Weekend Indulgence part 3


Topic: Sunday NightSunday during the day was a beautiful day full of fun and excitement as they traveled all over the Pocono’s. Shopping at the little shops and street fairs. After lunch they decided to go back to their hotel and see what kind of trouble they could get into there. First they enjoyed the pool and Jacuzzi and played around for a little while till the room became crowded then they retired to shower and dress for dinner. When they returned it was about 8:00 pm when he had stating he had to go pick up something from the store from the store. So she decided to take a long relaxing bubble bath. As she walked out of the bathroom door the scent of chocolate hit her. The room was lined with candles as its only light and rose petals covered the floor. She could hear soft music playing on the radio and headed that way, past all the candles, their light bouncing off her and causing her shadow to dance across the walls. As she entered she could see a chocolate fountain in the middle of the table with bowls of strawberries surrounding it. She felt him embrace me from behind and turned her head to kiss him. His tongue danced and explored her mouth and she could already feel the dampness between her legs. Before she knew it, he had her robe off and was kissing down her neck. He picked her up and sat her on the table, next to the fountain. Then as he returned to the kissing, he ran an ice cold strawberry across her skin. She gasped at its touch and closed her eyes, leaning back slightly.

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   By now he was kissing down her stomach, running the strawberry over her breasts which began to tingle at its touch. Her nipples were hard and she could feel her juices begin to run down her thighs. He lifted her off the table for a second, turning her round running the strawberry across her back. She arched her back against the cold, gasping slightly as it slid further and further down. As he continued to explore her body with his mouth, she sat herself back on the table and spread her legs so he could kneel between them. He kissed up her calves and thighs before gently running his fingers across her now moisten kitten, barely touching them but just enough so she could feel it, which drove her crazy and she arched her back in response. She looked down at him and he sucked on the strawberry seductively before taking it all in his mouth and swallowing. She felt his mouth kiss her sopping spot and she bucked at him, dying to escape the table and go to the bed. He slipped his fingers under the elastic at the top, sliding them down her long smooth legs, then he softly told her to close her eyes and she did as she was told. He kissed her pussy lips softly and parted them with his hands. She gasped out as she felt a shock of cold in her warm pussy and she bucked against it. He held the strawberry in firmly though causing her to scream as his tongue began to flick against her hard clit. Her breathing got faster as his tongue caressed and his mouth sucked, she could feel my orgasm growing in her stomach and she bucked her hips towards him, grasping his head and pushing it towards her pussy even more. He took out the strawberry from her pussy and reached up to put it in her mouth. It tasted sweet and was covered in her juices as she sucked on it then swallowed it, the cold flowing through her body.

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   When she had finished eating it he returned to licking her clit and then she felt two of his fingers enter her pussy and slowly he begin to finger her. Her breathing quickened again and her muscles tightened. She screamed out as waves of pleasured soared through her body like nothing she had ever felt before. He continued to finger her harder and didn't stop sucking on her clit until the last waves hit her. He stood up and kissed her, his mouth tasting of her pussy more than ever. Now it was her turn to return the favor. She pulled off his shirt and kissed down his chest teasing his nipples with her tongue as she went. Finally she was on her knees and in front of a huge bulge in his pants. She kissed it through the material, feeling it twitch, as she undid his belt and dropped his pants to the floor. He kicked them under the table, and then she dropped his boxers as well. She began to kiss her way up his legs, running her hands lightly across them and behind his knees. He trembled slightly but then regained his balance as she continued upwards. She took his balls in her hand as she kissed and sucked them gently. She kissed and licked the base of his shaft and then ran her tongue over the tip of his rock hard cock. She took the head of his cock in her mouth, rolling her tongue over it.


