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Topic: It was early at night. I lay awake thinking of everything that happend that day. I had talked to Jessica and her parents on the phone. Me, Jessica, Jessica' parents and My sister had a conference over the one. We came to the decision that I was going to go visit her. So I got a bus ticket, In just one more Hour I would be on my way to Reno to visit Jessica. I was nervous. All I could think about was "Is she going to like me?" That thought left my mind once I saw her the next day.
So I arrived at the bus station in Reno around 3pm. I got off the bus and immediatly spotted her running towards me. I dropped my bags and ran toward her,and she jumped into my arms and I held her so tightly in my arms, I didn't want to let go. I smiled, staring deep into her beautiful honey brown eyes, as she was staring back into my deep blue eyes. Tears of joy begin to trickle down both our cheeks. We shared a long passionate kiss and finally, after several minutes we managed to let go of one another, walking to her parents car. We got into the backseats, sitting next to eachother. She rest her head on my shoulder, and I placed my arm around her.

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   I stared deep into her eyes once again and told her " I love You Jessica. With all my heart. It's so nice having you hear with me now. " She looked up at me from my shoulder, smiling she reached up and kissed my cheek. " I love you too" she replied.
When we finally arrived at her house, her father grabbed my luggage and took it in the house saying "you can have the couch. But no sneaking around or your out on your ass" I nodded and said "yes sir" in a respectful tone. I looked back at her with a nervous look, she just giggled.
We went into the house, and Jessica showed me around. In her bedroom we shared yes another long kiss. She then showed me her notebooks she's told me about, but refused to let me read most of what was written in them.
I put my arm around her and we walked downstairs together, smiling. I could see some happy tears in her eyes, so I kissed her cheek and gentally wiped them with my finger. We went into the living room, where she made me sit on the couch. She popped a movie in and sat down beside me, and I once more, placed my arm around her, holding her close.

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   We leaned our heads into one another, smiling. After half an hour too an hour of Selena we fell asleep in eachothers arms.
Her parents woke us at dinner time. At dinner we had to endure a lecture about sex from her father, he gave me an evil glare and said "don't fuck my daughter. " I spat my water all over Bobby, from the shock of him saying that. Bobby whined "ewww your boyfriend slobberd all over me!!!" and he ran to his room screaming. Everyone laughed slightly, then her dad looked back at me. "I mean it. " He said. "I know sir. Don't worry, I won't. " I assured him.
After dinner I offered to help with the dishes, her mother declined, saying I was their guest. So Jessica and I went back in the living room and picked up where we left off on Selena, we snuggled under the covers. I held her close, and we shared a kiss now and then, especially during the romantic parts.

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   I must admit, I got a little aroused but I kept my cool and didn't act strange at all, and I didn't do anything either. I think she knew though, because i'm pretty sure my erect penis brushes against her ass slightly, and purely on accident. We continued snuggling all through the movie. Then it was over. She turned to face me, we then begin kissing. Her father walked in.
"Enough of that. Your getting carried away. " He said to us, giving me a glare, that felt like a hot knife piercing right through me. Jessica not wanting to, but nervously crawled out of the blanket and off the couch. "I guess we should be going to sleep. It's late" she told me, she bent down and kissed me. "Goodnight Baby Boy. I Love You" I replied back "Night, I Love You too Baby Girl. " We locked eyes for a moment, not saying a word, smiling.

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   Then we each said goodnight again, kissing one last time, and she went to her room to go to bed. I layed back, stretching my arms, said goodnight to her family and tried to sleep. A few hours went by, and I couldn't sleep. I was to happy and excited about the day's events.
I got off the couch and walked around a bit. I paced around the living room and the kitchen, had a couple glasses of water. At one point her dad caught me. "What you doing up so late son? it's 2 am. " "Couldn't sleep sir. I'm. . . really happy to be here. So happy that i've finally been able to. .

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  . . " I paused. . "hold Jessica in my arms. . . " I finished my sentence in a lower voice. "I understand" he replied with a smile. "Here" he walked me out of the kitchen and all the way to Jessica' bedroom door, he opend it slowly. "Ever watch the one you love sleep? It's something to do when you can't sleep yourself. Go ahead and sit by her bad and just watch her. But no funny business. I'll be right here in the door way" He told me. I smiled and nodded at him as if to say thank you.

