When Chrissie had to stay in hospital, Social services used to look after Simon. Now that he was older, they allowed him to stay at home, though under the guidance of a care worker, who checked on him several times a day. Just before Christmas that care worker became Zoe. With no other close or living relatives it was part of Zoe’s appointment to prepare Simon for the inevitable and then help over the loss of his mother. Chrissies condition was steadily decreasing and the doctors gave her only a few more years. Not that she was going without a fight. For Simon, Zoe was his only ray of sunshine, during the long cold winter months. Not that summer would get any better, as he had his exams to contend with. Then things really changed. Whilst out walking through the park in the spring sunshine, Chrissie was accidentally hit by a football. The force of the blow was so strong it broke her hip. She would be in hospital for months. The StoryIt was a beautiful morning and the sun was already scorching. Simon was dressed in a pair of shorts, a T-shirt but was bereft of footwear. Zoe would arrive soon and he was desperate for her company. The house seemed so lonely with only himself as occupant.

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   He hated the silence. It foretold of the time when inevitably his mother would pass away. A wave of bitterness passed him that she should leave him so soon. That she would never see him marry or ever see her grand kids. He had no idea how he would cope with the funeral or even how he was supposed to go about arranging one. They taught many things in school, except copping with bereavement. He looked again at the wall clock “Maybe some one will arrange it for me. ” The clock continued to tick, for Simon it marked the demise of his mother, “No, I doubt it. ”Just then the front door opened and the sound of Zoe’s voice wafted down the hallway. Simon’s dark mood vanished instantly and he rushed through to meet her. Zoe dropped her bag and opened her arms. Simon rushed into her embrace. “Rrrr” she held him close and ruffled his hair “How are you this morning tiger?”Simon held her tightly, something he could never do to his mother, revelling in the comfort of her embrace. “Now that you’re here, great!”“You smoothie, away with you. ” She relinquished her hold on him and regretfully he parted.

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   “No dramas?”Simon stepped back “No, quiet as a graveya. . . ” He let the sentence trail off as he realised what he was about to say. He wished, not for the first time, that she could stay with him. Nights were so long and lonely. Admittedly he had never asked her, too full of male pride to say that he was scared and lonely. He was about to say more but she walked passed him to do an inspection of the house. With only him, it was not hard to keep the house clean and tidy, even though that was part of her job. He waited in the kitchen till she finished. Zoe had no set time to stay at the house. Her bosses had told her that work needing done was her constraint. Simon had often considered making work, so she would stay longer, but could never bring himself to do it. It was not too bad. Often, after her duties were done, she would sit with him, speaking about nothing.

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   Simon loved these moments of intimacy. Occasionally, as a treat she would take him to the shops or the cinema in her car. Simon lived for such outings. Satisfied that all was as it should be, Zoe went back out to her car. For a horrible moment Simon thought she was leaving. His fears were unfounded as she came back with some bags of shopping. “So you don’t starve. Wouldn’t want that, my next charge might be some raving ninety year old, and I might actually have to do some work!” She smiled at him. “What were planning on doing for the rest of the morning?” Simon mentally crossed his fingers. “Oh I don’t know. Avoid going back to the office for as long as possible. ” Simon’s excitement grew, “But I wouldn’t want to impose myself on you. ”Simon tried and failed to looked nonchalant “That wouldn’t be a problem, I’m sure I can put up with you a bit longer” His voice quivered with excitement and he cursed inwardly. She just laughed and gave him one of her dazzling smiles. “So what are we going to do?” At that moment he did not care what they did, as long as it was in plural.

