gettin low on the monte carlo

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its been a long day. . .   Simon gets offwork and comes and picks me up only find me standing their waiting for him in a lil black dress that i know he always happy to see me in. . simon walks into the house and  puts his arm around my waist with him hand moves down to my ass and i feel him grab it, its a lil habbit he has i always liked it. . I give him a kiss and walk out the door with him fallowing behind  not knowing what i was up to. . i lean up againest the hood of his monte carlo and give him a smile a smile a smile that i useally give him before were about to have sexx. He asks " so whats going on are you comming back to my place" he takes a few steps closer to me, i smile and laugh  " yes  we will go back to your house but not rite now theirs is something you have to do for me first" i say while pulling  him closer to me by his shirt  and kiss him hard. .   i can smell the sweat smell of his work on him he always comes picks me up  smelling like that but i have never told him that it turns me on seeing him all dirty and sweaty. . . "ok what do you want me to do for you then?"  simon  asks.

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  .   that same smile comes back to my face again. . I pull Him close enough that i can whisper in  his ear " i want you now to fuck me  on your car"  he pulls back and gives me a look like I think am jokin but then he realizes i was being very serious. .  he gives out a lil laugh and says " its the middle of the day an outside in public someone will see us"   I pull Him back in so your in between my legs  and start kissing his neck " please baby no one around i have been fantasizing about this for a long time and i think its a good time  to go through wit it"  we have done it outside before but not this open theirs a few houses around everyone still at work tho and a chance of gettin seen made it even more of a turn on. . i stand up and and push my straps of my dress off my shoulders letting my dress fall to the ground, I am standing their naked i can feel me getting wet just thinkin  about being fuck onto of his monte i have a fetish for nice cars i have already made his fuck me upon his daddys classic cars but that was hiddin away in a garge and planned out not as fun as this. .   simon gives  me alook as if i am crazy  and steps back  he looks me up and down standing their infront of his car, hes has talked about this before uds fucking opon his car but  has never had the guts to go through wit it. . but then all of the sudden he and pushes me back onto the car and starts to kiss my body. . .  my back burns from the heat of the hood being basked out in the sun all day but i was to into the moment to care.

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  .  as were making out, i take off his shirt to reveal  his tone body, i start  to kiss his chest and bite his neck  pullin him into me even more i can to feel his erect dick through his jeans. as he plays with my tits  suckin and massaging them, i start to tug on his pants trying to get them undone. . . i can feel  one of his hands start to rub my pussy  pushing his finger deep into my hole. . .   it felt so good. . i knew it wouldnt be long before he would be fucking me on top of  his monte carlo. . . I pull down his pants and boxers and see his dick stiff an hard just waiting to be sucked. .

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    i start to kiss down his body untill am head and head wit his cock. . .   I lick the shaft of his dick movin my tounge to the head of his dick and then look up to see him smiling and waiting for more. . slowly i take his dick in my mouth  with every stoke takin more of it in my mouth till  he is fully in my mouth and down my throat, Simon leans over and put his hand on the car for support and the other  on the back of my head playing with my hair . . . i keep sucking  listening to him breath hard. . finally i stoped knowing i needed to fuck be now. . . I stand up and  before i can even say anything you simons  huge dick is deep in  me with just one big thrust, pushing it all in at once  I let out a scream  of pleasue knowing it will only get better. .

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  . slowly he starts to fuck me but increasing the speed with every thrust. . . both of us breathing hard, it wasnt long  till i had my first orgasm, i almost go limp i feel my cum run down my leg,  but i want more. . .  he was fucking me fast  i can feel his balls smack againest me with every thrust. . i try to match his pace makin him  fuck me even harder push his  cock  deep into me. . . i am screaming "fuck me  simon ohh baby dont stop" while outside in the middle of  the day havin sex is suxh a rush  making the pleasure  so much more. . .

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    as am screaming and moaning  i can feel  it all building up for me to have another orgasm. . the pleasure was amazing like pure extacy. . .   my pussy tightins while i burst wit my second orgasm makin my lips go numb . .  i hear simon moan and say "oh baby a cummin in you feels so good"  i could feel him burst inside me, both of are cum mix together and drip out of me. . i lean more on the car almost layin on it as you hold me simons dick still deep in me. . .   it was amazing my fantsay ful filled, it was better then i tought it would be. . .

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   simon gets offf me and put on and trys to put on his pants and  all i can say to him as a lying naked apon his car is " thanx you". . . .