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The girl picked her chin even higher as this sound reached her and glanced at the audience with a challenge as her nipples began to extend arbitrary and the goose bumps covered her ripe youthful skin. Those near the stage could see that a surprisingly developed for her adolescent appearance fold of tender luscious skin between her labia began to fill while slowly stretching its tiny elastic wrinkles and shaping into a tight protuberance as it was taking on the form of an erect clit underneath. It kept on swelling to everyone’s astonishment so that it would thicken enough to push apart her tight, now well swelled, labia majors and continue extending fast in length. Her still very tightly sealed labia minors began to look moist and sensitive on the edges in the numerous beams of light cascading now on the contestant from all directions. The girl’s goose bumps intensified as a very heavy dance beat sounded in the hall and she froze for a split second rolling her eyes at awe and overwhelmed by her own senses. She gained control over her body though before the crowd realized it and began to perform her moves. Her stimulated by performance and attention young genitalia took over completely as the girl wasn’t timid in the choice of moves which openly offered the audience with casual and unobstructed view of a shocking for such a youngster mature sized, now fully engorged, three inch hood and another inch of forced to redness thick clit that has grown shamelessly out of its skin covers rubbing against her youthful labia in an excitingly aroused performance. Girl’s hard round gluts seemed pure muscle under the skin as she moved to the beat. She performed handstands, summersaults over two and one hands with a lot of grace and confident muscular control. She pumped her abs. She did push-ups for dozens of times while in handstand position stimulating her muscles to critically stretch and fill the skin. Her body would bend forward and backward to the beat as she performed her jumps making her contracting muscle to shed showers of sweat droplets into the air with every move she made. However, her body stayed strong, tight and solid without a single inch of it trembling as her youthful enthusiasm and intense arousal kept the muscles built and full as if she was cast out of iron. The rhythm had her caught. Her movements though have been becoming more and more rounded. All of a sudden as seemingly unable to withstand, she posed at the center of the stage pushing the hips forward while her eyes were hypnotized by the look of her own luscious, from stimulating exercise, engorged to its physical limits moist genitalia.

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  Her hands were at work now reaching for the labia majors as she pushed its luscious lips apart with her long nails pressing hard into thick flesh of the hood and deliberately pinching the sensitive surface of engorged, deepened in color clit. She moaned and forced her head backward as her nails viciously seized the critically sensitive surface of the demanding clit and her senses rushed away from her stimulated by an overwhelming itch for satisfaction. Her knees pushed apart and brought her body slightly lower forcing more of the clit to extend from under its skin covers, as she subconsciously had to balance herself on high heels in this bent backward position. The abs looked critically strained in this position, as striations and thickness of muscle all over her physique became so prominent that the skin seemed unexciting. She let out a savage low groan of frustration unable to out grind the intense surge for satisfaction that filled her as she shamelessly displayed unrestrained hormonal rush of adolescent lust that was fed by itchy genitalia of this savagely trained body. A large drop of sweat would fly off each of her erect nipples as her trembling fingernails seized the surface of her pointy clit and its swelled hood with her hand convulsing up and down on it rapidly. The spasm quickly spread throughout her physique and her shockingly defined muscles began rhythmical contractions with the body balancing somehow on the heels but with her knees slowly giving in and bringing her lower. Her face expressed an extreme pain and pleasure together and even stronger determination to reach fulfilling satisfaction as her fingers rubbed and pulled on extremely irritated clit. The sweat rushed down her physique as a waterfall now. Finally, she bent her torso backwards even harder as an intense spasm locked her muscles making striations sharply defined all over her strained body. She let out a heart-rending savage outcry as her feet began to beat against the floor like a set of drumsticks with her body in dangerous bent over position. Her hand convulsively pushed into her vagina and began beating and slapping inside with tears of intense pleasure running down her face until a fountain of her juices squirted and began to fly all over the stage with each pulsating thrust of her hand inside. She finally lost her balance and fell backward on her butt. However, she immediately jumped up on her feet and performed a two-arm handstand with her long massive legs intensely spread in the air. Her body seemed to become one tense muscle fiber as it was unwilling to let the contractions go and one after another it would torment her strained muscles with a fountain of squirt released from her vagina at the peak of each one.

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   She exclaimed in a decadent high voice as unexpectedly for her and everyone else a thick and intense beam of piss shot hard three or four feet into the air and she released another savage low groan. The thick yellow piss kept shooting hard into the air uncontrollably now hitting her intensely engorged clit on the way and then falling back down on the girl’s torso filling the definitions of her muscles with yellow streams that kept rushing down to her face. She jumped back on her feet into bent backwards position with her hips forced forward again breathing and groaning loudly and heavy and began intensely pinching and pulling severely deepened in color fully extended clit and her wide, thickly skinned piss canal with her unforgiving hard and healthy nails forcing the piss flow to harden again and again. Then, she began to collect the flowing piss in her palms and massage into her muscles, tits, and face while moaning, groaning and licking parts of her hands and arms as her face froze with expression of intense pleasure and her eyelids tightly pressed together. At this point, she suddenly turned around and bent her strained torso backwards again while slightly bending her knees that brought her body lower to the stage and displaying to the audience her butt with spread thickly striated cheeks and deeply colored labia still covered with dripping yellow droplets. Her rigid muscular finger slowly circled over the surface of prominent protuberance of her sphincter muscle stimulating it and as she released a deep low girlish groan the finger pushed into hardly noticeable pink depth of her virgin asshole. She began to sink her finger deeper and deeper and then pulling it back and sinking it again loudly moaning with pleasure. Her second finger pressed and with some effort penetrated the tight sphincter as she sank both of her finger deep inside her asshole and back again. Soon the third finger followed, as she had to increase her effort considerably to deepen the three fingers together. She began to raise and lower her ass to the rhythm of her hand’s intensifying thrusts as she groaned and moaned louder and louder Her breathing rate grew sharply as her muscles under the skin began to contract and sweat again until her hand would completely disappear inside her now moistened asshole thrusting freely and fiercely faster forming into a knuckle as girl breathed harder and deeper. Suddenly, she filled her lungs with a loud inhale swallowing convulsive scream, her knuckle thrust strongly deep into her asshole and stopped unable to penetrate further Her knees brought her lower dawn in uncontrollable even for her reflex. Muscles all over her body swelled under intense pressure stretching the skin and once again displaying deep, intense striations of untamable savage commitment to heavy weight training by this amazing adolescent specimen as her brown shit syringed out of corked by her hand sphincter and pulped into thousand of showering pieces covering the stage for several feet away and a loud heart stopping shameless fart shook her muscular physique. An intense, prolonged satisfying low moan filled the space of the silent hall. She pulled out her covered with shit knuckle and the brown pulp thrust out of her sphincter again with new force and loud gulp as more shit followed in several more contracting reflexes. She turned around and fell on her knees as her dirty hands began to collect the brown pulp and continuous muscle contractions shot more farts and some more pulp out of her asshole while she was massaging it into muscles of her tremendous torso and then legs, arms, and mouth sounding happy satisfying girlish groans.

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   Finally, she released deep exhale, stood up straight confidently balancing on her high-heeled stilettos, raised her happy satisfied face and smiled waving the hand to the audience in an adolescent manner as she was turning away and running joyfully towards the darkness of the backstage. .

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