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  “I” She strongly emphasised the singular “Was going to enjoy the sunshine, and not think about work. ” She looked at his crestfallen visage then stopped her teasing. “But you are more than welcome to keep me company”Simons face lit up with a smile that would have won him beauty contests. She bent down to pick up the blanket that she had dumped at the door as she had first entered. “Well? Are you coming?”Simon did not need to be asked twice as he followed her out the back door. His mother’s house was in a secluded part of town and backed onto a small copse. The peace, tranquillity and privacy were one of the reasons she had purchased the house. Deftly Zoe spread the blanket over the grass. Kicking off her shoes, she reached into her bag and retrieved a magazine. She sat down as Simon, still barefoot, wandered over to sit next to her. She looked up at the bright sun, then after a leisurely stretch, took hold of the bottom sides of her t-shirt. With crossed arms and grace Simon could not believe, she raised her arms above her head. The material of the top seemed to flow over her body. Unceremoniously, she tossed the top to the side then casually undid the button of her jeans. Simon tried to pull his gaze from her fingers as she slowly slid the zipper down, but would have had more success removing his left arm with a toothpick.

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  Raising herself slightly she slid the garment down her legs then dumped the garment next to her top. Looking round she finally caught Simon’s stunned face. “What?”“You’re in your underwear!”“And? I’m going abroad on holiday in couple of weeks and I want to loose my winter whiteness before I get burned to death under a Mediterranean sun. Besides, it’s no different to a bikini. ”Simon had to admit there was a perverse sense of logic to it. She nodded to him. “I’d loose your own top or you’ll end up with just brown arms. ”Still in shock, he removed his top. As the fabric obscured his vision, she rolled over onto her front. As he regained his vision he saw that the pants she was wearing were thong backed. Leaving her all too shapely, perfectly rounded cheeks, plainly in his view. Hastily he rolled onto his front in an effort to hide his rapidly growing erection. Unconcerned, she leafed through the magazine in front of her. Simon, embarrassed, kept his vision from her. All he could hear was the turning of pages and the birdsong from the trees.

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  Eventually she broke the silence. “Simon,” she sighed; there was a soft affectionate undercurrent to her voice that made his blood run faster. “If it troubles you so, you don’t have to stay”Finally he turned to look at her. The dilemma he was in, he had no solution to. What he was aware of was that there was no way he was going anywhere. As much as it was trying to lift his hips off the ground, his throbbing erection ensured he was going nowhere. Not till it had subsided, and with the view next to him as it was, that was not going to be in the foreseeable future. “I could put my clothes back on if you want?”He swore she could read his mind, but her voice was devoid of all mischief, the warmth and affection that carried the words only compounding the problem. Finally he threw caution to the wind “I’m lying next to the most beautiful woman on the planet, who also happens to be dressed only in her underwear and she asks me if I want to leave? There is not a boy in my class who would not give his right arm to be here now. Well, with the exception of Craig. ”“Craig?”“He’s gay”“Ahhh”“Though I’m sure, even he would make an exception”“Oh, Simon” The warmth in her eyes was warmer than the sun. She reached over and took his hand in hers. The simple touch of the cool skin of her hand against the rough, almost feverish texture of his own, robbed him of the last vestiges of his sanity. He laughed. “What’s so funny?”“Well you know how women are supposed to have a reputation for colour co-ordination?”“Go On” She prompted, unsure where this was going.

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  “Well you’re lying there in black pants and an un-matching white bra. ”“If it offends you that much I’ll remove it”Simon was split, he wanted to say to her to keep it on, but he so wanted for her to take it off. She made the decision for him. No sooner had she finished speaking than she reached behind and with a speed and dexterity that shocked him, she removed the garment. All whilst she still lay on her front. The bra joined her other clothes. She went back to reading her magazine. Simon could not help but stare at her. She looked round at him again. He tried to look away ashamed and embarrassed, but could not. Suddenly she swore. Simon had never heard her swear before. “Fuck it”With that she suddenly shot an arm out and pushed Simon onto his back. The arms that he would have normally used to resist his rollover flew to his groin in effort to hide his erection. Zoe paid his hardness no heed, and slid her body over onto his.

