolling them around in her hands.   This was a wonderful treat indeed.   She then let go of my hand and stopped sucking on me for a moment.   She put one finger in her mouth and sucked on it for a second or two.   I was curious as to what she was up too.   She then let my hard shaft back into her mouth.   With in a second of her mouth on me again I felt something new and exciting.   She was licking my head, holding my balls…and now she was rubbing her finger down even lower.   In fact she had her wet finger on my ass teasing it as she pleased me.   It felt amazing.   So much so that it sped everything up a bit and I looked down at her and asked,
“Where would you like me to cum honey?”
To my joy she answered.  
”Cum all over me. ”

With those words still in the air I was shocked when she lay back on the bear rug and told me in a sexy soft voice,
“Shoot me from where you are; it will look awesome in the fire light. ”
 There I was sitting at the very edge of the sofa, this extremely sexy girl laying herself out on the floor in front of me telling me to cum on her naked body.   I didn’t even have time to think when the feeling of a pending orgasm came over me.

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    She lay on her back with her legs bent so not to be too far away from the sofa.   I sat up and leaned forward.   I held my cock in my hand and my balls in the other.   And just as I felt myself about too I said, “This is all for you. ”
And with that I let my self fly over the edge into pure ecstasy.   A huge stream of hot cum shot from the tip of my head down towards her awaiting body.   Everything went in slow motion it seemed like.   I could see my load in the air and just past that I could see her face watching it.   My white pearl load shot out hard and fast.   Landing right on her breasts and neck.   Then another strong pulse as another string of cream shot out to land on her belly and legs.   With one last little pulse I finished my face numbing climax on her knee cap.   It was a cute topper for such an erotic scene.   I looked down at the cum covered girl with aw.   I couldn’t help myself but to say,

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She smiled at me and told me to get down there and clean her up.   This was a tasty treat in itself.   I got down from the sofa and first started at her knee cap.   Licking the few drops I had left there clean.   Then down her legs.   A drop or sweet cream here and there.   Licking her clit once more as I passed to give her a little giggle as she was still very sensitive.   Then to her belly.   A fair amount had gotten here and I licked every tasty drop up.   Tasting myself off her naked body was always a huge turn on for me.   Continuing up her body I found the first pulse zone.   Licking her nipples and breasts covered in cream was oh so much fun.   And instead of swallowing my juice I saved it for us to share in a deep long kiss.   Sharing myself is always something I cherish with her.  

With the last of it cleaned and shared between us I lay down next to her on the edge of the rug.

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    The fire light getting low now as it has been a while since we bothered stoking the fire.   With all our energy spent on stoking each others passion I pulled the head of the bear over both of us and fell asleep with her in my arms and a smile on my face.  

The rest of the getaway was even better….
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