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I walked into her room and grabbed a newar by chair, placing it beside the bed, and I sat down, looking at her face watching her sleep. "She's so beautiful" I whisperd to myself. I reached my hand out to her and wiped her bangs out of her closed eyes. I leaned my head in and kissed her cheek. "I love you" I whisperd. After a while, I got sleepy and leaned my head on her bed, our heads slightly touching, and I fell asleep. I have no idea what her father thought of this but he must not of minded because Jessica and I both woke up the next day and looked at eachother. She asked what was I doing there, and I explaind. She just smiled and kissed me.
It was early in the morning, around 7:30. She pulled me onto the bed and ontop of her. We started making out. Rubbing out bodies against eachother. Her hands found their way up the back of my shirt, massaging my back as we kissed. We both were moaning in sweet pleasure.


   I slowly ran my right hand up the front of her shirt, and layd it apon her bra coverd left breast, I squeezed it gentally as we slid our tongues into eachothers mouths. After a few moments of kissing, rubbing, and squeezing she stopped me. "No. . I'm sorry. . it. . . . it's too soon. . . I'm not ready. .

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  . I'm sorry" I pulled my hand back to myself, and I got off of her, kissed her lips quickly and got off the bed. "You don't have to be sorry. It's okay I understand. And I love you. " I smiled and left her room, telling her to get dressed so we can hang out down stairs or something. She agree'd. I went to the bathroom and showerd quickly, got dressed and came out.
"Breakfest is served" she smiled,setting a plate of sausage and eggs down on a table and motioning me to sit down. "I don't like eggs" I smiled and sat down in front of the plate. "But thank you" She smiled and took the eggs and left the sausage. "Pancake?" she asked offering me a plate with some pancakes on it, so i took two. "Thanks love" I smiled, andd she sat next to me with a plate of her own. We had a nice first breakfest together.

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  . . I could go for some desert. . " Jessica looked over at me saying. "Okay, what do you want i'll make it?" I asked. She just smiled and blushed a little. I looked over at her curiously. "Well?" I asked. She smiled and stood up, "come on. Follow me. " So I got up and we put our dishes in the sink, and I followed her back to her bed room. "No one's home. " Jessica smiled. "Drop 'em.

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  " she winked, pointing at my pants. Wide-eyed I blushed, and slowly unbuttond and unzipped my pants, pulling them down very slowly. She smiled and walked over to me, placing her hand down the front of my boxers, and pulled my newly erected cock out.
"Mmm" She mumbled, getting down on her knees, holding my dick in her hands, as she slowly licked my balls, then moved her tongue to the bottom of my rod, slowly licking her way to the tip, then slid the head into her mouth and sucked just the head. She was smiling, I had my eye's closed, my head tilted and I was moaning. She pulled the rest of my stiff into her mouth, sliding it in and out, sucking away, and rolling her tongue around it and all over it. I couldn't hold on much longer, as my cock twitched in her mouth, I thrusted myself in and out, she pulled on it with her hands well trying to suck it. Moments later I came into her mouth, she did a good job at cleaning up. She made sure not to waste one single drop. After we finished I pulled my pants and boxers back on. And we washed up, then snuggled on the couch watching A walk to remember, and we fell asleep in eachothers arms.
Hours later I awoke to find one of her hands around my pulsing cock, and her other hand down her own pants, rubbing herself. I smiled and gentally grabbed her arm and pulled the hand down her pants out, and then slid it down my pants. "Here. .


  . use both hands" I said. "I'll help you with that. " I winked pointing between her legs,licking my lips. I slid my hand down her pants and panties and begin rubbing her crack. I slowly slid a finger inside her, pinching her clit playfully, then massaged her insides. We both moand together. I came into her hand, and I guess that got her over excited because it wasn't long after that she came all over my hand. I pulled my hand out and was about to lick her cum off it, but she grabbed it, shaking her head, and then licked it off herself! Watching her lick her own cum excited me and I came all over her hand even more. "mmm" she said after finishing up. Then she pulled her hand out, which I grabbed and licked all my own cum off her hand. "mmm that's hot. " she mumbled. "I want to feel myself in you. .