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   For a moment his arms were trapped under her, brushing against her breasts as he freed them. As soon as she was on top she leant down and placed her mouth against his, her tongue forcing its way inside. Simon had no idea what to do. Zoe had no such qualms. Helpless he lay there as his conscious mind for some reason best known to it, briefly pictured a scene from Alien, namely the face hugger scene. Not that he found the experience unsettling, far from it. He wanted it to go on forever. Zoe moved her weight slightly to free an arm. Reaching down she slid the free hand under the elastic of both his pants and shorts. Grasping his manhood, she shoehorned the combined elastic to rest under and behind his balls, tightly against his corpus spungiosum. Now that he was free she wasted no time in pulling her own gusset to the side. Simon felt the tip of his cock make contact with Zoe’s outer lips. Like many boys he had dreamed of the moment when he would loose his virginity. His dreams had been of seducing one of the girls from his class in her room, exploring intimately each other’s flesh before the momentous moment. Not in his own back garden with a girl who was over seven years his senior.

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   Nor had he expected it to be so bestial, but there was no stopping, or even slowing Zoe. As soon as she felt his tip at her entrance she pushed forward, swiftly taking his whole length deep inside. Simon felt her hand came back up and join her other, in caressing the hair of his head. Zoe’s hair had fallen forward blocking out the light. Devoid of most of his sight, this had the unexpected effect of heightening the rest of his senses. The pressure within was growing to intolerable levels and he knew release was imminent. Zoe felt the first spasm of his orgasm and slid her body slightly lower down upon his. This increased the pressure against the elastic of his clothes. Simon surrendered to his orgasm, only to find he could not cum. The pressure at the base of cock was so strong that it was not allowing his fluid to pass. He lay there, just under the peak of orgasm, unable to do anything. Still firmly rigid, Zoe continued to take him as deeply as she could, always ensuring that she continued to push him tightly against the elastic. It was torture the like of which he had never dreamed of. Eventually, her movements started to falter and slow down. Her mouth left his as she put more effort into continuing her movements. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   Her mouth hung open as a groan escaped from it. Her movements faltered again then stopped. Then it dawned on him. He may not have been able to cum but she was under no restraint. Desperate for his own release he rolled her over onto her back. As he lay on top he carried on the rhythm that she had set. This time he was able to move position down her body slightly to reduce some of the pressure against the elastic and he felt his orgasm return. This time, he vowed, he would find release. With her knees no longer supporting her weight, Zoe was able to wrap her legs around his back, allowing him to slip a bit deeper inside her. Simon made to kiss her, as he thrust strongly but she did not respond, almost as if she was impervious of his affection. Wrapped up in the waves of her orgasm, it was all she could do to hold on with arm and leg. He felt her convulse beneath him, ripples running along her body. The muscles around his shaft clenched and released seemingly on their own accord, without rhythm. The tip of his cock felt as though it were on fire, the fire spreading down his length. When the heat reached his balls he felt his cum burst past the elastic barrier and violently force its way out the tip.


   For a moment he lost coherence, the pleasure was that great. Guiltily, he was aware that he had collapsed on top of her and that she was bearing his weight. She seemed not to mind, appearing to welcome the sudden burden. His pubic hair pulled sharply against the elastic, drawing his attention to the pain that the enforced restriction had caused. Regretfully slipping from her, he pulled the elastic back over to sit once again round his waist. The sudden return of blood caused a sensation that was almost like another minor orgasm. Zoe gazed unseeing into the sky. She made no move to pull her pants back into position. Simon in turn, lay back to gaze at the sky letting the suns warmth mingle with his own post-orgasmic glow. It was an intensely relaxing moment, one that he would remember for the rest of his life. His reverie was broken when her hand sought and found his. She lifted his hand and brought it closer to her body. He happily allowed it to be guided. Both continued to lie back, saying nothing, she brought his hand between her legs, laying it to rest on her pubis. Still working by feel she selected his forefinger and guided it to her opening.

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   Gently, she pushed it into herself. Still moving only his hand, Simon inserted his index finger as well. He wiggled his fingertips in the fluid of their union. Zoe squirmed but made no move to stop him. He continued to move his fingertips, tracing the contours of her inner walls. His tips found their own Everest and as they climbed to the summit she writhed and groaned again. Aware that he was onto a winner, he continued to play with the spot till the contractions eventually subsided again. She rolled her body partly onto his, her breasts pressing into his chest. She tenderly and with great love, kissed him lightly on the lips. As an after thought she kissed him lightly again, taking his lip lightly in her teeth. “Zoe?”She drew back at the slightly choked utterance of her name. He looked worried. This in turn raised the spectre of worry in her. “What?” She asked slightly nervously, unwilling for the tender moment to be spoilt. He paused for a moment before speaking.

