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It is a nice sunny day and we were camping up on a local hill, just outside of Great Ayton in the north of England, Me and Claire (who was my boss at the time) we worked in a childs home and had decided a few weeks ago through a total accident, we would have some fun, she was my first but well let me tell you how it happened the first time. . . On the day in question Claire and I had been working the night before and decided we would go for a stroll on the beach the next morning, we were good friends and looking on it now maybe it should have stayed that way, anyway as we were walking on this beach the next morning, we got chatting about love and sex, and I told her I hadn't any yet, she looked in my eyes and said "you just haven't found the right one. . . . . yet!" we continued walking down the beach and came to a nice bit not far from the sea lapping the shores where we could sit down and enjoy the view, I sat down first and put me coat on the floor for Claire to sit on, she sat next to me and pushed against me, i could feel just being this close to her was getting me excited, her small breasts and small skinny frame with her shoulder length brown curly hair against me, I looked at her and could see that mischievous look in her eyes, she grabbed hold of my hand and told me to just relax as I did she placed me hand across her chest, surprisingly I could feel her nipples already erect and her breasts free from any form of bra, we kissed at this point and i slowly rubbed me finger round her nipples feeling the hardness as the crowds now started to flock on the beach we ignored all this and continued kissing and caressing each other, my lips had never felt so good and her breath on mine feeling so nice. . . me hands gently rubbing her nipples round and teasing them as i lowered me hand and lifted me top, for some weird reason I felt I wanted to taste these so much, my cock hard inside my trousers with her hands rubbing up and down the outside of them, me mouth slowly moving down over her breasts and gently licking over the soft sweaty skin and taking one of the sexy small pert nipples in me mouth and slowly suckling and nibbling on them, mmmmm they tasted so sweet as me hands moved down and undone her bottoms and slowly went down a little over her little pussy and over the sexy thongs she ahd on, i moved the bottoms down a little so i could get a better feel and has i did this she put her hands in mine and started to rub my cock slowly from the bottom of my shaft to the tip and just gently circled her finger on my cock, rubbing the top and rubbing the precum allover it, as she did this i bit down firmer on her nipple, and started to suck harder, crowds of people now staring at us and walking past tutting at us and mumbling didn't seem to affect us we were now in throws of mad passion and i grabbed and brought her close to me she turned to me and said "fuck me-I want to feel it inside of me" her pussy was so wet now, i just continued to rub her little clit over the top of her thong before moving them aside and rubbing the tip of her clit, feeling the wetness grow inside her, i felt an urge to taste it but didnt really know what to do, i continued rubbing it and kissing her feeling her lips want more of me till again she demanded this time "fuck me-put it in me" she undid me jeans so me cock came over the top of me jeans and boxers underneath, she seemed to like the fat end of it and smiled looking at it and said "mmmm that looks tasty" and she continues her rubbing this time harder and she reached below slowly rubbing and tracing her finger over me balls, gently holding one and gently massaging it in her hand rubbing and feeling it contract as her movements get slowly and me cock harder she moved over to the other one and done the exact same to that by now i was so aroused i just wanted to explode there and then, though I continued rubbing her clit with me finger I felt the urge to put my cock inside her and take her there and then, i looked at her with urgency and she grabbed hold of me and pulled me closer placing me cock against her clit she slowly gyrated against me whilst she pushed me cock inside her fully, as we laid there sneakily kissing and passionately moving up and down on a packed beach no one came over and stopped us, our bodies rubbing up as one and me cock sliding through her wet juices and sexy soft lips, up and down as deep as i could from where I was. she grabbed my arse and exclaimed to me harder and placed me hands on her arse and said "i want you to do it hard to me" me fingers now slowly tracing over her anus and gently fingering her with my still wet fingers from earlier i got harder and deep as i pushed me cock in further and started to mount her, pushing my cock in deep and hard in her wet pussy feeling the juices run down my shaft and pussy grind down against me.   her pussy pulling me in deeper as me balls bangs against her pussy and me finger goes in and out of her anus, feeling her body starting to quivver and me cock ready to shoot i went faster and closed my eyes so i could control myself, "ohhhhhhhhhhh geeeeeeeeeeeee" I exclaimed, then all of sudden I came inside her pussy with a big groan and biting down on her nipple which in turn brought her to an orgasmic explosion and her body shakes became stronger as the first of her orgasms washed over us. . .

sweidish harmony 

  . Now as we walked on the hill with its beautiful scenery and total isolation, as she walked in front of me I could see she ahd no knickers on, her bra was tight and her breasts were bulging out over her low cut top, her jeans sliding down her buttocks to expose the soft silky sexy skin beneath the clothing.   I couldn't help but ogle this. . . . tbc.

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