   She heard him moan above her and felt him run his hand through her hair. With that she began to take him into her mouth an inch at a time until all of his hard 8 inches were in her mouth. She sucked gently every time she pulled away, slowly just to tease him. But as she began to get faster she sucked harder and before long he was moving his hips in time with her. Her left hand massaged his balls as her right rubbed his cock along with her mouth. She could feel he was close as his balls began to tighten, then as she pulled his cock out of her mouth, still messaging it with her hand his cock began to spasm and jets of his hot cum sprayed all over her breast. He pulled her to her feet and kissed her passionately. She could still taste her juices in his mouth and realized that once again her juices were running down her legs as his hand slid between them. “Round two, he says with that devilish look and she softly replied, let’s go!” As they made their way to the bed his hands start roaming her naked body a bit as the desire to explore her took over his mind. She drops her hands and reaches back with one arm and put it gently on his bottom to pull his hardness even closer to her body. He cupped both of her breasts in his hands and then one hand slowly begins to roam down her body to her stomach while the other hand hovers over her breast. He took her nipple between his fingers and rubbed it to complete erection. His other hand, still roaming, finds its way to explore her kitten, just brushing his hand lightly over the hair there. His fingers begin to explore, looking for warmth and wetness.   She softly sighs in pleasure and arches her back so that her bottom presses hard against his cock.

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   He dipped his fingers into her wet pussy and pulled them out to wet her clit. He rubs her clit while still playing with her erect nipple and kissing her neck a little harder now, sucking gently. She can no longer control the urge to kiss him full on the mouth and she turn around and press her body up against his, feeling him against her, hard and hot. She looking right into his eyes to explore his emotion and then she touch his chin lightly with her hand while pressing her sweet lips to his. As the kiss becomes more passionate, her hand moved around to the back of his neck cradling his head gently. He took her into a full embrace and pulled her body close so that he could feel her warm, soft erect nipples on his chest. They kiss passionately for a few moments and then she broke their kiss and begins to kneel in front of him, lowering my body to the floor while dragging her nails gently down his chest. As she reach her knees, she took hold of his hard cock and gently squeeze it forward to milk out a glistening pearl of lust. She looks up into his eyes and parts her lips slightly, and she took the silky smooth tip of his cock and starts at the corner of her mouth and applies the drop of lust to her lips. First the top lip, nice and slowly, all the way around, and then her bottom lip. Watching this he got a little crazy and tilted his head back as a sigh escapes uncontrollably from his lungs. While his eyes were closed, she reaches around behind him with her other hand and put it to his bottom. He looks down just in time to watch her begin working her mouth slowly over his cockhead. Her lips are all wet and glistening. Very slowly, she glided him into her mouth, pursing her lips so it’s nice and tight going in.

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   She glides him in more and more, swirling her tongue on the bottom side of his cock. She could hear him breathing; it was getting faster as her tongue worked all over, swirling and darting. She pulled her lips toward his cockhead again; sucking gently, and then she begin to rhythmically move him in and out of her mouth by pulling on his bottom and then backing her mouth away, in and out. He looked down to see his nice hard cock disappearing and reappearing. It drove him crazy! She loved having him in her mouth and seeing the pleasure in his face from her every move. She worked her lips, hands and tongue over his cock and looks up into his eyes while he was buried deep inside her mouth. She watched his eyes as he saw his wet glistening cock slide in and out of her hungry mouth. As she slowly drew his cock out of her mouth, with her hands she milk precum to the opening. He felt a tingling in his balls and he couldn’t take it much longer. He wanted to cum so bad but he didn’t want to come in her mouth. He wanted to make love to her; he wanted to show her how much he loved her. So he gently pulled her up and away from his cock. Bringing her up to his mouth, his breathing was almost uncontrolled. He looked her in the eye and she could see the sweetest combination of lust and love in his eyes. She could see how much he wanted to fuck her like crazy and yet make sweet love to her at the very same time.