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   “Will you stay the night with me?” Anguish showed in his face. Zoe was greatly relieved. “Of course silly. Wild horses couldn’t drag me away. ”She bent down to kiss him again. Her lips lingered tenderly on his. She slowly pulled away. “Though I will have to leave you, albeit briefly, to go back to work. In fact,” She reached over to her bundle of clothes and retrieved her watch, glancing at the dial. “If I leave now, I can nock off early which will give us more time together tonight. How does that sound?”Simon was torn. He did not want her to leave, not now, not ever. He grumbled. Laughing, Zoe reached for her bra and clothes. He could not help but watch raptly as her limbs moved in their erotically sinuous dance as she re clothed herself.

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   He felt himself harden. As she finished dressing, Zoe noticed his fresh ardour. She leant down and ran her finger tips lovingly over his fresh hardness. She bent lower to brush her lips against his. “I hope that is still there when I come back. ” She squeezed her hand slightly for emphasis. Simon looked into her bright eyes impishly “Wild horses couldn’t drag it away. ”“What? Even a filly?” She ran her tongue along his lips. “That depends on the filly. ” He chased after her tongue with his own. “Oh?”“Are you going, or what?”She pulled back with a wicked smile “A minute ago you didn’t want me to go. ”“As you said, the sooner you leave the sooner you are back. ” He looked to his groin. “And it bloody better be soon!”“Is my stallion getting impatient?” She danced out of his reach with a giggle. She retrieved her possessions and headed for the house and front door.

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  Hastily, Simon dressed. He stuffed his erection into his shorts to quickly and winced with the unexpected and unwanted pain. He caught up with her at the door. “Hurry back” His voice broke with loss. She turned and laid a hand gently on his cheek, caressing the rosy flesh. “Get some sleep. I want you fresh and rested for when I get back. I will accept no excuses if my stallion becomes lame. ”Simon felt the hand slip from his cheek. “Why are we talking in the tense of horses?”She looked down to his now covered groin. “I can think of a BIG reason. ”He coloured an even deeper shade of red and his ego soared into the clouds as he watched her walk to her car. Just as she climbed in, she called back. “Remember, stabled and fresh!”With a sad heart he watched the car disappear into the traffic. Stepping back into the house, he was at a loss as to what to do next.

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   The house without Zoe contained only a forlorn atmosphere, with the clouds of impending loss on the horizon. It would be some time before she came back. If she came back, the little demon in his mind whispered conspiratorially. He tried to watch TV, then he tried his play-station, but his mind was in to much turmoil to concentrate on either pursuit. Giving up, he searched for the house keys then left the oppressive atmosphere of the house. The new feelings woken by Zoe warred with noisy turmoil with the feelings for his mum and the pressure his mother’s illness was fuelling. He needed a place to think. He was not aware of where he was at first. It was the sudden silence that awoke him to where his feet had led him. It was the cathedral. He carried on walking down the wide aisle to the front, his lone footsteps echoing around the upper gallery and clearstorey. A small waist high wooden railing separated the main floor of pews from the steps of the dais upon which the altar resided. Simon sat on the front pew, close to the aisle. The cathedral was empty, the normal devout regulars enjoying the sunshine while it lasted. Sitting at the front, in the middle, he felt inferior next to all the grandeur and architectural splendour surrounding him.