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  . " I whisperd. "No. . not right now. . . I'm not ready for that yet. . . I'm sorry. . . . I do want to, but not yet.

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  . It's to soon. . . " she replied. I smiled and nodded. "It's okay love. I understand" I told her, and we kissed. We got up and went to the bathroom and washed up. Her parents got home shortly after with some mcdonalds food. Jessica and I crashed on the couch after dinner, falling asleep again.
We both awoke late. It was near dinner time. I took her out to a romantic resturant. Where I gave her a white rose then got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

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   She cried alot and told me yes, as I slippd the ring onto her finger. Afterwards I took her to a movie. In the nearly empty, quiet theature She grabbed my cock and jerked it and I fingerd her pussy as well, after cuming she fell asleep with her head on my shoulder. It was the last movie of the night and I woke her when it was over. "I wanna suck your dick. . . " she whisperd, pulling my cock from my shorts. She slipped it into her mouth, sucking it hard and fast. She licked and sucked every inch of it. She seemed to enjoy fucking my cock with her mouth. I came all over the inside of her mouth, and on her face. She licked me all over, cleaning up. Afterwards we snuck into a bathroom quickly so we could clean up, and she washed off her face and we shared a passionate french kissed. Then we went back to her house, it was late and everyone was sleeping.

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She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She took all of her clothes off, and then approached me and removed all of mine. She held herself against me as she kissed me, my dick brushing against her slit. I fondled her tits in my hands, and nibbled at her nipples for a bit. She then walked over to her bed and layed on her back, spreading her legs open. "Make love to me. " She pleaded her eye's stairing from my hardon, to my eyes. My eye's stiard back into her eye's and glanced at her moist b-cup breast and to her slightly wet pussy. "Are you sure?" I asked her watching her carefully. "Get over here and fuck me all ready" she giggled. I smiled back at her and walked over to her. I climbed ontop of her, licking her from the bottom of her crack, all the way up her body, licking her breast and sucking her nipples. "mm" I mumbled. I gentally rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy as we moand together. I staird into her eye's and she staird into mine.

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   "Are you sure. . . ?" I asked her worriedly. She smiled and nodded her head. I pressed my cock against her cunt and she moand, then she took my cock in her hand and jerked it playfully. She guided my hard on to slit, placing the tip of her head inside, and pulled her hand away.
"Go ahead" she told me smiling. I pressed harder against her, my head moving into her slowly. I came to a wall when slightly less then half of my cock went inside. "mm still a virgin" I smiled. She smiled back and nodded. I slid in and out of her up to the wall a few times, then we held hands as I gave her a hard thrust, breaking her wall, her hands tightly squeezing mine in a mix of pain and pleasure. We locked lips to supress her scream's and moans. We moands into eachothers mouths, and then released eachothers hands, my hands gropped her beautiful tits, her's wrapped around my neck.

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   I slid in and out of her slowly speeding up. Still kissing and groping, I felt her clit against my shaft. She squeezed me in her arms, begging for more and she became more wet.
 I started pounding her cunt hard and fast. She wrapped her legs around me, and tightend her pussy walls. I moand as I felt her tighten around me, my dick has never felt so good. I nibbled her nipples a bit and then went back to kissing as we sped up and moand loudly into eachothers mouths. She tightend more, releasing her juices, having an incredable orgasm, as well as I begin spitting my cum into her pussy. After we finished cumming I pulled myself out of her, and moved up so that my cock was in front of her face, I held it pointing down at her with my hand. My cock was dripping wet with our juices and she grabbed it with her hand and pulled it into her mouth, sucking it, swallowing our juices. She choked deep throating my cock as it came again. I heard her moan and mumble all over it. After she finished cleaning it I slid back down and inserted myself into her again. We came together once more after just a few seconds of sliding in and out of her. Afterwards I collappsed onto her, my cock still inside her, slowly softening.


   We shared a long 20 minute french kiss, thanked eachother for the good time and then fell asleep, my cock still inside her.
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