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   He was wild with passion and she was overwhelmed by his soft touch. He pulled her ever so close and she felt his hard hot cock against her body. It was still wet from her mouth. He kissed her and walked her backwards towards the bed. Gently he lie her down on the bed and step between her legs. He reclined her slowly and he looked at her, his eyes begin at her eyes and then roam all the way down her body slowly. He licked his lips and smile. He lowered his body over hers and kissed her very lovingly on the mouth at first. She felt his cock pressing just at the opening of her pussy. She wanted him inside her; and she spread her legs a bit more to welcome him inside. Feeling this, he heated up the kiss, his tongue darting in and out and all about with hers. He heard her moan with his tongue in her mouth and he knew that she want him inside her! He broke their kiss and without reaching down, he gently started his cock at the opening of her pussy. One last look into her eyes and he glided his cock in. It is so hot and wet there that he closed his eyes and bury it deeper and deeper into her. He could hear her breathing heavier.

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   When he reached her depths with his cock, he could hear her take in a quick, deep breath and he felt her arch her head back to expose her neck and force her breasts up towards him. He began slipping his hard cock in and out of her and kissing her on the breasts as he held himself up slightly off my body. He looked at her face and he saw that look in her eyes that told him she wanted him to kiss her. He didn’t hesitate to accommodate her desire to be kissed because he knew it would make her pussy get even wetter and hotter and he wanted to feel her grinding her hips against him. As he continued sliding his cock in and out of her wet pussy, he kept his tongue buried in her mouth. He knew that made her crazy and she opened her legs wide so he could bury himself deeper and deeper into her. He felt his balls gently banging against her bottom now with each inward stroke. Her mind was whirling with passion as she felt his cock gliding in and out, in and out, and his tongue doing the same to her mouth! He rose up on one hand as much as he could without losing contact with either her mouth or dripping wet pussy. He reached his hand down to the tight space between their bodies and he began to rub her clit as he was fucking and kissing her. He could tell by her breathing and moaning in his mouth that she was about to cum all over his hard cock. He kept rubbing and kissing and fucking her until she felt her body starting to flush with pleasure! Then she felt it, a warmth taking over her whole body. He recognized the sound of her short spasmodic breaths and he sped up. Pulling away from her lips and looking her in the eyes, his cock in and out of her faster and faster now while rubbing her clit faster and faster. Her head tilted back and she was gasping in short uncontrolled breaths and he knew that he had her right where he wanted her! He just keep fucking and fingering until her whole body felt like it was about to explode. She started to whimper little moans rhythmically with each inward thrust of his cock.

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   He knew she was seconds away from cumming all over his throbbing cock! He felt a tightening in his balls. He heard one last gasp from her and suddenly he felt her pussy spasming all over his hard cock. He began to push into her deeper and deeper with each stroke as his balls began to churn and he felt like all control was lost. She started to cum, having spread her legs even wider to let his cock have its way with her deepest recesses where she wanted him to bury his cum, looking into her eyes he told her, “Oh baby, you feel so good! You’re going to make me cum!” Her pussy still rhythmically clenching around his throbbing cock and then she felt it starting to pulsate as he sent his warm cum deep inside her. He kept fucking her until he had no more and he dropped slowly on top of her. They laid in each others arms with him on top of her and she stroked his back gently with her hand. His skin feels like warm silk and she feel warm inside and out. After a few moments, he noticed that she was holding her breath from his weight on her chest and he rolled just to the side a bit, still on top of her. He didn’t want to leave her, he wanted to stay as close to her as he could. His cock was softer now but he was still inside her. He looked her in the eye and told her that he loved her as he kissed her lips ever so sweetly. She returned his kiss; he smiled happily and rolled over onto his back with a very relaxed sigh escaping his lungs. She turned to him and gently cradled her leg over his body. She put her arm over his chest and laid her head down to hear his heartbeat. He tightened his arm around her and she squeeze gently with her arm and leg to hug him.

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   She feel the heat of his body against hers, She heard his heartbeat, as she listen, their breathing became slower and slower, each breath getting deeper and deeper until they fell asleep in each others arms. At about 1 am she woke up and stared at the man who took her through a whirlwind weekend and confessed he had falling in love with her but at this point in her life she had realized that she could not be with him she was not ready so quickly to love another man or was she? She had a choice to stay with this man who looked innocent as he slept before her eyes and who had made her feel like a woman again or was she to leave before he awoke. Her heart told her to stay but her head told her to go. What would be her BE CONTINUED…. .
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