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   He stood, and moved further back down the pews and away from the openness of the centre aisle. Choosing a row that ended in one of the main arcade piers, he slumped against the cool stone and considered his life. He wished he was as strong as the pillar he rested against. Alone in the silence he quietly sobbed as he thought of his mother and her impending loss. Alone with his misery he failed at first to hear the voices. As they grew closer, louder, the hushed tones pervaded his inner turmoil. Simon hastily wiped his red tear soaked eyes with the bottom of his t-shirt. The voices were slowly walking down the nave, on the other side of the pillar. As they got closer he started to make out words. Not that they made any sense to him. It was all about cusps, responds, springing and spandrels. The footsteps stopped the other side. Curious, Simon leaned round the pillar. An old priest, stood with his hand raised to the roof, presumably pointing out what he was speaking about. The receiver of his knowledge was a nun.

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   Simon sat back down of the uncomfortable wooden pew. “The main aim behind this design was to minimize the obstruction caused to the clearstorey. You can see the effect better from the other side”The old priest walked into view several rows in front. So caught up in his love for architecture that he failed to notice Simon huddled next to the pillar. The nun walked into view, looking up to where the priest was pointing. Unlike the priest, she must have caught Simon out the corner of her eye. She turned to look at him. Simon jerked back in surprise. The face that returned his gaze belonged to a girl that was the same age, if not younger than he was. His eyes looked into hers and he felt a peculiar feeling as though he was being sucked into those twin pools. In her eyes he saw pain and loss that mirrored his. The sudden realisation chilled him to the bone. He shivered. Whether it was his sudden shudder, or whether the old priest noticed his listener was distracted, the old priest finally spotted Simon. “Oh, I’m so sorry.

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  ” The old priest apologised, and then moved away. His companion followed, breaking eye contact. A discrete distance away the priest restarted his conversation. Simon watched the girl depart. It was the first time he had ever seen a nun of less than forty years of age in the cathedral before. He leant back round the pillar and watched her move deeper into the nave. Her habit was certainly different to those worn by the other nuns, and how had she got away with the red streak in her hair? Simon smiled suddenly to himself. Maybe she hadn’t and following the old priest was part of her penance. He looked at his watch. He should head back, Zoe might arrive back early. Walking outside into the searing heat brought the coolness of the cathedrals interior sharply into focus. He stretched, allowing the suns warmth to chase away the deep cold that had settled unawares into his bones. Feeling slightly better, he headed back home. Back home, he turned on the TV then slumped on the sofa. Doubt raged through his mind.

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   Would she turn up? Was this afternoon just a one off fling? Did she have a boyfriend that might take umbrage to him? He pictured Zoe’s naked body. Rapidly getting hard again, he spoke into the air. “I wouldn’t know why” He really hoped there was no other receiver of her affections. Time seemed to have stopped. Every time he looked at the wall clock, only a minute seemed to have passed. He fidgeted. He could not get the smell of her, the taste of her, and the feel of her, out of his mind. Was this, what being in love was all about, having someone else drive you to complete distraction?Simon growled exasperated at the TV then headed upstairs for a shower. He intended for it to be cold, but it was just too unpleasant, so he tried to burn her from his mind instead. Eventually tiring of the heat, he left the thick steamy atmosphere of the bathroom for the cool air of his own room. Bright red, naked, dripping and looking like a very lucky lobster, he searched for something clean and presentable. Just in case she did return. The evening slowly crawled on and Simon had just resigned him self to the fact that Zoe was not going to make an appearance, when the doorbell rang. He was out of the couch faster than a sprinter from the block. Reaching the front door, he wrenched it open with such force that it banged against the wall, rebounding into him. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

  Zoe watched with quiet amusement as the outer handle of the door smacked into his side, followed closely by the rest of the door. “What took you so long? I thought I was going to spend all night at the door. ”Simon tried to formulate a reply, but the pain of the door was too intense. He took a step back trying hard not to wince at the pain racing down his side. She watched him limp to the side. “Are you okay?”“Fine, never felt better. Just pins and needles from sitting badly on the couch that’s all. ”“Uh huh. ”He let her past then shut the door. As soon as her back was turned, he winced, swore silently and profusely at the wall and rubbed the sorer spots. Zoe glanced back at him. He dropped his hand and smiled broadly as though as nothing had happened. She turned back. As soon as he could no longer see her expression she smiled with girlish amusement. His obvious but poor attempt at macho ness was so sweet.


   She had hardly removed her finger from the doorbell before the door had burst open with the force of a small typhoon. Now that she was here, Simon was at a loss as to what to do. He looked upon her. She had changed from T-shirt and jeans of earlier into a floating pink dress that seemed to defy reality by clinging to the curves of breast and hip. A row of buttons ran down from the neckline, between the valley of her breasts, ending at her waist. His fingers itched to undo those buttons, to reveal the luscious flesh that he had sampled that afternoon. She never gave him the chance. “Come on. Let’s go to the cinema. We can’t spend all our time here. ” She grabbed him by his injured arm and led him back to the front door. He swallowed an intake of pained breath, following more to relieve the pressure on his arm than out of compliance. As the pain slowly subsided, it was replaced with an equal amount of lust. He was not sure which he preferred. His mind, rapidly freeing of pain started to notice more, smaller, intimate details about Zoe.

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   The way the material of the dress swirled about her legs, the way each buttock moved as she walked. Another hand moved into his vision, heading straight for those two erotically swaying mounds. Just before it touched, he realised that the hand was his. Hastily he fought the errant hand back to his side. Zoe locked the front door. Such a simple act of dexterity had fled Simon. Even as they entered her car, he could not pull his eyes away from how her dress rode higher up her smooth thighs as she settled behind the wheel. All Simon wanted to do was to say “Fuck the cinema. ” And spend the rest of the night in carnal pleasure. His voice failed to utter a single peep. All he could do was stare. If Zoe noticed his rapt attention or was uncomfortable with it, she showed no sign. Reality started to make itself absent from Simon. He was not aware of leaving the car or of even entering the cinema. One minute he was in the car, the next he was sitting next to her in a darkened cinema.

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  She slipped an arm around him, relaxing into his tense embrace, her head resting on his shoulder. His blood raged through him. Flashes of light from the screen lit and highlighted the contours of her body. The soft strands of her hair caressed his neck and cheek, the slight scent of her perfume pleasantly tickled his nose. Nervously, he risked resting a hand on her bare knee. One part of his mind started to compose an apology for when she removed it. The other half laughed darkly at his shyness, reminding him that he had done more than touch her knee that afternoon. Rather than sate his desire, the feel of her soft, smooth, warm flesh under his palm made him want scream his lust aloud for all to hear. Soon the feel of her knee was not enough. His palm travelled further up. Nervous, he waited for the rebuke. He paused in hesitation at the hem of her dress. At his pause she cuddled into him tighter, a small murmur escaping her lips. Taking that as assent, and emboldened for it, he slid his hand under the material. He slowly guided his hand round from the top of her thigh to the more sensitive inner skin.

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   Her breathing deepened the further in his fingers and palm travelled. As his fingertips met the silky fabric of her pants, she embraced him tighter. He travelled his fingertips over the smooth material, tracing the contours underneath. Zoe moved her head enough to brush her lips against his neck, her tongue travelling silkily over his rough skin. The flimsy material proved no barrier as his fingers slipped under the elastic to the burning heat underneath. The tips of his fingers teased her entrance, pressing lightly and tenderly against her burning flesh. He gently played with the flesh while he pondered how intimate he was willing to risk travelling. As if by their own volition, the index and forefinger of his left hand wormed deeper into the damp crimson depth. Zoe’s lips and tongue travelled up his cheek to his right ear. She sucked his lobe between her lips as her teeth gently nibbled at the edges. The moist air expelled from her nose tickled the upper reaches of his ear, travelling into it in mimicry of the passage of his fingers into her. He continued to play with the folds of flesh deep between her legs as her tongue danced in imitation inside his ear. Enjoying the soft feel of the flesh at his touch, he was happy to sit there and explore. So content was he that he failed to notice when she stopped playing with his ear, or the soft gasps that replaced the gentle caress of her breath. The arms wrapped round him contracted the same time as hidden muscles clenched at his teasing fingers.

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   Her muscles relaxed, then contracted again. In ignorance, he continued to stroke her inner walls, not understanding the meaning of her muscle spasms. He continued to stroke until she eventually lay still in his arms. He had wondered whether or not to stop in case he was causing her pain, but she made no move to stop his fingers, so he had just carried on. With the cessation of her trembling, he became aware of how wet his fingers and hand were. He allowed his fingers to slip from her then removed his hand from the light confines of her pants, then surreptitiously wiped his hand on the seat next to him. Her moist lips searched for, then met his. Her tongue invaded him, playing catch with his own. He brought his arms up to encircle her. The seam of her bra felt like Hadrian’s Wall beneath the thin dress. In turn, she circled one arm around his neck, the other, blocked by her arm and seat back, travelled south. As he felt her right hand move over his hardness, it brought him sharply back to focus. The fingers of her right hand found then started to release his fly. Her lips parted company with his and her head travelled down his torso in imitation of the passage his zip was making. The button of his trousers was quickly undone, and with relief, his throbbing erection released.

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  Simon had a premonition of what was about to follow. Terror and embarrassment surged through him. Though the cinema was fairly quiet and dark, it was not THAT quiet and dark. He opened his mouth to suggest a postponement till a more private time. Like his bedroom. At the same moment that Zoe had also opened her mouth. The suggestion died on his lips as he closed his mouth and she closed her mouth around him. The feeling of her tongue as it wormed its way under his foreskin to the purple skin beneath, overrode all feelings of embarrassment and fear. There was a dark abyss in front of him and he was hurtling uncontrollably towards it. Her lips tightened, and as she took more of him within her mouth, her lips pulled his skin back from the tip. Her tongue now had full unobstructed access to his purple head, access that she fully explored and played with. Try as hard as he could to hold back, her tongue allowed no respite. In an embarrassingly short time, he felt the tingling of impending release start at his tip. Before he could open his mouth to warn Zoe, the tingling spread all the way down and his body responded. He felt the flow of sperm rage along his canals of flesh.

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   His cock bucked in expectation of the flow. Zoe continued to massage him with her tongue. His stomach cramped as the muscles added their power to the flow. Both hands tightened on her hair as his muscles leant him over her head. Zoe kept him firmly clamped between her lips as he jetted wave after wave into her mouth. He felt the contractions of her throat ripple down his length as she swallowed all that he gave her as her tongue teased every last drop from him. His cock slowly lost its rigidity in her mouth as she continued to lick every last drop of his orgasm from his flesh. When no more could be found, she allowed him to slip limp from her mouth. As she sat back in her seat Simon noticed the credits were playing on the screen. Hastily he shoved himself back into his pants and trousers just as the main lights came on. She linked her arm through his and they stood and joined the flow of people leaving the cinema. The drive back to the house was done in silence. No words were needed to be said. Zoe used her key to open the door and lead the way into his house. Simon shut and locked the door behind him, then followed her up the stairs.

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   She moved to, and then entered his room, stopping at his bed. Following, he switched on the light and closed the door. He watched as she turned to face him. Her hands lifted to her top button. Simon stopped her “No” he said softly. She looked at him quizzically. He stepped forward, arms rising “I want to undress you. ”She let her arms drop, smiling coyly at him. The EndAnother of those author type note thingiesThis was written as short story for fans (All four of you now) to prove that A) I was still alive B) I was still writing, and as an interim while I finish Kirsty and add chapters to both Sam and Kaitlen. Also on the cards is a story that is so macabre that makes Carl read like Stan. Don’t care if no one reads it (or you all hate it like Carl), but I know I’ll have great fun writing it, after all, how does that saying to go. ‘To truly experience and enjoy pleasure. You must first experience pain’ or some such shite. There will of course, be a twist. Anyone fancy a specialist story? I’m looking for something different.

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   On that line if you have a subject that’s not written about, send me an idea and I’ll have a gander. Right I’m off for something to eat (Any more requests about that blasted stir fry recipe and I’ll go mad- but they make me laugh nonetheless). Pixy18/04/2003.
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